Crimson Roses

Grace Livingston Hill

Crimson Roses

Crimson Roses

  • Title: Crimson Roses
  • Author: Grace Livingston Hill
  • ISBN: 9781616266516
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback

One rose changes a young woman s solitary life forever After setting out on her own, Marion Warren is overcome with drab routine Her solution buy a season ticket to the symphony But to Marion s surprise, each night she finds a mysterious crimson rose and no sign of who left it Then wealthy Jefferson Lyman whisks into Marion s already up turned world, bringing with himOne rose changes a young woman s solitary life forever After setting out on her own, Marion Warren is overcome with drab routine Her solution buy a season ticket to the symphony But to Marion s surprise, each night she finds a mysterious crimson rose and no sign of who left it Then wealthy Jefferson Lyman whisks into Marion s already up turned world, bringing with him socialite Isabel Cresson Jefferson sets out to win Marion s heart but Isabel s dangerous envy may thwart his chances altogether.

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I've had a small collection of Grace Livingston Hill books on my shelf my whole life (they were my grandmother's). The great American novel this isn't, but it's sweet and a pleasant break from 2015 to look back 100 years. Is the main character, in the end, "rescued" by a man? Yes. But she's also strong, independent, values-driven, and determined to do whatever it takes to live the life she wants - and that doesn't include chasing a man. My kind of girl!

Crimson Roses (1928) was the first Grace Livingston Hill I ever read and it is my favorite. I borrowed an old edition from our church library. Years later I found a paperback copy--and I bought it out of nostalgia with plans to reread it. Then I found a first edition with dust jacket that I just had to make mine. This year I decided to finally revisit the book and see if it still held up as my favorite.The story centers on a Cinderella-style heroine, Marion Warren, who has spent the last two yea [...]

Does anyone today have such a longing, such a desire for the finer things? You see, I understand this premise only too well. When I was a student, I scraped together what funds I could so that I could have season tickets to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. I sat in the highest seats alone, just so I could enjoy the music, the atmosphere, the culture. Does anyone today do that? And imaginending a single red rose waiting for you at your seat each time you arrive to hear the music! *blissful sigh* [...]

Standard Grace Livingston Hill fare. Saintly, beautiful heroine is beset by comically villainous foes who seek to destroy her. She bears her troubles with angelic resignation (literally angelic; no human would react that way) and is eventually rewarded for her virtue beyond her wildest imaginings. These books are like a spoonful of whipped cream. Pleasurable, but need some substance to offset the cloying sweetness.

What a darling bit of old-fashioned romance! What a sweetly tender place to rest your heart for a while, a place without a drop of cynicism! Grace Livingston Hill's novels have this way of touching me and inspiring me with their most sincere sweetness and their high ideals. ^_^

My all-time favorite Christian romance. This is Hill at her best.

Goodbut not what I've come to expect from this author.

I read this when I was 14 and loved every minute of it. Recently a good friend reminded me about it and that I shared it with her and how much she loved it. It’s a classic poor girl is saved by a rich man kind of love story but this girl is not desperate. She is not searching and feeling sorry for herself, she is living life to the fullest as she is able and someone see’s the vitality in her and seeks her out. 🌹

Marion was a good character, very kind and a tad naive but still fun and interesting to read about. The romance was sweet and I enjoyed that part quite a bit. I haven't read many of this author's books but I definitely liked this one.

Grace Livingston Hill in her new book, “Crimson Roses” Book Six in the Love Endures series published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. takes us into the life of Marion Warren.From the back cover: “There it lay in all its dusky majesty. Her rose!”When Marion Warren bought herself a season ticket to the symphony, she expected to bring a spark of new life into her world of drab routine. But what she finds at the concert hall sends her life whirling into the unknown and makes her wish for the drab [...]

This was another sweet Grace Livingston Hill romance. I think it is one of the better ones. A young woman chooses to be out on her own after her father has passed away rather than follow her brother and his family to the country and spend the rest of her life living with them, unappreciated and wasting away. From reading other GLH books, this must have been a very common possibilty for unmarried ladies of meek and quiet character in those days and indeed a future one would wish to avoid if possi [...]

Grace Livingston Hill books are a little bit like a highway accident--I want to slow down and see what is going on but I'm embarrassed to do so. Marion loses her home after the death of her ailing parents, due to the subterfuge of her mean sister-in-law Jenny. But she "musters her wits," finds employment and a place to live, and is even able to save for a concert series. She is flabbergasted when a single rose appears on her seat at the concerts. Is romance in the cards for Marion? The novel is [...]

A very sweet little romance although the heroine is a little more naïve than I prefer.

I found this to be a charming little book, even if it was a little predictable. Yes, it is dated & old-fashioned, you can certainly tell it was written in the 1920's rather than a modern writer trying to recapture those times. For example, the characters often being referred to as "the girl" & "the man" rather than by name but for me that just adds to it's appeal. A sweet "romantic-trip-back-in-time".

A Grace Livingston Hill story is always a lesson in how unselfish love can be. The characters are overly good and sweet to a degree, but you can still see the humanity shine through.

This is one of my favorite Grace Livingston Hill books. I've had it for years and years. It was originally published in 1928 and has been published several times since then.Synopsis:Marion Warren is a shy girl who just lost her father whom she has taken care of for several years. No will to be found, her brother decides to sell the family home and move them all to the country. Marion's dream has always been to continue her education and she knows she will not be able to do that if she lives in t [...]

Marion Warren, a shy, lovely woman, tries to adjust to her life after her father dies and her brother’s family leaves. She finds work and an apartment to stay in, and saves her pennies to go to the orchestra. There, on her seat, she finds a beautiful red rose. She sets it in the seat beside her, thinking someone must have left it or dropped it and would come back for it. After the concert is over and no one claims the rose, Marion takes it home with her and loves it, even saving the petals.Bet [...]

I can't remember when I read this book, but I don't think I was much older than 12. It was one of the first "romances" I read. I found the leaving of these roses on the heroine's seat at the concert hall so very sweet and romantic. So I'm voting as my 12-year-old self by giving it 5 stars.Oh, yes. Maybe that's why I wanted to go to classical concert music shortly after this. I was so happy to get a subscription to our city's symphony orchestra's concerts from my grandmother. But alas, no roses, [...]

If I could make a movie out of any of the books I've read, it would be this sweet little novel! My mom introduced me to this book- we have a reeally old copy of it. Written in 1928, it's about a lonely girl named Marion who moves to the city and to add a little excitement to her life, she begins attending the symphony. To her surprise, she finds a crimson rose waiting in her seat each night. Who could the mysterious admirer be? A very old-fashioned romance with religious tones.

It was good light reading. I enjoyed the ending because it wasn't as abrupt as romance books usually are. The love of books, art, music, and roses(of course) that the heroine had made the book more appealing to me. However, at times she did and thought things that defied all reason, and that was exasperating. Overall though, it was a pleasant read.

Read this way back in middle school (nearly 20 years ago, yikes!) excited to read it again! :)Well, it wasn't quite as magical as I remembered it, but it's a sweet story and I'm glad I read it again the leaving of the roses in the concert hall was probably the first stirring of romance I ever felt something that has stayed with me and probably alsays will!

I am thrilled to have Grace Livingston Hill books back in print. I love her books and this was just as good as all the rest that I have read. God's love doesn't have social barriers. It is refreshing to read about ladies who have a strong faith in God even in difficult circumstances

A great book. Lots of great insight into the inner workings of the characters minds. Lots of interesting period detail but a good read in any era. Nice suspense and romance. well developed characters and plot.

And last but not least, man with wealth from unspecified sources marries shop girl.(After saving her from flappers and other wicked women who paint, bob their hair, expose their knees, and use modern slang.)

Very nice book, but not for the ones who do not appreciate an old-fashioned novel. (Hint: if you don't like Jane Austen, you will not like this.) I wish young women would read this instead of the filth teachers and librarians are pushing on to them nowadays.

** This is just a QUICK REVIEW of my thoughts on the book **Got this from the library and flicked through reading pages here and there, but it seemed far too boring to actually read so I sent it right back.

I loved (and still do love) this book! I can't even say how many times I have read this one over and over again. Permanent spot on my bookshelf. Most romantic story I have ever read in the fashion of true romance with respect and tender care.

I enjoyed this sweet story about a girl who loses her father and her home but still pursues God's will for her life. And of course in the process of her struggle, a wonderful young man falls in love with her, reminding us that God really does work all things for our good. =)

A quick read. The main character is supposed to be shy and reserved. The problem was that she was sooo shy that it was annoying after a while. You really wanted her to grow a back bone and it was almost unbelievable how she never defended herself.

This is one of the tenderest Christian love stories I've read in a long time. The author was born in the 1800s & died in 1947. The story takes place in the 1920s, a period in the author's prime & therefore accurately depicted. Wonderful story!!

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