Arthur, King

Dennis Lee Anderson

Arthur, King

Arthur, King

  • Title: Arthur, King
  • Author: Dennis Lee Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780061054334
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Great kings have great enemies, and Arthur s is his illegitimate son, Mordred who has stolen the magical sword, Excalibur Worse, Mordred has stolen Merlin s Book and has used it to flee to the far future All of Camelot is at risk, so Arthur must go alone, without Merlin and without his crown, into the future into the time of World War II.

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King Arthur falls off the castle wall during a battle and comes to in the cockpit of a Spitfire during the Battle of Britain.Impossible you say? Of course, except in the storyteller's mind. The King become Arthur King, returning to England during it's time of greatest need.Crackling good read!

So, I didn't like this novel but I also /liked/ it. I couldn't give it more than three stars even if I honestly think it is a good novel and a well written one (reason why I actually have it three stars). First things first: This book is about King Arthur who follows Mordred into the second world war. Mordred has stolen a magical book from Merlin and he wants to use it to join the nazi and conquer the UK for himself. The novels focuses on Arthur and how he learns to fight as an aviator.The autho [...]

At a time when our world seems so lacking in that essential Arthurian quality of honor, this WWII era take on the character of Arthur is refreshingly inspirational. I am once again reminded why it is necessary to 'do the right thing' always, in all ways. A quick and easy read and I am glad I 'made its acquaintance!

Fairly predictable, but well written, extremely well researched and incredibly detailed. I learned a lot about planes and WWII that I didn't know before and still got a fun fantasy adventure.

Different take on Arthur. Recommend for anyone who is a military history buff.

Basic plot: King Arthur appears during Britain's hour of greatest need during WWII, takes the roll of fighter pilot, meets a modern-day Jenny (Guenevere), defeats Mordred (fighting on the side of the Huns, of course), and saves England. It was better executed than I expected, but stylistically lacking.

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