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  • Title: Honeymoon
  • Author: Amy Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780340771266
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback

Honey has doubts about her nice suitable man, she has doubts about commitment And she still carries a torch for the man she calls the Love Of Her Life Alex, someone she spent only one night with, seven years ago now A perfect night A night that makes her soul glow when she tells the story A soul mate night.Seven years on, with the memory of THAT night relegated to theHoney has doubts about her nice suitable man, she has doubts about commitment And she still carries a torch for the man she calls the Love Of Her Life Alex, someone she spent only one night with, seven years ago now A perfect night A night that makes her soul glow when she tells the story A soul mate night.Seven years on, with the memory of THAT night relegated to the realms of pure fantasy, Honey marries Ed, her nice suitable man, and unbeknown to her on the other side of the Atlantic, Alex marries another woman As fate would have it, Honey and Alex do meet again But what happens if they meet completely by coincidence, on a balcony in New York even if they are both on their respective honeymoons

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I need to say straight off that this story has cheating in it - I know that a lot of American readers in particular won't read stories like that - though they'd be missing a treat with this one. What if in one moment of instant recognition you met the guy you knew you were destined for? What if he felt the same way? Problem is - you - the woman - are already entrained in a relationship and the guy is about to jet off to another country. Promises to stay in touch don't seem to come to fruition an [...]

The review of the front of the book said that it is a "very enjoyable, fast, fun book". It certainly was fast, the story flew along and although there were some funny moments I'm not sure I really enjoyed it.Spoiler alert - The characters and the storyline were just a bit too unbelievable and silly for me and perhaps, if I'm honest, a bit irritating Alex seemed to have become a completely different person when we met him for the second time (and another one entirely in his emails) and Honey was [...]

one star but it's my own fault. how could i not notice that this book would involve cheating. you already know she just got married and is on her honeymoon. that's the premise of the book. she is too dumb for words. alex is too awful for words. this book sucked. i'd say poor ed but he is too much of a spineless jellyfish to like. you do feel bad for him but more than that you wish he'd man up and dump her cheating ass. so no i did not like this book. even worse the writing was scattered and PRET [...]

The entire plot of this story was so pointless. I actually read this book twice as I read it, hated it, put it back on my shelf to return to the library and then spotted it a few weeks later and thought "This synopsis doesn't sound familiar, I must not have read this one yet" and started reading. Then on the LAST PAGE I realised that I'd read the book already. What a waste of time! I've read many chick-lit books but this one is just truly awful.

I'm not always the biggest fan of chick lit on the basis it usually bares no resemblance to reality And this book was just the same. I heard it was due to become a film, but doesn't seem to have done. The number of coincidences and chance meetings was ridiculous, as was the actions of half the characters, but it was a bit of light hearted fun, which fingers crossed will be nothing like my own honeymoon!

A quick, easy, but pointless read, with stupid and very unlikeable characters.

"A very enjoyable, fast, fun book" Daily MailSorry Daily Mail, I found no fun and no enjoyment while reading this book.

I love the book. I love the story of it. Well, except her name is actually Honeymoon. Honey would be okay but not Honeymoon. Apart from that, the book was refreshing and sweet. It's a story about Honey, about to get married but not really confident that Ed is the one.Would you rather left your husband and escape with someone that you think he's love of your life even after 7 years? Well, I would probably ends up like Honey too if I were in her shoes. She thought that Ed would never be someone th [...]

SPOILER ALERT: I reference the end of the book in my review.While I am giving this book 5-stars, I don't want to give the impression that this is a great work of literature. From an objective viewpoint, this book is junk food for the brain. But what a wonderfully, fun piece of fluffy chick lit! I devoured this quick read on a rainy day when I was feeling blue.Jenkins use of current cultural references draws you into the story of Honey and makes you feel connected to her and all her faults. The p [...]

If an empty bottle could write a book, this vapid, whiny, irritating assemblage of slapped-together letters would be it. There is nothing nice I could say about this book, save that the cover is a lovely brilliant, Southern Hemisphere pink.

Was fairly enjoyable, would be an OK beach read - found I could relate to things in this book - The One and The Other One and the scenario although a little over the top was not that far away from a situation I once found myself in. Some of the other people in the book were irrelevant and annoying though and the name 'Honey Moon' irratated me alot - there wasn't much depth to it in some ways, and I think it run out of steam towards the end - all wrapped up a little too easily and conveniently - [...]

Okay I think THIS really is my fave girly book of all time. Again, read years ago in my twenties and set firmly in the 90's, I think it still reads well today as a cute exploration of love and lust and the difference between what you think you want & what you really want. I love the "love of my life" story Honey tells at the start and from there it's a rollicking ride with interesting diversions along the way. It won't change your world but it sure will brighten up a gloomy day.

I have expected more but it was nevertheless entertaining. The book is about a woman who finds herself married to a man who is not her type at all and keep wondering what would have happened if the Love of Her Life (a man she has spent one night with) would have contacted her after their brief meeting. And when she is on her honeymoon, she bumps into the man who is also on his honeymoonFor me, the book is about missed chances and the "all that glitters is not gold" feelings.

Randomly pulled this from the shelf at a bookstore and thought "beach read," and it is. but the very best kind. You just fall into the story and fall in love with the characters and the dilemma that must be resolved. I enjoyed this so much that over the years I search "Amy Jenkins" just to see If she had a second novel in her.

The book started off very promising. A likable main character, dialogues where I could imagine them taking place like that in reality, a fresh way of writing. Entertaining.They lost me a bit when they finally go on Honeymoon. The story got a bit too abstruse from there (not that is was very plausible before).Still, a good read worth 3 stars.

A funny, quirky story that kept me interested enough not to fall straight to sleep (I read in bed) but could of had more to it in substance.I liked the characters well enough, but got annoyed by the main male character & found myself wanting him to not be the 'one'.

God, I have waited so much to read this book, but I really shouldn't have I absolutly loved "Funny valentine" a couple of years ago, since then I have been chasing this book. What a disapointment.

Another book by Amy Jenkins that I like very much, though not as much as Funny Valentine. I especially love the ending. Unexpected but still very sweet.

Just past halfway, I gave up on this. I didn't like Alex and I didn't like Honey. So I didn't care if they got together or fell off a cliff!!!


A light funny summer read.

Well i'm not understand all of itbut i still like Amy Jenkins:D

nice breezy british chick-lit to counter an oppressively rainy day.

Like a New Weekly magazine in book form. It slipped down easy but left you with that junk food feeling.

This is one of my favorite books that I've read until the binding has come loose.

Long winded.


easy, funny, romantic, perfect for girls in their mid-thirties who tend to believe they are still 22

I was not a fan of this book. It was too slow for my taste. My biggest problem with it was that it questioned the main characters morals and I did not agree with her choice.

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