"D" Is for Deadbeat

Sue Grafton

"D" Is for Deadbeat

  • Title: "D" Is for Deadbeat
  • Author: Sue Grafton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Alternate cover edition for ISBN 0553271636The client came to Kinsey Millhone with an easy job just deliver 25,000 to a fifteen year old kid A little odd, and a little too easy, but Kinsey took Alvin Limardo s retainer check anyway It turned out to be as phony as he was In real life, his name was John Daggett, a chronic drunk with a record as long as your arm and a reAlternate cover edition for ISBN 0553271636The client came to Kinsey Millhone with an easy job just deliver 25,000 to a fifteen year old kid A little odd, and a little too easy, but Kinsey took Alvin Limardo s retainer check anyway It turned out to be as phony as he was In real life, his name was John Daggett, a chronic drunk with a record as long as your arm and a reputation for sleazy deals But he wasn t just a deadbeat By the time Kinsey caught up with him, he was a dead body with a whole host of people who were delighted to hear the news But how do you make a stiff pay up what he owes you

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Book Review3.5 of 5 stars (rounded up!) to D is for Deadbeat. In this installment, Kinsey's rattled when a mysterious man asks her to deliver $25K to someone who turns out to be a teenager. Shortly after the check he gave Kinsey for her own fee bounces and the guy turns up dead. Cut her losses? No Investigate to see if you can recover your money. Sometimes Kinsey you just don't know when to talk away, but at least you're not beat up in this book like previous ones. All in all, a solid book in th [...]

I notice that if you are reading this book suggests that you might also enjoy Sara Paretsky's V.I.Warshawski series. And I am not surprised because honestly Kinsey and Vic could be twin sisters. The same brusque personality, the same disregard for personal safety and for other people's feelings - I sometimes have to remind myself which series I am reading:)Which is fine with me because I enjoy both. D is for Deadbeat is not one of Grafton's best but it is an easy read. The murderer was not obvi [...]

Sue Grafton's novels are small and yummy, like a mental Hershey's kiss. I love the way she sets up multiple potential "solutions" to her mysteries, so that you can rarely ever figure them out ahead of time. Because what a bummer that is.The best thing about this series is Kinsey Milhone. She's tough without being manly, feisty without being mean. This woman loves her independence and thinks that being single is almost as wonderful as being rich. I keep coming back just to see what she'll eat nex [...]

I have to admit this one was hard to listen to. Most of the characters were reprehensible and the background on the case was a very sad story. Throughout the book you are not sure about the John Daggett character and wonder all the times at his motives for doing things.Kinsey has to deal with a very diverse group of characters in this book. There are ex-cons, teenagers, siblings, multiple wives and a very anger daughter. Kinsey also finds herself just waiting for a break in the case to move to t [...]

4.5*Anyone who doesn't think this series is in decline should reread one of Grafton's older titles after the verbose"D" is one of Grafton's best & features far tighter writing & a more interesting storyline. Even though this was a reread for me, I couldn't put it down!Have knocked half a * off the rating for both the unlikely original premise & resolution. I believe the book's epilogue shows that Grafton knew the solution was weak but couldn't make it more persuasive.

These are like candy to me. Short, sweet, immensely satisfying. I won't claim that Grafton reaches new literary heights but they are largely well written and Kinsey is just a great character.For what it is worth, I thought the hook here was weak. Not really sure why Kinsey would feel so beholden to a dead ex-offender to deliver a check, but whatevs.

I thought this one was bit more complicated than it needed to be. Even re-reading this year's later, a lot doesn't gel together very well. We do get more information on Kinsey and others. I just think it was too rushed as a whole to be really enjoyable.The fourth novel finds Kinsey in a quandry. She is hired to deliver a cashier's check, but the check to her bounces. She tracks down the man who hired her and realizes that he also lied to her about his name and past. When he turns up dead, she ac [...]

15/1 - Finally, a mystery that doesn't end with Kinsey being seriously injured by the bad guy. I don't know how she could physically survive the injuries she sustained in B is for Burglar (injuries which required some time in hospital and weeks/months of physical therapy), and still be recovering when she is seriously injured again at the end of C is for Corpse. It kind of reminds me of the indestructibility of Bruce Willis in Die Hard and how impossible it would really be for either of them to [...]

Another fast, entertaining read. Kept me engaged until the last page.

Kinsey Millhone is hired to deliver a cashier's check of $25,000, but gets stiffed on her fee. The client tells Kinsey the money is for a teenager who had helped him out. It sounds suspicious, but Kinsey takes the job. After Kinsey realizes the check for her fee has bounced, she looks up the client to get her money. She discovers he has died, in what the police call an accident. Kinsey thinks his death is suspect, and looks into it. The 4th book in the Kinsey Millhone series. In this one, Kinsey [...]

I really do enjoy these books. Kinsey is hard-as-nails when she needs to be and yet funny and warm, too. They mysteries are interesting and the characters odd. --Better review now that I've had time:I accidentally stumbled across R is for Ricochet several years ago while perusing the local library. Little did I know that that one book would open up a world of mystery for me. I have since gone back to the beginning and started the series in the order it was meant to be read. However, if you’re [...]

Despite enthusiastic recommendations from some highly discerning reader friends, I'd never picked up a Sue Grafton novel before this one. I started with "D" rather than "A" because that was the copy I found available at my local second-hand bookshop just before I left on a long plane trip. It's a yellowed, pulpy paperback I planned to pitch after I finished it.Who knew? In detective Kinsey Millhone, Grafton creates a character who sounds like a stereotype--hard-boiled outside, vulnerable inside- [...]

I was curious. It's a pretty decent page turner I guess, for what it is. I could write lots about it: it's curious how much detail it goes into, like a PI manual of sorts; no real character development but sexual tension; first person narrative so you can live these exciting scenes through her. Thing is, for me that jars terribly and her protagonist is definitely meant to appeal to a certain section of the population. Suburban. White. Comfortable. Ready for a little feminine emancipation but not [...]

I enjoyed catching up with Kinsey. Easy reading and great plot.

This month my plan is to read as much Mysteries as I can leading up to Halloween so of course I had to go back to one of my most favorite Mysteries series, the Kinsey Millhone series (aka the Alphabet Mysteries series).I always say this but if you aren’t reading these books, then you’re missing out on an amazing heroine and some great crime novels. When I read about Kinsey Millhone, I feel like I’m reading about a part of myself. She has that drive similar to me where when she’s got her [...]

D IS FOR DEADBEAT is an odd story - Kinsey is hired to give $ 25,000 to a fifteen-year-old. Should be simple, right? Not with Sue Grafton writing the book!! When Kinsey's retainer check bounces things really start to get interesting!! Next Kinsey finds the deadbeat who wrote the check, he was dead. Now she has to find out who killed him in order to get paid!This is the fourth Sue Grafton book in this series but the first in the series that left me wanting more from the book. Although it kept a f [...]

I was starting to get irritated about how the books were ending in such similar fashion, and she does things differently. Very nice.

2.5 stars except that Grafton does write well. I really enjoyed A-C and I was enjoying this one - a good old-fashioned whodunnit- until I realised who the killer was. Ridiculous!

🤔😮😮 . totally totally . can't believe it

Somehow this story’s ending was not as satisfying for me as the others have been. I won’t give it away, however. But that’s the reason for my lower rating. I still love Kinsey and would love to meet her. Kinsey is still 32, so this is the same fictional year Grafton began in 1982 and “D” was published in 1987. But by the end it’s nearly Christmas. Unless the case in “E” begins immediately, I’d say Kinsey is moving on to a new year. I’m still engrossed in the story lines and I [...]

WOW, what an ending. Bigger surprise than Alibi.In Corpse, the client had more money than he knew what to do with. In this one, well, it's trailer time. Kinsey says to the witness/suspect, "It's just $8,000" to which the reply is made, "Do you have $8,000?"The best part of the book is when Kinsey narrates why she will miss her gun. She goes into being raised by her aunt, who wholeheartedly believed that women should always be self-sufficient and never dependent on anyone. She was an eccentric wo [...]

D is for Deadbeat | Sue Grafton | 21Jan2016Kinsey Millhone #4Published/Pages : 1987 | 320 pagesLocation : Santa Teresa (California), Los Angeles (California)Time Frame/Season : 1980s | Fall-WinterGenre : Mystery, Contemporary, Crime-ThrillerCharacters : Kinsey Millhone, John Daggett, Tony Gahan, Lovella Daggett, Billy Polo, Coral Polo, Ramona Westfall-------------------------------Rating AnalysisPremise : 6/10Introduction : 7/10Number of Characters : 6/10Character Development : 7/10Backup histor [...]

Not bad. The ending made me rather sad though.An ex-con asks Kinsey to track down a 15 year old boy and give him a cashiers cheque for $25k. A couple of days later the ex-con is dead, after apparently drowning in a storm. But his daughter doesn't buy that and hires Kinsey to find out what really happened.The ex-con - John Daggett had been in prison for vehicular manslaughter - after killing people in an accident when driving drunk. So there are a large number of suspects and Kinsey is able to in [...]

Sometimes you eat out, and you want a gourmet experience. Sometimes you eat in, and you want a clean healthy meal. And sometimes you're in a hurry, hungry, and just want to shovel in a Value Meal #1. D is for Deadbeat lacks nutrition, isn't gourmet, but.you know exactly what it's going to taste like. And it's easy to shovel in. Perfect for a plane ride across the country, in a middle seat, next to big fidgety people.What's it about? Oh who caresKinsey gets hired to look into something that turns [...]

The fourth in the Kinsey Millone series. Kinsey is sucked into a complicated situation when her client not only writes her a hot check, he winds up dead. The cops think it was an accident, but Kinsey thinks not.The victim was not a popular man and several families all had a good motive for wanting to see the man dead. All of the families investigated were sad in their own way, but one story in particular was very emotional. This was a much darker story than usual for Kinsey. Kinsey will have to [...]

I am enjoying reading this series. They are kind of like Nancy Drew books for adults to me. There is always a new mystery to be solved, the main sleuth is a female and the secondary cast of characters is familiar if you've read more than one of her books. In this story, Kinsey is a little more distracted and vulnerable. Her sixth sense tells her that she shouldn't believe or accept this new client, but she does so anyway. I did not see the twist or anticipate the ending to this one. On to "E." I [...]

Now that I am going back to read the few I missed, I've come to the conclusion the the earlier books in the alphabet series were among the best Sue wrote. Almost finished the whole series now and I have yet to regret starting a new one. Kudos are in order. I've said it before and I say it again. This girl can write.

It took me quite a while to get into this book.but once I did it had me hooked. My guess for "who did it" was completely wrong and I like that. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to read more of this series.

I was glad to get this off my reading list. I am not sure if I will continue on with this series. It feels like she writes, and wreites, and writes, and just doesn't seem to know how to end the story,.

I did not enjoy this one very much. The ending was really tragic and the book seemed to drag along. Also while every human life is valuable it was hard to be upset when the victim met his end. So far my least favorite in the Kinsey series.

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