The Quarry

Mark Allan Gunnells

The Quarry

The Quarry

  • Title: The Quarry
  • Author: Mark Allan Gunnells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition

THE COLLEGEPeaceful and idyllic, bordering picturesque Lake Limestone, known locally as the Quarry Until DALE awakens an ancient evil lurking deep beneath the waters Becomes one with it And EMILIO loses his best friend and wants to know why An obsession that will unravel the terrifying secrets ofTHE QUARRY.

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An absorbing tale of small town horror, involving a long dormant evil rising up from the waters of a quarry, and threading it's way into the populace. The fact that there is a college campus at the edge of these dark waters adds to the suspense, turning the "normal" insularity of a small town into a double edged sword, keeping it's secrets both within the community, and outside the boundaries of the college itself. Gunnells weaves an engaging story, portraying his characters with both a refreshi [...]

I'd like to give this story about 9 stars!!Excellently written, finely-detailed, good locale staging, with a keen eye for the horrific as a subtle leading up to the big noise, and that gentle contrast of “everything’s all right” propaganda with the concerns, anxieties, and fears of those in the know, the “old men” who labored in the quarry during its heyday, before its abrupt closure.I truly loved this book. It’s exciting, well-written, well-characterised. The author doesn’t telegr [...]

The Quarry is more than just a great horror tale. It has substance. Mr. Gunnells has written a classic tale of terror with wonderful characters, both likable and unlikable, and a bad-ass no-regards creature. Set in a small college town, the story revolves around an old quarry and the students of Limestone College and an evil that lurks there. If you like horror that isn't over the top, is solid in its telling, and deals with a bit of finding one's self, this is a book that you should read.

I now consider myself a Mark Allan Gunnells fan, even if I am not quite a horror fan. I think The Quarry, a "tale of ancient evil" set on the campus of a small private school, Limestone College, in Gaffney, SC, where there IS an old limestone quarry, now filled with water. These are places Gunnells knows well. He grew up in Gaffney and went to Limestone College, and he uses this intimate knowledge to make this a richer, a more textured tale. The Quarry, as locals call Lake Limestone, is a charac [...]

Traditional scream out loud horror with flesh and blood characters and a sense of foreboding from cover to cover. A straight-up fun read by a gifted new writer. Don't miss it!

The Quarry takes place at a picturesque college campus on the edge of a Quarry named Lake Limestone. The lake is 400 feet deep and the students are warned to stay away from it. It was formed in the 1950′s, when a work truck tapped into an underground spring, filling the quarry and leaving all the work vehicles at the bottom of the lake. At least thats the story that everyone thinks is the truth.One student on campus named Dale decides to find out what really lies at the bottom of the lake. He [...]

“THE QUARRY will wrap you by the throat, and slowly pull you into the madness below. Mark has a way of bringing supernatural evil down to reality. Reading THE QUARRY, you fall in love with his characters, only to fear when the Big-Bad comes for them.As a busy writer myself, and avid blogger, it took me a bit to finish this masterpiece. THE QUARRY is well written from page one, to the last. This is not a tale to read lightly. Like the quarry itself, this story runs deep. And the ending was perf [...]

If you like Stephen King -pre The Dark Tower series, then you will like this.I certainly did. I do most of my reading at night- and I found myself sharing what I had read the night before over breakfast the next morning. I only do that when I am really enjoying a book. The story was riveting and really well paced. I don't want to spoil it for future readers but I was left wanting to know more about the origins of the being- yet found it a satisfying tale in itself.I have already purchased "Asylu [...]

I'd be interested to hear what a younger reader made of this. I felt that there was too much 'domestic' and relationship detail that I could have worked out for myself, and, although the basis of the story was terrifying, the writing didn't convey the depth of terror that would have surrounded the events.

This story is set at a college, near an old abandoned mining quarry I work at one that's not abandoned lol so, I thought this would be a good way to start October off. I was right. This was a great book. The suspense and action are non-stop. No harm comes to the cinnamon rolls Lol Definately recommending this one. 4 out of 5 books.

A good story and it kept me interested for the most part. Some decent characters and a good plot throughout. A few minor things here and there probably could have been a little better, but nothing major that continued writing won't fix. I enjoyed it. Worth checking out.

Delivers Stephen King-style chills (ordinary people in extraordinary situations). The ending was not what I had hoped for!

Interesting, but I lost interest and just couldn't bring myself to go back. Dragged way too much in the middle.

Fun book to read; reminds me of books and movies from the 80s.

Downloaded a handful of freebies for the Kindle, this is one of 'em.


This was an OK book. It's not the typical type of book I read, but it wasn't too bad.

For anyone that loves an "IT LURKS" thriller, this will be right up your alley. Well written and fast paced, The Quarry is worth exploring!

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