Bloody Meadow

William Ryan

Bloody Meadow

Bloody Meadow

  • Title: Bloody Meadow
  • Author: William Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780330508421
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback

A dedicated policeman caught in terrifying circumstances, Captain Alexei Korolev of Criminal Investigation Division of the Moscow Militia may be unwavering in his outward party loyalty but he is forever conflicted about what he must do to maintain that good standing.It is 1937, and Korolev finds himself on an airplane bound for Odessa after the suspicious suicide of MariaA dedicated policeman caught in terrifying circumstances, Captain Alexei Korolev of Criminal Investigation Division of the Moscow Militia may be unwavering in his outward party loyalty but he is forever conflicted about what he must do to maintain that good standing.It is 1937, and Korolev finds himself on an airplane bound for Odessa after the suspicious suicide of Maria Alexandrovna Lenskaya, a loyal young party member who supposedly had an illicit intimate relationship with the party director His instructions are to determine if her suicide was actually a cover up for murder, and if so, to find her killer, but under no circumstances reveal her close ties to the director.Maria was working on the set of a movie subsidized by the state, and between everyone involved in the production, her journalist boyfriend, and countless nosy locals, the pool of possible suspects is large and daunting Korolev finds help from several quarters that are every bit as ominous as they are useful, but none of them can make up for the one important fact of his case which he cannot discuss.Moral, loyal, and also committed to justice, Captain Alexei Korolev is trapped between the demands of the party and those of the truth As a result he is one of the most intriguing figures in crime fiction, and he makes The Darkening Field another shocking and devastatingly true to history thriller from William Ryan.

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αρκετά καλό βιβλίο με μυστήριο στην σοβιετικη ένωση κάτι που για μένα αποδεικνύεται που ενδιαφέρον. όλη η ατμόσφαιρα φόβου για όλους τους ήρωες είναι ένα από τα σημαντικά χαρακτηριστικα. Αν εξαιρέσουμε ένα χαοτικό τελείωμα, διαβάζεται που εύκολα και έχει πολύ καλό ρυθμό ο [...]

The Bloody Meadow is the second book in the series set in 1930s Stalinist Russia featuring Militia Captain Alexei Dmitriyevich Korolev, who we first met in the excellent The Holy Thief.In The Bloody Meadow, the purges of Stalin continue unabated. When one night Korolev is summoned by Colonel Rodinov of the NKVD, the Soviet secret police, Korolev assumes he is under arrest and picks up the bag he has already packed in anticipation of the fateful ‘knock on the door’. In fact, Korolev is ordere [...]

Once again we are immersed in the claustrophobic and paranoid atmosphere of Stalinist Russia, in this the follow up to Ryan's remarkable debut `The Holy Thief'. Our erstwhile hero and investigator Captain Korolev becomes embroiled in the suspected suicide of a beautiful young woman working as a film production assistant, and is uprooted from the relative safety of Moscow to the wilds to investigate. A seemingly straightforward case one would think, but as Korolev gets drawn in deeper to her comp [...]

'The Bloody Meadow will be a dagger into the hearts of the Revolution's enemies.'This is the second novel to feature Captain Alexei Korolev, the first being The Holy Thief. Set in 1937, The Bloody Meadow of the title is the name of a film being shot in the Ukraine. When Maria Lenskaya, a beautiful young woman working as a production assistant on the film, is found dead, Korolev is dispatched from Moscow to discover the truth about her apparent suicide. After his involvement in a serious investig [...]

With ‘The Bloody Meadow’ William Ryan brings Alexei Korolev back into action with a case that will have the detective turning in several directions to unravel the mysterious death of a woman with a hidden past. Ryan’s readers will be happy to note that some of the most interesting characters from his previous novel ‘The Holy Thief’ have found their way into the storyline.Set in 1937 Ukraine, at the time of Stalin’s purge of the Communist Party and Government officials, where people l [...]

Jako dobar triler, čvrsto vođen. Jedini nedostaci su što nema puno prostora da čitalac zablista i donekle prenaglašena atmosfera Staljinove Rusije.

Flawless continuation of the series! Lovely mix of solid police work and Stalinist history. Makes you realise what life was like in the Great Terror far more than reading a history book.

After his heroics in solving the hot-potato of a case in the first of William Ryan’s series set in 1930’s Russia, The Holy Thief, Captain Alexei Korolev is now a model Soviet Citizen. Officially. Medal and fame and everything that goes with it in Stalin’s Soviet Union. That ‘everything' is mostly suspicion. From the people who put him there and from those who aren’t there, but think they might like to be. And especially from those who, quit rightly, would just about anything to avoid d [...]

Received from MantleAfter having survived the dangerous investigation in The Holy Thief, Captain Alexei Korolev is relieved to be investigating straight forward crimes again. He knows that if those in power ever find out the exact nature of his activities during the politically very sensitive earlier investigation, he will be deported at best. At the moment he finds himself decorated and hailed as a perfect Soviet citizen, but he knows that this perception can change at any moment and anybody’ [...]

Following his investigations in The Holy Thief, which implicated those at the very top of authority in Soviet Russia, Captain Alexei Korolev finds himself decorated and hailed as an example to all Soviet workers. But Korolev lives in an uneasy peace – his new-found knowledge is dangerous, and if it is discovered what his real actions were during the case, he will face deportation to the frozen camps of the far north.But when the knock on the door comes, in the dead of night, it is not Siberia [...]

"The Bloody Meadow" is the second and most recent story in what is apparently intended to be a series of thrillers by William Ryan set in the Stalinist Soviet Union of the 1930s. I have not read its predecessor, "The Holy Thief". But, given that "The Bloody Meadow" is a very good novel, I am keen to do so. The story takes place in 1937, a time when persecution and a sense of paranoia under Stalin's rule are rife. Alexei Korolev, a Moscow police detective, is sent to Odessa to investigate the sus [...]

The Bloody Meadow is the second novel by William Ryan to feature Aleksei Korolev, a detective Working for the Moscow Criminal Investigation Division in 1930s Russia. It follows on from The Holy Thief which was very well reviewed and shortlisted for a number of crime fiction awards. The Bloody Meadow could be read as a stand-alone novel, but I would recommend that a reader starts with The Holy Thief, as it provided some of Korolev's background; he continues to grow as a character through the seco [...]

From the opening paragraph of William Ryan’s second novel, The Darkening Field, readers will feel the tension that builds throughout the novel until a climactic ending. Set in 1937 Russia, lead detective Alexei Korolev must navigate his way through a minefield of clues that could solve a murder mystery but also spark political revolution.It is clear that Ryan is a master not only of plotting a well crafted mystery but also at describing settings and locations so smoothly that the reader will f [...]

I won this book from ages ago, and I've finally had the time to get back into reading. Better late than never, right? I have to say I liked the writing in this book, its a part of a series, but I didn't feel like I was missing anything by not having read the first in the series. Also, I don't read a lot of books about Russia, and I'm usually a bit lost when it comes to the political aspect of that country, not to mention the confusing names (multiple last names,nicknames, etc--I never know who [...]

Captain Alexei Korolev returns for a second round of murder, mystery and political complications in Stalinist Russia, where political complications can be murderous. Unnervingly rousted from sleep by a knock on his door in the early morning hours, Korlev expects a one-way ticket to the Gulag for the revelations involved in his previous adventure. Instead, he is despatched to the Ukraine, where a young woman working with a film crew has apparently committed suicide. The young woman is a lover of [...]

The Bloody Meadow is well written, well paced and will keep you guessing to the end about who is responsible for the events chronicled and who is on which side. It is written when everyone is Russia could be under suspicion for saying or doing the wrong thing. Korolev, the main character and detective in the novel is himself worried about this, indeed he fears the worst when he hears a car pull up at an unexpected time and immediately you are immersed in the menacing world at the time of the all [...]

It's 1937, and Captain Alexei Korolev of Moscow's Criminal Investigation Division is involved in a complicated case. Korolev is sent by Communist bigwigs to the Ukraine to investigate the death of Maria Lenskaya, a young film production assistant who was found hanging from a sconce. Her death is worrisome for the Party because she was romantically involved with Ezhov, the Commissar of State Security.Forensics quickly prove it was murder, not suicide, and Korolev, with the help of tough female se [...]

I was lucky enough to win a copy of The Darkening Field through , and I am so glad that I did. I find that I am really enjoying historical mysteries something that I haven't read much of, and combined with my love of Russia history this book was a perfect fit. Ryan does a wonderful job at creating a 1937 Soviet Russia with enough historical detail to make the reader feel like they were there. Captain Korolev, a Moscow detective that happens not to be a member of the Party, finds himself in the m [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed Ryan debut novel, The Holy Thief, so I had high expectations for The Bloody Meadow. It's a good read, but doesn't quite match the quality of the first book in the series. The Holy Thief had a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere, with a very tight plot. The Bloody Meadow is more expansive, felt a little looser in the plotting, and Korolov as a character is little developed in terms of backstory and personal life. And because there is a lot going on and there is a big cast, th [...]

I received a copy of this book from . I really loved the setting of this book. I have always been interested in Russian history and the Soviet Union. This book took place in The Soviet Union in the late 1930s. Wow, what a scary time and place to live. A person could not trust anyone for fear of denunciation by friends or even family. William Ryan did an excellent job of portraying the fear and uncertainty of this time period and location. I loved that whole aspect of this novel. I felt that the [...]

I enjoyed this book for its setting as much as anything. Ukraine in 1937 is not a place where one frequently finds a novel set. Ryan does a good job capturing the feel of the place back then when no one could trust anyone else. The main character, Alexei Korolev, is a Moscow detective who is sent to the Odessa area to investigate a death, specifically to determine whether it was a murder. A major movie was being filmed at an agricultural college, and one of the film's production workers, a beaut [...]

This story is set in a time and place that was both repressive and threatening. Russian history is a savage, unforgiving story, filled with tyrants, treachery, and suffering. For me, this framed a story that was a real page turner, maybe requiring an entry level of knowledge of Russian history to follow the politics which are pertinent to the plot. I felt I learnt a lot about Police/Politics of the time.There were great flashes of a certain wry humour now and then, I would have loved more! There [...]

This review is based on an Advance Readers Edition version of the book which I received free from the Publisher through the First Reads program.This is a detective novel with a twist. Everything and everybody is in Russia. How cool is that.This is great, because it puts a different lens on the process, the politics and the culture of a murder drama.Our hero in this drama is Alexei Korolev with the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department. As Alexei goes through his investigation the barriers, p [...]

I have just finished the 2nd book in William Ryan's novels about Russian detective Alexei Korolev. Set in Stalinist Russia, Korolev must walk the tight rope of keeping his feelings to himself. Set in the era when everyone is suspect and party loyalty is everything, there is always danger lurking in the most commonplace areas. He is a capable detective and a loyal soviet but his personal feelings sometime deviate from the accepted positions.He is sent to the Ukraine to investigate an apparent sui [...]

Overall. a lack lustre read. By the end of the novel, I actually didn't care who had done it. I had absolutely no connection tthe victim, so much so, that I can't remember her name. Ryan's first book, I really enjoyed- Moscow was so intrinsic to the story that it was another chracter. Unfortunately this does not carry over into the Ukraine and I just kept wishing that the tale would end so i could start a new book. Why three stars then i hear you ask? Well I really like Korolev and were he not t [...]

I don't think this second mystery was quite as compelling as the first one, however, I did enjoy it. Korolev is embroiled in another investigation by Party leaders. It is dangerous and away from Moscow, out of his comfort zone. He has to balance between Party leaders, "enemies of the State", the thieves organization and his own concerns and doubts. I would have liked better development of many of the characters. Unfortunately, the sheer number of new characters in this book made it difficult. Al [...]

The Darkening Field by William Ryan is a wonderful murder mystery set in 1937 Soviet Russia. When Captain Alexi Korolev of Moscow's Criminal Investigation Division is sent to Odessa to investigate the murder of a young actress, he uncovers a plot much more twisted than he could have imagined. This is a first-rate mystery that perfectly captures the overriding fog of terror in Stalin's Russia, where even an innocent mistake or mishap is enough to doom you, your coworkers, and your entire family.T [...]

It's not always the case that the follow up book to a debut success can enjoy similar acclaim, but with The Bloody Meadow William Ryan has achieved just that.This is another absorbing story about a police investigator operating under the harsh Stalinist regime just before the Second World War.Ryan's description of life in the Ukraine, where he attempts to solve the murder of a film production assistant, is vivid and brutal. Makes our current austerity here in Britain look like a piece of cake!Th [...]

A Stalinist Russia's police procedural featuring Captain Alexei Korolev. This is the 2nd in the series and is as interesting and intriguing as the first book, The Holy Field. Set in 1937, Korolev is sent from Moscow to Odessa to investigate the murder of a young woman, a loyal party member with friends in high places. Enter actresses, film makers, writers, gunrunners, thieves,terrorists and the militia---all with secrets, demands and fears and Korolev is placed in the difficult position of solvi [...]

Another excellent book by William Ryan, i have been left wanting more.In this book the power of the soviet union is seen outside the borders of Russia in the Ukraine and how power relations are continued and yet seen as nothing at the same time. The introduction of Slivka as Korolev's new parnter creates the image of how gender has been made redundant and that the main focus is the Party abd its power and how everything else has become obsolite. For anyone who likes to read crime thrillers set i [...]

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