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  • Title: Affinity
  • Author: Sarah Waters
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  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Set in and around the women s prison at Milbank in the 1870 s , AFFINITY is an eerie and utterly compelling ghost story, a complex and intriguing literary mystery and a poignant love story with an unexpected twist in the tale Following the death of her father, Margaret Prior has decided to pursue some good work with the lady criminals of one of London s most notorious gSet in and around the women s prison at Milbank in the 1870 s , AFFINITY is an eerie and utterly compelling ghost story, a complex and intriguing literary mystery and a poignant love story with an unexpected twist in the tale Following the death of her father, Margaret Prior has decided to pursue some good work with the lady criminals of one of London s most notorious gaols Surrounded by prisoners, murderers and common thieves, Margaret feels herself drawn to one of the prisons unlikely inmates the imprisoned spiritualist Selina Dawes Sympathetic to the plight of this innocent seeming girl, Margaret sees herself dispensing guidance and perhaps friendship on her visits, little expecting to find herself dabbling in a twilight world of seances, shadows, unruly spirits and unseemly passions.

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In reading the gothic psychological novel Affinity, it is nearly impossible to shake off an overwhelming feeling of gloom and pervasive dread. Following a failed suicide attempt, a young "lady visitor" named Margaret Prior develops a relationship with an inmate named Selina Dawes in a Victorian women's prison, and both their lives are forever changed by their acquaintance.Narrated in alternating chapters by the two very different women, this dark, moody story incites fear, melancholy, and terrib [...]

Oh, Sarah Waters, the lesbian Charles Dickens. Some think she’s boring and I totally understand that. Nothing can be more mundane than flowing, ornate sentences filled with imagery strong enough to physically transport you to the setting, right? And don’t get me started on that gorgeous historically accurate Victorian-style prose. I’m half asleep just thinking about her engaging plots and characters. So, yeah, I can definitely see how it can be boring and how you’d rather watch football [...]

As seen on The ReadventurerIt is almost impossible to say anything about the plot of Affinity without spoiling something, so I'll refrain from recapping. A wealthy, depressed old maid starts visiting a women's prison and quickly finds herself taken by an inmate, a young spiritualist - that's all you need to know.Let's talk about feelings instead. This sense of emptiness and despair I am left with is so overwhelming right now, that it leads me to believe I might have liked Affinity even more than [...]

Sarah Waters, at this stage, must be the accepted queen of Victorian Gothic lesbian melodrama; not, I imagine, that there is much competition for this title, but I think it's a deserved one nonetheless.In many ways, the plot of Affinity is like that of the other work of Waters' that I have read, Fingersmith. Crime and Victorian punishment, repression and sexuality and psychology, all feature heavily in both books. Affinity, however, is a much more satisfying novel for me. While it, too, hangs on [...]

I have said it before, I will say it again. I cannot fathom how Sarah Waters does it, how she can draw the reader into this entirely other world, this other period, time, place, complete immersion. Even something simple like the protagonist Miss Prior's afternoon in The Spiritualists' Reading Room instantly conceived for me a dim, smoky, velvet lined library where she learns the secrets of her true love/affinity's case. Genius. I honestly do not typically care for the paranormal stories, but und [...]

Gah! I can't do this. It's so slow and just so boringSo DNF from me :(

"Sexy, Spooky, Stylish" - that's the blurb on the cover. If I was not a Sarah Waters fan already, I would have picked up the book based on those words. How can you resist a book with that description? After reading the book, I can safely say that those words are an accurate description of Affinity. I will further add to that - "Haunting and magical."It seems, I have been reading many deliciously gothic novels recently. Well, I am not complaining! Affinity is yet another addition to my love for a [...]

Sarah Waters sets the atmosphere of this early on. Does gothic always take place at an old mansion hidden in fog? No, here it is Millbank prison on the banks of the Thames River. Let's not forget the spirits that we can expect in a gothic novel - certainly Sarah Waters has not.To Millbank. It is only a week since my last visit, but the mood of the prison has shifted, as if with the season, and it is a darker and more bitter place now, than ever. The towers seemed to have grown higher and broader [...]

Generally, I don't pick up random books at Barnes and Noble that I don't already know a little about. However, I made an exception with Affinity because it intrigued me so. I come to find out that was a pretty costly mistake. Firstly, the book dabbles in the supernatural psychics world which I already hold a serious distrust for. However, I thought this book might present the spiritual medium's world in a light that's a little more pretty and entertaining. No, instead I still feel oddly at ends [...]

Have you ever read a book and experienced de ja vu at the ending??? I thought this book was one I haven't read before (I still think so) but at the end it seemed vaguely familiar as if I had read it. I wasn't too surprised and thought "Wait I think I read this before." Chalk it up to the creepy experiences that Margaret Prior experiences through out the book. My thoughts/reactions:-The Victorian prison system was abysmal for inmates. The idea of spending years with the notion of no news of the o [...]

"Now I have more freedom than I ever had at any time in my life, and I do only the things I always have."Affinity - a feeling of closeness and understanding that someone has for another person because of their similar qualities, ideas, or interests.This book was not easy to get into. I'm neither a fan of Dickensian tales of woe nor of paranormal or supernatural stories, so for most of this book I was not convinced I would finish it, never mind like it. The structure of the book was difficult, to [...]

‘Afinidad’, de la galesa Sarah Waters, está ambientada en el siglo XIX victoriano, y explora el oscuro y opresivo mundo de una cárcel de mujeres, a la vez que nos muestra cómo era el ambiente del espiritismo en aquella época. Igualmente, el amor lésbico está presente, y, aunque no explícitamente, sí se trata con naturalidad, algo que en la narrativa victoriana sólo podía ser leído entre líneas.La historia está escrita en forma de diario a dos voces, las de Margaret Prior y Selin [...]

When I started this book, I had no idea how sad Affinity would make me. Because it does, and it has, for at least two days even after finishing the book.Affinity is the tale Margaret, a young lady living in nineteenth-century London. After her father's death, Margaret has fallen ill for half a year. Now everything is slightly better, she has taken it upon her to visit the female inmates at the Millbank prison as Lady Visitor. Here she meets the spirit medium Serena, who starts to intrigue her mo [...]

I've felt many different ways about Sarah Waters novels. The first I read - Tipping the Velvet - I loved. I got to the end and turned immediately back to the begining. Fingersmith I really enjoyed, The Night Watch I thought was ok and The Little Stranger I hated. So who knew where I was to stand with Affinity? After all, my feelings on SW run the entire gauntlet. But I was excited when I realised I'd forgotten about this novel of hers and - happily! - I wasn't disappointed.I didn't love it as mu [...]

During 80% of the book it felt more like a 3 stars, since I really was enjoying the setting, the well built atmosphere in Millbank prision, etc, but I didn't really connect with the characters. I never liked Selina, and although I felt for Margaret and her difficulties to fit in structured Victorian London, I felt uncomfortable with her continuous nervousness. But the twist at the end upgraded it to 4 stars. It wasn't really a surprise for me, since I saw it coming, but the ending just made it a [...]

Set in the mid-1870s, Affinity is the story of lonely Margaret Prior. Nearing thirty, unmarried, and recovering from a series of difficult and upsetting events including the death of her beloved father, she takes up the duties of a 'lady visitor' at London's Millbank prison. Assigned to visit, speak with and offer companionship to the female prisoners, she finds herself developing a particular affection for one inmate - Selina Dawes, an alleged medium imprisoned for fraud and assault. At first, [...]

This is the second Sarah Waters book I have read and I find her a most intriguing author. Whilst the first book The Little Stranger dealt with the effects of a (?haunted) house on its inhabitants, this book explores spiritualism. Those descriptions don't do the books justice however, they are much more complex and multilayered than I have made them sound.Affinity follows the story of Margaret Prior, a 'lady visitor' to a Victorian women's prison and her growing friendship / relationship with an [...]

Sticking with the gothic theme for a bit. Affinity is a book I actually hadn't heard that much about. But after loving Tipping the Velvet so much last year, the last time I was at the secondhand bookshop I picked it up. Which was fortuitous as there were a few other Sarah Waters options, but this was the one chosen as a group read for April.The book is another Victorian London historical fiction. We meet Margaret, the eldest, single sister in her family, as she starts her first day as a Lady Vis [...]

When I first finished this book, I rated it 4 stars because my head was still spinning from the very clever twists at the end. But now I come to review the book and it is very definitely a 5 star read for me.This darkly gothic tale takes part in Victorian London and Waters' writing really paints a vivid and stark portrait of what it must have been like living there, and in particular what life was like in a women's prison. When I started reading the first chapter, I thought I wasn't going to lik [...]

This second book by Waters takes place again in 19-century England much like her first book, Tipping the Velvet. This story takes place not on the stage and in the bedrooms of ladies, but primarily in a women's prison. Margaret is a "Lady Visitor" as part of her rehab after attempting suicide after her father's death. While there she becomes captivated by Selina Dawes, a woman who was imprisoned for her work in spirituality after a seance went awry. Margaret begins researching Selina and fills h [...]

Set in 1870's London this tells the story of Margaret who is a lady trying to recover from a suicide attempt by visiting those less fortunate than herself at Millbank women's prison and Selina who is a spiritualist who ends up in prison when a seance goes wrong.We follow their stories separately and as their worlds collide so the bond between them is revealed, from both sides.Beautifully written with a supernatural element that gives it a creepy edge and an interesting insight into how the priso [...]

I really loved the storyline and the two main characters. The story and how it was told is just really unique and very dark. I got the feeling that is was like Orange Is The New Black, but even more darker and more about mental illness and crazier things. There were also some really good twists. The reasons why I can't give this book 5 stars is because I was confused something (especially in the beginning) and I wasn't hooked that much as I was with Tipping The Velvet. It is also not that romant [...]

From the book: “How deep, how black, how thick the water seems to-night! How soft it’s surface seems to lie. How chill it’s depths must be.”Exactly.

What to say about Affinity? I liked it. mostly. No, no that's not correct. I liked it a lot but it took me fooooorever to finish it. Was it me? The writing style? The excessive female hysteria? Hmm I guess the only way to decide for sure is to pick up another Sarah Waters novel. I definately recomend Affinity for lovers of Victorian literature. In fact, I have a suspicion that my impatience with this style of writing is what made the book so slow for me. In theory, it is awesome ~ women's prison [...]

Les cuento que Sarah Waters inventó la novela de fantasmas, la novela de misterio, el estilo indirecto y la ficción en general. En esta historia cargada de ambigüedades y de un sublime erotismo de alto voltaje, Sarah Waters presenta a una espiritista encarcelada por un crimen que asegura que no cometió y una visitadora social que intenta escapar de la depresión causada por la muerte de su padre, protagonistas cuya afinidad hará converger sus caminos en medio de secretos, revelaciones y apa [...]

An incredible Gothic story. Very tense and perfect ending!

A medium and a wealthy heiress trapped by her family meet in Millbank prison in Victorian England. Good works by a social reformer or forbidden love? YOU DECIDE.A lovely plot twist in this that suffers against FINGERSMITH, but then most things would. What I didn't care for here were long stretches of slow pacing that was loose and floppy. The author tightens up the tension in later books even through the slow pacing, so it sticks out here.

this book really kept my interest, but i was honestly rooting for a happy ending for the main character of margaret. i appreciate a good surprise in a book, which i very much got, since i actually thought that selena's character was honest and that within the context of this novel, the things that she (seemingly) believed in were real. it did not occur to me that she was a nasty little trickster just looking for a vulnerable young girl to completely screw over. and when viewed in that light, whi [...]

Sarah Waters sure knows how to weave a good storyline.The atmosphere in this book was so well built up. The darkness, the claustrophobia, the dankness. She paints such a vivid picture. When the book was inside Millbank Prison, I felt like I was there with the characters. I know some people don't care for her lengthy descriptions, but they just draw me further in to the tale.The book has two narrators, although I'd say that our main one is Margaret, the spinster who is the Lady Visitor at Millban [...]

This does draw you into the mindset and emotions of this stifling world of Margaret in a time period that I find often used but more often not connoted to all the context of that late 19th century particulars. Especially within the class affectations and the urban setting used here. This one was written within those "eyes"- it's 3 star at least and nearer to 4 star because of that characteristic alone. But other than that for my taste, enjoyment, style of word craft and entire onus of the subjec [...]

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