Ich gegen dich

Jenny Downham Astrid Arz

Ich gegen dich

Ich gegen dich

  • Title: Ich gegen dich
  • Author: Jenny Downham Astrid Arz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback

Eine moderne Liebesgeschichte la Romeo und JuliaSeit Mickeys f nfzehnj hrige Schwester Karyn von Tom, Sohn reicher Eltern, vergewaltigt worden ist, verl sst sie ihr Zimmer nicht mehr Mit der Mutter, die trinkt, ist nicht zu rechnen Alles bleibt nun an Mickey h ngen, auch um die kleine Schwester Holly k mmert er sich Und diesem Tom w rde er es am liebsten heimzahlen EEine moderne Liebesgeschichte la Romeo und JuliaSeit Mickeys f nfzehnj hrige Schwester Karyn von Tom, Sohn reicher Eltern, vergewaltigt worden ist, verl sst sie ihr Zimmer nicht mehr Mit der Mutter, die trinkt, ist nicht zu rechnen Alles bleibt nun an Mickey h ngen, auch um die kleine Schwester Holly k mmert er sich Und diesem Tom w rde er es am liebsten heimzahlen Ein Flirt mit Toms Schwester Ellie scheint das einfachste Mittel, um n her an ihn ranzukommen Doch als Liebe daraus wird, wird die Sache kompliziert H lt Mikey zu seiner Schwester oder steht er zu Ellie Und f r welche Seite entscheidet sich Ellie F r ihren Bruder und ihre Familie oder f r den Jungen, den sie liebt

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This book was a piece of heaven for my little bruising shipping heart One of the most achingly beautiful moments for YA couples ever. But I kept reading and it happened again - a scene more memorable than the last. By the time I'm close to finish this was my thought "okay this is getting ridiculous". Tenderest of moments upon even more lovely scenes, both together and apart, I just it was hard to comprehend how much I felt for these two. I made this sounds like a fluffy, romance-heavy book and i [...]

3.5 stars.You Against Me was one of my most anticipated books of 2011. So much so that I was 100% sure I would give it 5 stars. Jenny Downham's debut Before I Die left me a sobbing mess (I am in a minority here thought, most of my co-readers did not join the cryfest). I expected the same from her second novel. You Against Me was good, just not as good as it could have been.Let me just say, the plot itself is fantastic. The two main characters in this love story - Mikey and Ellie - have a very co [...]

“It was strange how words meant something when they came out of your mouth. Inside your head they were safe and silent, but once they were outside, people grabbed hold of them.”Initial Final Page Thoughts.Wow, what beautiful ending. And book, actually. Extremely unique, fascinating and honest.High Points.Ellie. Mike. Trust. Doubt. Truth. Lies. Perception. Bracing rivers. Baked potatoes. Old cottages. Bunking classes. Cookery. The future. Team Karyn. Low Points.Even though I liked the romance [...]

i feel such pressure to write a really great review for this book, because it is so impressive on so many levels, but the post-turkey-day fatigue is strong in me. i will do what i can.you probably already know what this book is about, because it is really quite popular. so just quickly. to get us all on the same page, i will just reiterate that it is a story bout a rape, from the perspective of the brother of the victim and the sister of the accused, who form a relationship in the busted pieces [...]

Stayed up all night to read this recently. Wonderful.

Well finally, a much-anticipated book that actually delivered. After being so hyped up about 'Matched' and then being let down with it's mediocrity, I tried not to get too excited about this book and prepared myself for another monumental disappointment.But no.I'm always rather dubious when it comes to romance novels; if you find a good one then you can be reeled in and swallowed up, it can stay with you for a very long time but so often this is not the case. The amount of times I've dared to en [...]

Most seem to love this book. Isn't it annoying when you're the odd one out? :/Let's get on to my thoughts, shall we! ;)When Ellie's brother, Tom, is accused of assaulting a girl, his family is pretty supportive and stand by him. The thing is, they're so busy supporting him that they don't even freaking ask him if he actually did it, I mean, talk about baffling! Meanwhile, Mikey' sister, Karyn, has locked herself in her room ever since they found out what happened to her. Both family's lives are [...]

3.5 starsWhen I was at the beach as a kid, I used to regularly do this thing where I would swim out as far as I could, just to see how much distance I could cover. I’d swim until my arms got tired, then stop to catch my breath before turning around. I never stopped doing it, but I’d be lying if I said that every single time, I didn’t experience a second of sheer panic when realized I was just suspended there, well and truly out of my depth.I feel a little like that trying to write this rev [...]

Thank you very much Law school because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have had trouble sleeping and I wouldn't have read this book as fast as I did, it definitely deserves to be read in one breath.This book was an all-nighter, and after I finished it (2:30 AM) I couldn't sleep for at least another hour thinking about it. One of my first thoughts last night when I finished this book was: Romeo and Juliet meets Crime and Punishment.This is a YA drama, and it's the best YA books I've read so far. [...]

3.5 stars.I tried to explain the plot of this book to several of my friends at school, and while some times it went successfully, there were other times when it didn't. On the surface, You Against Me is about Mikey, whose fifteen-year-old sister, Karyn, has been raped. The young man charged with raping her, Tom, also also has a younger sister named Ellie. Mikey and Ellie meet each other and begin to form a bond, but their connection may bring devastating consequences.When examining this book bey [...]

I had high expectations before I started this book. I can safely say my expectations were pretty much met. The book didn't blow my mind or leave me emotional. (Not to say the book didn't make me feel anything. There were times I was happy and angry and worried.) But for the most part, I had a calm feeling. The setting even felt calming. I liked that.I thought the author did great with the characters and relationships. They felt realistic and believable. There were times when some of the characte [...]

You Against Me by Jenny Downham (author of Before I Die) is one of those books where the book blurb reminds you a lot of a Lifetime movie. You have a boy and a girl, joined by the sordid details of a crime and accusation involving their siblings. The boy is planning revenge in some form while the girl, unaware of the boy's intentions or identity, slowly begins to fall for him. It almost sounds like Romeo and Juliet meets a Dateline crime special. How can this end well on either side?Mikey is str [...]

This issue alone would usually have me steer clear of a book like this. I'm a paranormal junkie and the occasional contempory romance YA reader, but when it comes to serious issues I tend to stay awayI guess I like reading escape more then reality, but once in awhile a book comes along and you read the reviews and my curiosity seems to get the better of me. You Against Me is one of those books and I'm so glad I took the chance on this one since I would have missed out on a really great read.You [...]

Warning: Possible spoilers, but not really. Also, kind of a long rant and full of complaints – continue if you're contemplating on reading this. Otherwise, you might want to skip this review.***Initially, I was intrigued and instantly drawn to the premise, because rape was being explored through the eyes of the victim's brother and the perpetrator's sister. Further, issues of loyalty, revenge, forbidden- Romeo & Juliet type love, etc. were brought up. However, these themes were never fully [...]

Rating: 3.5I should have written a review for this one awhile back but to be honest I didn't know what to say exactly. It is no doubt a powerful novel and I wanted to make sure I would say the right things well time has gone by and I still don't know what to say so here goes nothing.Now for those of you who don't know the premise it's a twisted one. Mikey has a sister named Karyn and Ellie has a brother named Tom. Karyn has accused Tom of raping her. Well Mikey can't stand for that, so to get to [...]

This story is about two families affected by the accusation of rape. It doesn't focus on the accused and accuser, but rather on the sister and brother of the two parties. This story is told from two perspectives: Mikey McKenzie, the older brother of the accuser, Karyn, and Ellie Parker the younger sister of the accused, Tom. The story opens up with Mikey trying to figure out how to make Tom pay for what he's done to his sister. Mikey feels he needs to do something because since the rape, Karyn r [...]

I was immediately drawn to this book once I'd read the blurb, and I'm glad I picked it up, as it was an amazing read. As the book deals with such a tricky theme you would expect the book to be quite depressing and morbid, but its not, it was so full of ambiguity, suspicion and it is very moving, that I just literally couldn't put the book down I was that absorbed. It was a well written book as I enjoyed how it showed contradiciting stories from both families. This book has definately made it to [...]

I wanted to read this book from the moment I heard about it But, while waiting for it to be published, I read Before I Die first (and I didn't really liked it) so I didn't know if to read "You Against Me" after all, no matter how many good reviews I've seen. But yesterday I gave it a try and now I can't stop wondering why in the world didn't I read it earlier?It was that good.The title is perfect - and it doesn't define only the relation between Ellie and Mickey, but also the relation between al [...]

Reading You Against Me was like listening to a recording on high speed. All the characters' reactions seemed extreme and drastic and I couldn't understand where they were coming from at all. Downham seemed to be trying way too hard to make her characters seem relatable but they ended up seeming stiff and orchestrated instead. Maybe my life's too sheltered, but I simply couldn't see this story happening in RL. It wasn't brutal enough to be believable and it wasn't normal enough to be realistic ei [...]

Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about that book. I can’t say I despised it it would be pushing it and I can’t say I liked it…it would be too nice. When I finished my initial reaction was “Ehhhhh” which for the people who know me means ‘not terrible but could have been so much better’ in Steph’s language. No Seriously, I don’t know if I went there with too high of an expectation, I read the summary a few months ago and was just dying to read it since then. I expected somethin [...]

Jenny Downham is a genius and I wish I had one-tenth of her skill. Or could just live in her head for a day to see what it's like to be so brilliant. One of the best dual-narrator books I've read in ages, and page 409 (of the UK version--I couldn't wait for it to be published here, although I think it just came out in the US) make me cry every time I read it because it's raw and hopeful in a way that breaks my heart and makes me want to believe at the same time.

It's so late it's almost morning and I finished this book. I am filled with emotions. It's such an honest, brave novel, and I adore the characters to pieces.

This review is harder to write than I thought.Seriously, I've started and erased it enough times to have written it twice. Alas, I am short on words, have been for quite some time, so forgive me if this doesn't come off as particularly articulate or well making sense.I discovered "Speak" last September, following the 'soft porn' debacle, and fell in love with Laurie Halse Anderson's writing. Her books are always centered around difficult, touchy topics, but you can't say for a single minute that [...]

3.5 starsWARNING: MESSY REVIEW AND A BIT SPOILERY!Actually, I really don't know what to say. *sigh* This was a compelling and powerful read but after I finished the book, for some unknown reason I don't know what to feel. Actually, I still haven't figured out my overall and final say about this book but I'll give you my initial thoughts while I was reading it.You Against Me was a novel that discussed a delicate and tricky issue. I may have steered clear of this book after seeing the blurb since [...]

Plot: Mikey's sister says a boy raped her. Ellie's brother says he didn't do it. When Mikey and Ellie meet, two worlds collideSounds interesting enough right? WRONG!The blurb is far more interesting than the book itself. The book concentrated on all the useless things we didn't want to know about. The plot was very weak, it was just plain boring. "She wrote her name on the top of the sheet and underlined it. The ink was blue"It was useless sentences like this that made the book so boring. Mikey' [...]

If I'm honest, this book is probably more of a 3.5/5 for me, but it definitely doesn't deserve to be dropped to a 3.Downham's writing is superb. I hated Before I Die, but You Against Me is a lot more basic, stripped down, interesting and realistic. There's no florid language to draw an artificial reaction out of you; this is two characters and a situation. This is gritty, heartfelt and honest. The characters are lovingly drawn and flawed, but relatable. The ending is a great balance between hope [...]

Check out my book blog for more reviews!You Against Me is a intriguing, brilliantly written novel by the author of Before I Die. The cover makes it look like a love story, which it is not. Well, not just a love story. (The love story is good though. I need to stop saying ‘love story’ now. Okay.) It’s a story about relationships, not just between lovers, but between family members and friends too. It’s about loyalty, the truth, bravery, and how far we would go to protect the people we lov [...]

You Against Me is an incredible and beautiful addition to contemporary YA. Set in the UK, Jenny Downham gives a stunning portrayal of two families struggle to deal with the consequences of rape. Mikey and Ellie are our two main characters – Mikey is the brother of the rape victim and Ellie the sister of the accused. From the very beginning of the novel the reader does not know who is telling the truth and the more the facts unfold, the greater the emotional struggle becomes. What I loved most [...]

‘There’s this girl at school,’ she said. ‘Last term she had seven boyfriends and everyone said she was a slag.’This again. ‘You’re not a slag, Karyn.’‘And there’s a boy in my tutor group and he had ten girlfriends. You know what they call him?’Mikey shook his head.‘A player.’‘Well, they’re wrong.’‘So what’s the word for someone like him?’‘I don’t know.’

You Against Me by Jenny Downham4.5 starsWhat would you do if your sister accused somebody of rape? What would you do if your brother was the being accused? Mikey McKenzie’s younger sister, Karyn, accuses Tom Parker of raping her. Mikey vows to protect Karyn and starts a plan to make Tom feel the pain his sister feels. When his friend Jacko says he wants in they decide to go through with it. Mikey ends up Tom Parker’s front porch in hopes of acting out on the plan, but he meets Ellie, Tom’s [...]

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