The Angel Esmeralda

Don DeLillo

The Angel Esmeralda

The Angel Esmeralda

  • Title: The Angel Esmeralda
  • Author: Don DeLillo
  • ISBN: 9781451655841
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover

From one of the greatest writers of our time, a collection of short stories, written between 1979 and 2011 chronicling and foretelling three decades of American culture From one of the greatest writers of our time, his first collection of short stories, written between 1979 and 2011, chronicling and foretelling three decades of American life Set in Greece, the Caribbean,From one of the greatest writers of our time, a collection of short stories, written between 1979 and 2011 chronicling and foretelling three decades of American culture From one of the greatest writers of our time, his first collection of short stories, written between 1979 and 2011, chronicling and foretelling three decades of American life Set in Greece, the Caribbean, Manhattan, a white collar prison and outer space, these nine stories are a mesmerizing introduction to Don DeLillo s iconic voice, from the rich, startling, jazz infused rhythms of his early work to the spare, distilled, monastic language of the later stories In Creation, a couple at the end of a cruise somewhere in the West Indies can t get off the island flights canceled, unconfirmed reservations, a dysfunctional economy In Human Moments in World War III, two men orbiting the earth, charged with gathering intelligence and reporting to Colorado Command, hear the voices of American radio, from a half century earlier In the title story, Sisters Edgar and Grace, nuns working the violent streets of the South Bronx, confirm the neighborhood s miracle, the apparition of a dead child, Esmeralda Nuns, astronauts, athletes, terrorists and travelers, the characters in The Angel Esmeralda propel themselves into the world and define it DeLillo s sentences are instantly recognizable, as original as the splatter of Jackson Pollock or the luminous rectangles of Mark Rothko These nine stories describe an extraordinary journey of one great writer whose prescience about world events and ear for American language changed the literary landscape.

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‘Let the words be the facts. This was the nature of our walks – to register what was out there, all the scattered rhythms of circumstance and occurrence, and to reconstruct it as human noise.’After hearing the opening lyrics to the Bright Eyes song Gold Mine Gutted, I spent 2 years of high school believing that Don DeLillo was some obscure brand of whisky. While passing time between lectures in college, I stumbled upon DeLillo’s short story The Angel Esmeralda in my lit. textbook and, af [...]

Several years back, a dear friend of mine and former fella, a pack-rat who practically asphyxiated his 3-bedroom house with all his scattered bits of fabric, broken mannequins, modified guitar pedals, doodled-upon pages of butcher paper, random glass-framed thrift-store paintings, wires, screws, stacked tupperware containers full of paints and pastels, Melodicas and chord organs, "clever" coffee mugs full of stale neon pink brush water, records, movies, and books upon books upon books, up and de [...]

Angel Esmeralda –1 Creation – A husband and wife are trapped on a remote island where all outgoing flights are cancelled. As ever Delillo’s prose is gloriously incisive and lyrical. And as usual he does a fabulous job of evoking in a new and searing light contemporary situations. In this story he’s brilliant at capturing the ennui of waiting at airports; the arresting of the narrative of a life by unseen circumstances. And showing how sometimes life happens when you’re waiting for the [...]

«Este no es uno de los grandes momentos del mundo. Llegará y pasará. Pero aquí estamos».Extraordinaria antología de Don DeLillo. Este es mi sexto libro que leo de él, y debo decir que siempre encuentro algo nuevo en sus historias. Nunca deja de darme algo más, algo que no esperaba. En este caso, con estos nueve cuentos DeLillo me llevó a realidades diferentes que sirven de reflexión acerca del mundo en el que vivimos, con inteligencia, virtuosismo y una escritura pocas veces vista en l [...]

FUUUUUCK YEAAAAAAAHDeLillo, so closely identified with the novel, one of the artists whose insistence upon the novel as the preeminent form of human expression, or at least American expression, has allowed the novel to endure as such this same DeLillo, this mad genius with the ever-loaded and inimitable style evident in each of his fifteen-ish novels, has written just enough short stories over his four-decade career for this slim collection to be publishable. Short stories?? Don, you taught us t [...]

”O anjo Esmeralda – Nove histórias” é um livro do escritor norte-americano Don DeLillo (n. 1936) que reúne nove contos escritos entre 1979 e 2011.Nos primeiros cinco contos: ”Criação” (1979) – 3*, ”Momentos calorosos na Terceira Guerra Mundial” (1983) – 3*, ”O Corredor” (1988) – 3*, ”A acrobata de marfim” (1988) – 3* e ”O anjo Esmeralda” (1994) – 4* - não existe nenhum destaque literário a referir; exceptuando, o conto ”O anjo Esmeralda” (1994), a h [...]

You know how in high school or college English classes, you unpack every single line of whatever text you're studying at the time. The class looks deeply into the work for symbolism, metaphor, syntax, diction, and deeper meaning. To be honest, much as I can enjoy doing it, I think a lot of that's bullshit. Sometimes a spade is just a spade, you know. Sometimes, the color of the wallpaper in the room wasn't the author subtly trying to send the reader a message about the hero's emotional state.Why [...]

The second story of this, 'Human Moment in World War 3' was amazing. I might be coming around.

I don’t like going on too much about books. Writing in English makes it harder. But there is also that feeling of undoing something that I don’t like. Undoing characters, undoing a plot, breaking the story apart, the beginnings, the endsToday I feel I have to write something. I can’t mark the book read, give it 5 starts and move on with my life as normal. Come home, say hello, go in the kitchen, get a glass of something, turn the computer on, give it 5 starsI didn’t take any notes. I don [...]

Qui ci sono nove racconti scritti tra il 1979 e il 2011. Mi è sembrato tutto abbastanza eccezionale. Frasi perfette, storie infallibili, finali sospesi.E niente, vorrei saper scrivere allo stesso modo.Peccato che i regali di Natale son già impacchettati altrimenti almeno una copia l’avrei rifilata. [78/100]PS: il racconto che dà il titolo alla raccolta è presente anche in Underworld.

I'm usually very skeptical about short story collections written by major novelists. In my opinion, very few novelists can succeed in both the short story and novel format. The exceptions? Joyce, Hemingway, Lawrence, O'Connor, Kafka, Melville, Barth, Coover, Wallace, Vollmann, Gass, Dick . . . and now, surprisingly, DeLillo, whom I had pegged for a marathon runner and not a sprinter.Well, DeLillo can sprint - and very well. His stories in this collection, with the exception of the title story, a [...]

DeLillo (Nueva York, 1936) que ha publicado hasta la fecha más de quince novelas -de las cuales solo he leído, de momento, El hombre del salto-, recopila en este libro sus relatos -nueve- publicados a lo largo de más de 30 años, entre 1979 y 2011, que me han gustado mucho más de lo que presumía.Me resulta interesante ver las encendidas polémicas que a menudo surgen acerca de los relatos y las novelas, pues hay quien piensa -incluidos muchos escritores- que los relatos son un género menor [...]

Siamo stati programmati per intraprendere una serie di orbite cosiddette variabili e non c'è monotonia da una rotazione intorno alla terra a quella successiva […].Io aspetto che lui riprenda la sua abitudine di prima della guerra, che torni a usare frasi arzigogolate per descrivere la Terra: un pallone da spiaggia, un frutto maturato al sole. Ma lui si limita a guardare […].Qualunque ossessione abbia mai tormentato le sue notti, qualsiasi desiderio dolce e sognante lui abbia mai provato nei [...]

Stories written between 1979 and 2011.In Creation, a husband and wife are trapped on an island, trying to get on a flight which is constantly canceled.In Human Moments in World War III, two astronauts in out of space are looking at earth in a different way and hearing old messages.In The Runner, a man running in a park is used to order, or construct, the world around him from his running, almost as if the world is there for him during his exercise. When something unpredictable happens, he has to [...]

Colección de 9 relatos de Don DeLillo publicados inicialmente en diferentes medios. Como todas las recopilaciones de relatos es irregular y a ello se suma esa sensación que siempre me dejan los buenos relatos cortos: quiero más. quisiera que fuera un libro donde la historia se acabara.El arco va desde 1979 hasta 2011, y se nota en el estilo.Los más antiguos tienen un estilo mas pretencioso, son meros ejercicios de exhibicionismo literario con una prosa más rebuscada. Poco a poco el estilo s [...]

Read this because it was nominated for the PEN / Faulkner award, but I would have read it anyway, love DeLillo. The stories are great, but the book is SHORT and they span such a long span of time. I want more. MORE, I say.The first story, "Creation," is about a couple trying to get a flight out of a Caribbean airport. The words were lush while the situation was slightly shocking."Human Moments in World War III" discusses war and humanity from the safety of space, after the ban of nuclear weapons [...]

While WHITE NOISE may be among my favorite novels, this collection makes me less convinced of DeLillo's genius. While he certainly has a unique voice, here I found some motifs so widespread as to suggest authorial laziness. Nearly every story in this book contains at least a passage in which one or more characters construct a fictive biography of some bystander. In some of the more involved cases the entire plot of the story is a character creating a story about a more peripheral character. Thus [...]

Don Delillo is one of those writers who either hits a home run with me or hits a series of amazing fouls. Mao II made me want to be a writer. White Noise pretty much convinced me I would never be good enough. Reading these 9 stories that span about 30 odd years it is clear that Delillo is a master of the literary universe. There are stories that seem to anticipate disaster and others that seem to translate the quiet terror of the present into more than words. It is like there is a hidden text be [...]

Tutta l'esistenza umana è un gioco di luceI grandi scrittori come DeLillo possono portarci dove vogliono; la metà delle volte ci portano dove non vogliamo andare(forse perché ci siamo già stati troppe volte? )[184]Qualunque luna di inquietudine e malinconia aleggiasse sulla sua esperienza, recente o lontana, quello era il luogo in cui tutto aveva la possibilità di evaporare.

Don DeLillo es un tipo que, no sé por qué, me cae bien. En las fotos tiene pinta de hombre severo y que está por pocas bromas, pero a mí me da la sensación que en realidad es un tipo cordial y amable con el que puedes conversar fácilmente de cualquier cosa (creo que esta idea se desprende de las pocas muestras que he podido leer de su correspondencia con David Foster Wallace).He leído dos de los novelones de Don DeLillo (‘Ruido de fondo’ y ‘Libra’) y los dos me encantaron. Pero, c [...]

Two stories stand out in this collection, “The Angel Esmeralda” and “Hammer and Sickle” (5 stars each). Both are bewitching. In the first one (about two very committed nuns and a lost young girl that is raped, murdered, and then comes back in an apparition) DeLillo’s voice becomes personal, lets himself go, and he plays with his ideas, with his style, with the originality of his characters, for quite a reading experience. The second, narrated in the first person by a white-collar inmat [...]

I'd venture that a flawless short story is one of the best reading experiences available. All the possibility inherent in the medium, distilled and pressing outwards: character, setting, theme, style, plot, all second, but integral, to the moment so necessary to the short story. When done well, the construction is invisible; the art appears rich & effortless.In this collection, Don DeLillo works these stories to their poor bones. Sick, limping, they try their very best to offer something -- [...]

Hit and miss on a lot of these stories. "Human Moments in World War III" seems to get a mention in most reviews here and otherwise. I really loved that one. Hands down my favorite. A weird not so distant future of its time it's incredibly nostalgic and at the same time incredibly prophetic.'“I still get depressed on Sundays,” he says.“Do we have Sundays here?”“No, but they have them there and I still feel them. I always know when it’s Sunday.”“Why do you get depressed?”“The s [...]

This is a beautiful piece of publishing. Nine stories that map my favorite American writer's career from the early impressionistic "Creation" to the dark and enigmatic "The Starveling" (also available in the latest issue of Granta). The book is divided into three sections that invite the reader to read thematically, with each section fronted by a stark black-and-white photo. I actually have the 1983 issue of Esquire that originally ran "Human Moments in World War III," so it's nice to be able to [...]

Una volta non amavo leggere racconti, ma poi con il tempo ho dovuto ricredermi di fronte a quelli di Salinger, di Dubus, della Munro e di altri. Per questo non ho avuto timori nel leggere questa raccolta, avendo amato molto DeLillo nei romanzi che ho letto; questi racconti sono molto diversi gli uni dagli altri, ma in tutti ho riconosciuto lo stile asciutto ma ricco nello stesso tempo, la profonda analisi che sconfina nell'alienazione ma non nella paranoia, l'ansia di fronte alle paure e il desi [...]

l'angelo sospesostorie spezzate, frammenti di racconti, gente che transita per gli aereoporti e che va cinque volte al cinema in un giorno, un angelo sospeso riflesso su un cartellone pubblicitario, gente in prigione e gente che vive come se lo fosseDeLillo traccia un'umanità sbilenca, negli anni accumula questi ritratti inquietanti e ce li porge su un vassoio laccatoi cui riflessi rimandano ai suoi avvertimenti passati e alle profezie che poi si sono avverate

Creazione ☆☆Momenti di umanità nella terza guerra mondiale ☆☆☆☆Il corridore ☆☆L'acrobata d'avorio ☆☆☆☆L'angelo Esmeralda ☆☆☆☆☆☆Baader-Meinhof ☆☆La mezzanotte in Dostoevskij ☆☆☆Falce e martello ☆☆☆La Denutrita ☆☆☆

''Human Moments in World War III'' aiva lyömätön novelli, muutenkin hyvä lukemus kokemus.

In Lowis Lowry's dystopian novel "The Giver", citizens are constantly reminded of to exercise "precision of language". Don DeLillo seems to have taken this advice to heart. Even when his stories and characters are lacking, his prose is thrilling and precise; you are in the hands of a master who understands the power of a single word. There is nothing out of place in these stories.And there's a lot to like here. Three of these stories ("Human Moments in WWII", "The Angel Esmerelda", "Midnight in [...]

[Primo abbozzo di una recensione che per quanto possa diventare lunga e completa non renderà mai sufficiente giustizia al libro di uno scrittore di cui leggerei anche la lista della spesa e il cui nome per me è palesemente uno dei nomi di DIO, se un tale essere metafisico c'è]———si capisce che mi piace DeLillo?———————Questa raccolta di racconti raccoglie alcuni racconti che DioDeLillo ha scritto e pubblicato tra il 1979 e il 2010. Personalmente sento la mancanza di "Total [...]

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