Starring Jules: As Herself

Beth Ain Anne Keenan Higgins

Starring Jules: As Herself

Starring Jules: As Herself

  • Title: Starring Jules: As Herself
  • Author: Beth Ain Anne Keenan Higgins
  • ISBN: 9780545443524
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover

Lights Camera Action A hilarious chapter book debut from a fabulous new talent Things to Know About Meby Jules Bloom1 I am a scrambled eggs and chocolate milk type person.2 I have an audition for a TV commercial which would be great if I were a tall icy drink type person 3 I am in between best friends right now.4 I am worried that the audition will be a disaster.Lights Camera Action A hilarious chapter book debut from a fabulous new talent Things to Know About Meby Jules Bloom1 I am a scrambled eggs and chocolate milk type person.2 I have an audition for a TV commercial which would be great if I were a tall icy drink type person 3 I am in between best friends right now.4 I am worried that the audition will be a disaster See 1 and 3 Jules doesn t want to ruin THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME, and she s willing to turn to anyone for help even her know it all ex best friend If only that lovely new girl in class would turn out to be the new best friend of her dreams, maybe, just maybe, Jules will be ready for her close up.

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Cute little children's book--I don't read a lot of early reader stuff, but this one made me smile. Jules loves digging for worms, making up jingles, and learning new words--and she also has a hard time paying attention. She's much younger than the narrators I'm used to (she's about to turn 8), but the book still deals with some important issues: changing friendships, overcoming fear, and realizing when you're wrong.

A grade 4 teacher bopped into my office and asked for books on peer pressure that were easy to read. Perhaps a picture book? she asked hopefully. I looked at her slack jawed and mumbled, "" She laughed as I pointed to my head and sputtered, "Brain dead." Seems to happen quite a bit this time of year. Today I grabbed this book and HOORAH! it is exactly what she was asking for - okay it's not a picture book - but I read it in 1 hour. Yepperoo, I think it might work! Do you know what I lov [...]

Seven-going-on-eight year old Jules Bloom has been offered a opportunity of a lifetime. She's been invited by Ms. Kingston, a beautiful lady that randomly came up to her when she was eating in a restaurant with her family, to attend an T.V. commercial audition.Jules will be competing for the role in a orange mouthwash commercial. There's just one problem. Jules Bloom doesn't do oranges. No, like seriously. Since the throw-up incident from a orange sherbet a long, long time ago, Jules has refused [...]

Funny, quirky characters mixed with a good story about Jules going for a commercial and finding a new best friend. I love book characters that revolve around artistic endeavors. For the beginning chapter book kids.

I enjoyed this book and thought that the main character, Jules, was fun and creative. I liked how she makes lists and organizes her friends into the "ABC group." My one drawback was the inclusion of astrology in the book though it was a good opportunity to discuss what this means. It's just not a topic I expected to hearOverall, it was a good book though.

It was hilariously loved how it started

Ain, B & Higgins, A. (2013). Starring Jules (as herself). New York: Press.Early Chapter BookThis book is the tale of a 7 year old girl named Jules who is full of creativity and pizzaz. She makes up songs about random things, like milkshakes and blowing bubbles. It is during one of her impromptu performances at a local diner where she is spotted by a talent agent, and invited to audition for a toothpaste commercial. Initially this seems like a dream come true for extrovert Jules, but as the [...]

SUMMARY:Starring Jules #1: Starring Jules (As Herself) by Beth Ain is a cute and fun read for kids! Jules Bloom is a fun, spunky girl that has just broken her friendship with the fancy-pants Charlotte Pinkerton, and she's trying to let another bloom with the new girl, ElinorBUT, along the way, Jules is selected to be in a mouthwash commercial because she has "pizzazz," as superstar Colby Kingston says. She's really excited, until it turns out that the mouthwash is orange flavored--which is puke [...]

A fun, spunky chapter book. This 140 page book is a quick read due to the large, easy to-read-print and lightly illustrated text, making it accessible for voracious young elementary students who are itching to read longer books. The plot and the irresistible main character are complex enough to make the book appealing to reluctant 3rd-4th grade readers as well.

- Gnome and I had opposing opinions on this one. She loved it, and I was bored. - Gnome liked all the silly girly stuff, and she liked the drama with the girls.- I was not so amused with the silly drama stuff. - Sadly, this is a series, and Gnome wants to read more. Hopefully the next book is better.

Seven-year-old Jules Bloom is the kind of girl who wears light-up high-top sneakers, striped shirts, floral-print corduroy shorts, navy tights with turquoise polka dots, and argyle kneesocks - all at the same time. Jules is an individual, that’s for sure, and it seems to run in her family: Her mother uses bright red paint on the living room wall to brainstorm a list of names for dad’s new restaurant, and her brother always announces himself upon entering a room by shouting “Big Henry!” R [...]

Almost-Eight-Years-Old Jules Bloom doesn’t expect anything special to happen on the day she sings her very own, made-up-for-fun Fizzy Ice Cream Cone song at the dinner table at the local diner. Well, maybe she expects her artist mother, chef father, and not-so-good-at-standing-still little brother Henry to clap and cheer. But she certainly doesn’t expect a casting director, the effortlessly cool Colby Kingston, to invite her to audition for a mouthwash commercial! The audition is on Friday, [...]

In the tradition of Cinderella Smith, Dessert Schneider, Allie Finkle, and Stella Batts comes Jules Bloom, a spirited new chapter book heroine with a big personality. Most of the time, she is the big sister of four-year-old Big Henry, the sometimes best friend of Charlotte, a writer of lists (during freewriting) and a digger of worms (during recess.) One day, while she is out at a restaurant with her family Jules is discovered by a talent scout who wants her to audition for a commercial. She is [...]

Things to Do Before I Turn Eight, I write on a napkin.1. Finish fizzy ice-cream cone jingle2. Be perfect at performing fizzy ice-cream cone jingle3. Find a new best friend since Charlotte Stinkytown Pinkerton has turned out to be the worst best friend ever When we first meet Jules, she is blowing bubbles into a glass of milk, singing a self written jingle about fizzy ice-cream cones. Little did Jules know that THIS would be the day she would be discovered!Colby Kingston is impressed with this sp [...]

Ain, B. L & Higgins, A. K. (2013). Starring jules (as herself). New York: Press.Summary: Starring Jules (As Herself) is the first book in the series Starring Jules. Jules is a seven year old girl who gets offered the opportunity to become a big start in a commercial. As she prepares for her big break, she realizes the commercial is of orange mouth wash ORANGE, a nauseating flavor to Jules. Refusing to give up on her big break, she enlists help from her family, ex-best friend, best friend, n [...]

Jules Bloom is a fun character. She has the perfect friends. Goes to a great school. And, creates a list for anything (and everything!) that pops into her mind.But, then her best friend, Charlotte, goes off on vacation to a ritzy (Jules would love that word!) hotel, where they bring you towels beside a snazzy (Jules loves that word!) pool. When Char returns, she only hangs out with those girls, and they call themselves the ABC's. Now, Jules no longer has a best friend, which leaves her searching [...]

When Jules is singing her new jingle for a fizzy ice-cream cone to her little brother and making lots of bubbles in their milk glasses, she is discovered and invited to audition for a mouthwash commercial. But even for a girl with lots of “pizzazz” there are difficulties to overcome. First, Jules finds out that the mouthwash is orange flavored, a flavor that makes her want to puke. Second, the only one she can see who can help her is her old best-friend Charlotte Stinkerton Pinkerton. Third, [...]

I look up and the waitress has walked away from us. I think she thought I couldn't take care of my little brother all by myself while my mom was in the restroom, but she was wrong. I can take care of him just fine.Jules is mature and capable, a free-spirit, a spacey daydreamer, a bit of a tomboy, and an aspiring actress with pizzazz--the last according to a talent scout who overhears Jules' family at a cafe and asks her to audition for a commercial. Jules has many dimensions, which makes her an [...]

Jules has a strong streak of individuality that shows in what she wears, what she does, and how she acts. She is herself and is happy that way. One day, while at a diner with her family, a woman in the next booth starts talking to her--turns out she is shooting a commercial and wants Jules to audition because she has "pizzazz." Jules is excited to audition, but also nervous. It doesn't help that her best friend is no longer her friend, she spends all of her time with Teddy, and she's hoping that [...]

I'm always on the lookout for fun early chapter books that I can recommend to readers. Starring Jules is just such a book. Delightful characters? Check. Interesting plot? Check. Appealing setting? Check. Jules reminds me a great deal of some other great early chapter book characters: Clementine, Judy Moody, Junie B etc. Yet she is also unique in her love of making up and singing jingles. I like the fact that despite her entrance into the acting world, she is still very much a kid with a kid's wo [...]

Starring Jules(Third Grade Debut) Jules Bloom is entering the third grade, and, unlike most kids, she is not excited. Jules thinks her teacher, Mr. Santorini is a little strange. He even makes them do jumping jacks. Who thinks that is a good idea? Not Jules. On top of stressing over her third grade teacher, and his behavior chart, Jules also has to worry about the sitcom she is acting in, “Look at Us Now.” With all the pressure on her and the stress of not wanting to be moved to yellow on he [...]

This was a very cute book. Jules was a great quirky character with some typical friendship issues. It was nice to see during the course of the book that some of the friendship issues were resolved. I loved the tryout Jules did for the commercial and her reaction to the orange mouthwash - very funny. The story left the reader hanging as Jules got an offer to do a movie. As part of the committee I am on I am looking for books for grades 4 - 8. When I finished reading this I was left thinking it wa [...]

Eight-year-old Jules Bloom does things her own way, including dressing, hanging out with her friend Teddy (considered weird by her former best friend Charlotte). Her exuberant personality earns her a shot at a commercial as well as the attention of Elinor, a new girl at school who just might be a good friend. Despite her excitement about the audition, she worries because the product she has to swish in her mouth is orange, her least favorite taste in the world. Readers will find Jules quite refr [...]

Jules is an entertaining young girl with Pizazz! She has a lot to deal with at school what with her former best friend coming back from a fancy vacation and not liking her anymore. Then there is the new girl Elinor of London who she hopes will be her new best friend. She also has her very first audition coming up. The only problem is that it is for orange mouthwash and Jules doesn't do anything orange since the orange sherbert incident. It will take all the help of new and old friends as well as [...]

This review is for the audiobook edition.Starring Jules (As Herself) is the first book in an early elementary chapter book series. Jules is a 7 year old girl who is on the outs with her best friend. Luckily, a new best friend prospect, Elinor of London, moves to town. Jules is a vibrant little girl who gets discovered by a casting director at a restaurant and subsequently gets invited to audition for a television commercial. Short chapters and a fast pace will keep young readers engaged.Cassandr [...]

One day Jules is sitting in a restaurant with her mom, dad and her little brother. Jules is teaching her brother how to blow bubbles into his milk, while singing a made up tune. Colby Kingston, a television producer is sitting in the booth behind Jules’ family. After hearing Jules sing, Colby turns around and asks Jules’ parents if they would allow Jules to audtion to be the “Swish Girl” for an upcoming commercial about mouthwash.Jules is so excited and convinced that she is going to be [...]

This is such a cute read. It reminds me a lot of my daughter, and I know she will enjoy this series, not only now but later. I love the fact that Jules keeps lists, as even being an adult I keep lists too. I thought this was normal? No?Starring Jules reminds me of Junie B with a mix of Fancy Nancy. I absolutely adore it.I loved it when Beth wrote out how the new student sounds with her accent, brilliant! I can not wait for the rest of this series, I mean, who could totally pass up on a sparking, [...]

Jules has just "lost" her best friend to lip gloss and clothes. But she anxiously awaits the arrival of a new student to class (Elinor of London) to become her new best friend. Jules is what her mom refers to as "Wacky, but in a good way". She tends to react to things in unusual ways (due to her overactive imagination) and always does her own thing. In so doing, Jules catches the attention of a casting director, Colby Kingston, who encourages her to audition for a mouthwash commercial. But! It's [...]

I think my younger grade chapter book reading girls in 2nd and 3rd will love this series about a New York second grader whose irrepressible personality catches the eye of a casting agent. Before you know it, Jules is enlisting the help of the new girl, good friend Teddy and even ex-best friend Charlotte to try to get over her aversion to orange flavored foods and drinks to try to land a role in a commercial. Jules reminds me a bit of Clementine (one of my favorite little girls in all of kid lit) [...]

Originally posted here: nothingbetterthanabookspoThis is a great chapter book for young readers. It was short, easy to read, and very entertaining! I found myself laughing as I read this book that is meant for kids! It was so fun! Jules was such a fun character. She was so spunky! The storyline was great. It was not really relatable in the sense that most kids don't get to actually audition to be an actor. However, what kid doesn't dream of that? It was a great idea, and something that I would h [...]

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