Daring to Dream, Holding the Dream, Finding the Dream

Nora Roberts

Daring to Dream, Holding the Dream, Finding the Dream

Daring to Dream, Holding the Dream, Finding the Dream

  • Title: Daring to Dream, Holding the Dream, Finding the Dream
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780739405277
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover

Daring to Dream 1996 Margo Sullivan returns home to Templeton house and her friends after her posh life as a model falls apart As she tries to pick up the pieces, the long simmering chemistry between her and Joshua Templeton finally comes to a boil.Holding the Dream 1997 Kate Powell has always felt indebted to the Templetons for taking her in after her parents deaths ADaring to Dream 1996 Margo Sullivan returns home to Templeton house and her friends after her posh life as a model falls apart As she tries to pick up the pieces, the long simmering chemistry between her and Joshua Templeton finally comes to a boil.Holding the Dream 1997 Kate Powell has always felt indebted to the Templetons for taking her in after her parents deaths All she s ever wanted is to make them proud But accusations of embezzlement have her hanging her head in shame It takes the gentle persistence of Byron DeWitt to prod her into fighting back.Finding the Dream 1997 Laura Templeton wanted one thing in life, to marry her Prince Charming and raise a family Unfortunately, her Prince turned into a toad and she s forced to begin her life again Adding to the turmoil is the brooding, handsome Michael Fury, a man she s always had a hidden desire for.

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Well, this is actually a trilogy where my current re-read leaves me feeling quite different from the previous ones so far.Daring to DreamI still really love the Templeton family, Margo Sullivan and her mother, the idea of Pretenses the shop and the strong family/friend relationship between Laura, Margo and Kate (probably prototype for the Bride Quartet if you think about their exchanges) - but I SEVERELY dislike Josh Templeton.This is a guy who may work hard and have worked hard, but was born wi [...]

salvo el ultimo libro las dos primeras historias muy flojas la verdad. Aburridas. La historia de Laura y michael son los que mejoran la trilogía.

A very satisfying trilogy by Ms. Roberts--this includes the three titles Daring to Dream, Holding the Dream, and Finding the Dream. It's about three sisters of the heart, three girls who were blessed to be raised as sisters by Susan and Tommy Templeton, world-renown hoteliers.Daring to Dream is about Margo Sullivan, the daughter of Ann Sullivan, the Templeton's housekeeper. A widowed Ann moved from Ireland with Margo when she was just four, and though Margo never lacked for anything while growin [...]

It was really good

Cette intégrale regroupe trois histoires pour lesquelles je vais vous donner mon avis séparément, ainsi qu’un plus global.Orgueilleuse Margo 💝J’ai eu un véritable coup de coeur pour la première partie de cette intégrale, c’est un moment de pur bonheur avec tout les ingrédients nécessaires qui font une excellente histoire.Au départ, nous avons trois amies que nous rencontrons durant leur enfance. Elles sont tellement liées qu’elles se considèrent plus comme des soeurs que de [...]

Let's be fair: I have the trilogy and that's what I read. I felt that this trilogy marks a point when Roberts might have started with formulaic writing, compared to Homeport or some of her even earlier works, the characters aren't as well developed as I was hoping-- especially the lead characters. That being said, I still enjoyed this trilogy and would recommend it to anyone.

Another gem by Nora Roberts! Characters are easy to fall in love with, root for, and hope for their happy ever after. The whole extended family is well developed and the reader can feel the family connections and love. You won't be disappointed.

This is one of my favorite Nora Roberts series. The characters are wonderful, I loved the family ties, and the mystery was light, but fun.

CaptivatingGreat readworth an early morning rise to finish. Fell in love with these people called characters They became friends and family

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I really loved this book. It was a trilogy so it was really 3 books in one. I'm not sure which of these stories I enjoyed the most. I finished Daring to dream on 2/4/17, quickly followed by Holding thE Dream completed on 2/11/17, and just completed Finding the Dream 2/17/17. All 3 were very moving and definitely the most steamy romance novels I have read in a long time. It was almost sad to finish it. If I could give a rating above 5 stars this one would receive. Highly recommend for anyone want [...]

Daring to DreamMargo Sullivan had everything a young woman could ask for. But while growing up along the rocky cliffs of Monterey, she couldn't help but dream of bigger things. The daughter of the Templeton's stern Irish housekeeper, Margo had been treated like a member of the family. Deep down, she knew that money could not buy the one thing she craved most - her mother's acceptance. Maybe things would be different if she could be sweet like Laura - or had Kate's shrewd head for business. But a [...]

The reason I picked up these books was because they are set in Big Sur/Monterey and I absolutely adore the Monterey Peninsula. Nora Roberts did an excellent job at putting me in the setting, though it's hard to know if that's because I know the area so well or if she actually painted the beauty of the cliffs of Big Sur so that an anyone would catch the magic of the area. I did notice a few things that didn't ring true from the perspective of a "local", so if Nora ever needs a pre-reader so she c [...]

The first book, Daring to Dream, gave me the tingles. That's what I loved most about it. Although Margo wasn't my favourite character out of the three girls, I utterly love Josh, and them together made my blood sing. I really appreciate that Nora Roberts skipped some parts, and only stuck on the interesting things. The getting back on your feet and the falling in love. Favourite language moment: on p.69, when Margo calls her jewelry her "glitters." The second book, Holding the Dream, turned out [...]

I finally managed to find this book in the library so I could read the second two books in the Dream trilogy.The second book is Holding the Dream and it is Kate's story. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the other two, perhaps because of Kate's personality. She is a worrier who lives off nervous energy, coffee and antacids. And she's an accountant which is not the most exciting of jobs!Kate's well planned rise through the ranks at her accounting firm comes to an abrupt halt when she is accused [...]

I am not a huge fan of NR, have only read a few books but I cannot for the life of me see why people gave this one such great reviews. I expected better writing from an author of her stature & although this is one of her early ones,there were huge flaws. If she had her lead male characters IN ALL 3 BOOKS "run his tongue around his teeth" 1 more time I was going to toss the book. Also, running his hand over his face when stressed. In all 3 books, all 3 lead males did this. Over & over aga [...]

Light summer reading - 2013 edition. Nora's trilogies are just the thing for a hot summer day even if there's always something that I find irritating. In this case it was the few times a man ("hero") casually holds a woman's head under water for as long as ten seconds. Ten seconds! That's enough time for me to have a full panic attack and get seriously angry. In the books it is of course considered amusing, endearing and playfull. Note to Nora: if someone pushes you under water for ten seconds i [...]

Ok, I just finished all 822 pages and although I liked each story individually, reading them back to back was a little disappointing. I really liked all the characters but each story just kinda stopped abruptly. Fell in love, got engaged and turn page, next story. I'm wondering if maybe taking the anticipation out of a trilogy somewhat kills the excitement of the story. I feel somewhat cheated out of the Laura story line, you find out what happened to Margo in the Kate story and then you find ou [...]

One of my favorite Nora Roberts Trilogies!I've read this trilogy at least a dozen times or more over the past 15 yrs or so. Its one of my favorites. Especially this last book. Talk about a man who will make your mind.dyd spirit soar. Its Michael. Every girls dream "bad boy" but more. This whole trilogy is life affirming. No matter what horrors or difficulties we may face through life if we can just take in breath by breathwe will come out the other side and life can and will be Good again.

Three books in one about 3 woman who have been raised as sisters and their different paths chosen in life and love. I liked the loyalty and sisterhood of them all and the shared dream of finding old treasure on their land. I was tired of the sex (however great it was) by the 2nd book and almost didn't read the 3rd. But, I did and actually liked that story the best of the 3. I agree with another reader that it might be because the feelings of love and passion were new to the 3rd character so that [...]

With all the newer authors I read on Kindle, I too frequently forget about my favorite old-standbys. Nora Roberts has never disappointed though and remains one of my favorite authors since I first started sneak-reading her books from my mom's collection as a young teenager. I love how she weaves together an entire family's story in her trilogies-this is one of my favorites! 3 very different women find themselves with 3 different but absolutely perfect-for-them men!

I got this as filler in case I got tired of all the mysteries that I had loaded for our cruise but never got around to reading it. Finally, I decided I needed a change of pace and found I had put off reading the best of the batch of books I had purchased. This trilogy was fabulous! I love how all three of them went from horrible situations to finding happiness, with a lot of love from their family and friends, and emerged way better than before their troubles.

Loved it (them)! I've said it before, but it needs repeating. Nora Roberts has a great way of telling a love story. Her trilogies are wonderful because the reader can continue to share in the lives of each character, even when the focal point is on someone else. This was particularly nice as all three books were together. No waiting for the next one to be found (or published)! My one complaint here is that I don't know how their story ends. How about an epilogue? :)

The book was about 3 "sisters". These women had been raised together and went thru life's ups and downs together. Each woman was different in their personality and in career paths. They were great sister friends providing unconditional love and acceptance as each one faced the challenges of life and also the pleasures of life and family. I enjoyed all three books and it was a nice diversion from more complicated heavier books.

I read this book for a book club selection and I felt like I was reading the same story line 3 times in a row dragged out over 750 pages.Woman has a crisis, meets man- hates man, crisis resolves, man and woman have mad and passionate sex, have fight, get back together and live happily ever afterThis is my first and last Nora Roberts book. It makes me wonder how in the world this can become a #1 best seller. Is this really what America is reading????

Nora Roberts is just a master of romantic literature. I rarely read a book of hers I don't enjoy and this trilogy was no exception. All three stories are tightly woven and the characters are real and likeable. She always manages to suspend my own reality and take me into a different world and I love that about her work.

Just when I thought I had read pretty much everything that Nora Roberts wrote, this jem appears at the Lifeline Bookfest.Trilogies is what Ms Roberts does best, especially ones focused on families.I find myself always wandering what upcoming adventures will be in store for the members of the group.

One of my favorite Nora Robert's trilogy. Set in breathtaking Monterey, CA, amidst the grandeur of Templeton House (closely fashioned on Hilton)3 women are raised like sisters. They each face a unique destiny as they struggle to find the balance between their devotion to one another, their most personal dreams and of course love. I enjoy it every time I read it.

The Dream Trilogy by Nora Roberts. Each book centers around one of three girls who have been friends all their lives and they lives intertwine and how each finds love. The storyline is very interesting in how the girls meet - it has more of an enchanting feel. Great characters - wonderful love stories - great storyline for each book. You will not want to put them down until your finished.

Though i wasn't disappointed with the trilogy as a whole, it seemed to me that the characters changed a bit from book to book. My favorite of the three is the last one, Finding the Dream, for the fact that the romance and sexuality seemed so new to her, and the description of it overall was more appealing to me.

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