Emeralds In The Attic

Jan Fields

Emeralds In The Attic

Emeralds In The Attic

  • Title: Emeralds In The Attic
  • Author: Jan Fields
  • ISBN: 9781596353886
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover

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When Annie Dawson finds a necklace, earrings and a matching hair comb in the attic of Grey Gables, she doesn t realize the chain of events waiting to be unleashed Why are so many people from the ocean scientists studying Stony Point s fishing industry to a rich, young philanthropist to Annie s best friend s ex husband so fascinated by the jewelry It all seems innocWhen Annie Dawson finds a necklace, earrings and a matching hair comb in the attic of Grey Gables, she doesn t realize the chain of events waiting to be unleashed Why are so many people from the ocean scientists studying Stony Point s fishing industry to a rich, young philanthropist to Annie s best friend s ex husband so fascinated by the jewelry It all seems innocent at first, but then someone snatches the decorative faux emerald comb from Annie s hair during a brief blackout at a masquerade ball Is someone masquerading as a thief or worse

Recent Comments "Emeralds In The Attic"

Book #10 - what I love most about these books is that Annie Dawson has such a kind spirit. When she is solving a mystery, she is helping someone to live a better life. I am usually not able to solve the mystery until it is revealed at the end of the book. I am now reading book #11 thanks to borrowing it from a friend.

Annie Dawson had me totally off track in this Annie's Attic Mystery. If you loved (or still love) playing dress-up as a kid, you will enjoy the preparations for the masquerade party, especially the hunt for just the right costume and mask. Add a mysterious woman willing to bid high for the mask Annie created -- even when it didn't match her costume -- and the stage is set for a cozy day of reading.I really enjoyed "Emeralds in the Attic", and didn't even mind being wrong about the mystery!

This cozy mystery was interesting and a quick read. I like that it didn't start the same as so many of the others. The group of women did go up to the attic looking for something but the mystery wasn't immediately found there. It still involved something that was found in the attic but it because of what happened later. I liked this author's writing style better than a lot of the others. The ending was rather uneventful but I still enjoyed the book.

I am really enjoying this series, just a good read but it keeps your interest.

I too have enjoyed this series. My interest is always sparked However it is taking Annie a long time to get that attic cleaned out.

This was a fun-to-read mystery in the Annie's Attic mystery series. In this book, Annie and her friends from the Hook and Needle club in Stony Brook, Maine decide to go to the Historical Society's charity Harvest Ball at the Maplehurst Inn after the mayor Ian Butler invites Annie Dawson to be his date for the event. Ian is a widower and Annie is a widow and their friendship has turned into attraction though Annie, still raw with the loss of her husband Wayne some years earlier, keeps him at arms [...]

I loved the book.Everyone in the Hook and Needle Club looks forward to new mysteries when Annie goes thru the attic. She finds many things up there and there is always a mystery.Annie had been asked by the mayor, Ian, to go to the Harvest Ball. She, Peggy and Alice were going to go thru the attic to see if there were dresses they could find to wear.Annie discovered some emerald jewelry which would go with her dress for the Harvest Ball. She was very excited. A lady there had bought a mask Annie [...]

Annie Dawson has her grandmother's home and finds many treasures stored in the attic. When the town holds a masked ball, Annie finds dresses and costume jewelry and decides to wear a set of immitation emeralds. The hair clip she wears is stolen from her head during a blackout and Annie and her friends look at the reasons that someone would steal fake jewels. This was an excellent read. The characters were well written and the plot is one that keeps you reading until you find out "who done it" an [...]

Annie & her friends are looking in the attic at Grey Gables for outfits to wear to an upcoming town party when they come across some beautiful jewelry. One of the items is an emerald set that includes earrings, a necklace, and a hair comb. Annie decides to wear the emerald set to the party and is surprised when the hair comb is stolen from her hair when the lights go out!To find out more, you'll have to read the book. It was another fun read for me.

Annie keeps denying that she has another mystery until someone turns out the lights at the ball and steals her hair comb. Who wants the emerald costume jewelry set so bad that they would steal and break into Annie's house and car?

Though I have come to enjoy some of the cozy mysteries that I have been reading, I was not too keen on this particular series. Though it was still a good story it was a bit on the "older" style.

Cute cozy mystery. Fluffy, but enjoyable. Very clean and free of profanity.

very good story the series is very good good

I always enjoy the Annie's Attic Mystery books. I favor light reading for my bedtime choices and this was another easy story with it's friends and local events with a mystery happening throughout.

Love the Annie Stories.

Another good Annie's Attic mystery. It didn't really start grabbing my attention until almost the end but I liked the way it ended.

Second book in this series that I have read and I really enjoy them Have about 6 or so to read yet

Loving these Annie Mysteries! This one is lots of fun.

I can't believe there is a whole series of these books. It's harmless enough, but what a waste of time! The ending was a huge disappointment. I won't be bothering to read any of the other books.

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