Distant Rumblings


Distant Rumblings

Distant Rumblings

  • Title: Distant Rumblings
  • Author: JohnGoode
  • ISBN: 9781613724408
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback

Lords of Arcadia Act One Kane Vess may be gay, but he is also extraordinarily ordinary a crushing weight in Athens, Iowa, where a person s worth is measured by his uniqueness But when he meets the school s newest student, Kane s ordinariness seems to evaporate He is desperate to get to know the mysterious stranger and that leads him into danger.Hawk is an exile froLords of Arcadia Act OneKane Vess may be gay, but he is also extraordinarily ordinary a crushing weight in Athens, Iowa, where a person s worth is measured by his uniqueness But when he meets the school s newest student, Kane s ordinariness seems to evaporate He is desperate to get to know the mysterious stranger and that leads him into danger.Hawk is an exile from his homeland, an otherworldly traveler with impossible abilities and a changeling bodyguard He s generally disappointed in Earth, which seems common except for Kane But while Hawk and Kane explore their mutual interest, the forces that made Hawk an exile are busy tracking him down Kane s newfound feelings pull him into Hawk s shadowy fantasy world, where he learns he needs to grow up fast Kane s life may now be extraordinary, but if he isn t careful it could cost him everyone he holds dear including Hawk.

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Even better on the second read!!!And what was way cool is that I noticed more of the little clues John is leaving throughout the book. BR with Paul :D - August 2015----------------------------------------------------------First read October 2014BR with Julie, Elsbeth and Momo!Hy! *waves* I could just say this is a John Goode book and leave it at that and everybody would know what I mean and scurry off to read it! (at least they better know what I mean, if not what's wrong with you?)"Distant Rumb [...]

4 StarsHoly cliffhanger Batman!!!Thank god I’m starting this series late and have plenty of already released sequels to keep myself busy, or else I’d be in a slight panic right now with an ending like that! Unfair, Mr. Goode, totally unfair!This was an extremely pleasing and unique YA fantasy story. I'll admit that the writing style took a bit of getting used to, with most of the story being told in first person narrative by the relatable human MC, Kane, while the rest of the story was told [...]

I just got Drop Kicked by AWESOME BABY!!Wow I loved this story! John Goode has such a knack for writing great teenage characters. This story kepy me smiling, laughing and nodding in delighted approval the whole time.Kane Vess is your average emo/snarky teenage boy. He lives in a corky little Hippie town called Athens, Iowa (and if you live in a corky little hippie town like Ithaca, NY ,Athens and its nuttiness is extra fun to read about I assure you!) he lives with his dad, and has a best friend [...]

3.75 stars. A promising start to a fun YA fantasy series. The author combines his talent for portraying young love with an entertaining tale of adventure and magic. Kane is totally embarrassed by his hippie hometown of Athens, Iowa and his dorky flute-playing father. He is the only gay boy in the village (sorry, I had to say that - fans of Little Britain will know what I mean!) and he's resigned to never having a boyfriend. Until one day he sees the gorgeous and mysterious Hawk at school. Hawk i [...]

4.5 stars - I really enjoyed this book. The first-person narrator has a wonderful teen-boy voice and viewpoint, the world-building is great (and made more detailed by interwoven third person observations from the principal players.) The story kept my rapt attention as it went off in unexpected ways. There were strong and somewhat unusual secondary characters, and plenty of action. This is a YA small-town urban (suburban?) fantasy that may move into alternate worlds fantasy with future volumes. J [...]

The problem with Athens, Iowa was that it was not normal enough for Kane Vess. That's a funny thing for a young gay guy to think, but it's true. The town is full of eccentrics, and the more outrageous the personality, the better. So for Kane, he just wants to get the hell out of high school and go to college. Find a boyfriend. Bermal.Then this gorgeous hunk of a guy, a new student at school, runs Kane through with a sword and everything in his life changes. There's no damage, but what. the. hell [...]

I have to say I really enjoyed this book. I found Kane to be an engaging main character. Growing up in a small town I can empathize with his desire to get away. I like that he read like a teenager, and that he was far from perfect. I found Hawk harder to take, and while he does makes some good points about human society, his arrogance, and high handed manner really grated on my nerves. That's when this book really worked for me, because instead of just giving into the boy he's falling in love wi [...]

4.5*Kane Vess a 16 year old living in Athens Iowa " Hippie Central " where everyone is unique or extraordinary and even the fast food places have interesting and unusual names ( Rice Rice Baby, for the Chinese takeout place). The problem is Kane is pretty ordinary and boring, his claim to fame is being the only gay kid in town.He lives with his widowed father, a flautist and spends all his time with best friend Jewel.He is just biding his time until he can finally leave Athens, that is until he [...]

Technicality: multiple POV; Kane is written as 1st person, while the rest are written as 3rd personAs much as I want to lower the star rating because CLIFF-HANGER ON BOOK IS EVIL!!!! but I also have to be fair, since the story charms me from beginning to end.Kane Vess is the only openly gay teenager in Athens, Iowa -- or also well-known as Hippieville :). Kane's voice is quirky and funny. Just like the other teenagers from the pen of John Goode's, Kane is simply a fun to read. The way he describ [...]

I have begun this review 4 times. Each time I tried to think of a clever way to pull together all of the elements that made this book shine. In one, I began to tell you of a talking cat (think changeling), or better yet a talking ruby--and please don't make the mistake of offending him by calling him a diamond. I began to tell you how this cat--well this changeling, for cat was only one of its many forms, was the bodyguard of the Prince. But more than that, he was in love with himever, the love [...]

He was he was inside of me somehow, and I knew I was inside of him. There was something pulling us together, and I didn't care anymore if I was in danger.[]Oh God, I sounded like a Disney princess.I have my thoughts in a knot and don't know where to start with this review. I'm sorry but it looks like this is gonna be some random thoughts, one after the other.—> Athens, Kane's hometown, is nothing like Foster (the small town from John's other series), and I found the contrast very smart and [...]

I’m saying this right up front, I normally don’t review books but in this case, I felt compelled to do so. In a society full of sparkly vampires and post-apocalyptic games over food, the genre of fantasy has exploded all over the place and Distant Rumblings is one of the newest H-Bombs to hit the Earth.I have never read a book so quickly and so relatable in quite some time. Growing up in Long Island, I (much like Kane) felt so out of place in the town I lived in and dreamed of getting the he [...]

First read 02/16/13. I really enjoyed this book. Do yourself a favor, don't start this without having access to the sequel!Re-Read 01/29/15 in preparation to read The Unseen Tempest. Still 5 Stars!

My review of Distant Rumblings.This book was provided by Harmony Ink Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

3.5 stars? 3.75? Somewhere around there, rounded up.A nice start to a new series, with a funny voice in the MC Kane, a snarky best friend named Jewel, funny "lost in translation" like dialogue, and maybe a curious peek into the worlds we might see in the future of the series (I won't give it away but you've heard of them before).Kane is the most normal high school boy in Athens, Iowa. Raised by his flautist father in a community of ex-hippies, vegans, and all around "original" souls, he ends up [...]

Having enjoyed Goode’s Foster High novels, which are firmly grounded in reality, I was intrigued as to how he would tackle something more fantastical. Much as I suspected, he pulls it off brilliantly. This first installment in the Lords of Arcadia series has two boys from utterly different worlds exploring an unlikely but powerful attraction, while danger closes in on them from all sides. Magic, intense emotion, and fast-pace action have been brought together to create a book I found to be bot [...]

I just finished the second of John Goode's fantasy YA series "Eye of the Storm." I ended up frustrated because there's CLEARLY a third book to follow these two, and the ending was a cliff-hanger.I hate cliff-hangers. Arrgh.But I do like John Goode's writing - and these two books make for a great Harry-Potter-like experience for a gay teenager - with the kind of self-affirming and romantic message that these books need to have. I would have DIED to have these books when I was 15. Died.The first b [...]

I was so impressed with John Goode's "Foster High" novels that I had the urge to read more of his work right off, and I started with "Distant Rumblings."Here we have a story where the realms of Faerie and the mortal world collide. It's been a while since I read a novel about the Fae--I generally enjoy these sorts of stories, and this one was no exception.The tone of the story is a bit lighter than that of the Foster High books, with some humour on display as Kane tries to explain the mortal worl [...]

To summarize in one line - I want more!As I'm reading this on my Kindle and seeing how far I am and where I am in the story, I'm thinking, "I'm going to be left hanging, aren't I?" and.I was!And as serious as I am about wanting more, I was also so impressed with this book, I loved it, I love the character of Kane, Hawk has his moments, especially when he's trying to make changes for Kane. And Ruber, absolutely gets some of the best lines!It's unfortunate that Kane's bestfriend could not have bee [...]

Kane is an ordinary boy, living in the not so ordinary town of Athens, Iowa. Doomed to be the only gay teenager in a town of unique people, he is surprised one day to get a glimpse of a gorgeous guy no one else seems to see.Hawk is the prince and heir to the throne of Arcadia, sent to hide on Earth due to the political turmoil in his world. He struggles to understand the strange ways of the people there. But there is one thing he doesn't struggle with, and that is his attraction to Kane that see [...]

I really, REALLY loved this book! I've enjoyed John Goode's other books, but they didn't rock my world. This one - oh yeah. The world building is wonderful fun, incorporating Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, the Pied Piper, and more into a great YA adventure. I only wish that I had discovered this when all of the books in the series had been written so I could read them one after another. As it is, I'll just have to wait impatiently like everyone else.Write faster, John!!

I liked this book, already looking forward to the sequel, as this was left on quite a cliffhanger. Very likable characters in Kane and Hawk. They were sweet and often funny together. I am still hoping for some redemption for the Spike character. A good read, one I would recommend.

Loved this book. It had great characters and was really laugh out loud funny at times. The pop culture references were brilliant and the story was exciting and well thought out, and I particularly loved the connection between certain popular books and the worlds and characters in this story. Fab!

Review to come BR, October 1st with Julie, Sonia and Momo.

If you're a fan of fantasy and witty dialog you should give this one a go. I can't wait to read the next one that will take us to other realms Goode created an awesome world full of interesting characters

How dare he do this to me? I don't like fantasy stories. Not at all. And now John Goode has got me reading one, and worse yet liking it? This just is unacceptable. Before you know it I'll have to read the sequel. I must go hide my head in shame.

I normally hate cliffhangers but cannot wait for the next one. But please add in more sex please!!! Lol

I absolutely loved this novel but the one thing that turned me off was the damn cliff-hanger at the end. UGH!After getting that off my chest, I can tell you that this story stars Kane Vess. He lives in Athens, Iowa, where being unique is ten times more important than wearing a damn label on your forehead. I loved Kane so much. He was unique and funny. Hawk, on the other hand, was the bomb. He was so mysterious that he immediately caught Kane’s attention. But as I said before, being unique was [...]

Mind blowing, collision of worlds and realms tale.It is so much more then your average fairy tale. Don't be shy, dig deeper and you'll spot lots of interesting clues of the world's beyond. There are many cross-references with Shakespearean "Midsummer Night's Dream", Fairy Realm, Greek mythology and Fairy Tales and don't forget our modern day ways of life. It's an "I spy with my little eye" challenge. It's a puzzle with thousands pieces that requires a questing mind to set the picture right.I lov [...]

3.5-4 StarsI was really looking forward to reading this book. The premise sounded interesting and I really enjoy YA. Overall it was a pretty solid read but fell just a bit flat for me. I think the problem for me was Hawk. He felt self absorbed and a little bit like an asshole. I understand who he was and how he did/will change but I found it hard to really like him. Kane I liked. Ruber I liked. Jewel was meh. Spike I liked but pitied. I thought the strongest parts were the back story/history and [...]

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