Hunter's Run

George R.R. Martin Gardner Dozois Daniel Abraham

Hunter's Run

Hunter's Run

  • Title: Hunter's Run
  • Author: George R.R. Martin Gardner Dozois Daniel Abraham
  • ISBN: 9780061373299
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover

Like so many others, Ramon Espejo ran from the poverty and hopelessness of the Third World to the promise of a new world joining a host of like minded workers and dreamers aboard one of the great starships of the mysterious, repulsive Enye But the life he found on the far off planet of Sao Paulo was no better than the one he had abandoned.Tough, volatile, and angry a luLike so many others, Ramon Espejo ran from the poverty and hopelessness of the Third World to the promise of a new world joining a host of like minded workers and dreamers aboard one of the great starships of the mysterious, repulsive Enye But the life he found on the far off planet of Sao Paulo was no better than the one he had abandoned.Tough, volatile, and angry a luckless prospector hoping for that one rich strike that will make him wealthy Ramon is content only when on his own out in the bush, far from the dirty, loud, bustling hive of humanity that he detests with sociopathic fervor Then one night his rage and too much alcohol get the better of him, resulting in sudden bloodshed and a high profile murder Ramon is forced to flee into the wilderness for however long it will take for the furor to die down.Here, mercifully, almost happily alone, Ramon is once again free But while searching for his long elusive lode, he stumbles upon something completely unexpected a highly advanced alien race in hiding fugitives like himself on a world not their own Suddenly in possession of a powerful, dangerous secret, Ramon must battle for his freedom from alien captors and also against the hostile and unpredictable planet And so the chase begins.Police, fugitive aliens, and a human murderer weave a web of shifting alliances as Ramon enters the greatest manhunt the alien world of Sao Paulo has ever known If he is to survive, Ramon must overcome inscrutable aliens and deadly predators, but his greatest enemy is himself With every move in the desperate game, he struggles to outwit his enemies and solve the mystery of a murder he himself committed.A rip roaring adventure tale and character study of a fascinating and twisted mind, Hunter s Run showcases three masters of the form at their best.

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Seiklusjutu formaati asetatud arutlus inimeseks olemisest, lojaalsusest, identiteedist ja muust põnevast. Ehk täpsemalt lugu ühest latiinopätist, kes läbi erinevate fantaasiarikaste kohumiste õpib paremini mõistma ennast ja oma kohta maailmas ning muutub läbi selle paremaks inimeseks. Ma tean, et selline kirjeldus ei kõla kõige tõmbavamalt aga tegelikult on need erinevad "kohtumised" tulnukate ja iseendaga koopiaga vägagi teravalt kirja pandud ning mõnuga loetavad. Ka looduskirjeldu [...]

What a jaw-dropping ride; so full of surprises, adventure, action, philosophy, psychology. Just amazing. This is not a book to be read very quickly. Take the time to pick up all the nuances, and see if you can guess what's coming next. It was not predictable. Also, this isn't in-depth sci-fi with a lot of long discussions about space travel and a lot of world-building. This is very accessible to fans of most any genre.

Too many see the name George R.R. Martin and think, "Song of Ice and Fire!" While those books are incredible, Martin, Dozois, and Abraham all have an impressive resume with other works. This book should be considered among them. The story of Ramon Espejo, and his journey through the wilderness with Maneck and beyond is certainly a compelling one. The world of Sao Paulo and the backstory of this universe is all expertly crafted, but like other works by these authors, the character is the heart.Ra [...]

Μεγάλη ιστορία κρύβεται πίσω από την έκδοση του βιβλίου αυτού (όχι την ελληνική έκδοση, αλλά την πρωτότυπη). Μπορεί να διαβάσει κανείς το επίμετρο στο τέλος και θα καταλάβει ότι πέρασε από χίλια κύματα μέχρι να ολοκληρωθεί το όλο μυθιστόρημα. Ο Τζ. Ρ. Ρ. Μάρτιν είχε την μικρότ [...]

Endlich habe ich dieses Buch beendet!Bis Seite 120 war es echt eine reine Qual und ich war super kurz davor, dieses Buch abzurechnen. Zum Glück tat ich es nicht! Dank eines Plottwists ist es sooo viel besser geworden und ich habe die Geschichte verstanden, die Charaktere waren mir näher und alles war einfach besser.Hin und wieder gab es kleine Einwürfe über die man wirklich wirklich länger nachdenken sollte und das verlieh dem Buch eine gewisse Tiefe.Mega hohe Spannung darf man jetzt aber a [...]

7.5/10It took three authors and many, many years for this story to be completed but after all this time they have achieved, with each one adding their own style, to make a quite interesting, psychological story with lots of action, humor and some really good twists.Ramon’s life on Earth wasn’t easy and on São Paulo, a new colony planet far from Earth, not much have changed but he has managed to survive.However, he is a tough and cranky guy, and when one day accidentally kills an ambassador [...]

Esta é uma história escrita a três mãos. Pode parecer confuso para você, caro leitor, mas vou tentar resumir tudo rapidamente. Gardner Dozois, um tradicional editor de coletâneas de ficção de gênero e amigo de George R.R. Martin tinha uma ideia para uma história lá no começo dos anos 80. Porém, após ver o manuscrito ele achava que a história não estava boa e pediu a seu amigo Martin que desse uma olhada no original e tentasse ajudá-lo a finalizar a história. Martin se debruçou [...]

Ramon wakes up in complete darkness. He can’t move or breath. He believes he’s dead. Maybe even stuck in purgatory. Unable to figure out what is truly going on, he begins piecing together his memory of recent events to figure out how he ended up in his present state. He remembers killing a man in a bar fight and then running to the mountains. Much after that is blurry.Things begin to become clearer when he’s brought out of his state of darkness by aliens. These aliens take him to their lea [...]

George R.R. Martin is quite possibly one of the greatest fantasy/science fiction writers of our time, and his name is what prompted me to read this book. I found it while investigating a different title by co-author Daniel Abraham.Summary (vague spoilers) at my blog.To popular culture, this book doesn't have much going for it. It's science fiction, the premise is hokey, and the characters aren't sympathetic. Did I mention it's science fiction? Give it some credit, though. Where other than scifi [...]

I don't know how much Martin contributed to this book (I haven't read the other two authors), but if he ever finishes his current fantasy series, he might do well as a sci-fi writer. Far from being another space opera, Hunter's Run is written in a gritty, Hemingway-esque style that builds psychological drama on top of simple scenes involving one or two characters. It also includes some aliens who really are rather alien, and the writing's pretty effective for sci-fi.The story would work a bit be [...]

A character study of first encounter between human and alien - a blend of sci-fi and psychological drama, a great plot and overall great story that left me thinking of it long afterwards.It now sits among my books as one of the most interesting tales with a sci-fi element.I noticed most reviewers on here openly disliked the main protagonist, and true enough, he is portrayed as quite the anti-hero, an unpleasant character and someone you'd rather never hang out with. And all the better for it, fo [...]

4.0 stars. Good, solid SF story. The book includes nice world-building featuring original aliens and a well thought put back-sotry. The main character is very interesting (if not very likeable) and there is good, quality action. All and all, a quick enjoyable read.

This is another book that I bought based solely on who wrote it. I love Martin and Abraham is also a great writer, though I had never heard of Dozois prior to this. I didn't know what I would think, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Hunter's Run has action, drama, humor and bizarre aliens; just about all you could ask for in a great sci-fi book. Is it a masterpiece? I still can't quite decideMy favorite part of this book is what most reviewers seem to dislike the most: the main character. Ramon Espej [...]

Hunter's Run, written by Gardner Dozois, George R. R. Martin, and Daniel Abraham is a science fiction novel about Romon Espejo, a rough and rugged Mexican prospector that lives the colony of Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is one of many such colonies, scattered across the stars.Humanity established colonies on various planets with the aid and assistance of a sentiment alien race, the Silver Enye. The Silver Enye were only one of several sentient alien species that humanity had come into contact with.Ramon [...]

thrilling manhunt :)

This is a really good story! I'm glad I picked it up on a whim while walking along a shelf at my local library.A snob may decry the lack of lengthy descriptions or some of the caricatures noted in the tale, but when there's a really good story, the authors don't have to fill pages with "azure skies peppered with wispy, yet bilous, white clouds. The kind that remind us of a pure summer's day when golden retriever puppy dogs bounce in the tall grass fields towards their barefoot cherub-like child- [...]

See raamat oli minu jaoks nagu seks võhivõõraga. Ja mitte lihtsalt vint-sees-pärast-pooleöist-tantsu-ja flirti-seks-mis-jätab-suhu-hapu-maitse, vaid taoline, mis algab nagu üks selline, aga viib siis TÄIESTI ootamatult kiire ja meeldivalt orgastilise lõpuni. Nagu whoa! Kui hästi palju lugeda ja lugeda palju ka töö pärast, siis tekib tahes-tahatmata rutiin. kõik on tuttav, kõik on ette näha, kõik toimib, aga ei üllata. Tead juba, mida oodata, kuidas lugu areneb, mis saab edas, [...]

Hunter's Run is somewhat interesting in that it's a collaboration novel that you can't really tell is a collaboration and a science-fiction novel that relies surprisingly little on science fiction. And these are by no means complaints. The collaboration's seamlessness speaks to the craft and professionalism of the three writers while the lack of reliance on science fiction allows for a fine mix of quick-paced adventure and character introspection.Don't get me wrong — the science fiction elemen [...]

I did not like the protagonist of "Hunter's Run" at all. Of course, that was the point. By the end of the book I did find myself respecting and rooting for him, but still not liking him. The sci-fi elements of this book don't get in the way of the story, as they do with some books in this genre. (I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, really, so when it devolves into nothing but aliens and future technology my brain shuts off for some reason.) This is a twisted tale about a character getting to know himself [...]

Yep. I'm giving up on this for now. Too grim with not enough redeeming interest or value. Possibly I'll come back when I'm in a more space adventure mood.

Auch wenn das Cover etwas Anderes suggeriert, handelt es sich beim heute erschienen Planetenjäger nicht um einen Science-Fiction-Roman, in dem á la Star Wars mit Luftschiffen in der Gegend herumgejagt wird. Stattdessen bleibt die Geschichte mit den Füßen auf dem Boden des Kolonieplaneten São Paulo. Dieser wird in den Städten überwiegend von ärmerer Bevölkerung mit lateinamerikanischen Wurzeln bewohnt, während die Wildnis weitestgehend unerforscht ist.In diesem Verhältnissen treffen wi [...]

I was shocked at how much I liked this book. Hunter's Run is the story of Ramon, a unsuccessful, imperfect guy trying to get by on an off-world colony. The book starts out with a drunken confrontation between him and another man at a bar and Ramon kills him. When Ramon discovers that the guy he killed was someone of importance, he decides to skip town and hide out in the wild until it blows over. At this point, he stumbles across a group of aliens hiding out who capture him and intend to use him [...]

If you're looking for a future where everything is brand-new, shiny, and easily-explained, this isn't the book for you. I normally don't read fiction by multiple authors (because I believe the viewpoint of a novel is best expressed by one person), but this was an interesting scenario. In a distant colony that resembles a Third-World nation, a variety of aliens and human colonists (mostly Mexicans and Portuguese) exist in a constant state of mistrust and suspicion. The main protagonist, Ramon Esp [...]

I have discovered that some of the best books are the ones that you read with no expectations or previous knowledge concerning the story or characters. This book surprised me for its character depth, plot intensity and originality, and underlying message. Of course, it probably helps to have George R. R. Martin's name attached to it too. Whether or not Martin had a lot or a little to do with this book doesn't change how enjoyable it was. Ramon Espejo is a small time criminal on the run from the [...]

If you go into this novel leaving Martin's success in the last fifteen years behind, I think Hunter's Run is a very enjoyable novel. Despite being a smooth read in terms of prose, personally I still can't see the cracks in the writing after this second read, there is something of a split in the novel. The early stages and the final section of the novel, set in the major city of the colony, read like a more traditional story, whereas the section set in the unexplored wilderness of the planet are [...]

This is really not my kind of book but it was interesting in some aspects. I prefer to have my main character in a book to be a woman. The man character was Ramon Espejo who lives on a colony planet of Sao Paulo. Basically, this man gets into a fight in a bar with another man and kills him. Now that he is a murderer Ramon is on the run and he takes off to the wildnerness where he discovers aliens hiding beneath this mountain. Well, the aliens capture him (well actually they take the shot off fin [...]

When humanity took to the stars they found the universe already taken by older, more advanced races. But mankind had found a niche, sending colonists to tame inhospitable dangerous planets. Sao Paulo is one such planet that has been colonized for only 40 years. Ramon Espejo is a tough, misanthropic mineral prospector hoping for that one strike that will make him rich. After he kills a foreign diplomat Ramon heads out into the unexplored wilderness to wait for the heat to die down. He accidently [...]

I really enjoyed this book except for the vulgar language, I generally think of curse words as the sign of a weak writer, but in this case I know for a fact that Dozois and Martin, at least, are not weak writers. I am certain that they would explain as a character trait of Ramon, and I understand that having known people who do speak that way. Still, it was off-putting while reading and is what kept this book from being a five.What I did enjoy was exploring the question of what it means to be hu [...]

In music, supergroups of established artists are rarely greater than the sum of their parts. The same often goes for science fiction, but critics agreed that these three authors beat the trend by producing a tight, consistent novel. Whether because of Martin's decades of collaborative work, Dozois's long career as an editor, or Abraham's fresh prose style, every reviewer said the book seemed as if it were written by one person. The only complaint came from reviewers who had read an earlier, nove [...]

Albert Camus' The Stranger, replacing Algeria with space, and Algerians with aliens, and the French with Mexicans. Contained a juvenile attempt at Buddhism amongst the existentialism. Could have been better, but made for an alright read. I think it could have been better if it had been longer. Give the reader more time to get warmed up to Ramon, and give a more nuanced sense of the universe versus random info-dumps. You eventually get warmed up to Ramon, but he has to die and experience rebirth [...]

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