Skin Deep

Laura Jarratt

Skin Deep

Skin Deep

  • Title: Skin Deep
  • Author: Laura Jarratt
  • ISBN: 9781405256728
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback

An against the odds love story at the heart of a book for teens about prejudice, courage, and a dark, compelling mystery shortlisted for a Romantic Novelists Association AwardUgly people don t have feelings They re not like everyone else They don t notice if you stare at them and turn away And if they did notice, it wouldn t hurt them They re not like real people Or tAn against the odds love story at the heart of a book for teens about prejudice, courage, and a dark, compelling mystery shortlisted for a Romantic Novelists Association AwardUgly people don t have feelings They re not like everyone else They don t notice if you stare at them and turn away And if they did notice, it wouldn t hurt them They re not like real people Or that s what I used to think Before I learned After the car crash that leaves her best friend dead, Jenna is permanently scarred She struggles to rebuild her life, but every stare in the street, every time she looks in the mirror, makes her want to retreat further from the world Until she meets Ryan Ryan s a traveler When he and his mother moor their narrow boat on the outskirts of a village, she tells him this time it will be different He doesn t believe her he can t imagine why this place shouldn t be as unwelcoming as the rest Until he meets Jenna But as Jenna and Ryan grow closer, repercussions from the crash continue to reverberate through the community And then a body is found.

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Jenna - “Dad's going to go mental though.”Ryan - Suppose I'll be skewered with the garden fork when he finds out.”“Probably. Might deflate your ego so it could be a good thing.”“You're supposed to say, 'No, I'll protect you' and stuff like that.”This is a story about two lonely and lost people finding each other against all odds. It's a beautiful relationship of discovery. I loved watching Jenna and Ryan's chemistry and the way they unraveled each other. And even though they're so [...]

Uhoh, I feel like crap. I see all these good reviews, 4 and 5 star ratings and recommendations flying everywhere and then there's mine a 2 star rating and a crappy review. Well for starters I really didn't like the way the book started off. I mean in all honesty I disliked it from the beginning and by the end I still thought it was a waste of time, The characters were cold and I couldn't connect with them. I thought the plot of the story sounded refreshing and different at first but I didn't lik [...]

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***Spoiler Free Summary By EmeraldBookWorm***Didn't love it, didn't hate it. // Very interesting back story and small town scandal. /// Very enjoyable just not fantasticUntil Next Time, Emerald BookWorm

"Nobody ever, ever mentioned the scars."

Skin Deep is one of the most wonderful books I’ve ever read. When I bought it I didn’t know how young the characters are and when I realized my mistake I thought: damn this will be stupid as hell. Anyway because I’ve already had it I started to read it and I was surprised in a good way. It isn’t lame, not at all, and even if the characters are really young (the girl is 14, the boy is 16) they got some pretty hard shit in their lives which made them more mature than others in their age.Ho [...]

This book is truly beautiful. Not only does it have an adorable romance, but it also teaches great lessons. Don't judge a book by its cover, "Ugly" people have feelings (this one was very repetitive because she considers herself ugly), Being beautiful on the outside doesn't always mean you're a beautiful person on the inside, It's what's on the inside that counts, etc. I also thought it was interesting that she is only fourteen years old (though she doesn't act it). It makes me kind of sad thoug [...]

Jenna is a 14 year old girl who was involved in a car accident & got horrific burns on one side of her face. She loses all her confidence & refuses to even look at her reflection in the mirror. Then she meets a lad who lives on a boat with his bipolar mother. Ryan makes Jenna take control of her life & learn to live it instead of hiding away from everyone. I loved this story. It was believable, emotional & funny too. I highly recommend Skin Deep to people that like YA, realistic [...]

As soon as I picked Skin Deep being drawn to it more than other books on my pile because of the cover, I was instantly drawn into the world of Jenna with not much information at the start about the characters but Laura Jarratt instantly created a sense of danger. Laura Jarratt is one of the few authors that I have known that has managed to reel the reader in making them eager to read on from the first few pages of the novel.This is one of the few books that I have read that targets the issues so [...]

I am always apprehensive when I read YA books because I worry the voice will be too juvenile, or worse off, too adult for the character. I didn't find this at all in Skin Deep. I'll be up front, I love this author as a person. She's witty, funny and endeared herself to me long before this book was published. That said, I've never read anything she's written. Until this book. I am always more than a little apprehensive when I start to read someone's work that I know. (Not know-know, but in a virt [...]

I have had my eye on Skin Deep since I first heard about it and was excited to receive a copy in the post from the publisher and as soon as my current read was finished I dove straight in and was not disappointed.Skin Deep is a book that not only focuses on finding love against the odds, but also about finding your strength and belief in yourself to pick yourself up and carry on, no matter what is in your way.Jenna is suffering for various reasons after a disfiguring car accident, while Ryan, a [...]

This was a really good YA read about a 14 year-old girl whose face was burned and scarred in a car accident that also killed her best friend. She is having a horrible time dealing with accepting what she looks like, having people stare at her on the street and being afraid, and just overall self-esteem and anger issues.She meets a 16 year-old boy, the son of a "traveler," a woman who lives permanently on a boat drifting through the canals of England staying (usually illegally) on the banks of a [...]

Eine süsses Liebesgeschichte mit einer tollen Message. In der Liebe kommt es eben nicht nur auf das Aussehen an. :)Die Charaktere Jenna und Ryan haben mir gut gefallen. Ich mochte vor allem den Humor von Ryan. :D Auf jeden Fall lesenswert. Habs in einem Tag durchgesuchtet. :D

Originally posted at Fragments of Life.I was caught off guard by this stunning and brilliant debut! I didn’t expect that I would love it this much. It’s hard to really find the right words for this review – I don’t think there will ever be a set of worthy words for the awesomeness that was Skin Deep.Jenna wasn’t the same after the accident. Aside from the trauma, the grief and melancholy of losing her best friend, Lindz, she was permanently scarred with a horrible third degree burn on [...]

The Short Story? - One of the best contemporary YA novels I've ever read. Heartbreakingly beautiful and bittersweet, Jarratt has written a moving love story that shows the beauty in flaws. I can't emphasis enough just how wonderfully complex and brilliant this novel is. A tear-jerker plot, beautiful characterisation and prose that that rivals some of the best YA writers out there. Jarratt has written an extraordinary work of contemporary fiction. Skin Deep is a memorable debut that will haunt yo [...]

“They're just scars. They're not you.”― Laura JarrattFirst off, I must say I love this book! Sure there was some tiny flaws here and there but not every book is perfect. This book was just so hauntingly beautiful and carefree. I really loved the characters, and how the author decided to make them different. Have you ever noticed that all of the books out there these days , the main characters are always these beautiful, loved people. But skin Deep is different. The characters seem just ten [...]

I first saw this book in my local Waterstones about a year ago. Whilst I did like the sound of it, a part of me was reluctant to buy it. I don't know why, but that was just the way it was. And now, I wish I'd picked Skin Deep up sooner. Skin Deep is about Jenna whose face has been severely scarred due to a car crash. The scar has made her see herself in a negative light and it is only when she meets Ryan that that starts to change.I loved Jenna, whilst she could easily take things the wrong way, [...]

This doesn't include something that made me pick up the proof copy in the first place "Fang free romance for readers who are allergic to the paranormal, from a talented new author" and as much as I'm definatley not allergic to the paranormal I am, however, sick to the back teeth of it. EVERY DAMN TEENAGE FICTION BOOK is about BLOODY VAMPIRES or BLOODY ANGELS or BLOODY WEREWOLVES no variations. I have to celebrate this book because it contains NONE OF THESE THINGS, you can tell I'm excited the ca [...]

Within the first two chapters of this book, I was crying. As soon as I read how Jenny had suffered and her struggle to come to terms with how she looked, I found myself weeping buckets full of tears. You can feel exactly how she feels as she experiences the constant staring and whispering about her. Her life has changed dramatically and she is struggling to come to terms with the way people now look at her. She can't even look at herself. In her eyes, the scarring is just too hideous to look at [...]

3.75-4 StarsBeing a teenager is tough enough. Peer pressure, expectations, wanting to belong is just a few reasons why it just sucks. It’s even harder when you decide to ride in car with your friends, knowing that the driver was unreliable, and ends up with your friends getting killed and scarring you for life, inside and out. Jenna’s world is turned upside down when, after a car accident, leaves her face scarred. She is emotionally distraught and wants nothing more than to hide for the rest [...]

Blog Book Review: landamac.weebly/skin-deep.My Blog: landamac.weebly"Ugly people don't have feelings. They're not like everyone else. They don't notice if you stare at them and turn away. And if they did notice, it wouldn't hurt them. They're not like real people. Or that's what I used to think." - JennaJenna had a crash, the same car accident where her best friend died. Now, Jenna is permanently scarred. However hard she tries she can't return to piece together the puzzle of her life.One day Je [...]

Skin Deep is a cute YA contemporary that was a joy to read! Mysteries, romance and complicated families.I'm not quite sure where to begin, Jenna, a fourteen-year-old, was in a car crash not long ago, leaving a scar on her face. She's always kept her head down, kept to herself, kept invisible. She hates it when people stare at her with that sympathetic look in their eyes. Until she meets Ryan. A traveller, a sixteen-year-old, a boy way out of her league. But he's not like any other boy she's met. [...]

If you haven't read this bookGo and get it! Its everything you want in a good book. I found this book by accident at work the other day and i loved the name of it so i got itnd of a dumb reason i know. However, the book is wonderful, it shows love and innocence in their purest form. From first dates and meeting parents the story becomes so believable unlike many fantasy ya read. AND! Finally! a heroine who isn't always whining about her looks because she wants attention and one who is strong des [...]

I didn’t have overly high expectations for this YA novel, but I was pleasantly surprised while reading it. I brought it to read on a flight, and couldn’t put it down. Jenna, emotionally and physically scarred by a terrible car accident which killed her best friend, refuses to engage in the world around her. That is, until she meets the cocky yet simultaneously sensitive Ryan, a “traveler” (read: modern-day nomad) whose mother is bipolar and whose only father-figure has just walked out on [...]

Drugs and sex (non-explicit) so I would recommend for 14+ readers if you're sensitive! Although, if you are a level-headed 11 year-old it is worth picking up as it highlights the dangers of drugs. Be aware, the hero is 16 and indulges in 'hook-ups' and drinks alcohol.The storyline is basically what it says on the blurb, but there are several deeper issues involved, namely prejudice against travellers; underage drinking; challenging behaviour and pushing boundaries; living with semeone who has bi [...]

Star Rating- 2Jenna was in a car accident last year with her best friend Lindsey and a couple of unaquainted people, they were high and drunk and predictably, crashed the car. Jenna's best friend and another died in the crash along with Jenna leaving the alight car with half a face full of scars. Eight months later, Jenna stays indoors shamed of her appearance wanting everyone to forget about the accident but people's reactions to her face are making that possibility very slim.Until Ryan appears [...]

I didn’t like it at first, I know that for sure. I thought it was a bit too cliché, and that the main characters were pretty lame on their own, and I hate the type of thought process that writers have when they make/imply that their main female lead characters should be a tad more emotional and attracted towards the main male lead, who happens to be a bad boy and only realizes his absolutely infatuation with the girl when someone else vies for her affection. Anyway, I got over that soon enoug [...]

SKIN DEEP is quite simply, a beautiful book. It's the story of Jenna, the girl who was horribly disfigured in a tragic car accident, and Ryan, the gypsy traveller who's forced to be more parent than child to his bi-polar Mom. There are so many things to love about this story: for starters, the title is perfect as the theme of the novel is really about learning the layers of beauty, and how it can bloom or get twisted, the deeper you go. One of the things I liked most was how well each character [...]

OMG OMG . I just finished the book and WOW it was just Awesome.I feel like this right now BEEHSHWKEHGWCWGYSSHUEWJOE WOWThere was never a boring moment or anything and the pace of the story was perfect. The plot was original which I loved and WOW . It about a girl named Jenna . Jenna was in an accident and from under her eye to her neck was burned . She has difficulty coping with this because everyone stares at her and calls her names .Ryan is a traveller he travels on a boat with his mum from vi [...]

I think any girl, or boy, reading this book has probably felt ugly at some point in their lives and that is what makes Skin Deep so readable. Jenna has some pretty extreme scarring across her face after a car accident and of course this leaves her feeling ugly, like she can't leave the house. That is, until Ryan comes along, a sensitive,hardworking guy that's kind to his mum (I love this). He has his own issues but manages to break Jenna out of her shell, their relationship is so pure and gives [...]

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