Die jungen Löwen

Irwin Shaw

Die jungen Löwen

Die jungen Löwen

  • Title: Die jungen Löwen
  • Author: Irwin Shaw
  • ISBN: 3442089328
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback

The Young Lions is a vivid and classic novel that portrays the experiences of ordinary soldiers fighting World War II Told from the points of view of a perceptive young Nazi, a jaded American film producer, and a shy Jewish boy just married to the love of his life, Shaw conveys, as no other novelist has since, the scope, confusion, and complexity of war.

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”This time it is not a simple, understandable war, within the same culture. This time it is an assault of the animal world upon the house of the human being. I don’t know what you saw in Africa and Italy, but I know what I saw in Russia and Poland. We made a cemetery a thousand miles long and a thousand miles wide. Men, women, children, Poles, Russians, Jews, it made no difference. It could not be compared to any human action. It could be compared to a weasel in a henhouse. It was as though [...]

A 1948 classic I am extremely happy to have read. It was among a handful of novels about World War 2 written in its aftermath which were both popular and had high literary aims. I owe the read to Howard’s ranking it so high among WW2 fiction and to Jeffrey’s enticing and colorful review. Shaw was a Brooklyn Jew who already had some success as a playwright and short story author before serving in the Army as a photographer with the Signal Corps. This provides some assurance of authenticity in [...]

YES & NO : Yes: "Young Lions" is one of the major American novels dealing with World War II. And Yes! I am glad I have read it - it was epic, rich in detail and in human interest stories, professionally written and often emotionally moving. The fact that Irwin Shaw talks from direct experience is clear and confers an almost documentary quality to the material.&NO: It didn't have quite the same impact on me as the other majors I've read, "The Naked and the Dead" and "From Here to Eternity [...]

This is a review that was written on another site in 2011:I had always believed that there were three great American World War II novels that shared the common characteristics of being written by veterans of that conflict and by being published within five years of the war's conclusion.They are: The Naked and the Dead (1948) by Norman Mailer; The Caine Mutiny(1951) by Herman Wouk; and From Here to Eternity(1951) by James Jones. But I need to add a fourth book that belongs in the same company: Th [...]

Irwin Shaw's first novel although he was already an experienced writer before The Young Lions was published in 1948. Shaw served with the U.S. Army during World War II. He was a warrant officer and assigned to an army documentary film unit. The film units were an interesting operation. You've seen much of their work over the years. The black and white footage (as well as color) of marines, soldiers and airmen fighting from Africa to the Pacific is their product. Often they would be in the very t [...]

I've only got a couple things to say about this much-reviewed classic WWII novel: that a more polished writing and some editorial cuts would've avoided the loss of one star, and that a better ending the loss of another. The latter was perhaps the one factor that contributed most to my disappointment in this story. I never watched the film, nor had I read any reviews past some comments recommending it and blurbs, so when I found myself hooked and extremely interested while reading the first chapt [...]

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I saw the movie a very long time ago, and was fascinated by it. The book has been in the house for a long time and I often gave thoughts to reading it.Some six months ago, a time when there was nothing new and significant, I thought this could be the time. I started it, read about 200 pages and then escaped into something newer. I did come back-often as I was intrigued with the characters and their differences and of course the war.i have read the other great ww2 books and wanted to finish this. [...]

Is this A book about World War 2 or is it THE book about World War 2? I think it is the latter. 3 soldiers, two Americans and one German from the early days of the war to the end. There is no underlying plot and there is no attempt to tell the history of the war. It is the story of three soldiers and scores of other participants in this war; the human and inhumane face of the war. The book was written in 1948, before the reviews, reflections and revisions could alter the impressions of the war o [...]

4,5 звезди. Отначало й бях сложила 4, но всъщност, като се замислих, по-коректната й оценка е 5. Затова я коригирам. Книгата е страхотна и наистина си заслужава!

Irwin Shaw's "The Young Lions" was exhausting to read, but at the same time very fulfilling. This was actually the third time I picked up the book, and I intended to read it the entire way through.His tale of three men amidst WWII - Noah, Michael, and Christian - was compelling and refreshing. I find that all too often novels that take place in WWII gloss over the experiences of the soldiers in light of having perhaps a bit more romance, or a bit more action. While we are afforded those things, [...]

Excellent movie with great actors such as Marlon Brando, a German officers who dislikes the war, Montgomery Clift, the Jewish-American soldier who has to deal with the antisemitism and Dean Martin, who from playboy becomes a hero.

Обожавам книги, които ме карат да съпреживявам! Брилянтен Ъруин Шоу! 800 страници с Мъка, жестока мъка: душевни бездни, телесни рани, разбити животи, изгубени мечти. Не очаквах, че ще ме завладее до такава степен, но явно е излял сърцето и душата си,, имайки предвид неговото родо [...]

Human nature at its best. An epic tale, an epic emotional journey for the characters and especially for us the readers! Using WWII as a backdrop, Shaw presents us with conflicting emotions, human flaws and virtues, and above all he exposes the reality of human behaviour. I simply loved this book. Don't read it LIVE IT!

The kind of book you are scared to have end, surely one of the characters you've come to know so well will die, and die horribly in this massive moving novel of WWII. Along with Matterhorn and The Thin Red Line, one of the best fictional depictions of the experience of the common soldier.

A war story which was good read. Usually I do not read war stories very often but I love books written by this author so I read it years ago

Irwin Shaw was in WWII and inspired to write this story from his experiences and observations (at least I've been led to believe that).Written from the view of 3 main characters (German, American, Jewish-American), readers are taken through the war from their vantage points. The German is an impressionable sergeant, who soon becomes swept in the fervor of Nazi ideology. Unlike the film where Marlon Brando played Christian Dietz as a friendly German looking for a brighter future, the German chara [...]

Военната драма проследява периода от 1938 г. до края на Втората световна война и ни пренася на фронта във Франция, Северна Африка и Германия, за да ни запознае с американеца Майкъл, германеца Християн и италианеца Ноа. И тримата са много различни един от друг и крайно неподгот [...]

I have always been a fan of the motion picture version of Irwin Shaw's WWII classic, The Young Lions. With Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando in lead roles, how could I not be a fan of it?This, however, is the first chance I had to read Shaw's novel and I can say as good as the movie is, the book is so much better. That's not unusual, of course, but in this case it's like two different stories. The movie is a morality play about the Nazi corruption, and about courage or the lack of it. It conclu [...]

Its a great big thumping read of the book. I always find the blurbs on the back of the books to be hilariously out of synch with my actual perception of the book. Blurbs like "this book crackles with intelligence" as you read the authors 15th book in a paint by the numbers detective story with amusing side kick or the biggest red flag of all "lyric beauty" meaning you are about to be bored beyond endurance.This time however the excerpt quoted in the back captured the book to perfection. It read [...]

The book starts in 1938 and ends in 1945. I don't classify this as historical fiction as it was written in 1948. It started out slowly and I wasn't sure I really wanted to finish the almost 700 pages but then it picked up and went so quickly. I was unable to put it down! I was surprised as how little people have changed in seventy years and how little the Army has changed (I am a veteran and my husband served for 30 years). Lots of the hype and stereotypes of the '40's were brought down: the sol [...]

The reason I chose this book is because its about World War 2 which I'm interested in. The main story of the book is about a young Nazi officer(Christian), a American film producer(Michael) and a very shy and innocent Jewish boy(Noah) and their true and terrible experiences in battle. My favorite part of the book was the last chapter where Michael, Noah, and Christian all meet near a German forest near the time when Germany was about to lose the war. It was my favorite part because I never knew [...]

Irwin Shaw's first novel is an epic masterpiece that follows the lives of three men, two Americans and one German, during the years of the Second World War:Michael, a theater producer who joins past his thirtieth birthday, and eventually befriendsNoah, a Jewish man in his boot camp, who faces derision from the rest of their battalion, and who makes his own choice to enter the war, to the dismay of his new wife.And then there's Christian, a hard-nosed German who takes most of his big life, and wa [...]

One of a handful of great WWII novels, "The Young Lions" follows the lives of two U.S. Army GI's and a German Sergeant as they battle their way across Europe through the final years of the war. Written with great insight and feeling, Irwin Shaw paints a grim and brutal picture of the realities of battle and the huge emotional and physical toll it takes on young men. This is probably the best novel I've read about the war in Europe and a must read for anyone looking back at that time in history.

A powerful work of fiction This book is a human, realistic, poetic, tragic and moving portrait of WW2. I'd never heard of Irwin Shaw prior to reading Young Lions and I was floored. I will go on record that this was a terribly shameful transcription into digital format. Not sure if the translator went to grade school but the punctuation errors were jarring. I reported about fifty so hopefully they get corrected. Still an amazing read.

I can't stand this book. Melodramatic nonsense. I read it at Bard as part of a very good class called Forty Years of American Fiction. I remember the professor saying that she was looking for a good World War II novel, but that she couldn't find one. We read this before the class started. Now that I've read Catch-22, I wonder what she was thinking when she assigned this book. It is bad.

Zafundowałem sobie to jako "lekturę wakacyjną" i trochę żałowałem. Ta cegła ma ponad 700 stron, a tematyka do lekkich nie należy, jednak trzeba przyznać, że to całkiem niezła literatura, pokazująca różne motywacje i historie walczących bez natrętnej martyrologii i wielkich słów. Nieco ociężale i wolno snująca się fabuła dąży do ciekawego (być może symbolicznego) finału.

I recall reading somewhere that being involved in a war was long moments of boredom interrupted by sheer moments of terror. That sums up my impression of this work. Mr. Shaw was involved in WWII and was likely trying to show us those moments - long and short. The character development was a bit too tedious for my taste. Doubt I will ever read this book again.

Though I have never categorized myself as a historian buff, I was obsessed with this epic WWII novel. I was shocked at how it played with my ethics. It altered all my previous concepts of war and war novels. It was not as depressing as I expected an epic WWII book to be, and really stirred up a lot of interesting ethical questions. I would highly reccommend this book.

The contrasting viewpoints between the three main characters made this book fascinating. One is German; one is an American Jew, and one is an American Protestant. It was a popular book when first published, and made into a 1958 movie with Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift and Dean Martin.

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