Lapis Lazuli no Oukan

Natsuna Kawase

Lapis Lazuli no Oukan

Lapis Lazuli no Oukan

  • Title: Lapis Lazuli no Oukan
  • Author: Natsuna Kawase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: None

The assistant to a sorceress with strange powers, Mieru meets Radi on the street He has the same name as the prince she admires but he s the exact opposite From him, she receives the Lapis Lazuli, a charm for increasing magic

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This book really grew on me as I continued to read it. Miel's story reminds me of Naruto, in that she aspires to become a great magician but is not very good at it. She's got the potential to be a great magician but she doesn't really believe in herself, and no one around her does either! Because it's shojo, there has to be a romantic element, so of course, Miel's confidence builds once she meets her love interest, Radi, who encourages to practice and focus her skills. Radi may or may not be Pri [...]

A cute, nonthreatening, and sometimes funny shojo manga, but the lead character's boyfriend hunting ways (declared on page 2!) really undercuts the romance of the central pairing. Can someone please license Akagami no Shirayukihime already? Shirayuki is a gazillion times more interesting than this airhead.

Cute, but pretty typical. Why do there seem to be so many manga series about girls with super strength? Curious

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