The First True Lie

Marina Mander

The First True Lie

The First True Lie

  • Title: The First True Lie
  • Author: Marina Mander
  • ISBN: 9780770436858
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback

An utterly compelling, heartbreaking novel that introduces a revelatory young voice to the U.S market.Meet Luca, a curious young boy living with his mother, a taciturn woman who every now and then tries out a new father Luca keeps to himself, his cat, Blue, and his favorite toys words One February morning his mom doesn t wake up to bring him to school, so Luca drivenAn utterly compelling, heartbreaking novel that introduces a revelatory young voice to the U.S market.Meet Luca, a curious young boy living with his mother, a taciturn woman who every now and then tries out a new father Luca keeps to himself, his cat, Blue, and his favorite toys words One February morning his mom doesn t wake up to bring him to school, so Luca driven by a deep fear of being an orphan decides to pretend to the world that his mom is still alive At first it s easy Luca dresses himself for school, makes sure Blue gets his dinner, and manages to avoid nosy neighbors He and Blue camp out in the living room and embark on imaginary expeditions to outer space, and Luca dreams about marrying his school crush, Antonella Soon, however, the laundry starts piling up, the fridge emptying and the smell of Mama s decaying body begins to permate the apartment As Luca grapples with what to do, we ultimately witness something much poignant than the morbid circumstance a young boy s journey to the point at which he can say I am no longer an orphan I am a single human being It s a matter of words.

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“If Mama is dead, I can’t tell anyone. If I tell, they’ll take me to the orphanage.”Imagine you’re ten years old. You have no father, and your mother is alive, but not really there. But, still, she’s all you have. Imagine waking up one morning to find your mother dead, after years of depression and psychological issues. What would be your immediate reaction?It’s hard to imagine what I would do as this child, but I’m guessing I would call the police first thing. That’s what we [...]

As a reader, I expect a novel to contain a certain mystery and excitement: unexpected twists, phenomenal insights, or an alternative perspective that I have never considered before. I can even forgive poor writing if something entertaining is happening in the novel. Unfortunately, The First True Lie lacked anything of any interest to me. The concept of the novel is indeed appealing, which led me to want to read the book. But when an entire novel is summed up (quite completely) by the paragraph o [...]

Determined not to become a full orphan, Luca decides that his mother's decaying body is best kept secret. The First True Lie by Marina Mander takes on an emotional roller-coaster with this heartbreaking yet inspiring novel. Through Luca's narrative, we come to understand why Luca chooses not to tell the world he is no longer only missing a father, but a mother as well. The thing I can't shake about The First True Lie is how beautifully written it is. Often times I wonder how a child could be so [...]

Reading a book about a sensitive young boy named Luca who lives in an apartment with a decomposing mother and an amazing doglike cat named Blue doesn’t exactly sound like the best possible way to while away a few hours.And yet. In the hands of Marina Mander, a talented Italian writer, the story is mesmerizing and haunting. While most child-based narrations eventually become cloying, Luca’s musings remain fresh and often poetic.Luca’s deep-seated fear is to be sent to an orphanage: “There [...]

In diesem Buch geht es um einen Jungen, der keinen Vater mehr hat und als Halbwaise mit seiner des Lebens müden Mutter zusammenlebt. Eines Tages kommt es dazu, dass die Mutter nicht mehr aufwacht und der Junge verheimlicht ihren Tod, weil er unter gar keinen Umständen in ein Heim will. So lebt er fortan mit seinem Kater Blu zusammen und versucht den Alltag wie ein Erwachsener zu meistern und natürlich ohne die erste große Lüge seines Lebens auffliegen zu lassen.Das Buch hat mir ganz gut gef [...]

I was so excited to read this book prior to doing so. The idea of a story written from the perspective of a young boy whose mother has died in her bed and whose father is not in his life sounded fascinating. However, there was a lot missing in this book that I was looking for. It turns out, that a child's perspective depicts the world in a very narrow and shallow way. To make matters worse, the author depends heavily on the thoughts going on inside the boy's brain when he is alone rather than th [...]

This Italian novella has the aspect of a thought experiment or writing exercise, more so than a traditional story with an arc, and as such, readers seeking a tidy progression to resolution will be frustrated. It reads almost as if a professor in a graduate creative writing or child psychology seminar had given the assignment to consider what might happen if a child raised by a single mother discovered his mother dead in bed one day -- and the result is this lengthy story by a gifted student.The [...]

Luca is a boy who is wounded by the reality that he is an orphan. Although he is wise among his peers, he still feels that no one understands or tries to comprehend what he is all about. Blue, his cat is the only one that is dear to him, other than the pet;no one really makes a lasting impression. A mother and a cat are his only two friends, but he worries about his mom's mental state. Introducing him to strange males, she tries to convince him that he has a father. Luca does not take her seriou [...]

Translated from the Italian, this book marks the U.S. debut of the author who has two previous novels under her belt. The translation here feels quite smooth and there are no noticeable errors. At not even 150 pages long, this is perhaps more properly a novella, but it such a sad and powerful book that it really takes the reader by surprise. Luca, the narrator, is ten. This stream of consciousness covers at least two weeks (perhaps even longer) when he lives in his apartment with his mother’s [...]

Someone with more literary knowledge than I should read this book and explain to me why the author was able to get this story published. Oh, right she works in the publishing field. Okay, I'll tone it down. The concept was pretty original, both the story itself and a grown woman author speaking in a male child's voice. But, as you read and try to imagine what will happen it's gut-wrenching (this is in the author's favor as it shows the power of her words) and the ending is not quite as drastic a [...]

What a traumatizing book. When I got into it and realized what was happening, I wanted to quit. I didn't think I could emotionally handle a 10-year old boy's lonely life with his mother's corpse rotting in the apartment. But Mander is kind of a genius. She puts you in Luca's head, and he's very realistic for the most part. His voice is innocent but raw. He hops from topic to topic, woven through with his memories and imaginations. When going gets rough as the days go by, he spends more and more [...]

The story of a 10 year old who comes home from school and finds his mother dead in her bed. A heartbreaking and sad glimpse into the mind of a child that finds himself alone in the world, but worst of all, orphan. You can't imagine the things he has to go through in order not to end up in an orphanage. It saddened me very deeply.

Excellent, well-written, short (143 pages) book to be published in January 2014. The impressive translation from its original Italian to English made this book a pleasure to read. If you liked Room by Emma Donoghue, you could very well enjoy this one, too.

The writing is lovely, but the subject matter is just too dark for me to enjoy reading it.

In een heerlijke taal, vol associaties en precies op maat van het tienjarig hoofdpersonage, weet Marina Mander een ontroerend verhaal te vertellen van een jongentje wiens moeder overlijdt, maar die uit angst om naar een weeshuis te moeten, dat voor iedereen verbergt. Dit is een heerlijk boek door de virtuoze stijl en het verhaal raakt je zonder ooit zeemzoeterig te worden.

Luca is a young boy living in Italy with his mother, who suffers from depression, and their cat, Blue. He has never known his father and doesn't quite understand where he went, so many of his classmates call him an orphan. Sometimes he and his mother have a typical relationship—they have fun, she nags him about getting up on time, taking a bath, doing his homework. But sometimes his mother is unable to cope with the world and locks herself in her bedroom for a day or two, but Luca is attuned t [...]

A review copy was provided by Hogarth in return for an honest reviewThe First True lie is narrated by Lucas, a strange and rather intelligent 6 year old boy. Lucas lives in an apartment with his mamma, who has tried out several different dads, but none of them have worked out. From what little we know about his mother she seems to be tired of love and tired of life itself. To the reader it seems like she is slowly slipping into a deep depression. Like many she goes to bed to escape the world. Sh [...]

I am giving this book one star because the idea behind the story is kind of touching. However, this little book was just a hot mess. It is the story of a little boy whose mother suffers from depression. She takes anti-anxiety medication for her troubles and apparently overdoses one night. When her son, Luca, awakes in the morning, he believes that she's dead, and he tries to keep that fact a secret and attempts to take care of himself. He does not want to end up in an orphanage. He lives in his [...]

Writing Style: The way this book is written reminds me of poetry. I would describe it as insightful, inspiring, depressing, and complicated beautiful morbid lyrical poetry. My review:The First True Lie is a hard book to digest. The story is told through the voice of a young boy named Luca who deals with the death of his mother in a very strange and grim way. He decides to carry on with his life as if she isn't really dead, hoping that she may come back to life. You witness Luca slowly losing gri [...]

Luca is a ten yr. old boy who acts, and for the most part speaks much older than ten. He is observant and is able to formulate thoughts and actions, realize repercussions well beyond his chronological age. Unfortunately this includes using many curse words. After he finds his mother dead, the reader learns the inner life of this amazing and unfortunate child. Heartbreaking yes, but poignant and wonderful as well. Although many of his thoughts are not childlike, many of his actions are. He moves [...]

I was first intrigued by "The First True Lie" by Marina Mander because of the name. When I read the blurb on the back I grew more interested. As I read I truly was drawn into the world Mander has created; a world which is both tragic and deftly described. The topic of the book, a young boy trying to cope both with the loss of his mother and the impending orphan status that that will place him in, is well handled and brilliantly explained. Mander describes the young boy's experiences and thoughts [...]

An unusual, well constructed novel. Written in the first-person voice of young Luca, who lives with his talented but troubled mother in an apartment in an Italian city. One morning he finds his mother dead, and his worst fears paralyze him. As an "orphan," what will happen to him? How long can he hide the truth from his teachers and classmates? Luca uses what he loves most, words, to reach a place where he can finally open the door to others. An excellent reading group selection.

This book was confusing in the sense that the narrator was supposed to be a young boy but narrated and spoke as if he was an adult. There were some clever parts, but overall, this book was just sad. In a pathetic way.

Boy's mom dies but he's kinda mental so he just lets her rot in her room. That's not giving anything away because that's on the back of the book. His inner monologue is interesting about once every 10 pages, and there aren't many pages.

read only a few pages but a great young boy voice that makes one alternately sad and happy at his naivety, innocence and situation in life; in the same literary space with the acclaimed Room and I see this novel being at the same literary level too, but it's early yet

Very disappointed. I didn't like the writing style or feel much for the the characters. The description was the best part of this book.

Marina Mander is an amazing writer. This story is so well written. The awful sadness of the story and its abrupt ending kept me from rating it higher.

Difficult book to read. Not sure if I'm glad I read it yet.

Although a short book, it was very powerful in the way the author showed the stigma of being an orphan. Luca will go to any extent possible to avoid the orphanage and keep what he knows as home.

My heart goes out to this little boy. Then I remembered the mom and my heart broke. This sums up just how scary single motherhood with no supports can be. It's crazy just how long he was able to go on living in the manner he did. This is not the most riveting tale or most eloquently written novel but it's worth a read (or reread).

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