Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice

Jack Wang Holman Wang Jane Austen

Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice

Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice

  • Title: Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice
  • Author: Jack Wang Holman Wang Jane Austen
  • ISBN: 9781927018125
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Board Book

Classics never go out of style that s what makes them classic Cozy Classics is a new board book series that presents well loved stories to children aged 0 Every classic in the series will be condensed to 12 baby friendly words, and each word will appear alongside a photograph of needle felted objects Pride and Prejudice is a timeless romance about how a bad first impreClassics never go out of style that s what makes them classic Cozy Classics is a new board book series that presents well loved stories to children aged 0 Every classic in the series will be condensed to 12 baby friendly words, and each word will appear alongside a photograph of needle felted objects Pride and Prejudice is a timeless romance about how a bad first impression can turn into love, and one of the world s most beloved classics Now this classic can be shared with your youngest children.

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Twins Jack and Holman Wang, from British Columbia, have hit upon a new and fun way to bring the classics to small children. I picked this up while at Chapters because of the cover - I didn't know whether to laugh or not, but the fact that it's pretty funny (the concept and execution) to adults probably helps make it fun to read over and over again, because believe me, the kids LOVE this book!Each double-page spread features a photo illustration on one side - all made out of felt and model sets b [...]

The nuances of Pride and Prejudice suffer from this brief summation of the novel. The illustrations are bright, charming and well intentioned but I fear that they do not help explain the plot. It seems like two homosexual males are forced by societal pressures to find wives to marry. The brown haired sister is abused by one of them and rightfully refuses his offer at marriage. Her sister sadly just get sick and apparently recovers in time to get caught up in the farce. The book seems to be domin [...]

Reader, I bought it. Okay, I've gotten a reminder that Austen doesn't call her readers Reader. Now I don't have anything to say about this book, except that Heathcliff's frown on a felted figurine is quite affective. Just kidding. I know it's not Heathcliff; it's Darcy.

So, so cute! I love this beautiful board book. 12 words, 12 beautiful illustrations. My daughter hasn't quite reached the point of just looking at the book, she mostly chews on it (she is 7 months old;), but I know she will love the illustrations when she is older! And I'm excited that she owns her first Jane Austen book!

The misadventures and ultimate romance between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are delightfully presented in twelve words and twelve accompanying illustrations. This book is perfect for young children who have curious minds and who enjoy long or intricate stories. What better way to introduce them to beloved characters than through key words symbolic of key plot moments? Children can learn the story of Austen’s masterpiece through this charming, well-illustrated book, which will serve as a stepping st [...]

Awesome idea, and a must-have for Austen-fans, I think. :D I guess you could read it with your toddler, too, giving you the opportunity to tell them the story while looking at the adorable pictures, but it wouldn't make sense if you don't know the story really well. For me, it's the brilliance of the idea: twelve moments from the story, summarised in one word each and illustrated with needle-felted dolls, shot in wonderful photos - and there you are, the whole of Pride and Prejudice lovingly tol [...]

It is twelve words long. "Muddy" is my favorite.

my two year old boy is obsessed with this book. it's so fun to hear him tell me about Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley. who know a two year old could learn the plot of Pride and Predjudice? five stars for sure

Jane Austen’s tale of love, friendship, and family is now within the grasp of the youngest members of society. Pride and Prejudice is told as never before through needle-felted characters and twelve easy words that will capture its audience’s interest. This book is perfect to take hold of yet another generation of possible Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth fans.Jack and Holman Wang’s interpretation of this timeless classic is fodder for the imagination as the lack of sentences and word-covered pages [...]

E' possibile raccontare un grande, grandissimo classico in dodici parole e scene chiave?Fino a ieri avrei detto di no, poi grazie a Netgalley mi son capitati sul monitor i primi volumetti di questa serie, ed è stato prima stupore, poi delizia, poi sincero amore.Friends. Sisters. Dance. Mean. Sick. Muddy. Yes?. No!. Write. Read. Walk. Marry.Mi direte: solo chi conosce bene il romanzo può ricostruire la storia grazie a queste briciole di pane - ed è vero; ma la vera meraviglia è il percorso tr [...]

Let me follow in the footsteps of this book and limit my review to only 12 words.My cozy classic review:Bizarre. Felted. Funny. Amusing. Short. Strange. Limited. Abridged. Missing. Weird. Simplistic. Stilted.Obviously I haven't completely sorted out my thoughts for this book. On one hand, I love the idea of a Pride and Prejudice board book, on the other hand, I don't think a board book can do the Jane Austen story justice. I did think the felted illustrations were pretty amazing though. It was s [...]

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is one of my favorite novels EVER, so I definitely need to own COZY CLASSICS: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!!! Told through twelve child friendly words and twelve beautiful illustrations, the book conveys the essence of the story in such a manner that is very conducive to early readers of board books.I definitely would love to own all of the Cozy Classics, and I've been totally inspired to reread Pride and Prejudice again, after seeing these adorable little felt dolls acting it out thr [...]

New outlook for classic stories.This is the kind of book that only encourages imagination. The book has only 12 words, that you or your kid can use as a base point for retelling the tale yourself. Original plush illustrations transform the story into a kind of movie. I love when the books for kids are made in such a unique way. They let you be creative.

A beautifully made book, the only page that was missing was "SURPRISE" (Elizabeth seeing Mr. Darcy come out of the water). If you collect Pride & Prejudice this is a must for your collection! If you have babies, this is a must for your library.

Absolutely adorable! Slightly annoyed that the adorable felted Mr. Darcy was modeled after Matthew McFadyen and not the awesome Colin Firth, but not enough to deter the enjoyment that there is a P&P board book! In the public library for all the little future Janeites!!How wonderful!

I think the best part of this book is that if you know the story, you can totally follow it, even though it's only 1 word per page.

I’m giving this 4 stars simply because of the absolutely adorable felt illustrations. And because I love Pride and Prejudice and all things Jane Austen. I appreciate the efforts to create a book which introduces children to my favorite book, but I fear the single words are far too ambiguous and would confuse children. Perhaps this is perfect for the Austen mega-fan parent reading to an infant, to give said parent something to geek over while reading to a child who cannot fully comprehend a sto [...]

Intended to bring the classics to children, this is a board book with 12 words. Knowing the story, I can follow along but I disagree with the idea of it bringing the classics to kids. But, I've never liked the dumbing down of stories to appeal to lower reading levels. I did enjoy the Darcy page with the word mean. Well, played!

10/10, would read again. I laughed. The fastest way to tell this story, ever. Let's not even mention Darcy's crazy ass aunt.

A sweet introduction to classic literature with the story set out in single word references for young readers.

More for Jane fans than for the kid. Although I do like that it sort of tells the story.

I love this book as a baby gift! It amuses me to no end! I know many people in the lit community turn their noses up at these, but I just love them!

-------------------| Blog | Facebook | Twitter |-------------------4.5 AustenTenemos un clásico llevado a un estilo muy particular por Jack and Holman Wang dirigido a un público infantil. Es ideal para que padres e hijos compartan momentos de calidad y a su vez inicien a sus hijos en la lectura, ya sea contándoles a modo de cuento o inventando a partir del contenido del libro.Su mecanismo es mostrar la historia a partir de 12 conceptos que significan algo en esta historia acompañada de su re [...]

This is a great book for small children. I read it to my son (3 1/2) and his friend (4 1/2), who were fascinated by the beautiful illustrations and very engaged in the simple text.Unlike the average one-word-per-page board book aimed at tiny tots and fairly concrete concepts (pets, colours, stuff in your house, etc) this Cozy Classic presents more complex ideas: friends, sisters, dance, mean, yes?, no! (I'd hate to spoil the plot by going further). This allows a few different approaches to readi [...]

As the title says - this book is cozy, and cute! This is a great way to introduce wee ones to the classics.The perfectly picked dozen words and accompanying adorable pictures of needle-felt characters and scenes illustrate the fact that you can say a lot with little. Granted, the adult who is holding the book and relating the story to the wee one here needs to be familiar with the classic but the book still serves its purpose of being a stepping-stone to these great classics. I am looking forwar [...]

Okay, this is one of those complicated books that really deserves different ratings depending on the audience. Board books are traditionally mean for toddlers. For the most part, toddlers are not verbal enough to completely understand the plot of Pride and Prejudice even if an adult is there to explain it to them. They might enjoy the pictures of felt dolls and a discussion of some of what is going on, but they probably won't really be interested in the entire plot arc.Older children are less li [...]

As with Cozy Classics: Moby Dick, the Wangs' Pride and Prejudice-themed board book could have used a unifying theme to make the whole thing work better for infants and younger toddlers. Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice follows the series m.o. of twelve photographs of perfect needle-felted people and objects, each paired with a single descriptive word. However, Austen's plot is a little too complicated for a twelve-word synopsis that will make sense to a toddler, and the end result is a web of [...]

Good introduction to one of my favorite books. If you don't know what they mean by Cozy Classic: basically you have an image from the novel with a one word "summation" of that image on the facing page, so Pride and Prejudice begins with a image of felty Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy posed in front of the opening page of the "original" novel (It is a truth universally acknowledged yadda yadda yadda) with the word "friends" on the facing page. The next image is felty Jane and Lizzie Bennett and the wo [...]

First off, let's be clear: You don't READ this book (there are probably only 10 words in it, one per page) as much as feast on its visual delights. Each photo is a carefully crafted 'staging' of felt needle-sculpted dolls. There is Elizabeth, of course, and Darcy and Bingley, Jane--and that's about it for P&P characters. The opening page shows Bingley and Darcy dolls, with the word "friends" superimposed over the photo. The next page, I think, shows Elizabeth and the word "Dance" shows up. Y [...]

This is an adorable, beautifully illustrated board book version of Pride and Prejudice which is designed to allow the classics to be shared with small children, but which will undoubtedly be appreciated by Austen fans of all ages. The story is efficiently reduced to twelve words—friends, sisters, dance, mean, sick, muddy, yes?, no!, write, read, walk, marry—and four characters—Jane, Bingley, Lizzy and Darcy. The book would make an excellent, creative jumping off point for reading aloud to [...]

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