Breaking Point

C.J. Box

Breaking Point

Breaking Point

  • Title: Breaking Point
  • Author: C.J. Box
  • ISBN: 9780399160752
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover

It was always good to see Butch Roberson, Joe thought a hard working, upright local business owner whose daughter was friends with his own Little did he know that when he talked to Butch that day, the man was about to disappear He was heading into the mountains to hunt, he said, but instead he was running Two EPA employees had just been murdered, and all signs pointed tIt was always good to see Butch Roberson, Joe thought a hard working, upright local business owner whose daughter was friends with his own Little did he know that when he talked to Butch that day, the man was about to disappear He was heading into the mountains to hunt, he said, but instead he was running Two EPA employees had just been murdered, and all signs pointed to him as the killer As the manhunt organized itself, Joe heard of the story about the tract of land Butch and his wife had bought to build their retirement home on, until the EPA declared it a wetland About the penalties they charged him when he balked, new ones piling up every day, until the family was torn apart by debt and finally, it seems, the man just cracked It was an awful story But was it the whole story The Joe looks into it, the he begins to wonder and the he finds himself in the middle of a war he never expected and never wanted Powerful forces want Butch not just caught, but dead and the same goes for anyone who stands in their way.

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A thrilling delight, as usual, following the trail of tough sweetheart Joe Pickett who as a Wyoming game warden gets involved with solving some serious crime out in the boonies. I eagerly look forward to the new book in the series each year and devour it I eagerly look forward to the new book in this series each year and devour it when it hits my library. Like Tom Sawyer, who felt good from Sunday school almost until Tuesday, I have to live with inhuman urges again soon.In this one, a landowner [...]

No one born and raised west of the Mississippi River hasn't had a justifiable mad on at the federal government a time or two. Here, C.J. Box fleshes out that mad, mixing a Molotov cocktail of a motive of one part heavy-handed federal bureaucracy to one part political ambition and one part personal revenge. Run an armed drone around the rim of the glass and toss it off in a national forest mostly dead of beetle kill and you've got a conflagration even Wyoming Game and Fish warden Joe Pickett can' [...]

If you like plain-spoken rural people, despise bureaucrats, love justice, disdain pretension, respect integrity, long for comeuppance to the pridefulwell, the point is made, you will truly enjoy just about every page. As you can tell, I did.This is my first one by Box and it sure won't be the last.

I just can't get enough of C J Box's writing! I've often said that a good book for me, is one with a great story line, or one with great writing, Box's books are always the best of both! Each successive Joe Picket, Wyoming Fish and Game Warden, novel just gets better and better. Characterization, descriptions, conflicts between good and evil, and the pull between legal justice and moral justice are enhanced by stories that connect to headlines of the day. Box mixes each mystery, with a continuin [...]

First Sentence: On an early morning in mid-August, EPA Special Agents Tim Singewald and Lenox Baker left the Region 8 Environmental Protection Agency building at 1595 Wynkoop Street in downtown Denver in a Chevrolet Malibu SA hybrid sedan they’d checked out from the motor pool.When Joe finds a cut fence and his neighbor, Butch, on Wilderness land, he doesn’t think too much about it. However, when the EPA and Feds come in and insist on taking over an investigation of two murdered EPA agents f [...]

I won this book on Good Reads and this is my honest review.C. J. Box is at his best. This is one of those books you can hardly set down. I read it over a weekend and loved every minute. Joe Picket takes us on a mile a minute, white water, adventure. We see the horror of abuse of power and how close it is to striking anyone. C.J Box opens the beauty and vastness of the Wyoming back country.

Consistently good mysteriesnsistently good writing and great characters. LOVE LOVE LOVE Joe Pickett, his family, his friend Nate and his "adventures"! The title of this book is prophetic in many waysI am very curious as to where Joe will go now

Prior to reading this book, I had just finished a book that was very disappointing so, I looked for an author who had never disappointed me. An author who consistently wrote books that I enjoyed. And I am kind of a picky, pain-in-the-ass type who isn't all that easy to please. Looking through my list of books to read, I came upon Breaking Point by C. J. Box. I have no idea why I read my first C. J. Box book. I'm not a hunter or fisherman or camper or outdoors-man but, nonetheless, perhaps becaus [...]

A comic book for adults-unbelievable but enjoyable.I can't really explain why I love this series. Joe is a superhero in disguise-the last man of principle standing in a world corrupted by bad guys and politicized bureaucrats. The author's descriptions of the great outdoors are wonderful, and his extreme characters lovable, despicable,. and unreal. This is a good mystery, and we are given enough hints that, if one is paying attention, one won't be so surprised by the turn of events. The people ar [...]

Couldn't put it down. Lots of contemporary themes straight from the news are included. Joe Pickett goes up and down in his career and literally as well while on a mountain as he deals with overzealous Feds and yet another new boss. Joe ends up guiding a SWAT team of EPA guys into the mountains pursuing a local man who killed two of their agents and had been hounded by them. It's almost comical as these commandoes have never ridden a horse. We meet some guys from Joe's past too; to include the go [...]

It was time for some Joe Pickett and Wyoming. Box seems to be taking on the EPA, maybe the government (in some vague fashion), but the problem/"bad-guy" is actually more abstract and omnipresent. Said bad-guy is way out of control in this one--it's a sort of paranoid circus of power and corruption that you can't wait for Pickett to solve. And there is a forest fire (no spoiler, given the cover photo).

As with all Joe Pickett novels, you can be sure of a couple things. Laconic Joe is going to answer "Yup" when asked a question and he is going to get himself involved in this thick of things even though his position as game warden in 12 Sleep County would seem to be a fairly innocuous one. When good-guy Butch Roberson seemingly commits two murders Joe investigates and finds that Roberson likely reached his--you guessed it--breaking point. But wait, maybe there is more to it. To find the answers [...]

This book deserves a solid five stars. Not only does Mr. Box weave a tale in tense and dramatic fashion, easy enough to follow, characters well developed and their places in the story well defined and consistent, but the afterword and acknowledgments, which took me completely by surprise, lent that much more to an otherwise tremendous book.

This guy just gets better and better.In the 13th book of his Joe Pickett series, Joe is on the job, counting elk herds when he sees a cut wire fence. On investigating, he discovers a friend of his, who says he stopped for lunch and then some hunting. On arriving back in town, Joe discovers that Butch is wanted for the murder of two EPA agents. Joe has to accompany several law officials back to where he last saw Butch, and try to follow his trail. As he is doing this, he sees the political "dirt" [...]

#13 in the Joe Pickett series. I highly rate this entry because it's part of a great series and is engrossing in its own right, but being highly readable and very exciting does not mean it is without fault. A local contractor has his vacation property condemned by the EPA with supposed repairs exceeding the value of the property and with no prior paperwork or notice, penalties accrue on a daily basis until they amount to he millions of dollars. That scenario is based on the true story of Nordman [...]

Once I started reading "Breaking Point" from author C.J. Box, I kept reading until I turned the final page. The flow of the writing, the vivid descriptions of the setting, and of course, the terrific lead character, Joe Pickett, kept me entangled in the suspenseful story line until the very end. A longtime Wyoming game warden, Pickett is a man who loves his family, loves the land, and has a job which finds him looking at both sides of how the government rules the country. Nearing fifty, with ach [...]

A top-notch thriller. Joe Pickett becomes involved with a manhunt run by the EPA. It seems that two of their agents were shot while attempting to deliver a compliance order. Joe knows the suspect and thinks that the case is more complicated than meets the eye. Especially when the EPA starts things off by putting a bounty on the head of Butch Roberson, the suspect. Apparently this case is based loosely upon an actual case that went to the Supreme Court. If it weren't for that fact, the case would [...]

In this book C.J. Box displays a tendency which always existed throughout his books, which is of moral relativity.Its not that everyone is good, or everyone is bad; but that everyone doesn't act 100 percent good. In my opinion, no one in this book wears an absolutely white hat; but eveyones hat is tinged with black. There is the person who committed the crime initially, there is the Federal Government (EPA) who really, does get punished; and then there is the state (Joe Pickett) who despite sayi [...]

Inspired by a true case of abuse of power by the EPAPublished March 12, 2013 by PutnamI really enjoy C.J. Box's Joe Pickett series but I freely admit that I sadly just sort of forget about these great books. There's no reason for that because this series is every bit as good as the ones I never forget about (Michael Connelly and Robert Crais) but I just do.Breaking Point is an excellent addition to the series. The book features a local landowner and his family who are told by the Environmental P [...]

Federal abuse of powerI am a C.J. Box fan and have been since his first Joe Pickett book - "Open Season." I love Wyoming and spent part of my younger years there and Box lets his love for his home state show through in every Pickett novel.Per the chart supplied by Box at the end of "Breaking Point," 49.7% of the state of Wyoming (30,902 SQUARE MILES) is federally owned land. This includes: US Forest Service; Bureau of Land Management; National Park Service; plus many more entities. Then you have [...]

There's more than one breaking point in this novel. Butch Roberson is pushed to the edge when the EPA suddenly starts fining him $70,000 per day until he restores the fully permitted construction site of his dream home to pristine condition. Two EPA agents are murdered, and Butch goes on the lam into the wilderness surrounding his home. Joe Pickett is drafted by his new Fish and Game director to provide the Feds with full cooperation when they take over the local investigation. His breaking poin [...]

18 jul 16, another from box for mee pickett, #13d i wonder, did i read #12? too late now, already started. if not, i willey're all good reads. 20 jul 16, finished. excellent story! says at the end of the read the premise of this book is based on a true storyd the incredible thing is that there are too many who wish more of the samed they're getting it.29 highlighters: there's nothing worse on this earth than privileged bureaucratic assholes who work the system. they never get caught, and if they [...]

I've been wanting to read C.J. Box for a while now because I lived for three years in Cheyenne, Wyoming. His writing is upfront, honest, and direct - a lot like the folks that live there. The story was compelling and the characters are interesting. My only complaint was that the 'bad guy' were a little too predictable - a$$hs from the government. I've worked in State and Federal government and while there are a few a$$hs, there are also a lot of good people trying to do the right thing. But gosh [...]

Joe PIckett is one of my favorite characters, and this was a good read. Joe is a Game Warden and he is out on his horse, Toby when he comes upon the father of his daughter's best friend. He chats with him and feels that something is "off", but can not put his finger on it. He later finds out that he is wanted for a double homicide of two EPA agents. Everyone shows up for the manhunt including the governor, and Joe is front and center, being used as a guide to help them find the hunted man. Very [...]

Thia ia C.J. Box at his best. The story is based on a true story which happened in Idaho (this one is set in Wyoming) and has to do with the lengths that certain individuals in positions of power in government can misuse that power for their own greed . It is simply unbelievable to realize that things like the plot of this book happen all too often in our own country, and political party does not seem to matter as to the greed and power factors go. I was enthralled and disgusted by this story at [...]

When everyone is for himself and no one is for the criminal there is Joe Pickett - mainstay of justice even if he doesn't like it much. Someone has killed two EPA agents in Joe's Territory and a reward has been set for the killer. The EPA head honcho for Wyoming is a total ass, which is typical of a government man but he takes it to a whole new level. Why?Between dodging bullets, leading riders into the forest and ducking drones with Hellfire missles (yep, that's what I said Joe has reached his [...]

Another good story in the Joe Pickett series. I like Joe Pickett the underpaid Game Warden living his dream in Wyoming. This story made me angry. It is about bureaucrat's with too much power and not enough brains to do the job correctly and sadly mirrors real life today. In this story a family has reached the breaking point do to the was a very good story with a twist I did not see coming.

I am actually so glad to have only just discovered C.J. Box in the past couple of months! I don't know how I would have been able to patiently await his next book! Aware that I'm not reading them in order - just what/when I can get them at the Library, but that does not interrupt the story I care about these characters, the writing allows me to "see" it before me, and the plus? It is the means by which I can revisit a part of this country (and all that it offers)!

This work is based on a real event. Reading it reminds us how absolute government power corrupts those with the most power absolutely, trapping, hurting and sometimes breaking good, hard-working people. This time the guilt lies with the EPA and one of its directors. Joe Pickett and all those with the courage of his convictions are my heroes and always have been.

An action packed book that had Joe Pickett, the local Game Warden, investigating why his neighbor, Butch, had murdered a couple of Federal Agents that were there to serve an injunction. While trying to locate Butch, they had to escape a terrible forest fire, and navigate a mountain stream with a water falls and rapids. The book was non stop action and another good story by C.J. Box

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