Touch of a Scoundrel

Mia Marlowe

Touch of a Scoundrel

Touch of a Scoundrel

  • Title: Touch of a Scoundrel
  • Author: Mia Marlowe
  • ISBN: 9780758263568
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback

It s a matter of honor, duty and desire Griffin Nash, Earl of Devonwood, wants to believe that he s seducing Miss Emmaline Farnsworth out of protectiveness for his young brother After all, if his brother is convinced that the tantalizing professor s daughter is unworthy of his trust, perhaps Teddy will lose all interest in such an inappropriate choice for his station BuIt s a matter of honor, duty and desire Griffin Nash, Earl of Devonwood, wants to believe that he s seducing Miss Emmaline Farnsworth out of protectiveness for his young brother After all, if his brother is convinced that the tantalizing professor s daughter is unworthy of his trust, perhaps Teddy will lose all interest in such an inappropriate choice for his station But in truth, something else motivates Griffin a scintillating vision of a future tryst with the lovely Emmaline A vision too realistic to be doubted and too scaldingly passionate to be denied.Yet Emmaline is not as easily tempted as Griffin might have hoped nor is she actually in pursuit of a wealthy husband No, the real reason for her visit to the manor is something much shocking though being enticed by a dashing earl may prove to be a most welcome by product of her schemes.

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When you see a glimpse of the future, do you try to change it?Griffin Titus Preston Nash or Devon to his friends has controlled the destiny of so many for too long, while trusting no one. He felt that the responsibility of his life and the gift he possessed has become a burden without pleasure. Miss Emmaline Farnsworth always found a way of turning nothing into something with her own type of gift and she is about to pull off the largest swindle of her life.What Emma never expected was for her la [...]

I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life. – George BurnsMia Marlowe delivers the third book in her TOUCH OF SEDUCTION series with TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL. Marlowe seduces readers with a timeless plot of an American swindling a rich family to pay for her poor father’s health. Marlowe adds unique twists to the story when the swindler, Emmaline Farmsworth, is intercepted by the older brother, Lord Devonwood, who can see 12 hours into the future. His “s [...]

This is the third book in Mia Marlowe's series "Touch of Seduction." In each book one of the main characters has a special gift of touch. When they touch an specific type of item they can either see the past or the future. In this book our hero Devon has the magic touch but can only see the near future within 12 hours of now. He is an Earl in charge of an estate that is barely keeping in the black. His Gift has helped out at cards more than once. Then his brother brings home from Egypt a soon to [...]

It was the best of the three books, but it seemed to flow too fast and not much drama with his gift but I enjoyed reading the story, but I was left wanting more.

Malgrado le premesse interessanti, questo romanzo si è rivelato alla fine abbastanza deludente. Speravo mi avrebbe catturato maggiormente. Piacevole ma sicuramente niente di eccezionale.

Extended review available on Mina's Bookshelf minadecaro/2012/1Rating 4.5 starsLondon, 1860. Griffin (known as "Devon"), thirty year old Earl of Devonwood has a gift. He is a seer, a person endowed with the ability to glimpse the future by touching inanimate objects, a birthright inherited from his mother "just as directly as his raven hair and storm gray eyes". For the last sixteen years he's been tormented by guilt: Devon blames himself and the inaccuracy of one of his visions for the accident [...]

TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL (Touch of Seduction #3) by Mia MarloweTOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL is the third storyline and August 2012 release from author Mia Marlowe’s Touch of Seduction series. Griffin Nash, the Earl of Devonwood had a gift passed down through his mother’s side of the family. With his ability to ‘see’ and the ‘sending’, Griffin could touch an object and see the possessor’s future outcome, only when, at fourteen years of age, he foresaw his father’s death, there was nothing he [...]

Quick get me my umbrella!Spoilers ahead. I'm not sure what I think of this book. There were portions that I found very entertaining and then there were parts that were eye-rolling moments. I didn't have any problems with the cover, loved it! Even though the cover has headless people, the color is so wonderful and I loved the scroll work around the text. Very eye catching!Now, on to Touch of a Scoundrel. Touch, in this case refers to the heroes (Devon) ability to "see" the future when he touches [...]

Mia Marlowe returns with another of her tales mixed with sharp wit, supernatural gifts and the elements sensual romance. Another highly enjoyable read, Touch of a Scoundrel is the third installment in Mia’s “Scandal” series!As a young child, Griffin Titus Preston Nash could see the future in things he touched. His ability, considered by his mother, as a gift due him through she side of the family, his father however, the Earl of Devonwood had other ideas. Griffin knew where the Earl stood [...]

Review Posted on Demon Lover's Books & MoreThe young Earl of Devonwood grew up seeing visions, a trait he gets from his mother’s side. He usually has about 12 hours until a vision comes to pass, and they always do. But that doesn’t stop him from trying to stop or change them. His father won’t listen to that kind of malarkey, even though Griffin has proven his visions time and time again. So when Griffin as a young boy sees his father’s death, he does everything he can to prevent it. [...]

This is the third (and final?) book of the Touch of Seduction series. Each book centers on a member of the Preston family that has a special "gift" - sometimes, something that they touch provides a vision. For Griffin Nash, the Earl of Devonwood, when he touches objects, they sometimes provide visions into the very near (within the next 12 hours) future. When he has these visions, they also provide him with a splitting headache that can last for days depending on how long he holds onto the objec [...]

Reviewed by: Shannon Book provided by: PublisherReview originally posted at Romancing the BookWhen his brother, Theodore, comes home from Egypt with a fiancee and her father in tow, Griffin Nash, the Earl of Devonwood, is skeptical of what Ms. Emmaline Farnsworth and her father really want. While Griffin tries to discover just what Emma and her father are up to, he finds himself falling in deeper for her and discovering the Emma manages to take away the pain associated with his gift of seeing th [...]

Touch of a Scoundrel is the third installment of the Touch of Seduction series. Let me just say I do have the first book and I haven't gotten to read it yet. I know; shame on me. However, you know me and my habit of reading books out of order. I thought it would be fitting to do my review on Touch of a Scoundrel by Mia Marlowe, since it comes out this Tuesday. So, here's what you are in for:You meet Emmaline Farnsworth and her foster father Montague Farnsworth who are trying to swindle Theordore [...]

I won this book through GoodReads First Reads. My thanks go out to the author, publisher and website for getting the novel to me. I would describe this book as an entangling romantic story with a twist of some paranormal occurrences and a touch of ancient history. Pretty much the perfect combination of ideas that appeal to my reading taste.I thought this novel was extremely well thought out. I quite enjoyed how everything fit perfectly into place in the end. I found myself rooting for the charac [...]

4.5*Book source ~ Many thanks to Kensington for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.The Earl of Devonwood, Griffin Nash, has a gift. Or as he sees it, a curse. He can see the future when he touches an object. The vision always resolves itself within 12 hours, so when he gets a Sending from Emmaline Farnsworth’s pencil showing Griffin their passionate embrace, he’s both turned on and appalled. Emmaline is his brother Theodore’s choice for a bride though she hasn’t giv [...]

Despite an interesting premise, and a previous fun entry in this series (#1), this book was stale and disappointing. I expected more. Griffin and Emma showed me nothing but Instalust, and I felt that Griffin's Sight (or whatever he calls it) was weakly explained while Emma came across as a conniving liar. A real problem - Griffin couldn't afford to marry a poor woman, and Emma needed to land a rich one to fund her "father's" sanatorium visit - was glossed over with an improbable deus ex machina [...]

TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL by Mia Marlowe is an exciting and intriguing historical romance with a touch of paranormal. Book #3 in "The Touch of a Seduction" series,can be read as a stand alone. See, "Touch of a Thief", "Touch of a Rogue". What an exiting and intriguing series this is with a bit of paranormal. Griffin Nash, Earl of Devonwood and Miss Emmaline Farnsworth are on a journey of passion,magic,danger,trust,scandal and romance. Ms. Marlowe writes such tantalizing stories with a bit of magic an [...]

This was a First Reads. I really enjoyed this book. Griffin and Emmaline's characters are so nicely drawn together. Griffin has this power where he has glimpses into the future when he touches items that belong to others. Sometimes this is used for not so wonderful schemes, like gambling. He sees himself with Emmaline before finding out that she has been proposed to by his brother, Teddy. Scandal! Griffin tries what he can to avoid this, but it doesn't work and hasn't worked in the past. What h [...]

Il tocco del peccato è scritto bene, pur essendo un Extra Passion il sesso non è centrale, è ben approfondito, e la trama per quanto non sia nelle mie corde (truffe, antichi reperti egizi, poteri magici…) è stata interessante. Probabilmente un paio di anni fa lo avrei valutato con 3 stelline, ma visto che è stato uno dei pochi romanzi storici ad essermi piaciuti ultimamente, abbondo a 4. VOTO 7=

This is amazing! Interesting plot with some minor gypsy/paranormal elements (no one is a shifter animal human however, thank goodness!) involving a sense of touch. For a solid HR in the Regency era, this novel has a lot of sizzle! Some of the interactions and language borrow from erotica.

This was a very readable story like the previous two in the series, however there were too many problems with the storyline that ruined this book for me Also, it was too bad that the author did not bring in any of the original characters like she did in the second book.

Another enjoyable romp with an interesting paranormal angle, this time a main character who sees glimpses of the future when he touches inanimate objects.

I thought it was the best book of the 3.Hope to see more from this author. Thank you for the good reads.

I did not like it because it's not my kind of romance--- romance with a spy story.

another wonderful story by Ms Marlowe. Mystery, intrique, paranormal and romance rolled into one. I couldn't put it down.

2 stelline e mezzo. Noioso

Read this and really want to go and read the first two. Loved this story.

I just couldn't get into this one.



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