Where Eagles Never Flew

Helena P. Schrader

Where Eagles Never Flew

Where Eagles Never Flew

  • Title: Where Eagles Never Flew
  • Author: Helena P. Schrader
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition

This is the book RAF Battle of Britain vetran and fighter ace Bob Doe called the best book he had ever read about the Battle of Britain It traces the fate of two fighter squadrons, one British and one German, from May to September 1940.

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There's not much to this book beyond your typical black-and-white war movie. The characters are just human enough to act out the plot, but lack the humanity necessary to react to it. Action is the key to this book and if a few people die to make that action happen then that's just a happenstance of a war story.The human truth about war is far deeper than anything portrayed in Where Eagles Never Flew. The book is lacking in the complexities of grief that the death of a fellow soldier (or pilot) c [...]

"Where Eagels Never Flew" is the Kindle edition of "Chasing the Wind."When the review copies of "Chasing the Wind" were sent out, I received an email from a reviewer in the UK apologizing that he could not review my book on time. The reason: Wing Commander and RAF Battle of Britain ace Bob Doe had walked into his shop, seen the copy of my book on his desk and asked to read it. Well, as the reviewer pointed out, you just don't say 'no' to Battle of Britain fighter pilots, certainly not when they [...]

Compelling and exciting tale of how the RAF kept the Luftwaffe at bay during the Battle of Britain. Once I'd started I found it hard to put this down - the author creates an authentic story line about the RAF pilots, and their support staff, who against all the odds managed to match whatever the Lutwaffe threw at them. Characters come to life as the 'old hand' officer pilots with their public school accents and background find it hard to accept the pilot sergeants, with their rough working class [...]

This is a long book, but needs to be. It spans the six months or so from May to October of 1940, from the Fall of France to the Battle of Britain and the valiant defense by the Royal Air Force.It records the thoughts and actions of characters on both sides of the battle; some of the main characters include an RAF Squadron Leader and his fiancee, several of the members of his Hawker Hurricane squadron, which is on the front lines of the Battle, a pair of Luftwaffe fighter pilots, and a female Luf [...]

Authentic. War StoryEnjoyed the book very much. Good pace and variety with attention to development of characters and multiple story lines. Excellent portrayal of class and friendship s.

It took a good whole for this book to get going. but in the end I had genuine affection for the characters. Some nice research on the Battle also.

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