The Boss's Baby

Miranda Lee

The Boss's Baby

The Boss's Baby

  • Title: The Boss's Baby
  • Author: Miranda Lee
  • ISBN: 9780373120642
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Lewis didn t protest much when Olivia seduced him at an office party His once prim and proper PA had turned into a wild, wanton woman and soon he and Olivia had than just a working relationship But Olivia had a secret she dared not tell Lewis

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Five stars for the story! One star for the title. This was a truly enjoyable read about two individuals who are a bit jaded when it comes to love, relationships and commitments. They both have just come off very damaging relationships so their trust level is at an all time low. I thought the heroine was very well written. She was complex with insecurities, yet at the same time willing to stand up and make the right decisions (well most of the time). She gave as good as she got. The hero was well [...]

It was a fun n terrific read,Olivia gets dumped, and then decides to turn the tables on a man. Not just any man - her boss, the rather conservative Lewis. He, too, is suffering after the breakup of his marriage. The rather mousey Olivia drops all her inhibitions with a few glasses of champagne at the office Christmas party and proceeds to seduce Lewis after they slip off to his office. As the alcohol wears off, Olivia is horrified and regretful. They both part to go on Christmas holiday with pla [...]

Rating 4.5I loved this book, even the silliness of the heroine, her self-doubts, about herself the hero and herself, you see she had always been the planner in her life, sensible, dressing conservatively, saving money(since her family didn't have much), making plans but it all went to hell when the man she thought she would marry left her, called her boring and sexless, after feeling despondent she breaks out at her work party, lets her hair down, drinks and seduces her straight-laced boss and t [...]

I really loved this book, it was beautiful! The emotions and the story were well written. It was simply easy as pie to fall in love with the hero and heroine. They had an amazing chemistry and I adored how brazen the heroine was in her sexual seduction of her boss. So HOT! The only thing I disliked was the heroine mothers attempts to get the heroine to make the hero marry her. I do understand it from the mother of the heroines point of view though. She was broke and trying to raise her children [...]

Loved this book! How Olivia took charge and ravish her boss. The scene in the chesterfield and in the shower were scorching hot!

BoringThis was an ok book. It jumped around and didn't seem able to finish a thought. I normally like this author, but I believe this is an older book before she found her rhythm. I had skipped to the end and it didn't grab my attention. I didn't understand why the heroine was so emotional. And her scene seducing her boss, I didn't understand WHY she was attracted to him in that moment when she was flirting with someone else. It seemed forced. It wasn't the worst book I've ever read but not the [...]

I don't even know why I bothered to read this a second time. There's no plot, the main character is an annoying special snowflake, who reeks of internalized misogyny and acts like if you're a woman who doesn't want marriage and kids you're the most selfish person in the world. The hero probably has some kind of personality disorder, because sometimes he's so nice and then he becomes a class A jerk. And, to put the cherry on top, both MCs use the word feminism like it's a synonym to man-hating wi [...]

I am a super sucker for the boss/secretary romances. Love them.So amusing because I think it's beyond skeezy and skeevy as hell in real life. [Even office romances really, because omg messy.]But here it's so great. Yay for fiction! Also the (slight) involvement of the co-workers was fun.Really enjoyed such reasonable and realistic characters. Definitely recommend Miranda Lee to anyone who enjoys contemporary romances. I've totally acquired almost all of her back list and am working my way throug [...]

The Boss’s Baby is Miranda Lee’s 47th (approx) novel. After Olivia’s fiancé leaves her commenting that she lacks spontaneity, she seduces her boss, Lewis, after a bit too much champagne at the firm’s Christmas Party, partly to prove to herself that she isn’t dull and boring. Lewis then wants her as his mistress, until he discovers she is pregnant from their encounter, when he decides he wants to marry her. Of course Olivia doesn’t want to marry a man who doesn’t truly love her, an [...]

This was a solid read. Both characters were likable, good resolution.

It was just okay. I wanted to like this one but found some of the characters a bit inconsistent and over the topeven for this genre.

too old fashioned/dated for me

Good book

I thought this book was really terrific.Great read and I couldn't put if down.

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