The Pale Boy

Theresa Weir

The Pale Boy

The Pale Boy

  • Title: The Pale Boy
  • Author: Theresa Weir
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A very short fantasy.

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This might be one of the few times where I think my review might be longer than the length of the actual story/work I've read. Don't quote me on that because I'm speaking only on what it felt like in the experience reading it. It began, then it ended just as soon as it started. While I can approve of tight writing and brief reads that enthrall me (and I've read my fair share of flash fiction) - I can't say I felt the same reading this particular work."The Pale Boy" was an ebook I downloaded for [...]

I marked this 2 stars but it's more like 1.5.I don't even know what to say about this short story. It was well written like she knows how to put words together :-) but this story was way to short and I found myself confused. In one word the story was TRIPPY. That's how it read. Like it was one acid trip or what I would imagine it to be. I wasn't impressed or left to want more because if more meant more of what I had read then, no, I can do without.

This book has suffered from what the majority of short stories suffer fromot of description with no storyline. I just found this author through her book Play Dead which is written under her psuedonym, Anne Frasier. I believe I will stick to her full length novels for now.

Very interesting short story. Very short. The length almost works well for it, but it's still a bit off. It left me wanting more, but I feel it's a "more" that could have been given due to the short length. I'd be interested to read more stories, or an expanded version of this story, that follow the same characters.

This is a really short story about a magic card that takes a girl to meet a pale boy. It's a free ebook and there's not much to learn from it, but I actually found it nice to read. The many ways it could develop got me wondering what if?

Wow. I've looked over some of the reviews for this short story and all I can say is I love 'The Pale Boy'. Theresa Weir knows how to write. Perhaps all those self published books have lowered the standards for what is now considered good writing.

Far too short for the price. It is not really paced like a short and instead sets the reader up for a nice cozy novel-length read only to stop abruptly. I would love to read a novel length version.

I normally like Theresa Weir, but this book, which is really just a very short story - is weird.

Very short, but the amazon description tells you that. I thought the way the business card drew the girl to the fantasy land was a clever idea.

A very short fantasy piece - can a business card drag / entice you into another world? Not very demanding or engaging.

Very short

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