Six's Legacy

Pittacus Lore

Six's Legacy

Six's Legacy

  • Title: Six's Legacy
  • Author: Pittacus Lore
  • ISBN: 9780062109378
  • Page: 456
  • Format: ebook

Quando, no meio da batalha contra os mogadorianos, John Smith recebe a ajuda de uma loriena forte, poderosa, com v rios Legados desenvolvidos e pronta para lutar, surge a pergunta quem essa N mero Seis Os arquivos perdidos Os Legados da N mero Seis mergulha em parte da vida de Seis e sua C pan, Katarina Onde elas moraram, como treinavam, de que maneira ela obteve tantQuando, no meio da batalha contra os mogadorianos, John Smith recebe a ajuda de uma loriena forte, poderosa, com v rios Legados desenvolvidos e pronta para lutar, surge a pergunta quem essa N mero Seis Os arquivos perdidos Os Legados da N mero Seis mergulha em parte da vida de Seis e sua C pan, Katarina Onde elas moraram, como treinavam, de que maneira ela obteve tantas informa es a respeito dos mogs e o que aconteceu para que se tornasse t o independente e mordaz caracter stica que, ao mesmo tempo, fascina e assusta aqueles que a conhecem, inclusive John.

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”I am a warrior.” My words turned to frost in the air before my face. I grabbed the gentle creature’s neck with both hands and gave it a good hard twist… Katarina was wrong: I have killed before. Out of mercy. But not yet out of vengeance.The Lost Files: Six’s Legacy is a great transition back into the Lorien Legacies. It’s full on packed with action and downright blood, fury and fight. Nothing short of what I expected.In this book, we get number Six’s back-story and how she lost h [...]

ok so this is only being offered as an ebook?! this is not gonna fly, i mean i dont have an ebook and i'm certainly not in a position to pull out some money just for this :/ this better get put on the web too cause i might freak if i dont ever get to read ito

Me encanta Seis, así que esta pequeña historia del pasado de ella fue simplemente perfecta. ¡Fue bueno saber finalmente lo qué pasó en su pasado y cómo desarrolló sus Legados!

Oh, Six was so different before she got captured by Mogs

Another short story that was shorter than I was expecting. I started this one on the train on the way into work and had finished it before going to sleep that evening It's a prequel, of sorts, to I Am Number Four - the book that spawned a series, a movie and a fair bit of controversy about how the team behind Pittacus Lore are recompensed for their efforts.This story is far from essential to the series, it provides an interesting background to Number Six, the second of the Lorien nine to be intr [...]

I absolutely love Six, so this little background story of her was just perfect. So nice to finally know what happend in her past and how she developed her Legacies!

You know what Six's Legacy is? Infuriating. It was awesome, and kick ass, and totally worth buying for about 60 pages. But it could have been so much more!!! Six's story before she met up with John was action packed and wonderfully written. It left me wanting a lot more also. I wanted to get to know Six on a much more personal level, and while I got glimpses of her nature it wasn't enough. Btw Six is BADASS! Let me share a little with you:"I felt more alive than I've ever felt. I open my mouth t [...]

ik wist al veel informatie van Zes uit deel 2 van de lorien kronieken, De kracht van Zes. Daarom was het af en toe een beetje dubbel, maar absoluut niet saai!

I'd like to read this one just because Number Six was one of my favourite characters throughout the first one. I'd love to finally hear her story of what she went through before she met Four.

I am actually enjoying some of these side stories about the other Lorien’s much most than I did John’s initial story. He still has a lot to learn.

Number Six (current alias Maren Elizabeth) is part of an alien race introduced in the Lorien Legacy's first book, I am Number Four. When she meets up with four at the end of that novel, there are a number of unanswered questions which are now revealed in this ebook short story, detailing her life up until that point, how her Cepan was lost, and how she came into her own legacies.I really enjoyed reading the background story on Number Six. Although her story is similar to Number Four's, the diffe [...]

It seems to be a popular trend to release short stories or novella's for a series to warm up readers for the upcoming release of a book. Some of these are nice-to-have-but-nothing-special and more for the already existing fans of the series or to give readers a nice intro to the series (for example Survivors or First Frost). Others are so great that you really don't want to miss out on them (for example The Strange Case of Finley Jayne). Six's Legacy definitely belongs in the last category. What [...]

A story about Six? Awesome! I totally love her in I Am Number Four and Power of Six so I just had to read The Lost Files: Six’s Legacy.This book began with Six telling her story of where she and Katarina started off when they landed on Earth escaping from Lorien.I had a lot of fun learning how Six’s life went about. Then it got to the part where she and her Cepan were discovered by the Mogadorians; I’m not saying it wasn’t any good but if you’ve read the Power of Six before reading thi [...]

I absolutely loved this book. Why I liked it more than the first book, I do not know. If someone told me it was written by someone else, I would believe them. The story is of Six's early days when she had her Cepan, Katerina. It tells of Kat's death and how Six developed her Legacies and became the badass she is. I wish there would have been more to the story. It ended so quickly. I have yet to read The Power of Six, so maybe that will show more of her past life. I hope so.The book was written i [...]

To quench my thirst for the main course, the second in the Lorien Legacies The Power of Six (which I have currently devoured – I must’ve been extremely hungry *dribble*), I thought it was best to get my hands on this novella. Although released well after I Am Number Four, Six’s Legacy is supposed to be read as a prequel to the series. However, knowing about Six (the aim of this novella) or not knowing Six when you read I Am Number Four, is nothing to be concerned about and it doesn’t mat [...]

An interesting glance at the life of a side character from "I am Number Four," the character of Six. The story really holds your attention during the cruel capture and torture of Six and her Cepan. Altogether though, she has led a similar life to Four, force to move around and change identities in order to stay alive. However, there are new details that we get from her perspective about being part of the Garde. This time we also get to see things not only from a female perspective but from a fei [...]

wow. I love Six.After everything she went through, after all those horrible things, she was still so strong. SoFUCKINGstrong.I'm telling you, she's perfect, even though she has flaws. She does not let them affect her and she tries to make the best of any situation. She believes in herself but does not lie to herself and make pointless and feeble rationalization.The only problem I have with Six is the actress who plays her. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THE PERSON WHO WAS CASTING HER THINKING?!!!? WAS [...]

Six is awesome and I must say, she has garnered new respect from me after reading this book. I am completely awed by her strength of character and her spirit to overcome. Katarina would have been bursting at the seams with pride. Six has firmly taken my vote as the most awesome character in this series. Let's see if they can top her! :D Also, the more I read about those darn Mogadorians, the more anticipation builds for their destruction! They are absolutely horrid and extremely hateable villian [...]

This is a short eBook prequel novella so I'm just doing a quickie review for it. This is a lovely little insight into what happens to Six before she meets John in I am number four. The events are mentioned in lesser detail in The power of six so you won't be missing anything if you don't read it but you should lol We get to know Six a lot better in this and meet her Cepan Katarina and learn how Six became the bad ass that she is! It's written in the same style as the others which makes for a qui [...]

Sebagai seorang pembaca yang suka mengetahui latar belakang tokoh-tokoh dalam cerita, sejujurnya, buatku gak ada hal yang cukup penting yang diceritakan di novella ini.Sebagian besar isinya bisa dibaca di The Power of Six, jadi isi novella bonus di edisi terjemahan Lorien Legacies buku kedua ini yaaa cuma repetisi ngabisin kertas aja. :|

This book is too much. Six is to hot. The story of Six, tells us on how she survive the Mogadorians and how she loss her Cepan, Katarina. Here, it will show us on what will happen if the Mogadorians kill the Garde even it is not at it's sequence. This is superb. super. For 116 pages, it gives thrill to the bones!

Los vínculos entre los cêpan y los miembros de la Garde me apretujan el corazón. A pesar de que ellos no son sus padres biológicos por lo que he leído sobre Cuatro y Seis ambos los consideraban como tales. Seis se me hace un personaje muy muy fuerte y ha pasado por cosas muy duras. Me gustó mucho leer sobre su pasado.

Me encantó poder conocer un poco sobre el pasado de Seis, y ver por todo lo que pasó para ser el personaje fuerte que todos conocemos. Fue agradable también, ver las diferencias que (obviamente) existen entre los diferentes cêpan.

Ahhh! So short! I wish it could keep going. I love Six so her story was very interesting to me. I love learning about the different Guarde and their Cepans. It really clues you into their relationships and how each Guarde member was raised and trained so differently. Great story!

Isix is by far the coolest Lorien. I would feel quite upset if I was one of the other numbers. She is tough, funny, brave and loving. She also has the best legacies. I would have liked to read even more about her.

I loved getting to read about Six's story! An awesome novella, and I definitely recommend it for every fan of the series! :D

Quick read to flesh out Six's storyline. I recommend reading after reading I Am Number Four, and not after The Power of Six (like I did).

Mi Garde favorita :) me encanta seis y me fascinó conocer mas de su historia

Seis es, junto con Nueve y el megadorian, mi personaje favorito. Desde el comienzo, incluso en la pelicula. Es un personaje tan fuerte, tan único.

I loved knowing more about #6 history and why she is who she is.

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