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  • Title: Sold
  • Author: Sean Michael
  • ISBN: 9781610402309
  • Page: 361
  • Format: ebook

Matt is new in town, and he s excited to be vying for a membership at the Hammer, a club he s heard is the best in the business He has to admit that his first encounter with a sub at the Hammer makes him believe it Adam is like no one Matt has ever met, and he wants the professional sub to be his and his alone.Adam has some issues that might throw a monkey wrench into MaMatt is new in town, and he s excited to be vying for a membership at the Hammer, a club he s heard is the best in the business He has to admit that his first encounter with a sub at the Hammer makes him believe it Adam is like no one Matt has ever met, and he wants the professional sub to be his and his alone.Adam has some issues that might throw a monkey wrench into Matt s plan While Adam thinks Matt is the most amazing top he s ever met, he also has to make a living He s never wanted to have a private contract with anyone before, and he s not sure how to be a sub to Matt without making the man jealous because of his job.Matt thinks he has the answers to all of Adam s questions, but they have to work it all out between them gradually Meanwhile, Adam still has to work, and some of his old clients may not like Adam having a relationship with another Dom Can Matt and Adam find a balance between work and play

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A great addition to the Hammer series. Yet again, like many of the books in this series, it's about more than the sexual dimension in a D/s relationship. Don't get me wrong, that is the central theme of the book, and there are lots of hot sex scenes, but the focus of the story is the characters' interaction outside the bedroom.I really liked this pair, with Adam struggling so hard to conquer his eating disorder and Matt almost hesitant to take the D/s aspect of their relationship beyond the sexu [...]

Another Hammer novel. No, I can't stop. Matt is new in town and is being "tested" to join the Hammer club. Adam is a professional sub. He does demonstrations, scenes with people for cash and works for the club trying out new doms to see if they fit. He's very remote and centered and does his job. However instantly Matt doesn't want to be a client, but wants to date Matt who doesn't date or kiss, ever. But strangely he agrees and they start seeing each other. Matt is not thrilled with the idea th [...]

A different angle on the typical Dom/sub romanceWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 8/10PROS: - In a BDSM story, one of my favorite aspects of the relationship is the aftercare: that period that occurs immediately after a scene, when the Dom is ensuring that his sub is okay. In this particular story, the vast majority of the men’s early connections are formed when Matt is caring for Adam after scenes…scenes in which Adam (as a professional sub) subm [...]

The one thing that kept me going in this book was Adam. He's a sweet and wonderful submissive. A professional submissive, even. That's his work. He's never known what it was like to have a real Master. Someone who would give him aftercare, someone who would help him and nurture him in life. A partner in other things. He's never known it, never had the opportunity to let go. When he meets Matt, all things change. I liked Matt okay. He was in a difficult situation, they're learning each other, try [...]

I really enjoyed this one. The story was well done and interesting.

I loved the Hammer series by Sean Michael and Sold was a nice strong story in the series.

Not the best "Hammer" novel out there, but not bad, either. It just wasn't very original? Most of the characters in the Hammer series have things that separate them from the others, makes them different through and through. With Matt, I kind of felt like he wasn't much more than just another Dom; he didn't stand out. He wasn't dramatically different from his sub, he wasn't particularly large or have any characteristics that made him- *him*. He just was.As for Adam, he was as particular and uni [...]

OK - a Hammer book I'm not quite sure about :(Matthias is a new member of the Hammer club, and as such has to undergo a 'test' with Adam, who is a professional submissive. However, they fall for each other and form a relationship. That's fine, and their relationship develops well (well, as usual for Hammer stories !).What bothered me was although Adam was a professional submissive and worked at the Hammer club in that capacity, he also had outside clients to whom he subbed - but none of the Doms [...]

I agree with the other reviewer who said that there was a lot of repetition in this book. I even skipped several pages in which the author was only repeating: "Mine," "Yours," "You're Mine", "I am yours" and "Lovely!" and "I love you, lovely",and so on.And I cannot find realistic the idea that a sub pro can have scenes every day, especially with cannings and strappings consecutively. Once I received a canning and the bruisings took six weeks to disappear completely, going from black to blue to g [...]

Adam is a sub that works at helping Dom's in their training or meeting a temporary need. He holds himself in tight control and while he dreams of a master of his own he really doesn't seem ready to let go in the way that is necessary to make that happen. Matt feels something almost immediately and knows that he doesn't want this to be about money. This story involves a delicate dance between being the guy in charge and respecting Adam's work. There is a real journey for both men as they learn ab [...]

I really liked this book. It's a typical Sean Michael book: short sentences, not too much plot and a lot of hot sex. Normally not the things I like in a book, but Sean Michael makes it work for me. I like that every Hammer book shows a different couple with different problems. It was interesting to see how Matt handled his sub also being a sub for other doms because of his job. The reason I gave this book 3 stars and not 4 is because there are other Hammer couples I like even more. Also the sex [...]

3.5 rounded up to 4.I like the fact that Sean Michael writes books where the Hammer turns out to not be the answer to all things.I smell spin-off - but in a good way, not in that annoying and these are my 16 unattached roommates, or oops I forgot to end the book way, but in that - "this might be an interesting new idea" way.

1.5 starsIt's really amazing how bland each of Sean Michael's characters are. They may have interesting stories, but they're all perfect and perfect for each other. Their lines of dialogue are more or less interchangeable and nothing really distinguishes one from the other.That said, I'm still reading this so it gets an extra half a star for being cute. Nauseatingly cute, but there you go.

Another Hammer novel to fuel my addiction. I really liked Adam and Matt. I thought this storyline was a little different since Adam was a professional sub and Matt allowed it. It was a different dynamic. I would like to see more of these too.

always great

I loved this book, it was the best one next to the Billy and Tanny's ones .


Another good segment to the Hammer saga. There wasn't anything fabulous that stood out about this one, but it was a solid addition a wonderful series.

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