Brave Are the Lonely

Heather Long

Brave Are the Lonely

Brave Are the Lonely

  • Title: Brave Are the Lonely
  • Author: Heather Long
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When the spirit fever struck a town, a village or an outpost, it left few if any survivors The white man blamed the Indian saying they used their mojo on them The Indians blamed the white man for angering the spirits The survivors knew it didn t matter The Fevered were forever changed.When death seemed preferable Mourning his mate drove fevered wolf shifter Cody out ofWhen the spirit fever struck a town, a village or an outpost, it left few if any survivors The white man blamed the Indian saying they used their mojo on them The Indians blamed the white man for angering the spirits The survivors knew it didn t matter The Fevered were forever changed.When death seemed preferable Mourning his mate drove fevered wolf shifter Cody out of Texas, but a brother s need drags him back from the brink and good deeds never go unpunished Gypsy princess Mariska only wants to protect her people and her freedom, but a dangerous choice puts her on a collision course with an angry wolf the best thing that could happen to him When Cody touches Mariska, his wolf cannot escape the hunger that fills him For Mariska, Cody s touch brings her a pleasure she never imagined, but is it enough to heal his fractured soul was the last thing he expected.As danger stalks all three of them, they must confront who they are or risk losing Cody forever.His wolf His woman His way.

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DAMN I LOVE THIS SERIES! It's definitely one of my favorites- the books are magic! This book is a million times sexier than the last one, and the sex was so H-A-W-T scorching! There's nothing more wonderful than a romance with an excellent story AND great sex, but especially in historical romance the love scenes are often not that riveting these books are an absolute exception, the hot scenes are AMAZING!There was nothing I didn't love about this story- Cody is a wonderful hero and Mariska his p [...]

Posted on Romancing the Book's blogReviewed by SherriReview Copy Provided by the AuthorCody Morningstar’s wolf is in mourning for a lost love. Cody the man is struggling with the balance of man and wolf when the stakes are raised and he encounters Mariska, a fiery traveler. Their relationship burns up the pages as they are stalked by Distain seeking revenge against Cody’s wolf. In the final encounter we learn that Distain has a secret of his own that tests both man and wolf.Kid Kane features [...]

A beautifully written paranormal romance, second in a series, that pulls the reader forward through the story that is populated with shifters, dreamers, workers of Native American art and magic, and a few gypsies thrown in. It is a clash of cultures and shifters with non-shifters, an interesting internal struggle between a man and his inner wolf (one of the most interesting internal debates of this kind I have encountered in paranormal fiction) and the ability of love and family loyalty to hold [...]

I received this book when I won a contest and I had no idea until I started reading that it was part of a series. It took me a little bit to work out the world that Heather Long has created, but once I had my feet under me I really enjoyed the book.The story’s main romance is between Cody a wolf shifter and Mariska a gypsy girl. Cody is traveling west in his wolf form with Kid Kane as his riding partner. Both Kid and Cody are running from their pasts. Cody’s wolf had decided that his adopted [...]

The fever took everyone Cody loved and left him changed forever. Now he is two beings, human and wolf. His wolf saw a mate in a woman he couldn’t have. The wolf wanted to leave the family Cody had claimed since he changed to find death, but Kid Kane changed his mind. Kid is also running from something. Now the two wander the west in search of what they do not know but what they find will change their lives forever.Mariska is a Gypsy princess traveling with her clan when they are brutally attac [...]

Heather Long has brought us the much anticipated sequel of Marshall of Hel Dorado with the release of BRAVE ARE THE LONELY. We finally get to see behind the mystery that is surrounding Cody and his wolf. The battle of wills that dominates this character leads to an exciting adventure that will make is almost impossible to put down. I was reading this book during a large reader’s conference and I was picking it up during every spare moment I could find. Being able to experience Cody’s struggl [...]

Great StoryThis is the 2nd book of this series I've read. I usually don't read this kind of stories, but this author has me hooked. I don't want to tell you about what all characters are gifted with. Just take my word this is great book that you won't want to stop reading.

YES, YES – Fantastic!!!! Highly recommended. The “Fevered Hearts” series’ story line, its action, its characters are perfect, this is not your usual Western-Cowboy read, it is an exciting addictive page turner. Can’t wait to start the next book

MY REVIEW COURTESY OF FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS:Brave Are the LonelyFevered Hearts 2 After he lost his mate to another man, Cody left Texas with scarcely a backwards glance. With no destination in mind and only Kid for company, Cody's plan is to go until his wolf's grief becomes too much, then die. That all changes when he and Kid awaken to find the Gypsy princess, Mariska, left tied to a wagon as a gift. Suddenly, Cody is feeling more alive than he has in a while and the future no longer looks so bl [...]

Oh I can gush about this book all day long. I loved it. Getting to see more into Cody and his wolf and how they are faring is fantastic.Brave are the Lonely is book two in the Fevered Heart series. It starts a month after book one (Marshal of Hel Dorado) ended. We see how the journey for both Kid and Cody has gone. When they both left the Flying K ranch right after Sam and Scarlett’s wedding at the end of the first book, we are left wondering where they’ve gone and how they are doing. Well i [...]

Wow! What a wonderful story set in the old west, the Romany Travelers add a different twist to the story. The story is well written and the characters are diverse and strong willed. This is the second book in the Fevered Heart series. I have not had the chance to read the first book , but had no problem following the story. Cody was changed into a wolf shifter by the fever, which the Travelers call the Devil's Kissed. Cody and his wolf are conflicted, neither wants to give up control. Cody's wol [...]

This is an original review from bookedandloaded - this title was personally purchased and all opinions are my own. Original rating 4.5/5Brave Are the Lonely is the second installment in Heather Long’s Fevered Hearts series and follows Cody. Cody is a wolf shifter whos wolf is still in love with Scarlet, but the man is not.Cody is a deeply complex character. His wolf and him are two separate entities and I always enjoy this type of view on shifters. When the man has feelings for the Traveler’ [...]

This book is about Cody (a wolf shifter) and Mariska (a gyspy princess). It is full of emotion, romance, and struggle—Oh, and don’t let me forget the amazing SEX! Cody is licking wounds or a broken heart when he comes across Mariska and even though they fight it there is no denying it.Brave are the Lonely is book 2 in Heather Long’s Fevered Hearts series. I absolutely enjoyed book 1 Marshal of Hel Dorado, her writing twists really intrigued me and kept it exciting to read. Ms. Long has kep [...]

A good ending after a rocky startI really like Kid and Cody, who are traveling together after the events of the first novel. The beginning when it is just the two of them is great. The issue I had was I absolutely hands down hated Mariska. She's a spoiled and prideful gypsy princess who takes offense at an imagined slight and poisons the men who saved her life in retaliation. I could not stand to read anything about her from her introduction until she finally gets her $#!? together (which does t [...]

This is the second book in Heather Long's Fevered Heart series and it starts where the first book Marshal of Hel Dorado left off. I would call this series a historical western paranormal romance. So if any of that interests you, this is a must read!This book is about Cody and Marika's but Kid plays an important role. Cody's wolf is upset because he thinks he lost his mate. Kid has his own secrets and decides he needs to head west so Cody follows because he doesn't want the boy going alone. They [...]

The Series is complicated, intense, very dark (almost brutal) at times, and with an almost overwhelming number of characters, but nevertheless is still engaging.Author is gifted story teller and I got caught up in stories and wanted to keep reading to discover outcomes and how couples find their HEAs. By book 4 there is a very clear and intelligent examination of coming into a gift and the ethics of using a gift or talent.Although the first couple of books in the series were only 2 stars for me, [...]

Cody’s wolf was not happy when Scarlett chose Sam so he takes off with Kid after the wedding. Along the way they run into a Traveler Caravan under Indian attack and help them fight the attackers off. You would think Mariska, the headmans daughter, would have been a little more grateful than poisoning their food with a sleeping potion but her actions led to the wolf of her dreams.

This has become my favorite in the series Getting a bit of Kids story was nice, but finally seeing Cody find his happiness after he was so hurt when Scarlett married Sam was the bestI truly enjoyed the story and can't wait to read the next one.

Okay how did Kid get to be fevered without anyone else dying or being fevered as well? It was one thing when I thought that all the Kanes would be fevered but only one makes no sense. Either lots of people got sick and survived miraculously or nobody did but he still somehow got fevered anyway.

Second one was just as good as the first! immediately bought the next one, even with it being full price:)

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