The Legend

Kathryn Le Veque

The Legend

The Legend

  • Title: The Legend
  • Author: Kathryn Le Veque
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition

1270 A.D An epic story of loss, love and redemption On the Seventh Crusade, Sir Alec Summerlin makes a horrible mistake that costs him everything Once the greatest swordsman in the realm, he lays his weapon down and refuses to ever wield a broadsword again Surrendering his spurs, he retires to his father s castle in self imposed exile His father, however, has o1270 A.D.An epic story of loss, love and redemption On the Seventh Crusade, Sir Alec Summerlin makes a horrible mistake that costs him everything.Once the greatest swordsman in the realm, he lays his weapon down and refuses to ever wield a broadsword again Surrendering his spurs, he retires to his father s castle in self imposed exile His father, however, has other ideas for his greatest son and betroths him to a local ale heiress.The Lady Peyton de Fluornoy is as resistant to marriage as Alec is, but she gradually begins to warm to the man who has given up on life Alec comes to know a lady of spirit, beauty and intelligence Before their marriage can happen, however, Alec s father is blackmailed by a neighbor who wants Peyton for his own son Now deeply in love, Alec elopes with Peyton and an entirely new world of danger and passion opens up for them both.As the conflict with the neighbor heats up, deep and horrific secrets are revealed, and Peyton ends up in grave danger Alec must recant his vow and draw his sword again to save the woman that he loves as The Legend is once again reborn.

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++Spoilers++ A re-read to write review. I am lowering my review to 4 stars from 5. The reason is that I felt it was a bit too long and as another reviewer mentioned, the romance became a bit weakened due to the length. Make no mistake I did not skim nor did I lose interest but I did feel this could have been shorter and if so it would have had more of an emotional impact. This is being very nit picky. I do tend to review good authors more critically and Le Veque is a good author no doubt.The sto [...]

5***** I would like to give this 10 stars. I have read quite a few of Kathryn Le Veque's books but this one is the best yet. A true historical romance. Set in the time of King Edward longshanks. Alec our hero has laid down his sword after a tragedy,not an easy thing for a knight of legendary prowess to do. Peyton our heroine is a heiress to a famous brewer who just wants to carry on her father's business with her sister. The secondary characters (Ali and Ivy) have their own very special part in [...]

The role of women in England in the 13th century are clearly defined -- they are the property of theirfather, husband or liege lord. Peyton, the heroine, is intelligent, well educated, a successful businesswoman, wealthy, strong willed, and unwed. After she marries her husband becomes her "lord and master" he "owns" her and her property.There are several sex scenes and I'm not a prude but they could have been shortened and described in lessdetail without diminishing the romantic aspect of the st [...]

I'm really starting to love this author. All her books so far I've read are page turners, I can't stop I HAVE to know what happens next. The heroine is kind of a brat at first in this book, but thankfully turns it around. I loved that they were two love stories in this book. And I especially loved the friendship between the two men. But once again as with her other stories I've read I was disappointed by a killing in the book. I just felt it wasn't necessary. Regardless, READ HER BOOKS. Do it no [...]

Late night readToo many factual errors to take seriously:Raccoons?? In ENGLAND??? A horse 'grazing contentedly on a cluster of buttercups' (Buttercups contain a toxin that makes them taste bitter) A man wearing armour diving beneath the surface of a bog???? The characters were so cliched it was laughable. ]I gave up at 92 % Predictable, badly-researched bodice ripper.

I did not finish, I'm afraid. The initial premise sounded promising, but the story was just foolish. The women dress themselves up to be ugly, but then we are told not long before the eldest daughter is probably the most beautiful woman in England, I hardly think by blackening a few teeth and messing up their hair that people wouldn't be able to see right through their disguises. Plus, in an earlier chapter it is mentioned that the eldest daughter is an heiress to a wealthy brewery and land, so [...]

Amazing bookI love this author. She has a way with words that not many other authors do. She has a knack for telling these characters stories and pulling you so far in the story that you don't want to come back. But this book The Legend is well written and has an awesome story line. I only wish that she would have drawn out some parts of the story longer.

A tale that had its roots from the tragic accidental death of Peter Summerlin in the catacombs of Acra to one of England's strongholds and birthplace of The Legend, Alec Summerlin, England's greatest swordsman. After Acra, Alec forsook his sword and the story actually starts 12 years since Peter's death. This book tells of dark family secrets, and if their are secrets then there is blackmail. Plus there is also the secret that pertains to one's sexual inclinations. All these secrets made the vor [...]

A great bookIf you want to read a love story with lots of suspense this book is for you! I hated to put it down. It had wonderful twists and turns which kept me interested. I enjoyed how the main characters interacted and dealt with their troubles that almost ruined their lives. A wonderful story!

Outstanding plot and characters in a stand alone bookThe story unfolds and grabs you until the last page. The twists and turns in the plot won't let you put this book down once you start. Another outstanding job by Ms Le Veque. Kudos on an excellent story.

Medieval or modern?This amazing book gives the reader an opportunity to see that many of the social and moral questions that plague us modern people were also issues for the Medieval man.

Legendary medieval readI can't compare these medieval romance novels by this author, they are all first rate five-star books that I can't put down. They make me laugh and cry like I'm watching a movie. Love this author's books!

Romantic and comicalI love how it has a bit of sarcasm with comedy. Quite unusual for the setting in the 1300s. It was a great book and recommend it.

The LegendExcellent book. It was long enough to have depth of character, enticing enough to keep the reader focused, and full of enough peril and love to keep the story going.

ThrillingThis has been one of the best books written by Kathryn Lee Veque and I have read quite a few. I loved it.

EnjoyableThe story was written well and had romance as well as mystery and suspense. I follow this author and this book did not disappoint.

I really enjoyed this book. Great characterization and plot. Kept me reading until the last page.

Audible Romance PackageAUDIOBOOK: Listened to February 10th to 12th 201815hrs 1minNarrator: Brian J. Gill does a pretty fine job.Another very good book from KLV.

I've read a couple of Kathryn LeVeque's books now, and I think I am designating this one as my favourite of her medieval knight stories. What really drew me into this story was the wealth of quirky, dysfunctional characters. They are lovable, and they are despicable. I loved the romance between Alec (The Legend) and Lady Peyton but the character I found most endearing was Alec's best friend, and practically brother, Ali. People of colour are rarely dealt with in stories that take place this far [...]

Good story that had some issues. The characters were terrific. I loved Alec and Peyton and the way they came together as a couple. The secondary characters were well written also. The characters were well blended and the story continued at a nice pace throughout.The issues I had were the abundant spelling errors and misuse of words which came to be quite annoying. I also question the likelihood of Ali and Ivy's relationship and Thia's sexual preferences during this time period. The rest of the h [...]

*No Spoilers*Kathryn Le Veque is an amazing author. Sometimes I find it emotionally draining to read her books. This one was no exception. The beginning is heart breaking and you experience every emotion as you read through the pages. It is a long, complex story, but a page turner. It is full of humour, intrigue, and suspense. The characters are lovable. All of them. Not the evil ones , of course. I have never been disappointed reading any of Kathryn's books. I look forward to reading many more. [...]

A very involved story with many facets. Lots of bravery, valor, drama, sarifice, and humor all intertwined into a complex romance. While there were many entertaining scenes, I found my overall enjoyment bordering on boredom some chapters before the end of the story. I am not wholely confident the reasons, but suspect the lack of a riveting passion, or at least one which was not well expressed, the main culprit. I think a shorter story would have worked better and not left me as much time to dwel [...]

This was my first book set in the era of the Crusades. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. However, it is important to note that the book that I received in kindle format was chock full of edits, strikethroughs and highlights. It seems as though a draft was uploaded to and not the final version. That did not diminish the enjoyment. But it was a little distracting from time to time. (Not that distractability isn't a problem in the base case.)

Bad girls what you gonna do when they come for youGreat humor I love these girls. I wonder if they would have really made it in those times but you have to hope some did after all with out this spunk how could we as woman have gotten were we have and Alex temper seems very realist loved these characters.

Kathryn Le Veque - why why why do you have a wonderful page turner with terrific characters and such touching and uniques story lines uploaded with editing marks? It's like a galley proof instead of a final product. I would still definitely recommend this book as well as the authors' other books, I just don't get why a lot of her terrific books have editing issues.

What can I say without telling the story ? I just loved it !The story is nice, thrilling, very funny at the beginning, then the plot thickenswell balanced story.Its a romance but it talks also about racism and tolerance.I recommend it.

First re-read. I'm on a Kathryn Le Veque re-reading frenzy and loving every minute!


I love this author!

EnjoyedKathryn Le Veque again shows her talent as a medieval writer. I love reading her books about the different houses. This book had issues that we have today.

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