علاء الدين والمصباح العجيب - addin

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علاء الدين والمصباح العجيب - addin

علاء الدين والمصباح العجيب - addin

  • Title: علاء الدين والمصباح العجيب - addin
  • Author: Anonymous كامل كيلاني
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback

The original story of Aladdin is a Middle Eastern folk tale It concerns an impoverished young man named Aladdin He is recruited by a sorcerer from the Maghreb, who passes himself off as the brother of Aladdin s late father and convinces Aladdin and his mother of his goodness by making arrangements to set up the lad as a wealthy merchant His real motive is to persuade yoThe original story of Aladdin is a Middle Eastern folk tale It concerns an impoverished young man named Aladdin He is recruited by a sorcerer from the Maghreb, who passes himself off as the brother of Aladdin s late father and convinces Aladdin and his mother of his goodness by making arrangements to set up the lad as a wealthy merchant His real motive is to persuade young Aladdin to retrieve a wonderful oil lamp from a booby trapped magic cave.

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كانت تلك القصة مقررة عليّ في الصف الخامس الإبتدائي ضمن منهج اللغة العربية وأتذكر أننا كنا نتسلم كتبنا الدراسية قبل أسبوعين من بدء الدراسة، وفور تسلمي لكتبي سحبت هذه القصة وأغلقت على نفسي باب حجرة أبي وأمي حيث الإضاءة أفضل وكذلك التهوية واستلقيت على فراشهما وأنهيتها خلال سا [...]

3.5 stars. Great story. Glad to have finally had the chance to read the original for my world literature module as part of my English degree. There are some technical errors in the translation and the story has some unbelievable elements eg how the story is set in a city in China but the description of the story makes it sound like it is set in Istanbul. I've nevertheless enjoyed it for its plot.

Maybe even 1.5* What a disappointment! This Payne translation is stilted and ruined a good story; there are other better translations available in the public domain. Plus, why does the book start with another (unrelated) story from The Arabian Nights?? I was listening to the audiobook companion for this book and couldn't figure out for the longest time what was going on!Just so anyone interested can see what I mean about the translation, here is a passage from early in the Aladdin story from my [...]


لم أعد أعلم إن كنت آتي بهذه القصص لأخي الصغير أم لي :D

Questo racconto, che fa parte della raccolta “Le mille e una notte”, presenta una trama abbastanza interessante, ma una narrazione alquanto pesante. Rispetto alla trama del film della Disney, la storia originale è più complessa ma, per certi versi, meno sensata. Gli elementi che più mi hanno infastidita sono:- Lo stile pomposo e ridondante (tutti i personaggi sono logorroici).- Il personaggio di Aladino, perché cambia caratterizzazione continuamente e pretende troppo dalla vita senza ave [...]

الفرق بيني وبين اختي في السن سنتين والفصه دي كانت مقرره للصف الخامس الابتدائئافتكر ان اول م اختي استلمتها من المدرسه انا اللي قعدت اقراها بعدها ب سنين شفت القصه المقرره علي 5 ابتدائئ في زمن اخويا الصغير واندهشت يمكن الجيل الجديد مكانش هيندمج مع علاء الدين ؟؟

For some reason I never read hardly any of the fairy tales when I was little, and now that Once upon a Time has become one of my favorite shows, I figured I could make up for lost time. However this doesn't seem to be a fairy tale for children, and it is much longer.Aladdin is growing up to be a very lazy good for nothing boy although his father tried to teach him a trade before he passed away. His mother spins to feed both of them but he does nothing except run with the gangs until his alleged [...]

ص52 علي أن اسعي و ليس علي إدارك النجاح ص54 يجب علينا أن نعالج مشكلاتنا بحسب الحال, ولا نحملها أثقالا كالجبال__________________________________________________________________الصراع بين الخير و الشر و انتصار الخير علي الشر , قصة علاء الدين ابن مصطفي الخياط- الخياط البسيط - الذي توفي و قد ترك ابنا مستهتر غير عاب [...]

This children's adaptation of Aladdin follows the original Arabian Nights version, as translated by Richard Burton. The original story is quite a bit different from the Disney adaptation of Aladdin. This book is a good way to introduce children to the story as it was originally told.

أظنها القصة الوحيدة التي قرأتها لكامل كيلاني رحمة الله عليه لغة ساحرة بالطبع

ليتني بدأت القراءة من الصغر ، و أتمنّى أن يطيل الله في عمري ، لكي أكتسب أكبر قدرٍ من المعرفة .

SOOOOO different from DisneyBut really good and much more realistic. I've always been an Aladdin fan and to read the real story is certainly satisfying. Good job, 4 stars!

معجبتنيش النهاية.المفروض علاء الدين كان يرمي المصباح خالص مش بس يعينه بعيد عنهم.عشان كده ممكن الطفل ميشتغلش وميذاكرش ويستنى مصباح علاء الدين والمارد ييجوا يحققوا له أحلامه.

Een mooi verhaal, of het nou Arabisch is of Europees. Aladdin en de Wonderlamp, iedereen kent ze, maar voornamelijk van Disney. Heel leuk om eens het 'echte' verhaal te lezen.

Grades 3-5.In this version of the tale, which is set in China, Aladdin is portrayed as a lazy troublemaker. He was such a troublemaker that his father died of worry. Aladdin and his mother were barely surviving only because she would spin cotton and sell it so they could eat. One day while Aladdin was out, a stranger claiming to be his uncle asked him to accompany him to a “garden of wonder.” When they arrive, he tells Aladdin to retrieve the lamp and not to touch anything else. Aladdin brin [...]

So beautiful.

Long ago, a poor tailor and his wife eked out a meager existence, struggling to bring up their only child -- an idle layabout named Aladdin. Years after his father dies, Aladdin encounters a Moroccan sorcerer who claims to be his father's long-lost brother. The sorcerer, having been given information from his mystical arts, knows he needs Aladdin to finally uncover a marvelous treasure that lies buried in the desert. Things go awry, and Aladdin finds himself trapped in the underground cavern, bu [...]

In ancient China there lived a lazy boy named Aladdin. His tailor father having died some years before, Aladdin and his mother scraped by to survive, until one day a Moor arrived claiming to be the long-lost brother of their dead father and husband. The Moor, unbeknownst to Aladdin, had foreseen that he needed the layabout youth to retrieve a marvelous lamp from an underground cavern in the desert. After Aladdin becomes trapped, lamp in hand, the Moor leaves furious and Aladdin struggles to esca [...]

Genre:ClassicFolk TaleSummary Blurb(s):The original story of Aladdin is a Middle-Eastern folk tale. It concerns an impoverished young ne'er-do-well named Aladdin, in a Chinese city, who is recruited by a sorcerer from the Maghreb, who passes himself off as the brother of Aladdin's late father, convincing Aladdin and his mother of his goodwill by apparently making arrangements to set up the lad as a wealthy merchant.His real motive is to persuade young Aladdin to retrieve a wonderful oil lamp fro [...]

Inhalt: Aladdin ist ein realtiv mittelloser Bursche, der eines Tages von einem angeblichen Onkel mitgenommen wird, um diesem zu helfen. Er verspricht sich davon eine Art Ausbildung, muss aber feststellen, dass der Onkel ein Betrüger ist. Eines Tages kommt Aladdin in den Besitz einer Lampe, und ehe er es sich versieht hat er es mit einem Geist zu tun, der Wünsche erfüllen kann (und in der Lampe lebt). Nachdem Aladdin sich Essen, Goldmünzen und sowas gewünscht hat, findet er endlich etwas was [...]

When I began reading the story I was surprised to realise that it was being told in China rather than in Arabia. I had been used to since my childhood the Disney movie version of Aladdin being set in Arabia so it was a little strange for me reading the story with its setting in China. Unlike in the Disney version where he is an orphan, Aladdin has both a mother and father in which he is very spoilt and prefers to play instead of learning a trade with his father. His father as a result dies from [...]

Since our son hated fiction when he was little, we're trying to catch him up on classic myths and tales now that he's older and can tolerate fantasy. We read this book for our alternate family reading time this month (we use one weekend night to deviate from the bedtime reading series we normally read during the week, which is currently The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley). Philip Pullman (of His Dark Materials fame) adapts the Aladdin tale with colorful details and suspense. My husband [...]

Thank goodness for RecordedBooks and my wishlist. The audiobooks keep me company on my 50 mile RT commute for work and this one did the ticket in 50 miles. Aladdin is a story often told, but this one has a new shine about it as told by Philip Pullman, author of HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy (THE GOLDEN COMPASS, THE SUBTLE KNIFE, & THE AMBER SPYGLASS). Aladdin is a spoiled shiftless boy, really good for not much, until he finds the Magic Cave via a trickster, claiming to be his uncle. Aladdin be [...]

Perhaps it is the actual story of 'Aladdin' that just doesn't so it for me? I think Pullman does a good job at writing the story, and it has a few nice revelations in too. For instance, I didn't know that the story takes place in China, not Arabia. I guess that's what we get for believing in Disney too much.The evil antagonist is just the right amount of creepy to justify your wanting of Aladdin to win, especially when the lamp is stolen from underneath his nose! The only thing is, Aladdin is a [...]

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp; written by: Carol Carrick, illustrated by: Donald Carrick; Copyright 1989, 29 pgs. *Traditional Literature*Aladdin is a classic story, which has been made into a Disney Movie. Being more familiar with the movie, I did not know all of the background information and plot behind the love story of Aladdin and the Princess. Aladdin is tricked into going with his "uncle" and gets trapped in a cave, where he finds a lamp with a genie inside. He uses this genie throughout [...]

Aladdin was always getting into trouble and even when his father passed, he continued doing the same. He wouldn't get a job, or change his ways. Then one day a man named Moor comes along and claims to be his uncle. One night, Moor takes Aladdin and makes him go in search of a Lamp. He is not to touch anything, but the Lamp and then come straight back. Aladdin soon figures out that Moor is not his uncle, but only using him. When Moor discovers he's been found out, he uses his magic to bury Aladdi [...]

I didn't care for this version. I think the translation was ok, but my main problem with the story was the story itself. There are two tales---the first one is the source of the story, originating in Persia. I actually liked that one. The second was the Aladdin tale that is most familiar to mythology buffs. I liked it up until he gets the lamp. I thought the duplicitous sorcerer was a great villain, even if the magic didn't make much sense (why couldn't he get the lamp himself). After that, the [...]

The titular protagonist of this story is honestly kind of repugnant. He doesn't really do much, as pretty much the whole book is him making others do things for him. He is also a selfish dickhead and a creep. He experienced no growth as a character so there wasn't anything satisfying about a story that was basically a poor guy has magic lamp, wishes for stuff, then a couple of people try to take his stuff and/or kill him. The closest thing Aladdin learns to a moral lesson was "Hide your magic la [...]

I started out reading this because I was bored, and found that I actually enjoyed it. There were a number of surprises, such as the fact that the story is actually set in China, not the Middle East and the fact that Alaeddin isn't a mostly-innocent hero, but actually a very lazy boy. You learn these two things at the very start of the story and I won't give spoilers by mentioning the others, but suffice to say that while the plot is slightly familiar in the beginning, the ending is actually fair [...]

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