How to do Everything and Be Happy


How to do Everything and Be Happy

How to do Everything and Be Happy

  • Title: How to do Everything and Be Happy
  • Author: PeterJones
  • ISBN: 9780007501946
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback

Do you ever feel that you could be well just that little bit happier This simple book reveals how you can be happy every day, through these surprisingly easy tips and advice.Whoever you are, whatever you do, and whatever is holding you back, you can do it AND be happy.How To Do Everything and Be Happy is a book for ordinary people, with ordinary lives People who haveDo you ever feel that you could be well just that little bit happier This simple book reveals how you can be happy every day, through these surprisingly easy tips and advice.Whoever you are, whatever you do, and whatever is holding you back, you can do it AND be happy.How To Do Everything and Be Happy is a book for ordinary people, with ordinary lives People who have been ambling along and wondering if things would be better if they were just a little different It s a book for most people It s a book for you.Peter Jones was once a normal guy Sometimes frustrated, often dissatisfied, but always working hard towards a happily every after he would share with his wife Kate.But when Kate died in Peter s arms after just 2 years and 3 months of marriage, he realised his days had been spent working towards a fantasy, instead of making every hour count Alone, at rock bottom, Peter discovered that the secret to happiness is simple it s about filling your time with the things that make you happy.If you ve got a brain in your head, if you can pick up a pen, if you ve got half an idea about what makes you smile, this book will show you how to do that.Peter s ideas are born from hard won experience Like Boxing Day originally a day Peter and Kate spent together, without plans or restrictions, as an antidote to the chaos of Christmas When Kate passed away, Peter continued the tradition by himself, doing whatever came to mind it turned out to be the most refreshing, relaxing and fulfilling few hours he d ever had And its effects could be felt throughout the month.Practical, amusing and mumbo jumbo free, How To Do Everything And Be Happy does exactly what it says on the tin.

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I normally pooh-pooh this kind of thing as new age mumbo jumbo, but this is a book that's perfect for anyone living a normal ordinary life who wants to make the most of every day. From the very first suggestion - Boxing Day, a day every month when you do whatever you want - through to setting goals and actually finding the time to achieve them, this book is full of ideas that you will really want to do, rather than airy fairy concepts that you know will never make it off the pages of the book. P [...]

Are you unhappy with your life? Do you wish that you could take a happy pill and things would magically be like sunshine and rainbows? Well it can be. Ok, so maybe not really but you do deserve to be happy. We all do!In author, Peter Jones book, How to Do Everything and Be Happy, Mr. Jones helps provide you with the tools to make some changes in your life and start doing the things you want to do and not what you have to do. First off, I do want to warn you that Mr. Jones does not make you promi [...]

I know there are lots of "self help" books out there! This one actually makes you sit down and look at the ways you can (and should) carve time out of your life to do the things you ENJOY instead of just the things we have to do! I loved it!

Very upbeat, yet realistic book.

Let’s head straight for the pressing question:Do self-help guides help you help yourself?Not if you’re me, no, they don’t.Actually I’m bound to tell people that if there’s a superfluous genre of books then it has to be self-help guides.This simply lies in the nature of the product, because most self-help guides I read – and I read quit a few, as you’ll notice if you check my shelves – can be summoned up as saying: If your life needs to change, change it.Now, if I could do that I [...]

I picked up this eBook on a whim and because I was looking for an 'answer' to the eternal problem of what shall I do with my life. Whilst I didn't get the answer I expected, I got one that was far more appropriate for me and my love of being in control and writing lists. I now have a 'Now List', a 'Wish List' and three goals that I am working on. This is far more than I have ever done before and consequently I feel like I'm finally back in control of my life and my happiness. Peter's simple appr [...]

There's not a huge amount of new theory in this great little book; in fact anyone who's familiar with time management, SMART objectives and project management will recognise much of it. What makes it different is Peter Jones' wonderful style. He's chatty, he's approachable, he's very funny - but he knows how to be hard-hitting too. He tells it how it is - achieving your goals (assuming you've managed to work out what they are) isn't easy; it takes hard work - but it CAN be done. I'm usually very [...]

I really enjoyed this book by Peter Jones. It was well written and easy to read. As I read the book it was so easy to put the tips and advice into action and start seeing results right away.I thoroughly recommend this book, it will change the way in which you look at your time and what you want to achieve in the time you have.Life is short, make the most of it.

I loved this book. It really puts things into perspective and helps readers to prioritise in the right way. I recommend this book to anyone trying to juggle too many projects/issues/things/whatever. Great for listaholics and lovers of all things diary.

Straight up, I liked this book. I am not going to lie here. It was not what I was expecting. I was expecting a book that would help me get a grip on my endless to do list and not make me consider moving into a shack in the woods by midweek every week. I expected a book about how to get everything done, no do everything. Those are two vastly different things. When I realized that Jones wasn’t necessarily help me with those things, I still kept reading because I’m a fiend for happiness books a [...]

So far am really enjoyingig this book. I tried a sample on my Kindle and then ended up downloading it all. I especially like that it's not another "this is how you balance kids, spouse, carpooling, etc" book. I don't have any of those so books that are targeted there don't help me much. He's fun to read, too. Especially the flotation deprivation experience and his obvious admiration for Mariah Carey cover albums (sarcasm intended). Will it make your life deleriously happy? Probably not. But then [...]

An enjoyable read and certainly contained some interesting ideas. However, I don't expect I'll be implementing anything from this book. For example:~ If you don't already use some kind of calendar/scheduling system, no wonder your life is chaotic~ The idea of a 'boxing day' once a month (where you wake up and do exactly what you please) is totally unrealistic. Even if I were to schedule such a thing, I know I'd wake up and take care of to-do's instead. I'm pretty sure Mr Jones' self-employed sta [...]

Sometimes, life gets away from us. We start out life with all these hopes and dreams. As a kid, we assume that good things will happen to us. Deep down we believe that happiness and success are our destiny. Yet, there’s a moment when we realize that the life we dreamed about isn’t the life we live. How to Do Everything and Be Happy is a bit of a wakeup call. If there is something in life you want to do or you want to change your life in some small or large way, now is the time to do it. Life [...]

Have you ever thought that you are not satisfied with the way your life is going? Would you like to do something about your situation and work to become happier?If you are looking to improve your life and get the best out of it and to make life happier, then this is the book for you.Peter Jones writes this self-help book in a simple easy to follow step by step guide. It is written with good humour that makes it an enjoyable read and learning progress thanks to the warm and witty words. It has so [...]

So many self-help books say 'THIS IS THE WAY!' but Peter Jones says 'Hi there, I'd like to share some stuff with you, stuff that's worked for me' so, as a reader, one can do it all or just utilise the sections that need working on in your own life.Read it all first, of course, but then there are so many options and ideas that you can apply to youat's the beauty in fact's all about YOU!This book is for everyone who wants more happiness in there life. As a working mum, to make space in my life for [...]

Refreshing to find a self-help book which avoids much of the usual jargon - and British humour too! I used to be a bit of a SH book addict so have read quite a few in the past. I enjoyed this. Lots of practical advice and suggestions (much of which I practise already, which was interesting!). I'm a big fan of using diaries and writing stuff down, like the author. Easy to read and written with a light touch but also the impression that the writer really does care about his readers. Genuine and he [...]

Peter makes some really good points in this book which I've tried to apply to my life, specifically positive self talk. I should have read this book in the 2 week time frame he recommended, but was pleased that he summarised his points in the final chapter. At times I felt he waffled on a bit, but I guess there will be readers that will not grasp simple concepts unless it is shoved in their faces

A self-help book that is sensible, practical and realistic. Peter Jones tells it like it is, but at the same time, tells you how it can be!As someone who lives in a permanent state of disorganisation, this was the perfect guide to ensuring that I get to do what I need to do, as well as making time to do the things that I didn't think I had time to.Inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. I'm off to write on my wall planner now!

I listened to this book, and the author has such a cheerful tone that it's hard not to like it. I don't really expect anything new from such books, but I was wrong in this case. I don't know if following his advice will make me happier, but there were some good tips on achieving goals. And since I am always looking for material to share with students, I was quite satisfied with my purchase.

I can call this book more friendly. To learn the way to reach happiness. Everyone know happiness sometimes based on achievement, this book help you to achieve your wishlist The journey of the book look so casual. and impressed.

Skimmed. Some useful information about scheduling impetuosity and so forth. Could have been shorter--I get the feeling that his blog might be a better medium for this information, and he's doing this book to make money. Nothing wrong with that, but meh.

Set goals. Then do them. Don't forget to give yourself some downtime. Voila! Instant happiness! Why do I keep reading these lousy books? Just because a book is free on the kindle doesn't mean I have to read it!

Some good ideas an advice in here, well written in an informal and friendly style. A solid framework to get yourself moving towards whatever goals you wish to set for yourself.

good read with practical advise - wait and see what the outcome of my first Boxing Day is.

Fun book by Brit Peter Jones. I will be incorporating some of the ideas from the book. Refreshing read.

Practical, funny, focused. Easy to use & once you start making lists, it feels like the world's your oyster

Plenty of ideas to evaluate and improve your life and happiness. Take time to figure out what you want and then make time to do that. Basic principles presented in a realistic way b

Worth ReadingWhen you are looking for these kind of books. it's better to choose Robin Sharma books

The dry, British humour of this one is probably too much for some people but their is some great advice wrapped up in an amusing package.

I bought this book when I use to live in Japan, when I was overworked to exhaustion and had a mountain of things I wanted to do in my life, but no time. The title of the book just spoke to me and I impulse-bought it. The method proposed by Peter Jones to do everything in life revolves around creating days for doing things impulsively, for doing things that require planning, and for doing things that require perseverance. He advocates using a diary to safeguard your time and smart tracking of you [...]

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