The Queen's Confidante

Karen Harper

The Queen's Confidante

The Queen's Confidante

  • Title: The Queen's Confidante
  • Author: Karen Harper
  • ISBN: 9780091947330
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback

In a gripping historical novel of suspense and romance from the national bestselling author of The Queen s Governess, two women fight to defeat the enemies of the precarious Tudor monarchy by uncovering the secrets of the dead London, 1501 In a time of political unrest, Varina Westcott, a young widow and candle maker for court and church, agrees to perform a clandestinIn a gripping historical novel of suspense and romance from the national bestselling author of The Queen s Governess, two women fight to defeat the enemies of the precarious Tudor monarchy by uncovering the secrets of the dead London, 1501 In a time of political unrest, Varina Westcott, a young widow and candle maker for court and church, agrees to perform a clandestine service for Queen Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII carve wax figures of four dead children, two of her offspring lost in infancy and her two brothers, the Princes of the Tower, whose mysterious disappearance years ago has never been solved Having lost a child herself, Varina feels a sympathetic bond with the queen And as she works under the watchful eye of handsome Nicholas Sutton, an ambitious assistant to the royals, she develops feelings of quite a different nature Then news comes from Wales of the unexpected death of newly married Prince Arthur, the queen s eldest child and heir to the throne Deeply grieving, Elizabeth suspects that Arthur did not die of a sudden illness, as reported, but was actually murdered by her husband s enemies This time her task for Varina and Nicholas is of vital importance travel into the Welsh wilderness to investigate the prince s death But as the couple unearths one unsettling clue after another, they begin to fear that the conspiracy they re confronting is far ambitious and treacherous than even the queen imagined And it aims to utterly destroy the Tudor dynasty.

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WINNER OF GR GIVEAWAYEven with all the Tudor hoopla; little seems to be known about Elizabeth of York, the mother of Henry VIII. Karen Harper’s “Mistress of Mourning” attempts to offer an insight into Elizabeth’s view of the disappearance of her princely brothers and of the death her son, Arthur. “Mistress of Mourning” instantly off put my reading satisfaction by introducing the character of Varina Wescott with nothing more than elementary flair. Instead of “living” through or ev [...]

I got halfway through and skipped to the author's notes. I don't think this one is for me. I knew it would be light HF and I liked the idea that it covered Elizabeth of York's years as Queen (something new) but I didn't realize this was going to be a far fetched mystery. It started off fresh with the main character (Varina) in her wax shop missing her son, who had passed away. A suitor was pursuing her, which she wasn't thrilled with and then Nicholas walked into her store with a Royal request. [...]

Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.Can I be honest? I think it helped that I didn’t have any expectations going into this one. I was excited about the premise of Karen Harper’s Mistress of Mourning but because I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about the book, I wasn’t upset that it fell on the lighter side of historic fiction. The story isn’t bad, I just think if I’d been craving a hard hitting historic piece as is more my norm, this one w [...]

One of my favorite periods of history is the War of the Roses and the Tudor Dynasty that starts after. In this book we have Elizabeth the Good, wife of Henry VII, who is grieving the loss of two of her children and her perceived part in the loss of her brothers, the Princes who were lost in the Tower. Elizabeth hires Varina Westcott to make wax effigies of them and ends up enlisting her to help discover if her son, Prince Arthur, was killed. Varina falls in love with Nick, who helps her in her h [...]

Too modern, too chatty, too light, too ridiculous, too scattered, too bad.

Set squarely in the world of 16th century merchants, our heroine, Varina Westcott, is a young widow with a thriving candle-making business. Mourning the loss of her infant son, Varina devotes her time to making beautiful, lifelike angel candles which are sold illicitly as she isn’t a member of the city’s powerful candle-making guild. As if fending off her predatory suitor isn't challenge enough, she accepts a mysterious commission from the royal palace, which, unsurprisingly, has an enormous [...]

An engrossing read, this book contains a bit of everything. There’s a romance, mystery, historical tidbits, and suspense. The rousing tale of two women caught up in the strictures of grief overcoming it to solve the mystery of who’s gunning for the Tudor dynasty kept me on the edge of my seat. I liked that the author was able to balance the different elements into one streaming and smooth story.I especially liked Varina. She’s got guts, courage, and a caring heart. Though a bit blind at ti [...]

I reviewed this book for luxuryreadingThe twisting mysteries throughout Mistress of Mourning were a pleasant surprise as I was expecting a more traditional historical fiction story. Karen Harper presents tiny pieces of the puzzle throughout the narrative with the final pieces not falling into place until the very end. She gives us clear answers to the questions regarding the disappearance of the Princes of the Tower as well as the death of Prince Arthur and even gives reasons why she reached the [...]

What a great read!! Varina Wescott has been sworn to secrecy by Queen Elizabeth of York, having been commissioned to sculpt effigies of her dead children and her missing brothers in the tower. As Varina deals with her overbearing suitor, and her growing affection for Nicholas Sutton, she is trying to figure out many things about herself and her future. When she is asked by Queen Elizabeth to go with Nicholas Sutton to Wales to attend to the body of the Prince, after his untimely death, and to fi [...]

this was a great book for those who enjoy mysteries set in the Tudor period--specifically Henry VII--and also has intersting insight into the murders of the 2 princes in the Tower and also young Prince Arthur Tuor, who died supposedly of a sudden illness. The book is told from the POV of a young woman chandler/waxmaker named Varina Westcott who is summoned to the palace to work for the Queen Elizabeth of York, who wants her to make wax effigies of her two dead children, one of whom was a baby, a [...]

Akhirnya, setelah sebulan membaca dengan ogah-ogahan dan diselingi light novel jepang kekinian, aku bisa menamatkan novel ini. Penyebabnya lagi-lagi, kualitas terjemahan yang sungguh mengerikan. Typo dan susunan kalimat yang bagaikan di-copy langsung dari google translate sangat mengganggu saat membaca. Bagi para penerjemah, mohon perhatiannya.Ceritanya sendiri berada di sekitar kehidupan seorang pengukir lilin dan Elizabeth of York. Penulisan dengan menggunakan sudut pandang orang pertama untuk [...]

What I liked:– that the main character was initially an outsider from the Tudor Court. – Varina, was a character of many layers. She was proud when she needed to be, and highly heartbroken after the loss of her two children. – The bond between Varina and Elizabeth of York. It was so beautifully written and my favorite part of the book.– The dual perspective between Varina and Elizabeth of York. It was beautifully done and flowed from one narrator to the other clearly.– The characterisa [...]

Terjemahannya agak annoying sih, tapi seru thrillnya berasa. Sebetulnya agak ketebak endingnya gimana dan Varina yang craving for Nick itu somehow annoying juga. But overall seru sih, walau di tengah sedikit bosan, tapi di akhir enjoy lagi :)

Interesting story about a commoner in the time of Henry VII. Her interaction with a grieving Queen Elizabeth of York was sensitive and evocative at the same time.

Loved this medieval romance and action thriller! Candle sculptor and knight solve a mystery, find love, and show us a different view of Henry VIII's parents.

Love historical fiction and Karen Harper wrote a great book. I love how she gave us a story about Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, Varina was a great character in the story, love how she uses it and it makes the storytelling even more interesting.

One star is being generous!

Firstly, I'd like to thank and the Penguin Group: I won this novel as part of the First Reads program.Although the novel opens on the young widow and candlemaker, Varina Wescott, the tale revolves around not one, but two women -- the other one being Queen Elizabeth, wife to King Henry VII and mother of the future King Henry VIII. The story is mainly told from Varina's point of view, but parts of it are narrated by the Queen.Varina is a talented candlemaker, running her deceased husband's shop w [...]

This novel took a while for me to get into it (about 100 pages) but once I did I found the characters to be very vivid and the plot suspenseful. Unfortunately though it then fizzled out towards the end, with loose ends abruptly tied together in a way that gave no real closure to the character's stories. I would have given this novel a solid four stars if not for the ending.The middle of the novel though, the 'bulk' of it, was very entertaining. The author has created a mystery surrounding a disc [...]

When I heard about this book, I was incredibly excited to read it. Tudor mania is a big business, with many books contributing to it, but only a small number of those books ever bother to feature Elizabeth of York in any real detail. So, hearing that the first Tudor Queen was going to be one of the principle characters of the book had captured my interest.(view spoiler)[Ultimately, however, I was disappointed with the overall result. The main character, Varina Westcott, lacked any real depth to [...]

The book has three mysteries at the heart - was Arthur Tudor really murdered (I confess this is a new theory to me and not sure how credible this is), what happened to the so-called Princes in the Tower and what became of Lord Lovell after the Battle of Stoke. Personally, I think the latter is done a great disservice here, based on the historical knowns of his character. Even so, what happens and with the hero and heroine's consent is pretty horrific - yes, I know the historical basis for this, [...]

I have now read several books by Karen Harper, and I find her to be, as another reviewer said, hit-or-miss. I first read The First Princess of Wales (about Joan of Kent, wife to the Black Prince and mother to Richard II) several years ago and quite enjoyed itbut then there seems to be so little about that period in comparison to the oft-mined Tudor era. I was fairly happy with The Last Boleyn (though not as much as with TFPOW), but again, Mary Boleyn typically gets short shrift compared to her m [...]

Engaging plot, brave heroine and historical backdrop? Yes please! Mistress of Mourning by Karen Harper is an interesting, compelling read with vivid descriptions, an original heroine and the rich tapestry of early 16th century Britain.Varina Westcott, widow and wax-worker is hired by Elizabeth, wife of Henry VII, to create wax effigies of her brothers who disappeared from the Tower all those years ago. When Elizabeth's eldest son Arthur dies in his new home is Wales, the queen sends Varina and t [...]

Mistress of Mourning was the second novel I have read by Karen Harper. It was set in the earlier days of the Tudor dynasty, in the reign of Henry VII, and focused largely on the death of Arthur, Prince of Wales. The premise was interesting - a widowed chandler, Varina Westcott, is hired by the queen, Elizabeth of York, to carve effigies of her dead children and her missing brothers, the Princes in the Tower. Varina becomes the queen's confidant and she is hired, along with the king's man Nick Su [...]

I had high hopes for Mistress of Mourning. The time period is interesting, and the idea of a mystery surrounding the death of Prince Arthur, the son and heir of Henry VII and his wife, Elizabeth of York, sounded promising. Unfortunately, the author's history is, at times, quite sloppy. Now, I'm not expecting an academic treatise on the subject, but it would be nice if the author got such things as names and titles correct. For example, the author repeatedly refers to King Richard III as "Richard [...]

This was one of those books. As in one of, I mean if I didn't need a Q book asap I would have dumped this and carried on my way. This was one of those books that does make me shy away from historical fiction. It was set after the War of the Roses, and is talking about Henry and his family since he won. And his wife Elizabeth's (formerly of York) desire to have wax effigies made of the dead. And she gets a commoner to do this. And then tells her all her secrets. And there is a sexy knight. You al [...]

Varina Westcott, candle maker, is a widow who has also just lost her son She makes beautiful angel candles w/ the face of her child on them & gives/sells them to very few The candle guild is angry for Varina is not a member (she's female), and she is accepting small payments for an item that they have not approved nor priced.To make matters worse, wealthy widower & well thought of guild member Christopher Gage is pushing Varina into a betrothal that she is doing her best to avoid and hav [...]

I had high hopes for The Queen's Confidante after enjoying Harper's 'The Queen's Governess' previously. Unfortunately this book didn't live up to expectations. This was mostly because I found the story unbelieveable and too far fetched. I know it's historical fiction, and I don't mind a bit of a twist on fact, but this was just a bit too silly in places for me to take it seriously.The book starts well where we meet widow Varina Wescott a candle maker that runs a successful shop. Because of how s [...]

"Just think on it -- us making candles for the royal wedding," my brother-in-law, Gil, called to me from the door of the wax workshop.Varina Westcott is a candle maker in London n 1501, when she is mysteriously summoned to the palace to perform a service for the queen. Queen Elizabeth of York wants Varina to carve 4 wax figures to represent her lost children and lost brothers, the Princes in the Tower. When the queen's son, Prince Arthur, dies under mysterious circumstances, Varina and handsome [...]

A suspense story and historical of two remarkable women in the England of 1501-Varena Westcott a candle maker who mourns for her late husband, and one of her sons, while carving out beautiful wax models and bringing up her other little boy.And Queen Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Edward IV, the sister of the princes in the tower and Queen of King Henry VII (as well as the mother of the future King Henry VIII)Elizabeth of York's face was also what the the face of the Queen in playing card dec [...]

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