Do Butlers Burgle Banks?

P.G. Wodehouse

Do Butlers Burgle Banks?

Do Butlers Burgle Banks?

  • Title: Do Butlers Burgle Banks?
  • Author: P.G. Wodehouse
  • ISBN: 9781585677474
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover

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Do Butlers Burgle Banks features the hitherto fortunate owner of Bond s Bank, who finds himself in a spot of trouble so that he wants someone to burgle the bank before the trustees inspect it Fortunately for him, Horace Appleby, currently posing as his butler, is on hand to oblige For Horace is, in fact, not a butler at all but the best sort of gangster, prudently conceDo Butlers Burgle Banks features the hitherto fortunate owner of Bond s Bank, who finds himself in a spot of trouble so that he wants someone to burgle the bank before the trustees inspect it Fortunately for him, Horace Appleby, currently posing as his butler, is on hand to oblige For Horace is, in fact, not a butler at all but the best sort of gangster, prudently concealing himself in an English country house while hiding from his rivals Looking for peace and safety, Horace is to discover before long that the hotspots of Chicago are a whole lot restful than the English countryside This is the lightest of light comedies, a Wodehousean souffle from his later years.

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Sweet, charming and amusing tail of mistaken identities, burgled banks and hilarious mistakes that all turn out right in the end. Wodehouse is king of the mistaken identity with a touch of bad luck and terrible coincidence thrown in. But that's one of the reasons we all love him so.

In realtà il mio voto sarebbe 3/4 su 5.L'ironia di questo libro non provoca incontrollabili risate, ma è leggera, elegante e sorprende con sarcastici commenti velati di serietà. La trama è originale, sostenuta da una serie di equivoci e fraintendimenti che ruotano intorno alla piccola banca locale che ha visto tempi migliori.I personaggi sono meravigliosi: nonostante ricreino tipologie ben note al lettore sorprendono per modi espressivi e per reazioni inaspettate alle più sbalorditive situa [...]

Horrace Appleby is the brains behind a criminal organization known as the Appleby Gang. They've eluded police on both sides of the Atlantic and are about to embark on their latest scheme. Thanks to a tip about a Worcestershire bank, Appleby installs himself as butler in Mallow Hall, home of Mike Bond, of Bond's Bank. Mike's uncle Hugo was a generous benefactor and Appleby is convinced the bank is ripe for picking. However, that's before he meets the lovely Ada, Mike's secretary and before Mike's [...]

Do butlers burgle banks? One does, since he just so happens to be a criminal mastermind in disguise. The bank in question is owned by Mike Bond, who recently inherited it from his uncle Horace. With Mike ignoring his erstwhile love, Jill Willard, and gang members falling victim to revival meetings, hijinks are sure to ensue.To be honest, this one was a little odd. It was fun, fluffy in the typical fluffy way of Wodehouse. But there were several jarring moments where I suddenly remembered that th [...]

Do Butlers Burgle Banks is a stand alone narrative - not being a part of any of Wodehouse's series. The style of narration is the author's typical - flawless language and inimitable humour - and is a quick read. The story unfolds in the manner of a blooming flower and unravels rapidly thereon. The characters were crafted meticulously as was the author's wont. The plot gradually lands into a hilarious imbroglio as the story reaches a crescendo, taking the reader along all the way. The style is Wo [...]

One of Wodehouse's late novels, from a period when his work was losing lustre. Chuckle-worthy but never uproarious, PGW seems to be merely going through the motions in this tale of a young banker in hot water and the gentlemanly gangster who comes to his rescue. Most of the jokes read like retreads, and his roundabout way of saying things seems (dare I say it) a little plodding. And yet, despite the tiredness of the writing style, this farce is superbly plotted, full of outrageous twists and tur [...]

A rather tired effort from Wodehouse about a gang trying to rob a bank that is deep in the red. Some of the characters are sketched out in depth, especially the butler of the title. But the storyline becomes a little unbelievable towards the end, even for a Wodehouse novel, and the book barely salvages it.

Not top-notch Wodehouse in my opinion but still laugh-out-loud material. Wonderfully ludicrous. :)

A very light, entertaining morsel. I've never read any Wodehouse; this won't be my last. Chicago fans, take note: two Chicago gangsters play parts in this farce.

Although less well-known than his tales of Jeeves & Wooster, Do Butlers Burgle Banks? is another hilarious masterpiece from P.G. Wodehouse. The new owner of Bond's Bank discovers that all is not what it should be in the bank's accounting practices and realises that something drastic must occur the precarious financial situation is not to be discovered by the trustees. Luckily for him, noted burglar Horace Appleby is currently posing as his butler and is more than happy to assist with comprom [...]

This reader likes it!

Plum does not disappoint. I nice book to start the new year with.

This has to be one of the catchiest Wodehouse titles around. The alliterative phrasing aside, it’s a question which not a lot of Indians would relate to for sure since the domestic help here sure has made a veritable business model out of taking off with their master’s belongings and riches. British butlers, apparently, are not quite like that. Their nobility is so unquestioned, that when one of them does go down the crime lane and busting banks, it is an event big enough to publish a book o [...]

This is a delightful and completely implausible tale of the burglary of a small town British bank. The characters are completely unbelievable, the situation bizarre and the ending outlandish. In a Wodehouse novel none of that matters and the reader is just along for a hilarious ride.

This book, although it has a few amusing plot twists, fails to deliver the goods at the pace and with the panache that Wodehouse pulls off in the Jeeves & Wooster stories. I think some of what is lacking is due to the comic possibilities inherent in the upper-crust Eden of those stories, but a good deal is also owed to the clearly drawn images I have in my mind of that pair – not of their appearance, but of their characters. I think this is part of the appeal of re-reading these stories [...]

I didn't start with very high expectations for this book. I assumed it just came about because Wodehouse thought the alliteration of the title was funny and so he wrote a book to go with it. This is not how I expect literature to develop. I don't know what the origin of the story really was. But, my surprise satisfaction is similar to when I dismissed the idea that a movie based on a Disney ride could be any good. But I really likedPirates of the Caribbean. Surprise enjoyment for this novel is a [...]

Wodehouse is in fine form in this book, about a gangster, his compatriots, a bank owner and his staff, and finally, a country cop and his in-law from Scotland Yard. Horace hopes to rob a bank he's heard about from Ada, whom he met when she saved him from being mugged. But, Mike, the bank owner, is in trouble, since he inherited all the debt his uncle accumulated embezzling from the bank. He laments to his fiancé, Jill, that if only the bank were robbed, it would get him out of a scrape, and she [...]

I admit: I love Wodehouse. I believe I have read 7 books by him so far, along these past years. It is not top level literature, but it IS funny, in language, plots, characters, and this one is a great one that I would love to say as a play or movie – unfortunately, it does not seem to have been done yet.I noticed also that it is written in rhymes. I don’t think I had ever noticed that before in Wodehouse’s works, maybe it’s a commonly known fact. As I am lunching into another of his, I [...]

I will use this "review" for all the P. G. Wodehouse I have read. I read them all so long ago and enjoyed them so much that I have given them all 5 stars. As I re-read them I will adjust the stars accordingly, if necessary, and add a proper review.When I first discovered P. G. Wodehouse I devoured every book I could find in the local library, throughout the eighties and early nineties. Alas, this means that I have read most of them and stumbling across one I have not read is a rare thing. I'm su [...]

Horace Appleby is the head of the ‘Appleby gang’ whom eek out a living by Horace gaining employment as the butler in England’s foremost country houses to be the inside man and point out all of the best jewels and tapestry’s and such like for the remainder of the gang. His latest post at Mallow Hall is the country seat of Michael Bond whom is also the chairman of Bond’s Bank as Horace intends to diversify into bank robbery.Further complications arise in that Horace has proposed to Bank [...]

"Mike, like Othello, was perplexed in the extreme. His was a brain of reasonable strength, but the events of this night had put a strain on it which few brains would have been equipped to bear. A young man who is informed by his butler that he, the butler, is burgling a bank and that his, the young man's, secretary is locked up in the sage and on proceeding to the bank finds there the girl he is to marry apparently playing a part in these peculiar goings-on may be excused for being a little bewi [...]

guess it's my kind of thing, five stars.

Horace Appleby is a criminal, specialising in “inside jobs”, his modus operandi is to secure the position of butler in a respectably well-off establishment and then arrange the details whereby his companions carry out the actual burglary. But he is not too happy with the American, Mr. Yost, and Yost’s blatant disregard for Appleby’s most important rule, never carry a gun. So he refuses to pay Yost his cut, as you can imagine, Yost is not too happy about this. Not wanting to overly provok [...]

I picked this up because I was curious about P.G. Wodehouse, whom I had never read, and this title was catchiest of those available at my library. This book tells the story of a plan to rob a bank gone slightly awry. It’s cute, short, funny, not intellectually demanding, and I see the value of P.G. Wodehouse now… but I probably won’t read another one again soon… just not my style more than anything else I guess.

Almost as good as Jeeves, though not quite. A complex and unlikely plot features Mike Bond, the almost ruined owner of Bond's Bank. It also features his new butler Appleby who plans to rob the bank. Sub-plots galore; classic Wodehouse understatements and long-winded obvious lines are full of humour. All ends well if a little relying on coincidence to extricate everyone from an incredible plot. Three-and-a-half stars, really.

This was a lot of fun, which is the caption accompanying all Wodehouses. This was my first Wodehouse experienced bereft of Jeeves and Wooster, yet the fun translates to other goofy characters. They all seem to have elements of reality to them, mixed in with enough fantastical silliness to make them more entertaining than real characters. There are so many bad 80s movie plots that spurt out of this plot. Insurance twists and manipulations. Chevy Chase must be salivating.

I don't think it's possible for me to rate Plum anything under 4 stars This wasn't his best, but honestly, Wodehouse at his absolute worst is still better than most. Very enjoyable. Especially the reference to seeing an old English Country House in "a movie with Fred Astaire." That's referring to the movie version of "A Damsel In Distress" if you've never seen it.

My first PGW novel. Was thrown out of the house as I continued to remember certain incidents from the book and start laughing uncontrollable most often when folks at home were in the middle of a very serious saas-bahu saga ongoing on tv!Absolutely fantastic plot, sequence of events that complicate each simple step of the story to the best extent possible

Pretty good, not great. Wodehouse's writing lends itself to a breezy, skimy sort of reading, which is sometimes a little unsatisfying. But as long as you don't expect more of it then you should, it's fun. I do seem to enjoy the Jeeves series more than other stuff, partly I'm familiar with it, and I never pay enough attention during character introductions.

I was stuck between giving four or five stars for this book. I ended up giving it a five, because I do think it deserved something better than a four. This story was light and funny, and was a great read. I would absolutely recommend it, as it is a good read, and it is not a part of series, so it can be read quickly.

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