The Struggle Within

Christopher L. Bennett

The Struggle Within

The Struggle Within

  • Title: The Struggle Within
  • Author: Christopher L. Bennett
  • ISBN: 9781451651423
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook

An original e novella in the acclaimed Typhon Pact series The Enterprise E is on a diplomatic mission to the Talarian Republic, the last holdout in the Federation s efforts to expand the Khitomer Accords in response to the emergence of the Typhon Pact In the wake of Andor s recent secession, the Federation is concerned than ever with strengthening its alliances TheAn original e novella in the acclaimed Typhon Pact series The Enterprise E is on a diplomatic mission to the Talarian Republic, the last holdout in the Federation s efforts to expand the Khitomer Accords in response to the emergence of the Typhon Pact In the wake of Andor s recent secession, the Federation is concerned than ever with strengthening its alliances The Talarians have been a tenuous potential partner at best, given the history of conflict and mistrust between them and the Federation But the negotiations between Picard and the Talarians are disrupted by a growing public protest of those who are demanding greater rights and before long, it becomes clear that the dissidents are not limiting themselves to nonviolent means.

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It felt a bit weird to put two story lines in such a short novel. It made both of them feel rushed and compacted.

Great TNG short story about two uprisings on planets.

For anyone who is reading the typhon pact this is a must read. ebook form only.

An enjoyable, but short read. I've been wanting to know more about the Kinshaya since the Typhon Pact formed and I saw them in action against the Klingons, and now I got my wish. There were two stories in these 80 pages. Captain Picard was assigned to negotiate with the Talarians about possibly signing on to the Khitomer Accords, a task made pleasurable by a reunion with Jono (last seen in the tv episode Almost Human). His father Endar is the Talarian ambassador to the Federation, and Jono is hi [...]

Warning: Strange digression into RL politics ahead. I've always been fascinated with modern Arab cultures' struggle with the West. Not necessarily in terms of geopolitics but the sheer lack of ability to find common ground more often than not. During the Cold War, the Middle East was lumped in with the rest of the Third World less because it wasn't involved in the struggle between NATO and the Warsaw Pact nations than its members didn't want to ally with either. Former Libyan dictator Muammar Ga [...]

This is only the third e-book I’ve ever read and I still don’t love it. I miss the texture of the paper on my fingers and I will miss having this on my bookshelf with my Trek collection.I must thank Jim at shastrix/books/star-tr for helping me to know what order to read these books in. I really miss the days of numbered Trek novels!I enjoyed this novella. It was the perfect length for the story Bennett wanted to tell. Including characters from “Suddenly Human” was a nice touch and the th [...]

This is a good story. I did not know it was a novella. I would have liked for it to be longer.

Depsite the fact that the Star Trek franchise recieved an official reboot back in 2009 the original franchise timeline continues. During the last two years we have seen the expanded universe of TNG, DS9 and VOY dealing with the aftermath of the Borg invasion. These novels and stories contain considerably more drama and emphasize personal development rather than exploring. So far they have been quite to my liking and slowly these storylines are emerging from the post-Borg invasion setting into a [...]

Star Trek Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within by Christopher L. Bennett, is a good addition to the series with an important underlying moral issue, a good plot-idea but way too short to really exploit the real potential this story could have in a novel, but it also descripts the identity of the Holy Order of the Kinshaya in wider term with interesting parallels to sacred governmental bodies like we have nowadays on earth and the peaceful revolution of the people that occur under such brute politica [...]

This eNovella is a short and sweet dip into the Enterprise crew's diplomatic visit to the Talarian Republic - a species first seen in the episode 'Suddenly Human' - and an undercover operation to a Kinshaya planet.Whilst very short, and some have criticised it for that, the story is a good one and it feels like an episode of Trek in it's execution. The author, Christopher L. Bennett ties things together nicely although the B-story, for me, was more compelling.The A-story tells how Jono, the char [...]

As with the other books in the Typhon Pact series, this book did a good job at fleshing out alien races which previously were little more than names. The main thrust of the book is non-violence and how it can change entire societies for the better. It's well written and entertaining.But, the book is extremely short - not even 1400 locations - and finished in an evening during commercial breaks. The set-up was good and two interesting problems in two different societies were constructed and then [...]

The book gives a glimpes at the intrigue that is going on between the Federation and her allies as an attempt is made to negogiate an expansion of the Khitomer Peace Accords and the Typhon Pact which is beginning to lean to a more moderate stance. Yet, the Tzenkethi Coalition have a special agent on Talar to undermine the Federation's efforts. Meanwhile, Jasminder Choudhury at the behest of Starfleet Intelligence has gone undercover as a Romulan Unificationist. She has taken with her T'Ressa (a [...]

An e-novella in the ongoing Typhon Pact series. This latest entry in the series examines the influence Crusher, Choudhury, and Chen have when dealing with an uprising among two key races in galactic politics- Talarians and the Holy Order of the Kinshaya. One could be a valued ally in the growing Cold War with the Typhon Pact, the other, a member of said Pact who’s extremists views could be swayed to a more moderate view. Can the two teams succeed in their missions? This was a quick little read [...]

I was hoping this novella would be as good as the other in the Typhon Pact series but it was just awful. The storyline had a good concept and a good deal of potential, I'll grant it that. But, only doing a novella did a huge disservice to it. A significant amount of detail was left out, the execution of actions came about entirely too fast, situations were resolved too suddenly it was like a 2 hour movie was edited to fit into a 30 minute time slot. It's a quick read, but, I think it can be skip [...]

Two interesting stories that deserved to be fleshed out more. If this, I guess, tag-entry to the Typhon Pact series was only ever going to be as short as it is (as an aside, why? It is an e-book, length should be less a factor than a paper book) then concentrating and fleshing out one of the stories would have been the better option.Both stories, as I mentioned have a good premise, but everything seems to flow too quickly and perfunctorily and gets wrapped up with a nice neat bow at the end.

Skip this one.In this very short novel, the threats seemed simplistic and so did the solutions. Characters were recognisable but not particularly developed. The author deserves praise for trying to allude to the Arab Spring (rather than the Cold War analogies we are all used to in Star Trek) but if you're going to debate Gandhism in your book it needs more detail than this.I haven't read any novels by Bennett before, but this one felt rushed. The good news is it doesn't have any immediately obvi [...]

Solid ideas, but I think I would have liked this book a bit more if one of the plotlines hadn't focused on two characters I find annoying. This time Mary Sue moppet T'Ryssa Chen magically revealed her talent for taking control of a planetary communications network at just the right time, while Jasminder Chodhury did more nonviolent pacifist stuff, just what you would expect from a security officer. Also, Worf is on the cover but barely in the story. Hate it when they do that.

While understanding that this was a short story rather than a full-length novel, I still felt like a lot of this story was more rushed than I would have liked it to be. I was really glad to finally get a look at this member-race of the Pact that we've never gotten to experience before, and not just alone, but in context with humans and other Pact races. I also enjoyed the themes threshed out in the Talarian storyline. Overall though, my only regret is that it had to be so short.

I felt this ebook was not worth the money. At the price it is, it should be at least double the length, slightly shorter than a full-length novel. As a short read of 80 pages, it should be well under $5. Other than that, it is well-written but found I did not become engaged with the characters; I found them flat. Buy with caution!

Good story but too short for its price. The story is quite comparable to what you'd get from a single TV episode which would be absolutely fine if it weren't set at only a couple of cents below the price of a full novel.And I don't really get why Worf is on the cover since, besides Beverly, the main protagonists are Jasminder and T'Ryssa.

High quality of writing means that I wish the story were longer and more drawn-out. Hardly a negative appraisal, I should think! As it stands, things wrap up a little too quickly.Full review: treklit/2011/10/s

a waste of my time! as you read this novella you'll notice how it ties into today's political story. at the end the author dedicates the books to the nonviolent protest in Egypt. I guess we didn't watch the same "protests"!

Too short to be called a novel, but a fairly compelling little TNG story nonetheless. Centers around two separate political conflicts, both of which are resolved using peaceful resistance. Gandhi would love this one :-)

I liked this book. I wish I could help more Jono, though. It was nice to see how he has developed so I wish it hade been longer so that there could have been more with him. I always liked that ep of Next Gen.

A very good sequel of the Typhon pact , but it is really a very short ebook. The price for this ebook should be reduced to 50%. When you liked the Typhon pact serie then you are going to like this ebook.

An enjoyable novella length story. I especially enjoyed the development of both the Talarians and Kinshaya. I also liked the way that it dealt with non-violent resistance.

A nicely written pair of interludes in the Typhon Pact series. Bennett has a good feel for the resonant themes of Trek lore.

Quick, fun read.

A pretty good short form entry in the Typhon Pact series. I was pleased to finally learn a bit about the Kinshaya.

Very much enjoyed this story. My only complaint is that it was not nearly long enough! Found the Kinshaya story fascinating, the Talarian story a little less so, although equally interesting.

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