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  • Title: Rippler
  • Author: Cidney Swanson
  • ISBN: 9780983562177
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback

Discovering she can turn invisible terrifies Samantha, especially when she learns a geneticist who murdered her mom wants her too Handsome Will Baker offers help and secrecy, but soon Sam will have to choose between keeping her secrets and keeping Will in her life Suspenseful and romantic, Rippler and its sequels capture the collision of the beautiful with the dark.Two fDiscovering she can turn invisible terrifies Samantha, especially when she learns a geneticist who murdered her mom wants her too Handsome Will Baker offers help and secrecy, but soon Sam will have to choose between keeping her secrets and keeping Will in her life Suspenseful and romantic, Rippler and its sequels capture the collision of the beautiful with the dark.Two further sequels form a complete trilogy Four additional books in series for those who fall in love with the Ripple world and want even RIPPLER is the first book in a teen and young adult paranormal fantasy series set in a contemporary world where invisibility has long been a well kept secret It combines the heart pounding action of a thriller with a touch of clean romance and a science fiction twist.

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2.5 starsSo this one was a freebie that caught my eye a while back, but I never got around to reading it till a few days ago.I didn't even plan on finishing it, really. I just needed something to keep me occupied while I was sitting in the car line one day, and the cover seemed kinda cool. But, Hey!, I finished it, so that's a good sign, right?!So Sam has the ability to go intangible, and she accidentally does it in front of a boy named Will. spoilery thingsHe helps her practice controlling he [...]

Rippler has been sitting in my Kindle for months now, waiting patiently for me to get around to reading it. Well, I can say now that I am kicking myself for not reading it back in December. Honestly, what was I thinking? This book was amazing and my only regret is that I didn't read it sooner! Rippler easily earned a spot on my favourites lists; I was just so impressed with this one.The ideas behind Rippler were fascinating and I loved everything about it. Samantha, AKA Sam, is able to turn invi [...]

Is it unfair to rate a book you haven't finished? Yes. Is it unfair to put this book in 2016's challenge if i read it in 2015? Yes.As much as i would love to say i remember what exactly happened here, I'll be honest, i don't really. Just that Sam can Ripple (disappear) and she can't control it. She disappears in a trip, and her friend Will helps her. From now on he knows about her ability. Also, it turns out that Will's older sister has something to do with her strange ability. And you might ask [...]

The screaming was the first clue that I'd turned invisible again.When we're first introduced to our heroine Samantha 'Sam' Ruiz, she has just involuntarily vanished in the middle of a rafting trip. Luckily, no one actually saw this. Well, no one but her new friend Will who, as it turns out, knows exactly what just happened.Now, I think we've all bemoaned the lack of forthright male characters in YA fiction a time or two or twenty. Maybe that explains why, to begin with, this book felt a little ' [...]

I read this in one day, not so much because it was intriguing as it was just an easy read.Storyline:Sam (Samantha) is a teenager who finds out she can Ripple (disappear) during a track team trip to go white-water rafting. Her teammate and friend, Will, helps her to keep her secret. We follow Sam as she learns to control this newly discovered ability, as well as delving into her past and meeting with a few surprising twists along the way.What I likedThe Rippling. In and of itself, the ability to [...]

This book felt like it was moving a bit slow. It was like there was a lot more information than action but I think it might be because it's the first in a series so I forgave it. I'll keep going with the series because I like it. One thing I just can't reconcile with is the fact that Sam would have to be really calm and in the presence of water in order to turn invisible because I think the ability to turn invisible would benefit her more in stressful situations where she's in danger and needs t [...]

Fifteen year old Sam has always been soothed and comforted by water since her earliest memories. That turns out not to be such a good thing when she turns invisible on her cross-country team's canoe trip - while she's in the canoe with the other kids. This starts off an odyssey of learning why she is able to turn invisible and what it means for her future happiness and safety. The person to take the journey with her is her neighbor Will Baker who happened to see her vanish from the canoe and cov [...]

Reviewed by ValerieEbook won on LibraryThingTeens not sure of what’s going on? Check. Genetic mutations? Check. Historical mystery to thicken the plot? Check. This book started slow but once it picked up I was hooked!Samantha has “rippled” a couple of times but has no clue what it means or if she’s losing her mind. Who can just turn invisible? No one she knows so she must be going crazy. Then, she ripples while out on the water and a boy name Will sees and knows what’s happening to her [...]

of all the fantasy books i've read lately. this is in the top 3 if not the best.i am a nit picker and will find something that bugs me about every book i read. but i made it through all 3 books in this series with maybe 1 nit i found to pick. i would have liked a bit more description of the main characters. i didn't get a solid mental image of our heroin until book 3. i loved the story and the writing. it was very comfortable and addictive, like a good chocolate mousse.i especially love love lov [...]

1.5 starsWell that was not enjoyable. Everything horrible about a book is displayed in this.

4.5/5 stars (rounded up for GR)A blend of science fiction, historical novel, thriller and romance, Rippler was an incredibly intriguing story that I just couldn’t put down. Told from the perspective of Samantha Ruiz, Swanson crafts a compelling mystery surrounding a rare genetic disease, interspersing Sam’s story of discovery with passages of an old journal written by a Nazi scientist who conducted rather horrendous psychological experiments during WWII. I found this blending of the past and [...]

You can read the full review on my blog here: teacherwritebookaholicohmy.bloI'll just tell you straight up: If this book was in paperback, I would have read it in two days.I think we can end to review right there, huh, lol?I really fell in love with this book, the author and the story line. I had a few issues with it, as with most people, but they were really minor. Like her repeating guffawed alot and Phhst with certain characters. I think there were certain awkward phrases in there, but for th [...]

RIPPLER by Cidney Swanson is one of those interesting cases in books to me. On one hand, it was boring and implausible. On the other, it was interesting and kept me thinking and waiting for more. Let me preface this review by stating that my rating is skewed up because of circumstances even I don’t understand (actually, I’m feeling nice today), but this book is the type that will split reviewers down the middle between love and hate. I find myself on that fence, leaning one direction or the [...]

Love the cover. It looks beautiful with the girl's dress blown by the wind on the cliff, and the breathtaking view of the sea. I believe it fits perfectly with the whole Rippler concept, and how the soothing sound of the water calms Samantha Ruiz, allowing her to ripple or become invisible.On to the story, Samantha found out she was able to disappear from the moment her mother and best friend died in a car crash, and has been afraid somebody would find out about her abnormality. Keeping this a s [...]

'Rippler' was such an incredible story! I was able to read this book very quickly. This is the first fantasy novel that I have ever read and I didn't realize until I read this book, how entertaining fantasy novels can be. I will definitely be reading more of them in the future.Sam Ruiz just learned that she is a Rippler, a person who can become invisible, and she learns that someone wants her, and all others like her, dead. This made the story very suspenseful, but the story also had it's light- [...]

The ability to turn invisible would be a handy power to have.It would be great for readers It's one way we wouldn't be interrupted while at crucial points of the story! There was a few lines in the book that really made me laugh.The characters in "Rippler" are likable. I liked Sam and Will's relationship, they were really cute together.I also really like Will and Mickie's relationship. They argued a lot, but when it came down to it, they would always be there for each other. It was nice to see h [...]

I took me so much time to read such a small book. I did not like it that much, I felt that at the beginning of the book, the author was trying to explain a lot of things through dialogues but it was confusing and it did not feel natural, it seemed forced. My biggest problem in this book was the dialogues, they felt fake and not natural at all. The plot was empty, not a lot was happening. I won't read the rest of the series, it did not work for me.

Rippler by Cidney Swanson is a pleasant first novel, surprising in its confidence straight out of the gate. Rather the load the opening down with fifty pages of info-dumps and telling, the novel opens mis-en-scene, with main protagonist Samantha not only utilizing her power - the ability to become invisible by "rippling" out of phase with the visible world around her - but in immediate peril because of it.As the novel opens, Sam is on a whitewater rafting team-building outing with her cross-coun [...]

It was totally the invisible girl aspect of this book that caught my attention, but then when my husband asked what the book was about, I found that unlike many books with redundant concepts, this one was truly unique. He agreed that it was pretty cool, conceptually.I'll admit, I was a little put off by the journal entries which kept popping up at first. Their relevance isn't explained until around the midway point of the book. Still, the characters drove me on. Now this isn't a super fast paced [...]

Well written, original premise and good pacing. The romantic aspect is a bit predictable (it's YA paranormal, after all). Still, I enjoyed reading it and liked the strong female characters (no wilting wall flowers here) plus the unique idea of a genetic disorder that gives a person the power of invisibility. Now that's cool!

In a young adult market that's quickly filling with urban fantasy and paranormal titles, Rippler is refreshingly different. There are no fated romances, no improbably perfect characters and no nagging thoughts of having read it all before. Instead, Cidney Swanson has crafted an enjoyable story with likeable characters and an intriguing mystery that helps it stand apart from many other examples of the genre. From the beginning of Rippler, I enjoyed the fact that Sam's ability is not without its n [...]

I've had this book on my kindle for some time now and finally decided to give a go, but it turns out it's not for me. I did like the characters, but where it came to plot development, I didn't find the story exciting enough to keep me glued to the pages. It was just okay for me.

Note: I'm reviewing Rippler and the sequel Chameleon concurrently.I got these two ebooks almost two months ago (I could make it sound longer by saying "last year"), but only started reading it about two or three days ago. And yet, I finished both books last night, that's how good they were. Currently, the Ripple Series consists of two books: Rippler and Chameleon. But for the sake of cohesiveness, I'm just going to talk about them as a whole. The series revolves around Samantha, as she discovers [...]

Sam’s life takes a drastic turn when she learns that she can do something others can’t. She can turn invisible. Her friend, Will, seems to know an awful lot about what’s going on with her; he even knows what it’s called: Rippling. Sam must learn all she can about rippling in order to control it; otherwise, she might just disappear or reappear in front of people who would ask far to many questions. As her secrets mount, Sam must strive to stay true to herself and is forced to make decisio [...]

Book Title: Rippler (Book one of the Ripple Series)Author: Cidney SwansonPublished By: Williams PressGenre: Supernatural Young AdultRecommended Age: Reviewed By: Emily Tuley / AngelsCryHavocBlog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud Literary CommunityRating: 5 RavensStarting this book was a real treat, I received it over the holidays and had the time to actually sit down and read not only this one but the sequel so that I wasn’t left to long hungering for more. The author really took her time [...]

Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love MeWhen Samantha suddenly turns invisible on a canoeing trip with her cross-country team, she is shocked when she realises that her friend, Will, is now aware of her secret. He's witnessed her in action and knows more about her ability than she does herself. Who is he and where is he getting his information from? In their possession is a journal from over a century ago, and in it they discover the deep dark secrets of a disturbed stranger, which could [...]

Sam is nearly 16 and a keen member of her schools cross-country team. She's been alone and depressed in the past following the death of her mother and best friend in a drink related road traffic accident when she was seven. Recently though things have started to look up for her, an old childhood friend has returned to town, and she's become friends with Will, a boy on the cross-country team that she secretly has feelings for. Unfortunately that's when things start to go wrong again.Whilst on a c [...]

E-Book FormatSensational! Beautifully charged with emotions of love; of family and country, the loyalty to friends, family and self, survival, family, loyalty, and religion as well as a scoop of non-vanilla science. I like the feeling of how a child must come to terms with her identity, her friendships, and her sense of inner peace. She learns the mundane about pizza making, finds a waterfall hiking trail, and learns the dynamics of a non-nuclear family. While the normal steps of a high school s [...]

First I want to say thank you to Cidney Sawnson,the author of the book, and to Kelli and Natalie,the bloggers from the I’d so rather be reading blog.I won on their blog an e-book copy of the first book from The Ripple Series.Now on the review.I love it.What I love about the book?The realationship between Sam and Will.Why?Because there’s no rush in it.And it’s sincere.What else I love about Rippler?The way that it was wrriten.I mean it has that thing that make’s you wanna hit somebody if [...]

Right from the first line this book grabs you and draws you in. It has something for everyone. It has a little bit of history, a mystery, some paranormal elements, realism. What is there not to like about it so far?Samantha Ruiz, (Sam) is a typical teenager. She is on a rafting trip with her cross-country team when something strange happens to her. She disappears. Everyone believes she has fallen into the water. That is everyone except teammate Will. He helps her. This rippling, has happened to [...]

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