The Young Black Stallion

Walter Farley Steven Farley

The Young Black Stallion

The Young Black Stallion

  • Title: The Young Black Stallion
  • Author: Walter Farley Steven Farley
  • ISBN: 9780375829352
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback

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Even as a young colt in the Arabian highlands, the Black was an extraordinarily strong and beautiful horse and an alluring target for devious horse thieves This story takes readers back to the Black s early days, chronicling the events that would alter his destiny forever.

Recent Comments "The Young Black Stallion"

This was Walter Farley's swan song to the Black Stallion series. His son Steven helped him write it. The events consist of a flashback Alec has right after the cataclysmic events of The Black Stallion Legend. It's at turns poetic and then downright bizarre. A two year old colt being called a stallion? Hmmm. Also, I liked the fact that The Black looked as if he killed someone right before he was forced onto the Drake. It made him a real bad-ass. Here this scene is rewritten to be more PC. Oh, com [...]

'One of these things is not like the other things, one of these things is just not right.'This book was about a million times better than the movie, but that isn't hard, so we'll just throw that comparison out the window.When it tries to stand on its own four legs, I have to say, this bookfalls down. It just doesn't work.First of all, Young Black Stallion suffers from that dreaded horror that all prequels suffer from, but further from the problem that Farley had already filled in many of the bla [...]

(view spoiler)[Preliminary thoughts *SPOILERS*: I read the edition released in the early 90's with the Pamela Patrick cover as opposed to this edition. The story is mainly about Rashid a young Bedouin man and Shetan (the title character), who survive in the Arabian mountains after Rashid raided the stronghold where Shetan was being kept. They develop a sort of association, I wouldn't say "bond", but they more or less felt comfortable around each other. Rashid looked at Shetan as a means to an en [...]

“Daring Plot to Kidnap the Black”The father-son authors have produced an excellent story, recreating the youth of the Black until the time when Alex Ramsay witnesses him being loaded--with savage fury and hatred for all men—on board The Drake in a Middle Eastern port. The Prologue and Epilogue are set in the Arizona desert where Alec, now a young man, spends the night with his beloved stallion, grazing nearby. Contemplating the starry nocturnal sky Alec locates the Horsehead Nebula and ser [...]

I remember trying to read this when I was in sixth grade. Normally I loved books about horses, and I saw the movie, "The Young Black Stallion", loved it, and thought I would like the book version too. But the book was different from the movie, and very early on, in the first chapter, there was, what my twelve-year-old self thought, a rather graphic description of a man (IIRC it was the black stallion's original owner) getting stabbed. As soon as I read that, I thought, "Nope", put the book down [...]

it was okay . I personally didn't like it that much but you might like it.

This book is really short (even for a young adult novel), but in some ways that's a good thing because it gets straight to the point. The basic premise of the book is that it shares the story of what happened to the Black Stallion before he was befriended by Alec Ramsey. It's set in Arabia, and the brief depiction of that culture is interesting and also better than that of Farley's other Arabian themed book, The Black Stallion Returns. The story is simple and describes how The Black gradually ad [...]

In a final tribute to The Black Stallion, Walter Farley teamed up with his son to share the early life of The Black, prior to his fateful meeting with Alec Ramsey, at long last. We meet Shetan and his owner and handlers, and we learn about the hard life of the desert that was first shown to us in The Black Stallion Returns. It's fitting that Farley was able to tell this one last tale that gives us a start to finish understanding of The Black Stallion and his journey. We know he was always meant [...]

First read of 2018 in the bag! I really enjoyed this little throwback to my childhood.ough I have to say, this prequel doesn't read like a kid's book, or even YA. It's pretty dark and weirdly spiritual. Even though (spoiler alert) we all know the Black is going to survive his trials, I still felt uneasy about the abuse he suffers along the way. It made me want to go back to the first book in the series and do a reread to see if perhaps it's darker than I remember. Who has time for rereads, thoug [...]

Many people are familiar with Walter Farley’s series The Black Stallion. Perhaps even reading the first book in this children’s series, the question was raised: how did the Black come to be on the ship in the first place? Written with his third child Steven, Walter explores the origin of the young black stallion named Shêtan.Read more at equus-blog/young-black-sta

I give this book 3.5 stars. I could not keep my attention on the story probably because this series is for much younger readers then me. Very vivid imagery which makes the stallion come alive. -------------------------------------------------------------------------SpoilerNote to Self: ArizonaShetan(Aka the Black,black Arabian stallion),Alec Ramsey(), Henry(),Abu Ja'Kub ben Ishak(sheik), Rashid(young Bedouin),

I picked this up at the library out of nostalgia. I loved the Black Stallion books as a fourth grader, and was excited to find a book in the series that had been written after that period. I was hoping my daughter would read it, but she wasn't interested. It didn't live up to my inflated expectations, either.

This is a prequel to the Black Stallion series, giving an account of the Black’s adventures before the advent of Alec Ramsey.I thought it was so lame it should be on crutches. It has this main character, an Arab youth, who is very annoying, and I thought that a story about Black wandering around finding food would be more fun.

I did have a problem with this book, as I did with many of the later books, in the fact that they did not stay true to information given in earlier books. That aside, this was a well written book with a good story.

I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and/or to read more within the series.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

Better written than many of the later Black Stallion books, I enjoyed the backstory of Shetan, which leads right up to the loading of the great horse onto The Drake for the fateful voyage across the ocean.

It's a fun book. It's fun to read about horses. The black stallion was a very mean horse, but Alec seemed to gentle him. Now he wants to enter the Black Stallion into a race.

Adore this book <3

I'am impressed with the writing of Walter Farley son Steven. I will be reading more of his books as well.

kinda confusing because this was the first book I read from the series!

One of my favorites in the series.

i think its good

Loved it

Great chick book for 10-13 year olds. =] As an animal lover, I couldn't get enough of the Black Stallion series.

Loved this as a child, I read all Walter Farleys books over a summer,

This book was a very good book. It helped me understand more about the history of the Black.

This series is a great read, with just enough suspense to keep you turning the pages.

family favoriteAn enjoyable read.This would make a nice addition to anyone's personal library.

I own this exact copy. I did get confused with this book. But overall, i Loved this book. This is a must read.


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