Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools

M.R. Mathias

Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools

Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools

  • Title: Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools
  • Author: M.R. Mathias
  • ISBN: 9781452491714
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook

Newly Formatted for modern eReaders Join Hyden Hawk some new friends, on a quest over land sea Fight with Mikahl, Ironspike, fierce King Jarrek as they try to free the enslaved people of Wildermont from King Ra Gren s Overlords Patrol the sky with Shaella her dragon, Vrot Demonic love, bloody battles, foolish heroics await readers in this continuation of a truly epic Newly Formatted for modern eReaders Join Hyden Hawk some new friends, on a quest over land sea Fight with Mikahl, Ironspike, fierce King Jarrek as they try to free the enslaved people of Wildermont from King Ra Gren s Overlords Patrol the sky with Shaella her dragon, Vrot Demonic love, bloody battles, foolish heroics await readers in this continuation of a truly epic trilogy.

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EntertainingA little slow and tedious at times, especially describing the military planning, but overall a good read. Lots of twists and turns, good fantasy story.

Book Review: 2 Treasure BoxesThe Dragon Queen has invaded and then usurped the Kingdom. The High King, along with his magical sword and wizard friends are trying to save the world from this evil and reclaim the Kingdom. But is she really evil, or should they be more concerned with her demon lover?Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools is the second installment in the Wardstone Trilogy. Mr. Mathias has written numerous books, primarily fantasy novels, but he has also written a couple of Horror books [...]

This is the second in the wardstone trilogy. After the battle royale in the The Sword and the Dragonthe second book takes up directly where the first book leaves off. Mikhail is now high king of almost all mankind's kingdoms and is pursuing to be king of the remaining ones. He must defeat the Dragon Queen, her wizards and her lizard men - the Zard, before he can accomplish this. He must also make sure she does not open the gateway to the Nethers where her powerful demon lover resides or all huma [...]

This book and I would say the whole series is heavy reading. By heavy reading I mean it is crammed full to the brim with characters and details. It overwhelmed me at times. I thought the story was well thought out and should have been a slam dunk but the overwhelming details overshadowed the story at times. If you can winnow through those you can get down to the meat of the story and it is a darn good one.The level of fantasy in this book is off the charts. There are dragons, magicians, and all [...]

Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools by MR Mathias is the second book in The Wardstone trilogy series. It takes place after the events in The Sword and the Dragon. Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools by MR Mathias is a book that would appeal most to an audience of young adults and adults who enjoy fantasy fiction along with those who enjoy book written by MR Mathias. In Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools by MR Mathias the book our heroes set out on a quest to find the Silver Skull of Zorellin. Alon [...]

BoringFirst part of trilogy was not bad but this was boring and so full of cliches. I will not read the third book.

This story takes place after a great war. The king has been killed and now the country must recover and find their new king. The fight is not over because most of the people have been enslaved and need to be rescued. There are several heroes in this story and they band together to overcome the evil. This is a great book to demonstrate that it is wise to put aside your bad feelings and work as a team to get things done. Duty and honor play major roles with these characters. They also develop stro [...]

let me start with saying that I would never have read this book after reading the very disappointing first oneif I hadn't already bought all 3 books it is, I had, so I did.Let's begin with the positivesthe text for two stars says it was ok which it was, just about, so two starts it is.1) the writing is somewhat better, as is the pacing. Reducing greatly the number of point of view characters does wonders to make the book feel less disjointed and messy.2) the action scenes are pretty good. They w [...]

This was the second in a trilogy by the author and it was a very decent sequel. I think my only real critique is that it seemed to go too quickly from one point of view to another. It did get jumbled at points and did lead to some confusion and loss of overall cohesiveness.Kings, Queens, Heroes and Fools picks up pretty much right where the first book left off. High King Mikhal and his friends are still fighting to free themselves from the tyranny of Shaella the Dragon Queen and from General RaG [...]

The 2nd Book of the Wardstone Trilogy, Kings, Queens, Heroes, and Fools, did not disappoint. If you have already read Book 1, Book 2 starts with a wonderful surprise. I am not going to spoil it for you, but I was smiling and happy.The familiar characters Mik, Hyden Hawk, and Gerard mature and develop. In addition, a whole host of new and diverse characters are introduced. The characters regroup after a tremendous shift in power and then reach out to create alliances and recover from the devastat [...]

After reading the first book in the series I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep reading. But I thought why not at least give it a try. I am glad I did. It is much better than the first book. If you get through the first book which was okay just a little hard to read give this book a chance. It is much better and easier to read and follow. This book has a much better flow and does not jump around as much as the first book. It is almost as long as the first book, but it doesn’t seem that way. Becaus [...]

I was so excited to start this book after finishing The Sword and the Dragon. This is definitely a series I would recommend reading in order, even though Mathias does a pretty good job at including enough information that you can get by reading them as stand alone titles.To get the most from the trilogy, I would read them in order. You'll get a chance to know the characters in the first book, but the second book just continues to build on the characters. This book doesn't add much growth or matu [...]

Hyden Hawk has been charged to find the Silver Skull of Zorellin, leaving his friend Mikahl to defend his new title as High King and reclaim Wildermont from the combined forces of Shaella and Ra’Gren, her reluctant ally. Due to Hyden she now has a new dragon and a new mission, to free her lover, Gerard, from the demonic realm he to which he was forced to retreat. But does Gerard retain any of his old self, or has he turned into the new king of hell? Can anyone fight against him once he’s fre [...]

After reading book one of this series I could not wait to start book two. This book is every bit as good as book one was. M.R. Mathias is a heck of a storyteller. This book continues the story without any hiccups. It just gets right back into the story. I am really happy I have discovered him and his wonderful books. They provide so much entertainment and I really enjoy reading his books. In this book there are not as many characters as the first book. This makes it easier to follow along althou [...]

This book was just a lot of fun to read. It was highly entertaining. If you read book one you must continue with the series. I am invested in it and I can’t stop now. M.R. Mathias knows how to write an entertaining book. He is one of my favorite authors. The characters he writes are some of the best I have read. They are not at all cliché. He has become a rising star in the Fantasy book world. And I hope he continues to write this type of book. I am hooked on them now.This book follows our th [...]

I don’t know why I like these books so much. They are not particularly great. But they do provide hours of entertainment. The first book was okay and this one is a lot better than the first one. I do like the plot and some of the characters. But I keep thinking I shouldn’t like these. But I do. There is just something about this book. It sucks you in and you can’t stop reading it. I am looking at these as my guilty pleasure. I can’t help myself.I didn’t like how so many characters were [...]

Well-crafted concept and rich narrative can go a long way. The sequel successfully got me waiting for the third installment. This is a rather long fantasy book but that didn't keep it from stirring the emotions of the readers in the journey. Mathias created characters that the readers can connect with. I like Hyden Hawk's intellect and introspective nature. Each of the casts are fighting different foes. I am thrown from one battle ground to the next. Not that I'm complaining, but sometimes it le [...]

It's a typical coming of age story. The main character/hero is a young boy plunged in an unfavorable circumstances beyond his control. Unlike classic fantasy, I want my hero to be quite unique but not to the point of being absurdly destined to be a savior. That's the only fault I can point out from this book because the story was well-established and engaging - that one wouldn't even notice the long length of the story. It's easy to munch this book in two and a half days. If the heroes' driving [...]

This is the second book from the Wardstone Trilogy. I didn't particularly like the first book as much, but I find Shaella's character interesting so, I decided to continue with the trilogy. It may not be unusual in fantasy genre to see strong female characters, but the fact that Shaella was out there to free Gerard was fascinating for me. She confronted danger and possible death in the hands of the Nethers, but she, together with her dragon, tried to beat the odds in the name of love. Kings, Que [...]

The story of our young would be heroes continue in this book. There are some changes but it pretty much stays the course laid out in book one. The brothers who started out together have gone on wildly different paths. Hyden continues to follow the path of good while Gerard has chosen the dark path. We also still have Mikahl with us. Shaella proves herself to be a worthy successor to her father. She has plenty of evilness in her. We do see a vulnerable side to her though when it comes to Gerard. [...]

This is not a good book to pick if you want something short and light. This is a true example of a diverting book. There's humor, romance and striking battles. This is heavy on action without a lot of depth. I'm not saying the story is shallow, but I can imagine reading this book half-asleep and I still can find my way throughout the average-length narrative. Seriously, other fantasy fiction go more than 600 pages, and the sequels can take more than 10 books. I usually shy away from series with [...]

I've read this sequel when it first came out. I was on the verge of reading The Blood Coldfrost, but since I'm never a fan of prequels, I opted for this book instead. I'm instantly hooked after The Sword and the Dragon, but after Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools I was disheartened to find out that the third book would not be available until next year. The Wizard and Warlord was also an astonishing read, but I'll leave that for some other time. There's a lot going on in this book, and this may [...]

The second book in the Wardstone Trilogy should not be read without reading book one. This book picks up when all the numerous characters have been scattered. It takes a good while for the story to weave together again. This story has multiple points of view just like book one and it takes several chapters for everything to gel again. It is possible to read this book without having first read book one but it is not optimal. You really need to read book one first to get the background.The story i [...]

After finishing the The Sword and the Dragon, Book One in this trilogy, I couldn't wait to plunge into labyrinth of the Wardstone mystical world. That fantasy should read so satisfying, feel so real and frightening at the same time takes the work of a genius and a rich imagination and M.R. Mathias has got the two.I wouldn't want to get into the plot as its the reader would have to find out themselves, but it is interesting to note that Mathias characters are wonderfully conceived and well writte [...]

(same review as Book 1)The trilogy had promise (I read all three) - the story line was interesting, the battle scenes were well written and very in-depth BUT the author's ability to develop characters was completely missing. At first I thought that this was a children's series because the characters were so underdeveloped. Characters fell in love after 2 sentences, heroes in the book died abruptly and the other characters just moved on after maybe a sentence of regret. It was weird and kind of p [...]

This story is developing nicely in this book. It has carried over from book one and explores more of the story. Hyden was not my favorite character in book one in fact I didn’t really like him. But now in book two there are some changes and I liked him a lot better. He is turning out to be a pretty good leading man. The story has a nice flow with the multiple points of view. I thought it would be annoying and confusing but it is not. The shifts between the points of view are seamless. I also l [...]

Reading is something I do to get away from my job, everyday stresses, etc Some authors write books that drag, some that seem to fly. This series starts slow, but picks up pace and before you know it you have progressed from a brisk walk to a marathon of screaming down the path. I was reading 3o tp 40 pages an hour at first, but by the end of the third book, I was reading over 100 pages an hour. Entrancing? Yes. Characters that you see developing and connecting, not only to themselves, but to the [...]

This is turning into a great story. I had my doubts half-way through book one but after reading this book I no longer have doubts. The story starts out pretty typical but then the author starts throwing these curveballs in and wow it changes just like that. Zing Gerard falls for the evil Shaella; Zing Gerard gets imprisoned in the Nethers. Those are just a few examples.It went fast, I read it faster than I read the first book. It had much more action and craziness. I am starting to understand Ma [...]

Outside of saying wow after reading this book, I just have to explain why this is one of the best fantasy books you have to get.I love this latest work of M.R Mathias, his imaginative style of writing is a great example for upcoming fantasy writers. You will be thoroughly engaged from start to finish as the author carefully took his time to bring you on a magical journey that was epic and adventurous. It’s been a long time since I have read one of these action packed fantasy books. I must real [...]

In the aftermath of Wizard Pael’s destruction, King Mikahl is tasked with uniting and rebuilding his kingdom. He soon realizes that the battle is far from over. Even though he relieved Queen Shaella of her dragon, she is still plotting to destroy him. It doesn't help matters either, when Mikahl’s friend Hyden Hawk inadvertently allows her to gain another dragon.This story continues on from the first one, The Sword and the Dragon. I enjoyed this one as much as the first. I liked that there wa [...]

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