Dead Men's Money

J.S. Fletcher

Dead Men's Money

Dead Men's Money

  • Title: Dead Men's Money
  • Author: J.S. Fletcher
  • ISBN: 2940012404978
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Nook

A GREAT MURDER MYSTERY There may be folk in the world to whom the finding of a dead man, lying grim and stark by the roadside, with the blood freshly run from it and making ugly patches of crimson on the grass and the gravel, would be an ordinary thing but to me that had never seen blood let in violence, except in such matters as a bout of fisticuffs at school, it was thA GREAT MURDER MYSTERY There may be folk in the world to whom the finding of a dead man, lying grim and stark by the roadside, with the blood freshly run from it and making ugly patches of crimson on the grass and the gravel, would be an ordinary thing but to me that had never seen blood let in violence, except in such matters as a bout of fisticuffs at school, it was the biggest thing that had ever happened, and I stood staring down at the white face as if I should never look at anything else as long as I lived I remember all about that scene and that moment as freshly now as if the affair had happened last night The dead man lying in the crushed grass his arms thrown out helplessly on either side of him

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Really 3 and 1/2 stars, due to an abrupt ending. Fast-paced 1920 mystery told in the first person. A strange lodger in Hugh's mother's boardinghouse sends Hugh to meet a man at midnight, because the lodger is too ill to go himself. At his destination Hugh finds a man murdered, and upon returning finds the lodger dead from his illness. The body count increases while the authorities, with Hugh's help, try to find the murderer.The narrator, Hugh, is a likable character, if a bit naive. The chapters [...]

Dead Men’s Money is my first J. S. Fletcher mystery. The novel dates to the golden age of mystery writing, the nineteen-twenties and -thirties, and is an appealing “cozy.” When I read books from this era I always enjoy picturing the hissing steam engines, compartmented passenger coaches, and smoky railway stations that were such a romantic aspect of the time.The story is set mostly in Berwick-upon-Tweed, a town on the English side of the border with Scotland, but the characters walk and bi [...]

Another fast-paced murder mystery by J.S. Fletcher. It was first published in 1920, and has just the right stock of truly good characters, balanced by a couple of nasties. A young apprentice solicitor in a rural English town bordering Scotland, is riding his bike through lonely stretches of countryside very late in the evening, to run a strange errand for a mysterious lodger at his mother's house. He finds a recently murdered body at the end of his ride, and the mysteries keep piling up from the [...]

Another quiet little cozy from Fletcher. His books always deliver good characters, a couple of well handled twists, and nice quiet plot. No blood. No gore. No sex. Perfect as a "palate cleanser" after a week spent immersed in modern and classic noir. Every time I finish one of his books, I ask the same question: Why isn't this guy better known? He may not be as good as the Great Christie, but he's definitely in the running for second place.

My first exposure to J.S. Fletcher, and an overall "like but not love" experience. I enjoyed the plot, and some of the characters, but the ending was pretty abrupt, without tying up loose plot threads. It's always frustrating to me when a story's development depends on the main character's repeated incompetence and denseness, and that's unfortunately the case here. But I absolutely adored the fact that major characters got around by bicycle, and it was the most normal thing in the world. So civi [...]

Hugh Moneylaws a lawyer's clerk, on an errand for his mother's lodger discovers a body. Mr. Lindsey, the lawyer and Hugh attempt to unravel the mystery if his name and make sense of everything that follows, as Hugh is not really the brightest of people. But an enjoyable tale, set and written in 1919.

Great read. Cute english dramaThe story line was well written. It kept you guessing. My only problem was Maisie. I kind had it figured out but the actual turn of events caught me off guard. Good read based on the English side of the Scotland border. Language was G+

Very good rreadA fine story and good suspense. Would read more of his work.I am very glad to have fun into it.

Another twists-and-turns filled mystery tale from J S Fletcher. This time we’re all about ancestry and inheritance in Dead Men’s Money.This one is set in north Northumberland, in Berwick-upon-Tweed, and with many a journey over the border into Scotland to conduct investigations. Our main character, and first person narrator, is Hugh Moneylaws, a young solicitor in training who has to be one of the most naïve and gullible characters known to literature. He doesn’t twig that people might no [...]

Good old murder mystery set in English Scottish border town of Berwick Upon Tweed. An old seafaring type turns up from nowhere seeking lodgings with the narrators mother. He spends his time wandering around graveyards, obviously looking for something. He is taken ill and while incapacitated he receives a letter. He then asks the narrator,Hugh, who is a solicitors clerk, to keep an appointment for him and explain that he is too ill to come himself. He goes out late at night and, of course, finds [...]

This my first exposure to J.S. Fletcher's books. This story is one of those warm, fuzzy British murder mysteries. It takes place primarily in Berwick, but there is Scottish influence included. I enjoyed this who-done-it although every time I thought it was about done, it headed out into another twist. Then when I thought there was going to be one more twist, it was over. Written almost a century ago, I found this novel quite quaint and interesting. I shall read more of these quaint stories ----a [...]

Published in 1920, this is a classic little mystery that contains many twists and turns. While the main character, Hugh, isn't too bright this also makes him appealing in just the right way. And perhaps intellect is redeemed in the ever-thinking Lindsey. Even though I still prefer more modern mysteries it's nice to take time to read something a bit more quaint. I might have to try another one of Fletcher's mysteries.

Once you get over the dim-wittedness and naivety of the protagonist, Hugh, this is an engaging mystery set back in the days when everyone got about on bicycles, often in the middle of the night, and the baddie would not murder the goodie if the latter promised on his honour not to snitch about the baddie! An interesting and intriguing murder mystery where nothing is as it seems and the plot races along at a fair clip while all the time holding your attention. Definitely recommended.

gripping story, thought i'd read a little bit before going to bed, ended up reading until 4am (finishing the book) without realisingme things might be clear to the reader before they are to the main character (who isn't exactly the brightest spark in the box) but that doesn't lessen the tension.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book except for the ending. It seemed uncharacteristic of the the rest of the story. I have come to love early twentieth century mysteries though, more, I think, than pulp fiction as of late.

Good book. I always like Christi's books.

Long-winded and somewhat predictable.

Realy excellent old time thriller

Loved it I dare say! Of course, you can't hang it in the hall of fame of the intellectual cold-blooded classic detective novels which I prefer mostly. but overall not bad!

Good classic mystery.

Another fun mystery, this one full of murder, red herrings, romance, an old castle, a reuined castle at night, chests of gold, and English lawyers.

An amusing adventure/mystery set in 1920's rural Britain. Good enough to read once, but I'm not likely to reread it anytime soon.

Bodies keep showing up everywhere, while the mysterious Sir Gilbert does his deeds.

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