Love After War

Sienna Mynx

Love After War

Love After War

  • Title: Love After War
  • Author: Sienna Mynx
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  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Lauren Bishop has every reason in the world to despise the sexy, chauvinistic, calculating Dylan McGuire Once colleagues in a top Management Consulting firm in the Windy City, a slick sabotage move by Dylan her mentor demolishes any hope for advancement in her career But that was years ago And despite the bitter parting she has a lot to be thankful for She ditches theLauren Bishop has every reason in the world to despise the sexy, chauvinistic, calculating Dylan McGuire Once colleagues in a top Management Consulting firm in the Windy City, a slick sabotage move by Dylan her mentor demolishes any hope for advancement in her career But that was years ago And despite the bitter parting she has a lot to be thankful for She ditches the hustle and grind of Chicago for the serene simplicity of Napa Valley Disillusioned by the whims of men and struggling to prove she can make a life for herself without love Lauren grows bitter and jaded Now Dylan McGuire is back in her life and Lauren must face off with her old nemesis who is poised to take it all, because he can However, Dylan s motives are far complicated than Lauren suspects And if he plays the game right, this time the winner takes all.

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Wonderful story about love trust, secrets , how to move mountains for the one you love. Loved the characters in this book Lauren and Dena are two strong female leads I loved them . Dylan and Chet two strong Males who went after women and did not stop until they got them where they wanted them. This book will make you mad, sad and glad it is a must read and I truly loved it.

Sienna Mynx is fast becoming one of my favorites. This book was explosive from the first page, and I read it straight through because I just could not put it down. Dylan and Lauren were a match made from the start. Their rivalry made them perfect for one another. The fought hard, but loved even harder; and the loving was simply off the charts. The love scenes were so vivid and explanatoryme of the best I have read. The was a second love story going on in this book between their best friends Dena [...]

Wanted to give this 2/12 stars. I am having a hard time reviewing this book because there were times that I enjoyed this book but there were times I couldn't stand it. If u love reading romanceis book is definately for u. This read is a mixture of deceit, lies, broken promiseslove and the fight to make it work. Some of it made me roll my eyes and I admit, I had to skip over a few pages to get on with the story.

It is rare that I don't finish a book but I really came close this time. I could not stand Lauren! Lauren's habit of running off and not hearing people out annoyed the hell out of me. Other than a pretty face it was hard to find redeeming qualities in Lauren, could some explain to me what Dylan saw in her? Lauren ruined it for me. Even Dylan was less sexy because the wanted Lauren, but I was a fan of Muffin, Chet, and Dena.

Review pending

This was my first Sienna Mynx and inter-racial romance book I've ever read.I really didn't like Dylan at all at first glance. Much like Lauren, I couldn't stand his chauvinism and arrogance. However by the end of the book I had a complete 180 on him (and I think I feel just a little bit in love as well). I could understand why he was so jaded and didn't have the highest opinion of women (not justifying but mommy issues). I don't know how any can not melt over a guy being in love with you for six [...]

I will admit I am not one of Ms Mynx Biggest fans However, this Book was Excellecnt. I absolutly loved it! The plot, the drama, the secondary characters,the dialouge,the love triangle,the sex, just everything you want in a romance novel,I could not put this book down.I loved Lauren & Dylan, there story was sooo good, it reminded me of the Risky Love & Diego's Wrath (Mi Carino/Carina Series) she wrote which is one of my favorites also. some of her other books are just to all over the plac [...]

Although it wasn't uber-fantastic, I really enjoyed reading this book However, I wanted and expected a little more ooomph! to it, something more along the lines of : "Adrian's Game" or better yet, "Black Butterfly." Perhaps I'm a perfectionist, but sometimes wanting "more bang for the buck" is a good thing (especially with reviews)Giving this one 3 fair & square stars

I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous books. The story lagged a great deal and I couldn't really invest in the characters. I've started reading "Daisy's Choice" (the last installment of "Aiden's Game"). I really enjoyed Aiden's Game, so I'm hoping Daisy's Choice will be entertaining as well. So far, I'm still loving "Harmony" as the BEST BOOK award for Sienna Mynx.

I couldn't really connect with the characters in this book. I didn't find them interestin. I did get really sad about Muffin. Dena was the only character that I liked. SM is still one of my favs.

This story had depth. It dealt with a lot, but in a way that you didn't become overwhelmed. This is an HEA, but it dealt with many tough and emotional issues. I will definitely check on other works by this author.

Review to come.

Forgettable to meFirst before I say a anything too negative I will state it's a good read, well written but it is not to my liking, 1st - too long winded for what I read, 2nd - it seemed too unrealistic from the male POV, 3rd - the two main characters that I read in the synopsis only told about Lauren & Dylan, but there also were Dena & Chet! 4th - because of the surprising other two characters Dena & Chet, the writing kept going from the two in between the story of Lauren & Dyla [...]

Love After War is not my first Sienna Mynx book and I'm glad because I would have surely missed off on some of my favorite series; the Bataglia Mafia series and the Mel and Tia trilogy. That was how much I didn't enjoy this book and that was why I so grudgingly finished in matter of a week out of respect for the author.Lauren or LB as she is called throughout the story was sort of a bitch. I can't say it lightly if I had stick of butter. She had high exceptions and when you failed to exceed or f [...]

I like that there were two couples in the story. Lauren and Dylan were a dynamic couple. At first it seemed like they hated each other, but underneath it all they were actually attracted to each other. Dena and Chet were an interesting pair. They had a whole six year relationship on again, off again. Everything changed when Dylan became obsessed with Lauren after she saved his life and he bought a wine company that was merging with hers in order to get closer to her. Of course, Dena and Chet wer [...]

As with most of Sienna Mynx's works, this book was very good and well written. There was a lot of emotional parts, which I definitely appreciated because a lot of other books are very superficial with only 2D characters. The only small problem with Lauren and Dylan was that there wasn't a clear delineation of two-sided romantic interest while they both worked at the same firm. Instead it came of as Dylan becoming apologetic for his actions and then turning those feelings into a full fledged obse [...]

This book was slower than some of Sienna's books but it was such a good slow burn that turned into a great love story. I loved that it was a "real" love story that dealt with cancer scares, loss and betrayal. I hated the hero at first but grew to love how he was here for our heroine. I definitely say read this book and give it a chance it is a slow and steady build to something wonderful. I cried and mourned for the heroine’s loss at one point as if it was my own.

It was okay. I couldn't really connect with the characters, the story dragged on, and to me, everyone sounded just the same. There wasn't really a distinction in voices. The storyline could have been a lot better, but it really was okay. I just wish it didn't drag on, and that the switch between Lauren and Dylan, and Chet and Dena went a little smoother.

I just loved this book the dual love stories with 2 unlikely heros Dylan and Lauren were ,Chet and Dena made you root until the end for these 2 sensual couples

I know that 3stars is kinda low but I had a hard time relating or even getting into the story on this one. I felt like It should have been a little more showing the love instead of telling the love.

Loved it!!!!

Good read and I truly enjoyed the dual stories and the depth of both.

Very refreshing and wonderful summer read!

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