The Immortals of Meluha

Amish Tripathi

The Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals of Meluha

  • Title: The Immortals of Meluha
  • Author: Amish Tripathi
  • ISBN: 9789380658742
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback

1900 BC In what modern Indians mistakenly call the Indus Valley Civilisation The inhabitants of that period called it the land of Meluha a near perfect empire created many centuries earlier by Lord Ram, one of the greatest monarchs that ever lived This once proud empire and its Suryavanshi rulers face severe perils as its primary river, the revered Saraswati, is slowly1900 BC In what modern Indians mistakenly call the Indus Valley Civilisation The inhabitants of that period called it the land of Meluha a near perfect empire created many centuries earlier by Lord Ram, one of the greatest monarchs that ever lived This once proud empire and its Suryavanshi rulers face severe perils as its primary river, the revered Saraswati, is slowly drying to extinction They also face devastating terrorist attacks from the east, the land of the Chandravanshis To make matters worse, the Chandravanshis appear to have allied with the Nagas, an ostracised and sinister race of deformed humans with astonishing martial skills The only hope for the Suryavanshis is an ancient legend When evil reaches epic proportions, when all seems lost, when it appears that your enemies have triumphed, a hero will emerge Is the rough hewn Tibetan immigrant Shiva, really that hero And does he want to be that hero at all Drawn suddenly to his destiny, by duty as well as by love, will Shiva lead the Suryavanshi vengeance and destroy evil

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The book is based on the belief that perhaps the actions, the deeds and karma are the only deciding factors in transforming an ordinary man to Mahadev - God of Gods.WHAT I LIKED THE MOST ABOUT THE BOOKUsing the same characters, places and names which are associated with Lord Shiva -Mansarovar,Sati, Nandi, Daksh, Gunas, makes the whole story very believable and easy to relate to.Many euphoric moments throughout the narrative, especially the episode when Neelkanth inspires the Suryavanshi army to [...]

I first heard about this book from a friend who had said that the book was a good read. Curious I tried reading up more about it and saw that noted columnists like Anil Dharkar and Sandipan Deb had given it great reviews. I read the first chapter online and liked it well enough that I decided to buy it. I went to quite a few book shops and found that it was sold out in most places. That is really surprising for a first time Indian author. Finally I found it in a tiny little shop, the proprietor [...]

Good story poorly written Amish Tripathi weaves a splendid but totally fictional & fantasised account of Shiva's traivails.For the folks looking for Lord Shiva's mythologicaly accurate chronical would feel frustrated. This book is certainly not for the purists; they should explore authetic SHIVA PURAN for that goal.This is a fabricated, but very well conceptualised story, weaving together the history(Indus Valley Civilization), geaography ( North Indian plains above the Vindhayas) & myth [...]

Flat and ordinary writing. The book never touches a pinnacle while you're reading Indian mythology. Indian mythology, a subject which in itself offers a vast, vivid, picturesque, setup with a lot of thrills, mysteries, a set of complete civilization which defined the future. The leading characters who are larger than life. But in this book, the author is just engrossed in moving the story forward while he forgets to add any substance to the grand character Shiva himself, the Lord, the one of Tri [...]

This book is a nightmare for all those who not only are devout lovers of Shiva but worship him for what we know of him. For me it definitely was a nightmare. The idea of his journey from human to supreme being is the only thing about the plot that I liked and which had tempted me to buy this book. But, very sadly, I could not relate to the Tripathi's take on Tibetan Shiva and to the very vague writing (which killed me)!! Moreover, if you really want to read a good mythology, why not read Shiva P [...]

Oh! What a book I have just finished reading spell-binding and refreshingly different from the rest! Amazed by the writer's flights of fantasy and how beautifully he has woven the mythology with fiction in a contemporary style!! Must read!

I tried to avoid reading this book but eventually i fell prey to the so called 'positive reviews' and some really good marketing by Amish. Now i regret wasting my money & time on this one.The idea of portraying lord Shiva as 'just a man who went on to become a god' is really cool & a fresh one. Full marks to that. But apart from that everything is horrible.1. Alternate history is alright as long as you make it believable. The nature of light and the reason behind the formation of rainbow [...]

When I first heard of the book I was a bit apprehensive for a few reasons.1) I’m not a fan of Indian mythology, I adore Greek mythology and I am mildly interested in Egyptian but Indian mythology never appealed to me.2) The author had said in an interview that he worshipped Shiva. People tend to sometimes show their own heroes/idols in a supreme being/perfect way therefore I assumed that Amish Tripathi had done the same.3) The Indian market is full of books written by authors who come from fie [...]

Actual rating: 2.5There were times when I believed this book to be five-star worthy, but these moments were too few and far in between. Now, having finished the 400-odd pages that comprise the first instalment of the highly acclaimed Shiva trilogy, I can’t even bring myself to round up the rating to three.Let’s start with the plus-points: I thought the story was brilliant. Amish Tripathi’s imagination is fantastic. The idea that Gods were originally humans, elevated to divine status by the [...]

I started off reading this book not out of some incentive, but out of an assignment at my previous workplace. At the outset, I had been right about my impression. The book is a midpoint between Chetan Bhagat's mind-numbing thrillers and a good mythology book.It's a sad state of affairs that most Indians have prescribed to a fast way of life and refuse to read a good book, but will take the short-cut by reading a fast-paced thriller that cheats us into finding out loads about our own culture. I w [...]

I first saw the ad for Immortals of Meluha on You Tube and it piqued my curiosity. A thriller set against the backdrop of ancient Meluha with Lord Shiva as the protagonist sounded novel. The intriguing theme and the glorified blurbs heightened my expectations from the book. The cover was nicely done and impressive. So, with eager anticipation, typical of a bibliophile, I started reading. But the first few pages itself planted a seed of doubt in my mind. With a plot that is virtually non-existent [...]

The Immortals of Meluha is a mythological novel (erroneously labelled sometimes as epic fantasy) that takes one of the gods of Indian mythology and portrays him as a man. Amish intelligently tweaks and warps the cast of familiar characters (familiar to Indians, at least), and paints a fantastical version of Shiva's life that is credible in some parts and amateurish in others. It is not a version the religious or the traditional will appreciate, but is one that will appeal to those who are not av [...]

I have read many Lord Shiva's book. But something was lacking in that book of Shiva. Shiva wasn't really smiling. Too serious. He was romantic alright, just the way I pictured Him to be. But he wasn't so cheerful. At least, smile a bit. Shiva isn't Krishna, but at least some smiles would not hurt.Amish' Shiva gave me the Shiva I identified with the most. Tho I don't mind a bit of swearing, he swears too much to my taste. But since the premise was human-turned-to-god anyway, it's not a big deal f [...]

A pure adult fantasy (in a nice way) 'The Immortal of Meluha’ is a mythical fiction book… The legends of the past have been recreated Gods are humanized and traditions are questioned.Without revealing too much I would say it traces beautifully the journey of Shiva from being a tribal to a 'Mahadeva'. Even other popular characters of Ram, Nandi, Sati, Daksha, Brahma are neatly placed. Only one issue the English used is too local and common phrases like 'dammit' 'what in the name of' etc sound [...]

It grows on you even though childish for the most part, the child in us can not help but grow to like shiva

Disclaimer: No part of this review is intended to offend anyone’s religious views. I do not want to go lenient because I consider it my right as a reader to be honest and open about the books I read. I apologize for any mistakes I made while pointing out certain points of the book. Please bear in mind that I was, up until this book, only slightly educated in Hindu mythologies and have less than sufficient knowledge to consider the facts portrayed by Tripathi as right or wrong***Mild spoilers i [...]

Gods. Fables. Deities. Myths. Entities of immense and unfathomable power that is limited only by imagination. Creators and destroyers of worlds. Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh and all the myriad entities of good and evil in the Hindu Pantheon. Long has been my fascination with all of them, and like so many of us I have often asked the question "Did they really exist?".If they did, what would drive the actions of such giants? What would they be inspired by, when they could remake worlds in a whim? What i [...]

I've just finished this book & all I can think of right now is a silent plea to the Almighty - "Hey Mahadev, you blessed Amish with tremendous amount of inspiration to write a book like this. Perhaps, he could have done with some perspiration too, so he could have strived to write this book much better than it turned out to be."There, I said it. And that is the biggest grievance I have with Mr. Amish over his bestselling debut novel.I don't need to go over the plot (hell, all my friends in c [...]

The book is as all the reviews point out, a very good read. Ever since i read the synopsis on a website, i wanted to read the book and once i started reading the book it proved to be page turner indeed.The book has got all the goodness of a 'grandmother's tale' and all the masala of a 'bollywood movie'. I would rather say that, it is a grand mother's tale in a bollywood style. It has got everything, mystery, myth, history, spirituality, suspense, action, love, friendship & what not.But then, [...]

First ever BR with the lovely and most amazing Sillyhead!As the beloved Chris Martin said sung: "Baby, it's been long time coming! Such a long long time!" So pumped! PS: I removed my original review (4 stars) bcz it was so damn cringe worthy I will upload it again along with the fresh review after I am done reading! Or will I? *wink wink*PPS: No race! We be taking this sloooowww, Sillyhead!

Dear Amish - Please stop making Ekta Kapoor soaps out of Indian Mythology. We hindus have a big heart and usually accept these kinds of remodelling of our sacred books. But this work is hopeless. This book is just a overhyped and overtalked about indian book, that has no moral value to impart. The writer starts of by saying that he wants to make shiva believable as a man and someone just like us, yet in the entire story, miracles keep happening all the time (none of which happen in our lives and [...]

Awesome!! The first time i came across reading a book with mythology blended with some fiction! The author should be appreciated for his braveness in thinking to write a book like this! He has chosen a high profile god in India as a lead in his franchise! even a minor misinterpretation would lead to a major criticism from every one. The author not only succeeded in avoiding it but also came up with this wonderful epic book!One thing i would like to tell for the would be readers of this book, pls [...]

Full Review originally at Fantasy Book Critic ANALYSIS: There’s quite a backstory to The Immortals Of Meluha. It was a book that was rejected by almost every publisher that the author had approached. Disappointed but not defeated the author went on to self-publish it and with a strong online presence managed to sell enough copies to become an Indian bestseller. He was of course then taken on by a traditional publisher and became a reputed bestseller all across the Indian subcontinent while bei [...]

Started reading this book only last week after hearing about it from a few friends. Ended up wondering how did I not pick this up for reading till now!Lord Shiva has graced my Life when I started practicing Isha Yoga more than three years ago. Reading about his Life - even imagined one - was a revelation.A friend warned that once you pick it up, you can't put it down. How true? Finished the book in one go, in just 3 sittings. It has been a long while since I've done such voracious reading!'Immor [...]

" The Immortals of Meluha" is an easy read for anyone who is having even a passing interest in the Hindu mythology. I have read interpretations on various other mythologies such as Greek, roman, christian etc but those were mythologies that I acquainted myself with for the sake of curiosity. But the Hindu mythology is something that I was led to believe from my very childhood itself as a result I found it very hard to remain objective throughout the book. Of course as we grow more and more knowl [...]

Most books that I read, I either like or dislike, love or hate - but every now and then, there comes along a book that just plain exasperates me because I cannot decide which side of the fence I'm on. This first part of the best selling Shiva Trilogy is exactly that kind of book. On one hand, the idea of a fictionalized biography of Shiva the God as a man, is nothing short of genius. The author is brilliant in the way he blends mythology and history to tell the epic story of Shiva, a tribal warr [...]

Long since I read this book, still I could feel the reverberation of "Har Har Mahadev" in my ears _/\_Being the first novel in Amish's Shiva Trilogy series, this novel is all about the rise of Shiva and his romance with his better-half, Sati <3 :)What intrigued me to read this book is the fact that this book is not for those who believe in Shiva Puran, Saivisam and lord Ram's ways of ruling.Its a piece of pure-imagination, where the author gives scope for tribal Shiva to elevate himself to be [...]

The only advantage of a book with an interesting story line; but with poor writing is that you can finish it in 4-5 hours. This book is so poorly written that it reads like the author put together panels from an amar-chitra-katha comic. The only saving grace for the writing was that it was evenly immature all across the book. In the acknowledgments, the author thanks his editors for "improving" his english. Either the editors are in the wrong job or the author did not know any english when he wr [...]

Except for the settings I didnt actually find it original, but was an enjoyable read anyway

Keyakinan adalah senjata yang sangat ampuh, Batara.Siwa sudah muak dengan pertempuran sukunya dengan suku-suku tetangga, terutama suku Pakrati yang ingin merebut wilayah mereka. Suatu hari, ada utusan dari negara Meluha yang mengajak Suku Guna untuk masuk menjadi bagian rakyat Meluha atau Wangsa Surya. Ide ini kemudian disetujui Siwa, dengan harapan seluruh anggota sukunya akan mendapat ketentraman, tanpa perlu was-was terhadap serangan suku lain lagi. Setelah pindah ke Meluha, Siwa kemudian men [...]

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