Killer Crullers

Jessica Beck

Killer Crullers

Killer Crullers

  • Title: Killer Crullers
  • Author: Jessica Beck
  • ISBN: 9780312542313
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback

WELCOME BACK TO DONUT HEARTS where the coffee is hot, the donuts are fresh, and the crullers are to die for As owner of April Springs s one and only donut shop, Suzanne Hart is privy to the deliciously personal, downright eccentric tastes of her customers One man is crazy for crullers heavy on the icing But when he doesn t pick up his order, a tall dark stranger buys theWELCOME BACK TO DONUT HEARTS where the coffee is hot, the donuts are fresh, and the crullers are to die for As owner of April Springs s one and only donut shop, Suzanne Hart is privy to the deliciously personal, downright eccentric tastes of her customers One man is crazy for crullers heavy on the icing But when he doesn t pick up his order, a tall dark stranger buys the whole box Which he tosses, one drippy cruller at a time, at her friend Gabby s storefront next door The man claims that stolen family valuables ended up in Gabby s thrift shop His wild, weird behavior has Suzanne wanting to call the cops But when he turns up dead outside of Donut Hearts, no less the cops come calling for her and Gabby Can Suzanne prove that their role in the cruller vandal killing is a cruel, albeit sugar coated, twist of fate

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The mystery was hum-drum, but the donuts made me drool. I ended up caving and going to buy donuts this morning!Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur magainze in the January 2012 issue: affairedecoeur.

For some reason, I keep returning to this cozy mystery series featuring doughnut shop owner, Suzanne Hart. Even though I've given 2- 2 1/2 stars (rounded to 3 stars) several times. I think it's because I like culinary mysteries. But, there are a lot of weaknesses in this series. For example, the books tend to be badly paced- the endings seemed very rushed. Leisurely paced for most of the books, then an abrupt unmasking of the killer- like the author just decided she got her 275-ish page count an [...]

it wasn't bad. this is the first book i read and from the first chapter i kept thinking of joanne fluke's hannah swenson mysteries, which were written first, i had to look that up after reading this. they are to similiar. killer crullers was fine, i will admit i'll most likely ready more, but i do prefer the hannah swenson books. going off the story and comparing the 2 writers the similairites in this book to joanne flukes are: with hannah swenson: she's not married, owns a bakery that she gets [...]

Killer Crullers is a cozy mystery that is book 6 in the Donut Shop Mysteries by Jessica Beck. I have read all the previous books in this series and enjoyed them and this one was no exception. Suzanne investigates the death of a man who had threatened her and Gabby’s stores. Besides the murder, Suzanne is also dealing with a possible competitor for her boyfriend Jake’s attentions and a possible wedding in her mom’s future. All the stories come together in a satisfying conclusion. A good rea [...]

I like this series, but I am afraid of 2 things happening. One,the premise of just how the donut shop doughnuts end up connected to a crime will wear thin and get stupid. And 2, the small town murder thing. I mean how many people can die in this town before everyone in dead? It's what I call the Cabot Cove syndrome. All murder mysteries can suffer the Jessica Fletcher syndrome, which is where only one character always finds the bodies.

this may be my favorite one in the Donut Heart seriesI loved that all of Suzanne normal cohorts were busy or away and she was left to "investigate" for the most part on her ownSo it wasant the same poeple doing the same thing again thru the whole book And .e killer wasnt so easy to figure out this time in my opinion( although I did have it figured out I dont mind that as it wasnt blatantly obvious from the beginning)

Fantastic novel!I think that Suzanne is brilliant! She always seems to solve the riddles that no one else seems to be able to seeI hope that Grace has finally found someone who deserves to be with her, and that Trish finds someone reliable to help her with the Boxcar so that she can get a life

Not bad, not great, but worth a read if you've read others in this series. I didn't like these books at first, but they've gotten somewhat better. Not as good as the previous one, but I'll read the next one.

oOOps I skipped book 5. oh well, I will go back to that one. this was my favorite in the series. It was not as predictable as the rest of the books. Again, light reading. Took 3 hours to read. Fun and easy

Love the characters, the town, doughnuts, and the romance! Another great entry in the series.

I have read 6 and enjoyed all of them so far! Sounds like a great little town to live in if you aren't murdered. lol Looking forward to moving on to book 7.

I like this series, it's just fun reading.

There is something about the Donut Shop Mystery series that has me coming back for more. In the 6th novel in the series, a man buys some crullers from Suzanne however he doesn't plan on eating them. He takes them next door to Gabby's store and throws them at Gabby. He is angry that Gabby stole money and jewellery from his aunt's donated clothes. The next day he is found dead and Gabby is the main suspect. I don't know what keep drawing me into the series, since there are quite a lot of negatives [...]

When Suzanne watches the customer who just bought crullers in her shop hurl them at the door of neighbor Gabby’s used clothing store, she intervenes. The man has accused Gabby of keeping cash and jewelry he states were left in clothing Gabby purchased. In his anger, he threatens both Gabby and Suzanne. When he is found murdered close to the two shops, Gabby becomes the chief suspect. Suzanne steps up to vindicate her friend Gabby, but her usual helpers—Jake, George, and Grace—are all busie [...]

I am so addicted to these cozy mystery murders. I don't know why I keep doing it to myself because every time I read one of these I start craving Donuts. Miss Hart is at it again trying to solve the town's newest murder mystery. her mama and the chief are finally getting closer to their happy ending and of course she gets a little bit of hers.

I enjoyed the characters, the story, and the plot twists while I tried to figure out who and why.I liked that the characters had flaws and that relationships needed to be worked. Some are resolved and others are to be continued. Looking forward to the others in the series. There are donut recipes throughout this book.

The book is a good, quick read, but contains several distracting errors. I don't know whether the writer, editor, or printer is to blame, but the main character has several conversations with herself according to the dialogue tags. The errors weren't so egregious as to confuse the action, but they were definitely distracting.

This mystery set in and around a small-town donut shop left me cold: unappealing characters, uneven pacing, weird motivations. Give me a Berkeley Prime Crime cozy over one of these anytime.

For a short while, I had the idea that this series would be decent all the way through. But though these books are mostly awful, I can't stop reading them. Or rather, I can keep reading them. That counts. There are so many respected books that I've tried reading and were unreadable. I don't know how Jessica Beck keeps churning out books that are enticingly readable to most of HIS target demographic. I'll try to make a few points. Suzanne Hart's big thing in the book was her being alone. Prolonge [...]

This is the second of the "Donut Shop Mystery" series that I've read (out of six total), and it'll be the last. I recognize that cozy mysteries are supposed to be fairly low-key - that's one reason they make nice reads for me when I'm feeling stressed - but these two books were so low-key they're practically comatose. And that's just about the only thing wrong with them. Yes, there is character conflict and there are interesting characters. Yes, there is personal drama and actual change occurs o [...]

Oh no! Poor Donut maker, Suzanne Hart, owner of "Donut Hearts" and more often than she cares for, sleuth is thrown into another murder!All Suzanne did was sell a dozen iced crullers to a client. Then, to her shock, she sees the customer pelting the store next door with them. What the heck? Suzanne goes over to find out. Gabby, owner of the used clothes store has a conflict with threats. Later that evening there is a man murdered between the two buildings. Police Chief Martin has no choice but to [...]

How many donuts can you give out for free and still profit? I think the biggest issue I have with this series, after 6 books, is the inconsistencies with how Suzanne's shop runs. In the first few books, she needed any customer and any donut sold she could get. Losing her recipe book was a mighty blow that could mean the end. Suddenly, without much noticeable change, she can cut hours and gives out dozens like it isn't an issue. I guess I'd believe it more if she had outside income, but it just d [...]

It is a pleasure to drop in on Suzanne at Donut Hearts in April Springs, NC. I always imagine a small town in the mountains like Clyde or Bakersville when I read this series. Both are places I like to visit. This installment opens with a stranger buying crullers from Suzanne to throw at Gabby's second hand clothing shop. He accuses Gabby of stealing from his aunt. When he later turns up dead in the alley behind the shops, Gabby is suspect number one. Of course, Suzanne, Grace and George have to [...]

This is the 6th book in the Donut Shop cozy mystery series. Suzanne’s day gets off to an odd start when a man buys the iced crullers that were from a special order that was never picked up. He proceeds to fling them at the front of her neighbor’s shop, a vintage resale shop, accusing her of stealing money and a brooch that was in a coat. He threatens both Suzanne and Gabby when they try to stop him. When the man ends up dead, Gabby asks Suzanne to help her by investigating as Gabby is the pr [...]

Suzanne Hart runs a doughnut shop, and when her doughnuts are used in an assault on the shop next door, she's none too happy. When the man ends up dead in the alley between the two shops, she's a suspect,as is her business neighbor, Gabby. Gabby asks her to help solve the mystery, insisting that she didn't murder the guy.This is #6 in the series, but it's the first one I've read. I didn't feel lost in terms of who's who, but there may be nuances I didn't catch having not read the first 5 books.S [...]

I love this series but this book--not so much.The mystery itself was only so-so. Yep, there was a murder but, as the book went along, I found myself caring less and less about solving it. The deceased was not particularly likeable and, frankly, not particularly memorable. Jessica Beck did not take the time to flesh him out enough to make me care about him. And, in this case, I didn't care about the "wrongly accused" that Suzanne was working for.I admit that the romance, such as it is, with Suzan [...]

This was a great addition to the Donut Shop Mystery Series. Suzanne gets involved in investigating another murder. Her business neighbor, Gabby is accused of stealing a large sum of money and a diamond brooch that had accidently been left in a coat she had bought for her second hand store. The man accusing her is killed outside between Gabby and Suzanne's shops.Suzanne helps her neighbor to clear her name. Although the story takes place in the fall, you would think it takes place in the spring w [...]

Suzanne Hart runs a donut shop. But it happened that someone purchased her curlers in order to attack her neighbors shop. The man threatened them. Of course he was found dead. That starts Suzanne on her investigation. Meanwhile her mother and the chief of police are getting closer. With murder and her mother on her mind she has lots to deal with. She found various suspects that would want the man dead and continues to question. It does end with the capture but a surprising culprit. Good easy rea [...]

Enjoyable cozy mystery. Love the recipes. Would love to find all these recipes in cookbook. Suzanne sells crullers to Desmond Ray, one of her customer's nephews. He then begins to pelt her business neighbor with the crullers and that night he is murdered by someone. Her neighbor comes under suspicion. She asks Suzanne to help her find who really murdered Desmond, clearing her name. As she starts to look for the killer, she gets a list of suspects and has help, but her help has to move on to thei [...]

I am enjoying this Donut Shop series, although it makes me want to eat donuts when I am reading it. In this book, Suzanne's crullers are used as weapons against Gabby's shop next door by a man who thinks she stole a great deal of money and a valuable brooch from his aunt. Even though they are not great friends, Gabby requests Suzanne's help to clear her when the man is found dead near her shop and Gabby is the major suspect.

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