Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress

Olympia Snowe

Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress

Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress

  • Title: Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress
  • Author: Olympia Snowe
  • ISBN: 9781602862173
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover

In FIGHTING FOR COMMON GROUND How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress Weinstein Books May 14, 2013 Hardcover , Sen Snowe offers a candid appraisal of our broken political system and what can, and must, be done to fix it A clarion call to action, she also pulls back the curtain on the highlights and lowlights of her career, her evolution as a legislator, and her remaIn FIGHTING FOR COMMON GROUND How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress Weinstein Books May 14, 2013 Hardcover , Sen Snowe offers a candid appraisal of our broken political system and what can, and must, be done to fix it A clarion call to action, she also pulls back the curtain on the highlights and lowlights of her career, her evolution as a legislator, and her remarkable life.Sen Snowe s story is filled with trials and setbacks but also perseverance and success, which molded her into the dedicated lawmaker and advocate she is today Born in Augusta, Maine, to a Greek immigrant father and first generation American mother both of whom were restaurant workers Sen Snowe was orphaned at the age of nine She attended a school in New York run by the Greek Orthodox Church for children in need where she had her first taste of independence, often navigating trains solo between the school, New York City, and her aunt and uncle s home in Maine She graduated from the University of Maine where she studied political science After her husband, a state legislator, was killed in an automobile accident when she was twenty six, she ran for his seat, and thus began her remarkable political career serving in both the Maine House and Senate and in the U.S House and U.S Senate, where she acquired a reputation for being hard working and committed to seeking bipartisan solutions to even the most politically volatile issues Sen Snowe has been at the center of some of the most important political moments of our time In FIGHTING FOR COMMON GROUND she offers an insider s perspective on health care reform, the debt ceiling crisis, the Bush tax cuts, 9 11, women s rights, the Clinton impeachment, and the financial crisis of 2008, among other hot button issues She also offers a number of real solutions to America s political gridlock, including steps that should be undertaken to change Senate rules and congressional procedures, and those that should be taken to enact campaign finance and political reform see attached Today she leads a political action committee, Olympia s List, to further the goal of a truly bipartisan, productive Congress Sen Snowe has seen the worst that Congress has to offer, but she hasn t lost hope that it can rise to once again be the greatest deliberative body in the world By holding Congress and the White House accountable, by tackling real campaign finance reform, by building grassroots movements to reward consensus building, and by actively engaging young people in the legislative system, she believes that the American people can once again put their faith in the government officials they elect.

Recent Comments "Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress"

As a stalwart Democrat, I can honestly say that I was sorry to see Olympia Snowe leave Congress. If there were more Congress(wo)men like her, it might make deciding who to vote for much more difficult. Unfortunately, her departure meant one of the very last reasonable voices on the Republican side was giving ground to more Tea Party madness and more intractability. We need more moderate Republicans in Congress who want to take their party back from the crazies and voters who want to help them do [...]

Mind your manners! After four decades as a legislator Olympia Snowe (Republican, Maine) presents a strong case for the trouble with the current Congress: a lack of civility . A well-known consensus builder who made a career of reaching across the aisle , Senator Snowe was discouraged by the intolerance she witnessed at the 2012 Republican convention in Maine and the inertia of the 112th Congress . With campaign attack ads and bloggers lowering the political tone , the lifelong Republican chose t [...]

I really wanted to like this more because I feel so strongly about the topic, and because she's the sort of pragmatic centrist politician we need so many more of. But I was ultimately disappointed for two reasons. First, it's basically her autobiography, not just the prescription for reform that the subtitle makes it out to be. So you're in for lots of additional reading (or skimming) if that's not what drew you to the book. Second, she chronicles the decline of civility and compromise in Congre [...]

This book was written by one of the last Republican moderates (a dying breed). The best points in the book were her suggestions on how we can change congress.

Why Washington Political Thrillers Aren’t Real to Me and Why I Want to Write One / Author/filmmaker & Killer Nashville founder Clay StaffordI’ve reviewed numerous Washington political and legal thrillers and mysteries over the past twenty years. After reading Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress by Olympia Snowe, I came away feeling that many of the fiction authors I’m reading haven’t done their research or – perhaps even more disappointing – they [...]

Not exactly a riveting book and at times was a little slow. However, I came to appreciate even more how much the republican party has strayed from its roots. The US was founded on compromise between men who strongly disagreed with each other. However, they all realized that in the end they had to come together and compromise. The republican party seems to have retold the founding of our country of men who never compromised and were wholly conservative and rarely disagreed. Snowe is a moderate or [...]

I rated this book more on its message than on the writing, since I like and support Olympia Snowe's ideas. With Congressional approval ratings lately being in the 9% to 13% range, clearly most Americans think Congress must change its ways. The Country has become much more polarized over the past fifty years, and compromise to find solutions to our Nation's problems is now a dirty word. In "Fighting for Common Ground", former Senator Snowe discusses the problems with our current political process [...]

This book starts at on an assumption that you’re not new to the politics of our country. Our national political system being a two party system has served our country well for hundreds of years based on the fact that our elected officials have civility and a common goal to work together to solve the county’s problems. This has been undone since the rise of extreme partisan politics (see “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America“ by Levin, Mark). The Republican Party has become the insurgent p [...]

I grew up in Northern Maine, Aroostook County influenced by Rep Snowe on many levels. Not just by having her as a representative, but being able to see how her office was run in “The County.” My step-mother took me to several ERA meetings as a young girl and as I grew up I witnessed the several veterans that she helped and families in need. Since I have moved from Maine to the South, I have seen so many changes within the Republican party and I felt some peace that Oylmpia was still in there [...]

Dear Olympia Snowe -I recently read your book and enjoyed it. It's a nice mixture of your life and how you got into politics and what you did while you were there.Although I am a Democrat and you are Republican, I found we agreed on many issues, such as women's rights and the social safety nets. I also believe in fiscal responsibility.But the main purpose of your book was to tell us how to "fix the stalemate in Congress." You do have a chapter on that in the book and I can pretty much agree with [...]

If you are fed up with the 2016 presidential election race; if you are disgusted with how the Senate and Congress now do nothing but fight; if you are frustrated that nothing ever gets done on Capitol Hill anymore, you should read this book. I've been a Democrat for a long time, but I love what this Republican speaks about in a frank, direct manner. In a nutshell, she promotes nine significant reforms that gives Senators and Congressmen the tools they need to be successful (I'll be posting these [...]

An interesting commentary from a moderate Republican (an endangered species) on what's wrong with Congress and how to fix it. She sees the primary role of someone elected to Congress as a solution seeker - someone who gets things done in the interest of the people, someone willing to compromise personal beliefs for the greater good. A lifelong Republican who believes in fiscal responsibility, she is also a pragmatist who believes in operating in the current context (and would never sign a pledge [...]

This is a giveaway book. I cannot think of a better expose of the problems facing our country than what Ms. Snowe has put forth in her book. We desperately need more people in the government who are this willing to seek compromise in the financial area to get our economy back on solid footing. We desperately need more people who can find ways to bring disparate groups together for the common good. I found her enthusiasm and faith in the expectation of finding solutions in difficult times inspiri [...]

It is difficult for me to read books about our government because our government is so vast. Authors often confuse us with too many names, too many abbreviations of organizations within this humongous organ. I wonder what kinds of minds they have to gain such a huge grasp of the enormous complexities. Snowe does a great job though sometimes her syntax gets overly elaborte- probably the occasions demand no leas.Anyone in an electd office must be genius scheduling their time to accomplish or even [...]

Reading Olympia Snowe's book at the same time as I'm reading Edward Kennedy's biography provide an interesting juxtaposition. Both of them spend a lot of time telling you who was with them in what meeting. Snowe also writes the book to be an advocate for more compromise and bipartisanship. She makes clear what Senate rules should change or be enforced that would allow for more compromise. I think her analysis of where things stand is probably right, but I'm not sure I really understood how she's [...]

Former Senator Snowe's book started out exceptionally strong, yet around the middle there seemed to be a few too many excuses made for President GW Bush. That aside, Snowe puts forth some very common-sense driven suggestions to fix the United States Senate, as well as the uncivil political discourse in the United States. I've always admired the Senator and her book causes me to continue so to do.

I think everyone in the country should read this book, especially chapter 14. Olympia, a moderate Republican, lists numerous changes that could be made to improve our currently dysfunctional political system. Some examples: Pass no budget, no pay to Congress law; make Congress adhere to five day workweeks; establish a Bipartisan Leadership Committtee; institute filibuster reform, to name just a few.

I picked this book out of my pile after the government shut down began. It was very timely and gave me some valuable insight into the workings of Congress and why we have reached this point. I did not agree with all of her suggestions, but isn't that the point? The book is also part memoir, and worth the read.

I received this through First Reads program. Given the dysfunction amongst our leaders in DC I am interested to see what Sen Snowe has to say.UPDATE: though I like some of the ideas, I do not find this all that well-written or interesting - too much details about minutiae Not sure ill finish it.

I found the initial chapter about her decision to leave Congress just too detailed and mundane, the next chapter made me realize how little I knew about how the government works, perhaps someday I will tackle this one again but am making a dash for fluff!

She clearly describes how ineffective our government has become. I wish she had gone into a little more detail of how she picked the Republican party. Her ideas at the end are good although I don't see much chance of them happening, such as congress not getting paid unless they pass a budget.

I very much miss the civility and collaborative consensus building exemplified by former Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and wish there were more moderates in Congress willing to compromise for the good of the nation instead of adhering to rigid partisan ideological dogmatism.

From the Maine legislature to the House and then the Senate, Olympia spent 40 years in public service. This book tells about her background, her time in the legislature, her frustration over the current situation in Congress and her suggestions for making it better. Well done.

How do we fix the congressional impasse? Olympia has some sensible ideas.

Couldn't finish this. Didn't grab me.

Sensible. You'd just want her in the room.

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