The Bride In Blue

Miranda Lee

The Bride In Blue

The Bride In Blue

  • Title: The Bride In Blue
  • Author: Miranda Lee
  • ISBN: 9780373118113
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback

Brotherly love It was Sophia s wedding day, but she wasn t a happy and radiant bride How could she feel anything but blue when she wasn t marrying Godfrey, the man she d loved and the father of the baby she was expecting Instead she was to wed Godfrey s younger brother Jonathon Parnell was coldly handsome, and ruthless about carrying out the deathbed promise he d madeBrotherly love It was Sophia s wedding day, but she wasn t a happy and radiant bride How could she feel anything but blue when she wasn t marrying Godfrey, the man she d loved and the father of the baby she was expecting Instead she was to wed Godfrey s younger brother Jonathon Parnell was coldly handsome, and ruthless about carrying out the deathbed promise he d made to Godfrey to marry Sophia and give their baby legitimacy and financial security.Jonathon had assured Sophia that this would be a marriage in name only, but now she was beginning to realize that he expected her to act the role of his wife in every sense

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The heroine going from one brother to another is one of my least favorite set-ups but I eventually didnt mind because I found this a classic melodramatic HQN with the marriage of convenience/in name only, miscarriage, deathbed promises, and no Hero POV. I didnt like the heroine at first with her dramatics but it turned out to be because of her youth and pregnancy. Once she settled down, I found her refreshing because she always blurted out what was on her mind and faced things headlong. The hero [...]

This was a delightful surprise. My only regret is that I wished I had read it sooner. This had all the typical HP tropes, but I still found the book extremely refreshing. Unlike other HP's, the hero and heroine didn't stew in their own juices, but rather confronted issues head-on and talked through their problems right when they happened. Yet, the author still had the ability to keep the tension dial up and emotions running high. just the way I like my HPs. Highly recommended.

The bride in blue was one of the whiniest h's ever. I usually hate using the small case "h" to refer to a heroine, but it is so appropriate here. She is horrible. Granted, she is a pregnant 19 year old, but (view spoiler)[ she gets pregnant with the H's brother's baby the night before he dies of cancer. Who has sex when they are that sick? More importantly, who has sex with someone that sick, literally on their death bed? Ick (hide spoiler)]Sophia throws Godfrey, the good whimpy brother, in Jona [...]

It was a conflicting read for me cause at every turn i was surrounded by loads of questions,hero weds heroin cause she is pregnant with his dead brothers child,both enter the wedlock and hero does'nt even for decency sake honors his wedding vows,spends his wedding night with another woman n from there on every weekend he goes on holiday spots and spends nice n sexual holidays with womans while heroin here is left alone and she keeps finding scarfs,lipstick marls ,perfumes,hotel bills which makes [...]

I ended up liking this book a lot more than I thought. I kept looking for some of the events that I read in other reviews but never found them such as the lipstick on the collar and the cheating after consummating the marriage. Never happened as I could see. Yes, this is definitely a story where the husband cheats, but he was marrying her for his brother's sake and she was screaming like a banchee that she'd never love himNEVER! And he's an admitted Don Juan who needs his fix. He was upfront and [...]

I have already forgotten about this one.

Reread 10/13/2016Changing my rating to 3.5 stars. For this second or third reread, this time around it bothered me that the hero slept with other women even though, yeah yeah, the marriage between hero and heroine was unconsummated and they haven't decided to make the marriage real yet. ________2006 Review: I remembered reading this a long time ago and then when I had to clean my little storage area I found it again and read it again. At first I wasn't sure about the heroine doing the two brothe [...]

Second HP in a row where the hero is a man who falls in love with his brother's girlfriend. Here he ostensibly marries her to give his dead brother's baby a name. But we all know that really he's already in love with her. While naïve she is pretty level headed. You can see her begin to fall in love with him. You can see from the beginning that he is head over heels for her. There is cheating here but it was during a period where their marriage was unconsummated and was intended to be annulled a [...]

Ok here's the thing: I do not like books where the H or h was formerly involved with the other's sibling. In the case of this book, not only was the h living with the H's brother, she had had sex (bad, once) and was preggers. Of course, the H makes a deathbed promise (oh, did I mention the brother conveniently dies) to marry and take care of the h.Give me a break!Of course, this marriage of convenience becomes moreter he slakes his "lust" with other women post wedding (it's a m-o-c afterall) AND [...]

Adultery again excused as understandable because of circumstances.

This story was so very good after the last disappointing one I've read, it was so romantic in a way I couldn’t believe it. I loved the hero so much; he was super super sweet and like hard on the outside and a cuddly bear in the inside.The heroine did get on my nerves in some point but all in all the story was to keep it's going straight to my favorite shelf… :)

I loved it , he is so in love with her since the moment he saw her . That what I was thinking during the reading.


It is a wonderful book, actually it is my second time of reading it.Love truly transcends all differences.

Update 11/4/2017- I actually upgraded this from 2 * to 3. On second reading, it was better than I remembered. Still not great and most of their relationship *was* in the bedroom, but I noticed more of the way Sophia gained insight into her husband, and that raised the rating for me*******************Original post.Meh. I'd forgotten how superficial HQP was. Sophia is pregnant with one brother's baby, but as he is on his deathbed (cancer), he gets his super-sophisticated brother, Jonathan, to agre [...]

The Bride in Blue is a romance novel by Miranda Lee, the fourth book in the Wedlocked! series. Sophia is the bride in blue, but the tears on her wedding day aren’t tears of happiness. After all, she’s pregnant to Godfrey Parnell, who, on his death bed extracted a promise from his brother, the intimidating Jonathon, to marry Sophia and give the baby the benefit of the Parnell name. Jonathon makes her nervous, while Sophia just seems to exasperate him. Luckily, they have agreed to a marriage i [...]

1.5 stars actuallyI do not know if I like or hate this piece.No matter how hard I tried to relate to the heroineI just couldn't.I just wish the hero had another type of heroine HAHAHA!OVERALL my reaction was this:

The h on the cover is older than the h in the story. An enjoyably angsty read with a smitten H and a clueless h.

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