Doktor Glas

Hjalmar Söderberg

Doktor Glas

Doktor Glas

  • Title: Doktor Glas
  • Author: Hjalmar Söderberg
  • ISBN: 9789100112691
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover

Stark, brooding, and enormously controversial when first published in 1905, this astonishing novel juxtaposes impressions of fin de si cle Stockholm against the psychological landscape of a man besieged by obsession Lonely and introspective, Doctor Glas has long felt an instinctive hostility toward the odious local minister So when the minister s beautiful wife complainsStark, brooding, and enormously controversial when first published in 1905, this astonishing novel juxtaposes impressions of fin de si cle Stockholm against the psychological landscape of a man besieged by obsession Lonely and introspective, Doctor Glas has long felt an instinctive hostility toward the odious local minister So when the minister s beautiful wife complains of her husband s oppressive sexual attentions, Doctor Glas finds himself contemplating murder A masterpiece of enduring power, Doctor Glas confronts a chilling moral quandary with gripping intensity.

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This short novel is a melancholic guide of Stockholm. It is a compendium of thoughts and reflections upon life from a peculiar character. It is a story of alienation and unrequited love. And it is also the story of a planned murder. Although more than a hundred years old, this novel feels as fresh as if written yesterday. The only hint of its age are depictions of places in Stockholm that no longer exist and some obsolete debates (on abortion, for example), but otherwise the language doesn't fel [...]

This book has become quite well-known recently due to the theatre production starring Krister Henriksson. We saw it in London a few months ago, and it is indeed very good; but I was surprised to discover that the book is substantially different. The eponymous Glas, as most people now know, is a doctor in late 19th century Stockholm who kills the husband of one of his patients. Fru Gregorius is young and beautiful; her husband is a hypocritical old priest whose very presence makes Glas feel physi [...]

Πάρα πολύ δυνατό βιβλίο! Με ξάφνιασε ευχάριστα η προσέγγιση του συγγραφέα αλλά και η φιλοσοφία που ανέπτυξε γύρω από τα κεντρικά θέματα του βιβλίου. Συνδυάζει Dostoyevsky και Camus με έναν ιδιαίτερα όμορφο τρόπο! Προτείνεται ανεπιφύλακτα :)

Το βιβλίο κυκλοφόρησε στα ελληνικά πριν λίγες μέρες, εγώ το αγόρασα σήμερα, το ξεκίνησα άμεσα και πριν λίγα λεπτά το τελείωσα κιόλας! Εντάξει, δεν είναι και κάνα τούβλο, άνετα διαβάζεται σε λίγες ώρες, αλλά πραγματικά με συνεπήρε και ουσιαστικά το διάβασα σε δυο "καθισιές". Π [...]

When I finished this book I didn't feel much impressed however it grew on me in time. There are some passages that I came back to read again and again. Its a strange, insightful and interesting book written at the beginning of 20th century. The story is about a young doctor who either pities or despises his patients and plays the judge and the jury and the executioner sometimes.The book makes you question fundamental issues such as morals, ethics and faith.

I rather fell in love with this book. It’s concise—more a novella than a novel—and the plot is extremely simple, hardly more than a vehicle for the first person narrator’s dark philosophical meditations. But that doesn’t prevent it from being a compelling read. The novel’s great strength is its voice. It takes the form of a series of diary entries over a few summer months in Stockholm, in an unidentified year close to the time of composition (it was published in 1905, apparently much [...]

Escrito em forma de diário, retrata determinado período da vida de um médico sueco no início do século XX, designadamente os seus dilemas morais e desabafos sociais. Sou de opinião que há uma passagem do livro que resume muitos bem os dilemas com que o personagem principal, Tyko Gabriel Glas, é confrontado, designadamente em praticar o aborto e a eutanásia/homicídio."Mas era severo e duro, e tinha ideias bem assentes sobre o dever no que se referia às outras pessoas. Quando é de cada [...]

June 12. I've never known such a summer.Here is the eponymous doctor's journal on show and he is most definitely not the sort of person one would wish to have as a GP. Some of the lines are priceless with their gallow humour against all that is generally held to be humane sensibility. It's all in here, arguments and mental brooding over abortion, prostitution, snobbery, lust - no wonder it caused such a furore within hypocritical Lutheran society in Stockholm, in the early 1900's. Many chests wo [...]

"I'm sitting at my open window now and writing this - for whom? Not for any friend or girlfriend, scarcely even for myself, for I don't read today what I wrote yesterday, and I won't be reading this tomorrow []What I'm writing on these pages isn't a confession; to whom should I confess? I don't relate everything about myself. I relate only what it pleases me to relate, but I never say anything untrue. Not that I can lie away my souls misery, if miserable it must be."SynopsisDoctor Glas, an epist [...]

"E presto verrà, la neve. La si avverte nell'aria.Sarà la benvenuta. Che venga. Che cada pure."Questo libro è stato una sorpresa. Non mi aspettavo niente di così umanamente coinvolgente. Forse era il titolo a non dirmi niente di particolare. Il suo contenuto, tuttavia, mi ha davvero fatto ricredere. Ho scoperto un romanzo bellissimo e un grande autore.Il dottor Glas è un libro sulla morale esaminata da un punto di vista in prima persona. Tyko Gabriel Glas è un uomo che non ha vissuto piena [...]

Hjalmar Söderberg (1869 – 1941)O sueco Hjalmar Söderberg (1869 – 1941), escritor, poeta, dramaturgo e jornalista publicou em 1905 o livro “O Doutor Glas”, que na edição portuguesa da Relógio D´Água” tem uma brilhante introdução da escritora norte-americana Margaret Atwood. “O Doutor Glas” é o diário do jovem médico Tyko Gabriel Glas, com cerca de trinta anos – que começa a 12 de Junho, algures no início do séc. XX, em Estocolmo, num Verão particularmente quente, c [...]

O Doutor Glas foi publicado, pela primeira vez, na Suécia em 1905, altura em que gerou polémica pela ousadia com que Hjalmar Söderberg fala de sexo e morte, tendo sido entendido como a apologia do aborto, eutanásia e assassínio.Glas é um homem melancólico e solitário, que vive em conflito entre o dever como médico e o que ele pensa como pessoa. É um homem culto e uma alma sensível, que ama a Beleza, potenciada pelo seu amor à música e à literatura, e que abomina tudo o que é carna [...]

Vita, proprio non ti capiscoQualche giorno fa, causa un malanno che non vuole passare, sono andato da un medico che mi hanno consigliato (la mia dottoressa della ASL la equiparo per competenza a un pasticcere di scarsa qualità).Mi siedo e inizia l'anamnesi, il solito fuoco di domande e risposte.A un certo punto squilla il telefono e il medico, scusandosi, risponde. Dall'altro capo del filo capisco esserci la segretaria. Oggetto della conversazione: una signora ha chiamato e insiste con foga per [...]

Καθαρόαιμο πεντάρι

It's a shame this novel isn't more readily available in the US. I read it for a Swedish literature course while I studied in Stockholm and fell in love with it before the end of the first page.Usually diary novels come across as trite and forced, at least to me. While the whole concept of diary novels is rather dubious at best (can you recall pages of dialog you've had with people off the top of your head?), some do it better than others. Söderberg handles it masterfully; you'll find yourself h [...]

FOUR AND HALF STARS.An excellent piece of literature. A remarkable translation. My only regret is that I have no time to write a detailed review.

Sexual obsession and oppression, along withabortion, euthanasia, murder, the tyranny ofreligion and other condiments that make up Life,are vividly explored in this startling psychologicalnovel first published in 1905. The solitary young Dr. Glas must advise a woman whose minister husbandis a boor. Has he too much or too little carnalknowledge?

Jag trodde att den skulle kännas mossig, men ack så fel jag fick! En bok jag kommer fortsätta fundera över.

حكاية طبيب يكره قسيس دون سبب واضح، هو فقط يستحقره وينفر منه، وفي يوم تطلب زوجة القسيس مساعدة من الطبيب تؤدي إلى أشياء غير متوقعي. ربما يكون هذا وصف طفولي جدًا لرواية في عبقرية "الدكتور غلاس" فالأمر أعمق من مجرد حكاية غامضة، أو إنتقامية. الدكتور غلاس أحد أغرب الشخصيات التي قد م [...]

Now I know why this caused so much controversy when it was published. All in all, definitely an interesting read.I had to reread it because I'm writing a paper about it and I'd like to add trigger warnings for extreme ableism, quite some sexism and sexual assault. Just in case any of you felt like reading this.

For my swedish review, read further down. This is a difficult book to review. I haven't had time to read a lot this week, but I think that has been in my favour because I've had time to consider and reflect about the content, and have realized what a philosophical author Söderberg was.We get to follow the main character through his perception of the world, in the form of diary notes. He finds comfort in writing (so much that he actually doesn't get rid of them later on, even though he suspects [...]

Обнаружила упоминание об этой книге в фейсбучной заметке замечательной Анастасии Завозовой. В принципе, не ожидала ничего такого особенного - книга, да и автор, мало кому известны. Но в этом случае произошло попадание в самое сердце. Я ведь совсем забыла, как люблю по-сканди [...]

I asked a friend who grew up in Sweden to recommend some Swedish literature, as I couldn't remember ever reading any. Söderberg was the first writer they mentioned. I subsequently found a lovely 1963 Chatto & Windus edition of ‘Doctor Glas’ in the university library, which was a delight to the senses. It has that lovely old books scent, satisfyingly thick paper, and appealing typography. It reminded me that modern bindings are of such inferior quality by comparison. I very much doubt th [...]

"La morale è quel famoso cerchio di gesso intorno alla gallina: ne è legato chi ci crede""Ci sono uomini che difettano di ogni predisposizione alla felicità e che l’avvertono con penosa e inesorabile chiarezza. Tali uomini non aspirano alla felicità ma, semmai, cercano di dare un po’ di forma e di stile alla propria infelicit໫Glas è uno di questi»."Trentatreenne, rapporto problematico col padre defunto, nessuna esperienza con donne se non una terminata in maniera tragica, una dome [...]

"Vilken morgon! En lätt känning av höst i den glasklara luften. Och stilla.""Jag ville se om kunde fånga en gnista från hennes stjärnögon genom floret."As a gateway to Hjalmar Söderberg's works one can hardly go wrong with Doctor Glas. In Sweden he is viewed as being on the same tier as August Strindberg and Selma Lagerlöf and with this novel he certainly proves it in my eyes. It is an immensely psychological novel as one is suspended in the mind of Doctor Glas - his thoughts, arguments [...]

En lagom lång, existentiell berättelse om ett mer eller mindre rättfärdigat mord, moraliska frågor samt en släng eller två om de sociala positioner in i vilka folk tvingas genom gamla traditioner, inte alltför sällan av religiöst slag. Som har påpekats förr finns vissa kopplingar till Dostojevskijs Raskolnikov (Brott och Straff). Huvudkaraktären, doktor Glas, överväger mordet och tvekar fram och tillbaka, får viss ångest och paranoia efter att dådet är genomfört och verkar ä [...]

Hjalmar Söderberg would deserve more popularity."Doctor Glas" is a very interesting book for all those who are interested in morality and its corruption.Although being written in an old fashioned style with an excessive use of an epistolary and diary form, this novel is extremely modern.I would call it postmodern in a way.Who else in 1906 would have spoken of issues such as abortion, euthanasia, suicidal tendencies and women's rights? Furthermore showing the points of view on these topics of a [...]

Maravilhosamente incómodo


Jag hade höga förväntningar på Doktor Glas och jag kan inte säga annat än att den levde upp till de förväntningarna. Språket är fantastiskt vackert på många sätt samtidigt som boken är skarpt och kärnfullt skriven utan onödiga utfyllnads-stycken. Min erfarenhet är att böcker från sekelskiftet och tidigare ofta har en lite annorlunda dramaturgi och är skrivna på ett lite mer högtravande och pratigt vis där någon berättar för mig om karaktärerna snarare än låter karakt [...]

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