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  • Title: Equilibrium
  • Author: Meredith Shayne
  • ISBN: 9781615819508
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback

Welcome to Burreela, New South Wales Population animals than humans Although most human occupants are trying to get out of Burreela, the tiny town is the perfect place for veterinarian Michael Stone to break out of the bad habits that almost cost him the most meaningful part of his life his profession.Michael is struggling to regain his balance after hard personWelcome to Burreela, New South Wales Population animals than humans Although most human occupants are trying to get out of Burreela, the tiny town is the perfect place for veterinarian Michael Stone to break out of the bad habits that almost cost him the most meaningful part of his life his profession.Michael is struggling to regain his balance after hard personal losses and two years of promiscuity and drug abuse He s not prepared to meet Ryan Mitchell, a nice guy who won t take no for an answer, whose patient pursuit leaves Michael less and less inclined to keep refusing But Michael s bad habits aren t that far behind him Can Michael hold himself together enough to be the man Ryan needs, or will he lose his equilibrium while trying to be man enough to hold on to the one he loves

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1 star. DNF @50%. Review posted November 12, 2015I really enjoyed Shayne's Metal Heart, so I thought it'd be time to give her another go. Seems to me it wasn't such a good idea.Oh. Equilibrium was terribly annoying and foolish. Ah… I'm fine with a bit of awkward fumbling between two guys, and I don't mind the wait either, PROVIDED the unresolved sexual tension is great which, of course, it wasn't. At all. When I decided to quit, they hadn't even reached that state of…er…awkward fumbling bl [...]

Michael moves to a small town to escape his past life and the temptations of the city. He starts working as a vet and meets Ryan when he is sent to tend his injured horse. There is a slow build to the relationship between the two men but they eventually establish a comfortable relationship that is not solely based on sex. There is not a lot of emotional discussion between Michael and Ryan but still a sense of depth to their feelings.As per the title of the book, things start to come undone as Mi [...]

A nice sweet romance and refreshing to read something set in Australia as opposed to the USA or UK. City vet with issues from his past moves to country practice to escape. Here he meets Jackaroo Ryan and after a long and tentative build up finds himself hopelessly head over heels. This is a three star book for me, an enjoyable read but not a lot of substance to the plot.

3.5*I really loved this authors Whitewater and so I decided to give this one a go.Michael is a vet and had an issue with drugs and the resulting behaviors that accompanied taking them.He moves from Sydney out to a small out of the way town to get away from all that and start over. His mothers death and his fathers rejection of him had sent him on the downward spiral and he needed to stop it.(view spoiler)[ I'm not sure about the age! I might have missed it, but his dad kicked him out three years [...]

An ex-junkie vet develops a slow romance with an ex-cop (now farmer/cowboy) in a small town in Australia. This book doesn’t have a bunch of excitement, it’s more about healing and restarting.3.5 stars.It was a pleasure to read it.

This was one of those stories that I enjoyed but didn't wow me. It was nice, sweet, and had some moving scenes, but in the end it wasn't particularly memorable. While there's very little I can point out as being a failing, there wasn't much that I'd mark as really standing out as a strength either. An enjoyable novel, but it didn't do much for me.The story is fairly interesting, following Michael's struggles to overcome his past and not become the man he was again. Michael resists Ryan's advance [...]

This is a book that made a very quiet approach, ensnaring me with its slow build, fascinating setting in Australia and utterly engaging characters. I didn't really think anything much happened as I found out about Michael, a veterinarian and ex-drug addict and the man who falls for him, ex-cop now rancher, Ryan. And then - wham - I was totally engrossed in what happened.Michael is as flawed as they come. He has partied hard, taken drugs, the works, and now tries to pull himself together and buil [...]

Great Aussie setting in this excellent country town romance between a veterinarian running away from his past and a lonely cowboy.

Spoilers of varying degrees may be present in this review. Please approach with caution.More often than not I end up reading a book whose premise shows a lot of promise but whose content does not fully deliver at all. While in some ways, this can be said true for Meredith Shayne’s Equilibrium, there are far too many good things to say that some of the disadvantages can be – how do you say it? – brushed under the carpet.First of all, the writing is absolutely solid. I appreciated the fact t [...]

I have a confession to make, I purchased this book only because the author is originally from Australia, and the settings are between rural Australia (Burreela) and Sydney.I'm a city girl, and it was quite refreshing find out more about the country life style. There were a lot of good things about this story, although I'm not very fond to read about Drug addictions, I was very please to find out that it wasn't the main subject in this Story or I would have stop reading it. Luckily the book was a [...]

4.5A beautiful, slowly building romance. The descriptions of the various equine sports were a bit tedious, but made up for by two interesting main charakters who actually acted like troubled adults and not like sulky teenagers. I found Michael, who was the viewpoint character, the better- rounded of the two, but he and Ryan made a wonderfulcouple not lastly thanks to Ryans understanding and admirable common sense. And I liked the townspeople's "live and let live" attitude. Oh, and Bill was great [...]

I couldn't put this book down, it was that engaging. I loved and appreciated the slow pace of the relationship and the tension between the characters, and it's nice to see a story evolving somewhere else than in the US (even though I have to admit I'm as unfamiliar with Australia as with the USA). I love books that involve animals, too (the more the better), so that was a big plus for me. And last but not least - the book was very well-written and had the right amount of romantic and angsty mome [...]

I liked that one - it was a nice, comfy read.It had a slow burn that developed nicely into a relationship within a realistic time frame.What I didn't dig so much was the (supposedly) dramatic end. It was pretty clear from the hints and remarks throughout the whole book, how it would play out and so it felt a little artificial (just a plot device to have some amount of angst in the story), which was a shame because the rest of the book had a quite nice flow and natural feel to it.

Reasons to love this book: - Australia- the good writing- the lovely, interesting setting- interesting, faulty characters- vet's work-scenes- all the cute family stuffA lovely read.

I really liked this book. However, there's a part of me that thinks Michael still has a problem that needs to be dealt with, but I've decided to trust in the world of make believe and know that there will continue to be an HEA for this couple. I LOVE Ryan :)

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Man, I loved this story!! Meredith Shayne really has a way of writing about these slightly broken characters, not that far gone that help or healing seems unlikely and not that well that you believe they're just going to be dandy no matter what happens. And what she shows then is the curve of getting them back on track, the two steps forward they take that are always followed by this one step back that at some point could just be enough to make every progress moot. She shows life in its most fra [...]

This was a very nice novel above all for the outskirts feeling. If not for the use of machines and the tales of life in the big city Sydney, the way of life in small town Burreela was like that of 50, maybe even 100 years before. People know each other, everyone has at least a brother, a cousin, a friend, who was in school with the neighbour, and even the smallest secret is actually the talk of the town. Michael is a graduate vet student who knows he has to change his life; a drug addicted and p [...]

This story about a veterinarian who's moved to the country to escape his drug past & a cowboy was very nice & enjoyable. It's set in Australia and you can tell by some of the jargon like using the words 'shout' to mean to buy someone something. But otherwise it seems a cowboy is a cowboy no matter where they're at. This is cute. It didn't have a strong plot or I'd rate it higher. There was something about Michael's homophobic father at the end, but it's not really explored well. His sist [...]

3.5/5.0I enjoyed this free St Patrick's day read. It was a sweet romance that built slowly. It was a fun twist on the country/city guy theme and had me remembering scenes from All Creatures Great and Small. The reference to the book by one of the characters had me smiling. I really did not like Micheal's sister , brother in law and father. It was probably a more realistic portrayal of a family divided but the sister seemed a bit too ready to ignore Micheal's feelings, not even being aware of his [...]

3.5 starsFirst I thought the drug addiction of Michael would be an important part of the story and was relieved that it was not the case. Also what I liked but others may not that the family conflict was not resolved with a HEA.Michael has a difficult relationship with his father and this one does not just come around and I found that at least realistic.After said that, I disliked his sister who is self-centered and doesn't notice or gives a damn about the drug problem of her only brother but pu [...]

The story is about Michael, a 26 year old vet from Sidney. Michael moves into the country to escape his hedonistic city life and escape his homophobic father. In the new practice where he is junior partner he meets up with Ryan, ex mounted policeman and now professional horseman. The novel is about their coming together.Cute story. The first sex scene doesn't happen until 56% (Kindle) of the way through the novel which was a bonus for me. They do tend to get in the way of the plot and I'd rather [...]

I expected there to be a little more action and a little more information regarding Michael's quitting the drugs. Surprisingly I wasn't bored despite this being a bit more low key of a book than I've been reading lately. Still, there were parts that bothered me. The sister needed to be slapped; she emotionally blackmailed Michael into coming to the father's deathbed then ignored him when it didn't go according to plan. No wonder Michael fell off the wagon so to speak. But I really was annoyed at [...]

This was entertaining and engaging. I found myself hooked, as Michael's first year in Burreela unfolded. The descriptions of the everyday and special events kept me glued. I appreciated the pace of the development of the relationship between Michael and Ryan. They worked and lived and got to know each other within the context of everyday experiences. Having spent my entire existence in the city, I admire the skill and passion of those who spend their lives on farms and ranches, caring for and wo [...]

I LOVED the slow build up to the relationship between Michael and Ryan (a character I grew to love) I found myself wanting just a little bit more at the end though. I thought it ended just before I was ready to leave them. I wanted just a little more, but I wasn't disappointed enough to drop this down from 5 stars. It was one of those books that once I started to read it I just couldn't put it down until the end, the love story really captured my heart. So five stars it is.

Enjoyed this more than expected; there was none of the ridiculous, manufactured drama that characterizes so much of the romance genre. It was a soft, hesitant story about a man with emotional baggage learning how to fall in love and not be afraid of it, and the superfine outback cowboy who wants his body. Hard to beat for a little fluffy summer reading.

ebook.Don't normally touch anything that even remotely looks like a Western. But glad I gave this one a shot, as it is not a Western at all. Man goes to remote location to just work and leave his sordid past behind. Meets man who has come back to remote location to help out his family and has left big city life behind. Fantastic and frustrating dance around each ensues.

I really enjoyed this story. It was so romantic and this slow pace in which Ryan courted Michael, pure emotions, great. Well written romance from this point of view. I have to admit, that this last melodramatic part of the plot could have at least an epilogue but in overall I couldn't put this story away till the last page.Totally HIGHLY recommended story!!!

Above average. I liked especially the troubled MC Michael and the Australian setting, but the instant attraction at the beginning (and I really mean instant), some frankly boring descriptions of equestrian sports, the drama at the end and the quite abrupt epilogue makes this a three-stars-reading for me.

Parts of this really appealed to me, but somehow, it was uneven. Something about the pacing seemed off. There's a very slow buildup and then a lot of big events and a situation that seems barely confronted, with the ending feeling like a sudden stop rather than a conclusion.

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