Grudge Punk

John McNee

Grudge Punk

Grudge Punk

  • Title: Grudge Punk
  • Author: John McNee
  • ISBN: 9780615752587
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback

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Grudgehaven A city lost to the darkness, where acid rain drums on a hundred thousand corrugated iron rooftops and cold, mechanized eyeballs squint out of every filth smeared window From the twisted mind of author John McNee come nine tales of brutality and betrayal from a city like no other.A granite detective has a date with destiny at a motel made of flesh A severedGrudgehaven A city lost to the darkness, where acid rain drums on a hundred thousand corrugated iron rooftops and cold, mechanized eyeballs squint out of every filth smeared window From the twisted mind of author John McNee come nine tales of brutality and betrayal from a city like no other.A granite detective has a date with destiny at a motel made of flesh A severed hand is on a desperate mission to ruin somebody s evening While a mob war reaches its bloody climax, the Mayor is up to his neck in dead prostitutes.And Clockwork Joe He just wants to be a real boy.Bizarro Press proudly presents the latest in dieselpunk bizarro horror noir This GrudgePunk

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There are a million stories in The Grudge and John McNee commits ten of them to paper in Grudge Punk.Not long ago, Arthur Graham, knowing my love of free stuff, detective fiction, and Bizarro fiction, tipped me off that this was free on . Hard to pass up free.Grudgehaven is a city of automatons, acid rain, and deception. In Grudge Punk, John McNee takes ten fairly standard setups for noir stories and places them in his bizarre city. A detective is hired to find the only flesh and blood woman in [...]

This book has got everything that spells out "great beginnings". GrudgePunk introduced me to:* John McNeeA great author with vivid imagination and vision. An architect of worlds with words. A mechanic of the character.* Bizarro FictionAn entirely new genre for me. I still don't know on which of my shelves to put this book, so I'm just keeping it on the nightstand for now. It might very well stay there, and that's saying something. If my books would come alive during the night, that's the place t [...]

Call me conventional, but I don't typically read books unless there's reason to suspect I'll enjoy them. I probably seem to toss out an inordinate amount of 4 and 5 star reviews as a result, but that could be just because I choose my books so wisely, see? I'm not sure if it was the cover, the title, the description, or a combination thereof that convinced me to take a chance on this one, but Grudge Punk by John McNee just so happens to be the latest in my winning streak of wise choices to date.W [...]

"You are now entering the Grudge. Only fools come clean."If you were to browse my shelves, you would probably notice that they are not rife with noir, horror, dieselpunk or bizarro books. No. You'd probably see a bunch of pomo novels and dusty old classics. I'll just go out on a limb here and say that I am probably not the target audience for a book like 'Grudge Punk.' So why did I read it? Well, see, I read it because John 'The Scourge' McNee has "it." You know, that indescribable something tha [...]

This is easily one of the best books I've read this year. It's labeled as Bizarro fiction, but I wouldn't categorize it that way. In my mind, this falls more in line with what folks a few years back were calling New Weird. It's the perfect blend of science fiction, fantasy and horror that manages to be none of those things. It's like the film Sin City set in some town in Mieville's Bas-Lag, where the citizens are all comprised of meat, metal, fiberglass, and random junkyard scraps. It's a work o [...]

My musings on Grudge Punk by John McNee…I’m going to try reviewing this compilation as I go along because I have Christmas brain – very similar to zombie brain, really – and can’t seem to remember anything from one moment to the next. Firstly, In the Flesh is icky, icky awesomeness!! There is something wondrous strange about a short story set within a world – or rather corner of the world – where flesh is foreign and coveted (and not in a “Damn, I’d like to hit that” kind of [...]

If you’ve read Tall Tales With Short Cocks or Tall Tales with Short Cocks Vol. 2 then you’ve already read part of this book, and chances are you’re pretty excited about it. If you haven’t, well let me give you a taste of what’s to come.Grudgehaven is not a nice place. It’s being blown apart by a bitter Mob war, and nobody is safe from the shrapnel. Being part noir, part horror, and part bizarro it’s a difficult world to explain. It’s citizens are made out of everything from grani [...]

Not since Miéville's world of Bas-Lag in his New Crobuzon trilogy have I been completely drawn to an author's world of amazing creation. Like the descriptions of the denizens of Bas-Lag, reading McNee's tales of beings nefarious, broken and unpredictable are hair raising to the point of "anything goes". Remember the first time you saw "Resevoir Dogs" and the feeling you had when the camera panned away from the switchblade-to-cop violence? Yeah, like that. Over and over.The first story in this b [...]

Grudge Punk. Is it a book? A genre? A living, breathing universe in and of itself? The answer is yes. To all three of these questions. Grudge Punk is the title John McNee has given to this collection of interconnected short stories, but also, it’s a glimpse into a parallel dimension. Let me explain:The residents of Grudgehaven are a patchwork of sorts. Pieced together by flesh, garbage and arcane robotics. The Grudge itself is a city where Skid Row pretty much extends its breadth; where freaks [...]

This is my first Bizzarro. I blame it on Shamus. I commented on one of his pictures, the comment section on said picture with him and many others got completely insane (I'll neve eat peanut butter again), him and I had a conversation and I ended up with this book. I'm not really sure if it's considered r2r. I mean, he gave it to me. I'm sure he would like me to review it. I'm sure he just wants me to say that I really loved it. So, basically, Shamus popped my cherry.Did I love it? I don't think [...]

Go ahead and burn, baby! He called to the skyline. Burn! You can take it! Burn his sickness out! Burn it all down! You can take it! You'll be back in Pappa's arms real soon!This is my first try at reading Bizzaro genre and I have to say it was quite interesting. Bodies of rotting wood and metal. Polystyrene breasts fixed with copper wire. Mold and mildew between their legs to give you something to plow, rusting handles on their hips to grip as you go at it, and pipes jutting from their temples b [...]

I first encountered John McNee in 2011 when I read a relatively mediocre extreme horror short story collection. His story was the best in the book, a dystopian, transhumanist nightmare that made the rest of the stories in the collection seem almost amateurish in comparison. I wondered how McNee would do in longer form, if he could take the amazing world-building and characterization and keep the intensity of his monstrous characters outside of the limits of a short story length. Turns out he can [...]

While some time has passed since I read Grudge Punk, and some of the details of the book might be a little hazy, the book’s overall feel has stayed with me. Combining elements of noir, horror, bizarro, and dystopian science fiction, Grudge Punk collects several interconnected short stories that take place in a city called Grudgehaven, aka The Grudge, where the citizens are amalgamations of flesh, gears, and junkyard scrap metal. This is not hard science fiction; a detailed explanation of whate [...]

A shared universe anthology is sometimes a risky venture, especially if it’s fan fiction, or if the anthology doesn’t have many well-known authors. I haven’t read very many novels that involve an author writing a short story collection that take place in one universe, but I will say this: Grudge Punk will exceed your expectations.The stories are invariably connected along a timeline; the events in each story have a direct impact on each other and noirish, bizarre city often referred to as [...]

A perfect mix of my two favorite genres: Bizarro and Noir. Like most people I was first introduced to the Grudge via the first and second volumes of the Tall Tales with Short Cocks anthology. It didn’t take much convincing for me to seek this out. The Grudge is a harsh oppressive city run amok by a vicious mob war between the King of Eyes and the King of Broken Glass. Everyone is corrupt right down to the police, press and clergy. The city is brim full of prostitutes, murderers, petty thieves, [...]

The author does a great job of creating a world within the city of Grudgehaven. The storytelling was vivid and the way that the sections tied together was perfect. The very real and unique characters (made of a patchwork of metals, flesh, plastic and various other materials) were certainly busy in their betrayal of one another. The one-ups were creative and left me guessing until the end of the stories. I am not sure what to classify this as when speaking of genre. It was a mix of dark fantasy, [...]

Grudge Punk, by John McNee, is the perfect blend of noir and bizarro. It's Sin City with soul-devouring hallways, Blade Runner if the replicants were made of spare parts and trash. The stories in Grudge Punk take place in Grudgehaven, a city collapsing under the weight of its own filth and corruption, and caught in a gang war that could never end well. Each story chronicles a different character with a different narrative -- some more tied into the overarching plot than others, other characters [...]

I was very impressed with this book. I will record my impressions shortly.

What is grudge punk, I wondered, before cracking open the novel? The title was definitely intriguing. I pictured a pair of liberty-spiked, leather jacketed punks circling each other in an alleyway in a disagreement over beer money. The reality is far more intriguing. Per the book description: “Grudgehaven: “A city lost to the darkness, where acid rain drums on a hundred thousand corrugated iron rooftops and cold, mechanized eyeballs squint out of every filth-smeared window.”And guess what? [...]

“A city lost to the darkness, where acid rain drums on a hundred thousand corrugated iron rooftops and cold, mechanized eyeballs squint out of every filth-smeared window.”John McNee's city of Grudgehaven definitely has a lot of issues which is what makes each short story interesting. Sex, greed, corruption, murder or worse, Grudgehaven is definitely a dark and dirty place. The author described it so well for me I felt like I was walking its streets and passing by each building mentioned thro [...]

This book has a feel like no other book I've read in recent years. The city of Grudgehaven is set in a magical realist world where the citizens are made out of wire, bakelite, clay, scrap metal, cement, animal parts and God knows what, but that does not stop them having sex lives and planning crimes. In fact, sometimes it gives them an advantage. The laws of physics are not so much different in this world as completely screwed up. The whole city has a pulp Noir design and atmosphere, complete wi [...]

This is my first Bizzaro book, didn't even know that such a term existed and still not sure what the hell this book really is. It is a lot of fun! weird fun, the kind of fun your friends, partner, family would look very strangely at you if they started reading this book straight off your book shelf. If I had to compare to something then it would be Sin City, Vol. 1: The Hard Goodbye set in some kind of steampunk version of itself.Its a collection of short stories loosely held by overarching narr [...]

Grudge Punk by John McNee (with whom I share a publisher) is a highly-satisfying collection of interrelated short stories. In the Grudge, people are machines and the city is alive. These stories are filled with squid-men and sentient sewers, but they also deal with human issues like unattainable beauty, political corruption, labor relations and religious faith. This genre-defying collection evokes Raymond Carver, H.P. Lovecraft, Philip K. Dick and Geoffrey Chaucer. McNee has developed a rich and [...]

WellI fucking loved it. That's 'what I think.' And I've written 'mini-reviews' for each of the first 6 stories on a buddy read thread somewhere here in land. But I've also felt like shiiiitttt the last 2 days (please don't let it be the flu; please don't let it be the flu), so I need to finish 'reviewing' the last 3 stories & the one from TTwSC, but not now. Sorry, peoples. I feel like shit. Don't judge me!~Teresa~

Like picking a scab that feels good This anthology of the bizarre douses you in a gaggle of ambiguous tales that may actually melt your brain. It's hard to get your footing but impossible to look away as you float though twisted plot veneers that peel back to expose a writhing dreamscape that's as disorienting as it is engaging. People, situations and things merge into one another and nothing is as it seems. It's uneasy and compelling, illusive and disturbing, and spattered with imagery that inf [...]

The only real punk left in a city of dieselpunks has elluded the clockwork gangster who would like to wear her skin, buffalo bill style. Acid rain capable of aiding anyone with a grudge releases homicidal tendencies. A sewer with a penchant for prostitutes creates a hotel from recycling what little flesh they retain. A cop becomes a cult leader and a priest gets parasitic crabs. Robo Rhinocerous finds a pet hand. Alesa, the drunken-preacher’s daughter contemplates changing her name and a lot m [...]

Welcome to Grudgehaven, if you drove through it while reading "Tall Tales with Short Cocks," volume 2, you'll know what to expect. If not you should pick both up. While the story, "A hand walks into a bar," is in both, if you enjoy one you're sure to enjoy the other. There are ten stories in this volume, some will shiver your spine. Some will weigh upon your soul. Some will lift your heart. Some will break it. Some do all at once in the same story. The stories are somewhat connected, they take p [...]

Grudge Punk by John McNee - A way cool collection of shorts. Nine individual stories, all set in the same fictional city - Grudgehaven. Each story is completely unique with the exception of some reoccurring characters. Every character but one is an amalgam of flesh and machine, although no two are alike.Grudge Punk surely falls within the bizarro genre first, laced with equal parts sci-fi and noir. I haven't found any other books by McNee, but I'll keep looking.

I recognized two familiar friends in this collection from the "Tall Tales with Short Cocks," but had no problem reading them again. I was happy to, and happy to see where else the streets of this strange city ran. I love the feel of this one, so many different genres mixed together. It really gets under your skin, perhaps literally in some cases.

I liked that the stories are both individual and connected. It took me a while to get through this book, not because of the material but finding the time to fit it in, but it was very easy to pick up and start again. The writing is very clear and the stories held my attention.

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