The Girl Who Married an Eagle: A Mystery

Tamar Myers

The Girl Who Married an Eagle: A Mystery

The Girl Who Married an Eagle: A Mystery

  • Title: The Girl Who Married an Eagle: A Mystery
  • Author: Tamar Myers
  • ISBN: 9780062203854
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback

The final book Tamar Myers s Belgian Congo set mystery series, this is the story of an all girls boarding school for runaway child brides, and features events inspired by Myers s childhood in the Belgian Congo.When Julia Elaine Newton, a young, pretty Ohio girl, volunteered to go on a mission to the Belgian Congo, she knew it was going to be a huge change But she never exThe final book Tamar Myers s Belgian Congo set mystery series, this is the story of an all girls boarding school for runaway child brides, and features events inspired by Myers s childhood in the Belgian Congo.When Julia Elaine Newton, a young, pretty Ohio girl, volunteered to go on a mission to the Belgian Congo, she knew it was going to be a huge change But she never expected to wind up teaching at an all girls boarding school primarily populated by runaway child brides Much to her chagrin, Early Dusk was born beautiful If only she d been ugly, Big Chief Eagle would not have noticed her Escaping an arranged marriage, the scrappy eight year old girl finds her way to Julia Newton and the school But this time her jilted husband will not be denied.It s up to Julia and Early Dusk to try and save the school as Congolese Independence looms and Big Chief Eagle embarks on his revenge With the help of Cripple and her husband, and even Amanda Brown, these plucky women must learn to save themselves.Based on actual events, The Girl Who Married an Eagle is a beautiful finale to the Belgian Congo mystery series.

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First, the bad news: This is the final book in Tamar Myers’s Belgian Congo series. It takes place in 1959, a few months before the country achieved independence. Now, the good news: It is one of, if not the best of her books. A wonderful story told with wit, humor, interesting characters, respect and understanding. It talks of beauty, sex, warfare, love, racism, laws, oppression, and human relations. Ohioan Julia Newton, fresh out of college, heard a missionary from Africa speak at her middle [...]

I received this book for free through First Reads.I entered the giveaway for this book strictly because the title alone caught my attention. I assumed it to be something about a tribe's culture because anything about the American lifestyle wouldn't have marriage and eagle in the same sentence. The assumption proved to be correct. The book revolves around the Congo and child-brides that run away from their husbands and wind up (possibly unintentionally) at this missionary center. The book bounce [...]

Okay BookThis book was ok. It seemed to jump around and the ending seemed to come so suddenly. I did like the Afterword. The way some of the missionaries treated the natives annoyed me. The missionaries I've met are nothing like those in the book. My favorite character is Clementine.

As seen on my blog:The Girl Who Married an Eagle was poignant, engaging, and read like a plot line for a well acted, potentially award-winning, movie. It is the last in a four-part mystery series set in the Belgian Congo in the 1950's, which was a little disappointing to realize at first, because I figured I'd be going into a plot line with already established characters, and moments. I was soon proven wrong, as I became familiar and attached to characters that were reintroduced seamlessly and w [...]

3.5/5I've often picked up a number of Tamar Myers' books for some of my 'cozy mysteries' displays at the library. She writes the Den of Antiquity as well as the Pennsylvania-Dutch with recipes series.But she also pens a third set of books that are quite different. These books are all set in Africa - the Belgian Congo - in the 1950's. The Girl Who Married an Eagle is the fourth book in this set.Julia Newton is entranced by a missionary's talk at her church in Ohio in the 1950's. The subject - the [...]

Julia Newton realizes she may have made a big mistake. An Ohio native and a recent college graduate, she can't imagine anything more exciting and satisfying than serving as a missionary in the Belgian Congo. She goes there to serve in a school set up to protect young girl brides sold to older men who have run away from their fate. But Africa isn't anything like what Julia expected. The natives don't seem particularly grateful; instead they are quick to let her know that the white man is ugly and [...]

I had to take a bit to think about this book and decide if I liked it. The Girl Who Married an Eagle is apparently the fourth book in a series about the Belgian Congo in the 1950s. I haven't read the first three books, but I didn't really feel like I was missing anything. The book is beautifully written. I enjoyed the descriptions of the landscape and life in that time as a missionary. The author did a wonderful and realistic job of portraying the brutality and harshness of tribal life. No doubt [...]

Actual review 3.5 starsI'm only 3/4th of the way through this book, but I'm actually really disappointed in it. this has been a great series and now in the last book Amanda is barely a foot note, not to mention some other characters we've been following. (view spoiler)[ we find out in a note that Amanda is now married to Pierre, that Cripple's family is missing (which is pretty much completely ignored) And almost everyone refers to this poor kid as 'The Great Distraction' which just gets very ol [...]

i think that it might be a novel or story book where there might be a girl whose hobby is to play and make fun with birds at last she loved eagle and then marry it.

Though a mystery novel, there was little actual mystery involved, but that doesn't really detract from my enjoyment of the novel. We follow (mainly) the adventures of a new, unprepared missionary to the Congo in 1959, through her eyes and those around her. We also follow a child bride, who (view spoiler)[ runs away from her wedding with little thought as to how she would survive. (hide spoiler)] She is found by the heroine, a widower/missionary, and his intelligent young daughter on the road (vi [...]

I wouldn't describe this as a mystery so much as a suspense novel, but either way you cut the roast, it's good! I've always been fascinated with stories of the Congo -- Barbara Kingsolver's "The Poisonwood Bible" is one of my all-time favorite books -- and Myers does not disappoint. Her plot is exquisitely executed, even given the relatively few number of pages devoted to something as emotionally and politically charged as child-brides. Her laugh-out-loud humor and way of poking fun at aspects o [...]

I enjoyed this book, it was an easy fun read that was also informative. It seemed that the author had spent some time in Africa or else had researched the crap out of it because it was filled with little facts and mannerisms that painted a interesting story. I loved the little girl Clementine This reminded me of the novels about a typewriter lady in africa who solves mysteries. the name escapes me now.

I love the diversity and depth of the characters. I fully recommend this book to those looking for a quick read that will thrust you into the heart of Africa with characters you will never forget.Check out my blog for my full review: tubchairtimes/2013

This is the 4th in Tamar Myers' Africa books. Since this was her life as a child, she knows the people and the times. She has created stories that one could image hearing in a village setting, each one centered on a different character. But her stories are a combination of characters that blend into a well-told, suspenseful plot.

Final book in the Amanda Brown/Belgian Congo series. Although Amans is not the central character in this book. There's a new, young missionary named Julia. Child brides are the focus in thos book. Julia is the new Amanda Brown and Henry, the widowed missionary with a precosiously clever daughter, is the the new Captain Jardin. Of course Cripple is there, with a new baby in tow.

Okay, but it was really hard to get through the discrimination that was part of the culture in that part of the world. It also brought up the horrible way the Christians came in and tried to dominate while belittling the natives. Sad.

I can't believe this is the last in the series. Too many things not wrapped up. I don't know why they keep insisting as selling the book as a mystery. Most certainly is not. It is an entertaining, often humorous look at clashing cultures in the waning days of Belgian rule in the Congo.

The character development by Myers is well-done. I have been reading Bradley's Flavia de Luce series and find that his character (Flavia) and Myers's character, Cripple, have many similar traits: smart, independent thinkers, unique, ground breakers, shrewd

I very much enjoy the author's recreating of life in the Belgian Congo 50 years ago, especially recreating the thoughts of the native people of that time. I do hope that the author writes more books in this vein.

This was delicious and a totally unexpected gift from the library.What's even better is that it's based on events which happened to the writer when she was a child living in the Congo with her parents.Imaginative, humorous, heart warming.even her head hunters have charm.

A book about colonial Congo missionaries. Wasn't quite sure how it was going to work because the first 3/4 covers a few months then it jumps ahead 10-15 years to wrap it up. I liked the idea, but it felt jumpy. Not sure I would read another one in her series but always enjoy an Africa book.

My first Tamar Myers book- interesting story.My review:Traveling With T

I hear this is the final book of this series which makes me sad. This book was a fun read with fabulous new characters along with a brief visit with old favorite characters. I wish the author would spin off a series with the Great Distraction. ;)


Deleted - not my type of book

Just when I had fallen in like with the characters it ended abruptly. It had a great plot but it didn't go anywhere. I was left wanting to know what was going to happen next!

This is the first in a series of books on The Congo in the late 1950s. I enjoyed this story and most likely will read another in this series. A quick read! I recommend this book!

About the Belgian Congo in the 60s. Some of the natives and things they do turn your stomach. But I enjoyed the people who go there on missions and have to live in jungle etc.

Tamar is a supreme story-teller and does not disappoint. Totally worth the read!

Not bad. Short read, interesting cultural insight. Not terribly exciting, but a cute story.

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