Hard Frost

R.D. Wingfield

Hard Frost

Hard Frost

  • Title: Hard Frost
  • Author: R.D. Wingfield
  • ISBN: 9780553571707
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback

Detective Inspector Jack Frost, Denton Division, is not beloved by his superiors In fact, he s something of a pain in the brass unkempt and unruly, with a taste for crude humor and a tendency to cut corners They d like nothing better than to bounce him from the department The only problem is, Frost s the one D.I who, by hook or by crook, always seems to find aDetective Inspector Jack Frost, Denton Division, is not beloved by his superiors In fact, he s something of a pain in the brass unkempt and unruly, with a taste for crude humor and a tendency to cut corners They d like nothing better than to bounce him from the department The only problem is, Frost s the one D.I who, by hook or by crook, always seems to find a way to get the job done It s a high price to pay for a pak of smokes when Frost interrupts his vacation to filch some of Commander Mullett s cigarettes and finds himself pressed into emergency duty Denton Division is shorthanded after a car crash involving several tipsy high ranking cops, and on Guy Fawkes night there s mischief abroad than just a few children making the rounds begging for pennies and lighting firecrackers In the next few days, Frost will deal with a parade of miscreants, including a blackmailer, a shifty businessman, a not so greiving widow, a sexual pervert or two, a crazed housewife, and a cold blooded kidnapper The clock is ticking, and Frost is perilously short of clues

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For a town with so much crime, they certainly have a hard time staffing their police force. This time around, Denton is subject to some gruesome occurrences. Detectives are trying to track down a missing child believed to be the bait in a blackmail scam while elsewhere, infants are being stabbed in the comfort of their own cribs. If that wasn’t bad enough, a deranged mother has murdered her three children and then leaped to her death in front of an oncoming train.Just like in previous Inspecto [...]

I love me some Mr Frost. What a shame there were so few books completed before Wingfield passed away. Frost is a most enjoyable character. He's like a raunchy Columbo from England. This time there seemed less mysteries and murders to solve but somehow he manages it. It must be partly due to his excellent team. And partly to dumb luck. On a different note, I swear the baby picture on this cover is used in the beginning cast roll call for Call The Midwife.

I've now read three books in the DI Frost series and have enjoyed them all very much. Frost is a bit of an anachronism, a throwback who relies on his gut-instinct more than fancy technological investigative techniques. His boss, Mr Mullet, who is shallow and sychophantic, hates Frost, hates his scruffiness, his off-colour humour and his laziness towards doing paperwork and his habit of bending the rules, will do anything to get rid of Frost. But Frost has this habit of coming out on top each and [...]

Inspector Frost is much disliked by his boss Commander Mullett who would be very pleased to see him transferred elsewhere. But the crude, insubordinate Frost solves the crimes - not that Mullett would like to openly give him the credit for. In Hard Frost, Frost investigates the murder of three children, apparently by their mother, who then kills herself. But is this what really happened?

I'm a fan of the TV series of Frost, mainly because I love David Jason. And this book certainly lived up to my expectations in terms of the complexity of the crimes and the difficulties faced by Frost in solving them. A young boy is found murdered, a teenage girl is picked up, naked, by the side of the road after a kidnapping, a family of three children and their mother are found dead and Frost is facing the normal amount of adversity as he tries to bring each case to its conclusion.However, the [...]

The Denton police division is shorthanded after a car crash involving several tipsy policemen so Inspector Frost is called in early from his vacation and has to cope with, among other things, blackmail, dead bodies, and a kidnapper. I always enjoy the books in this series and while Frost is not the most likable character he does get the job done even if it takes a few tries.

This was a terrific detective novel set in England in the 90s. Definitely creepy, but the humor and wonderfully painted Inspector Jack Frost tempered the heeby-jeebies. I think I will have to lay off crime for a while because it messes with me. If you want a good thrill, check out this series!

The main problem with the Frost novels is that echoes of the plot are brought to mind by the extremely successful ITV television series starring David Frost _ so occasionally a character pops up and you think “ah, yes, this guy’s a villain”. In this story our crumpled hero (as is usual) finds himself in the middle of a raft of difficult cases and on this occasion has not one but two junior colleagues who are antagonistic towards him. And then there is Mullett… More grim material handled [...]

I know that when I pick up a Frost novel I'm not going to be exasperated with it and give up. The writing is always fantastic. Frost is the main draw, but the supporting cast are pretty well drawn too. My only criticism with this novel is it may have been a little confusing in places. Two, seemingly, major plots running alongside two minor ones was a little tricky to keep track of. I think I only managed it because I had seen the TV episodes.

I've read this book (& seen the TV series) soooo many times I can't be critical of it. I simply adore these books & as the blurb says the book is "Darker, funnier & more violent than the TV adaptation" It's an excellent crime novel & if you've never read a Frost novel, or indeed seen the TV series, you're in for a treat.

This novel is so well written that I couldn't sleep. Frost makes me laugh with "Oh?" and "Eh?". I learned an expression 'Who *** does she think she is?' used by Police Sergeant Wells.

Best of the series by far. A lot of different cases going at the same time, lots of twists, cleaver criminals and an excellent ending.

While I still liked this edition to the series, I didn't like it as much as the first one. Much of why I like this series was present in this book, but I felt the forward motion of this plot was dragging in places; the investigation of the missing boy was too involved for me. I don't like plots with children in danger, so not to find him "soon," made me anxious and upset. And, in Frost books, the resolution of the case could go either way--the boy is found alive or dead. So, the delay in learnin [...]

interesting characters but too many moving parts and ending was a letdown

Hard Frost by R. G. WingfieldThe Plot:Inspector Jack Frost is a disheveled, grubby, chain smoking character (reminiscent of Columbo, the American detective made famous in the TV show of the same name), constantly in trouble with his superiors & colleagues, though affectionately regarded by the rank & file. His Chief would dearly love to get shot of him, but Frost tenaciously hangs onto his job, despite taking liberties & short cuts with police procedures & cheeky asides directed [...]

Another great installment of the Inspector Frost series. Very similar to all the others, in that there are many different cases, with lots of different people – some of the threads intertwine and some don’t. Some spark off clues to others, and some are entirely separate.Frost is his usual grumpy self, although this time he has not one, but two colleagues to try and get on side. One of them is a woman, and that means this book is more full than usual of hideous stereotypes and sexism. A sign [...]

I really like the Wingfield series about an English detective Inspector named Frost. However, there are some parts tough to read.I am not writing about the death of three children -although that was difficult - but about the casual sexism. "Cow" is used 36 times in the story, according to my Kindle search function and none of them are related to the animal that provides steak and dairy products. Frost also likes to poke people in the ass, although he may not be sexist in this regard he is an equ [...]

Frost is back, and in charge, much to Mullets dismay, following a car accident involving colleagues including the impeccable Inspector Allen.This time the stakes are raised as there is a missing boy, being held for ransom and time is running out and Frost has made a mistake, not unusual but this one threatens to end his career for good this time. It is the double jeopardy, the life of the boy and the fact that Frosts career is hanging by a thread which makes this one such a nailbiter.The frost o [...]

I couldn't decide whether I could tolerate DI Frost in the book as his personality is a bit more exaggerated in this than the television serieshe's much harder to like than on the showd yet I don't particularly gather that one is supposed to like him, necessarily. In fact, quite the opposite proves true.Still, I couldn't relegate this to the DNF pile, the writing and the mystery was too good, and I felt myself sticking around to discover the outcome of the various cases that arise throughout the [...]

I' m a devoted fan and very much enjoy R.D. Wingfield's writing. His main character, Jack Frost, a crumpled, more often than not sarcastic police detective is overworked and unappreciated by his most of his superiors and fellow officers of his rank. He smokes way too much, makes uncouth remarks too often and bloody well can't get a decent night's sleep. What I enjoy most about Wingfield's writing besides Frost and the dialogue, is the weather. Yes, it is cold, wet, soaking to the bone kind of we [...]

DI Jack Frost has a good heart, but it's hard to detect when it's buried beneath layers of crud--his clothes, his attitude, his sexist and foul jokes. But he knows who's trouble and who's not, and he's not in this game for career advancement. Finding a kidnapped kid before he dies means something to Frost personally, not to his career. Too many around him are ladder climbers, including Acting Detective Inspector Jim Cassidy who wants to be associated with Frost if things go well, but who will be [...]

Another cracker. Frost comes across as an anti hero, described as useless but cracks the cases and gets no credit. The series goes from strength to strength and I look forward to turning every page. Good language and descriptive police procedures. Focus is shifted across the characters and I felt that they were all explored in enough detail for a picture to be built up of them.Totally different to the TV series, but both are good in their own way. One aspect that is significantly different betwe [...]

I'm a big fan of the Touch of Frost TV series and decided to try the books the series was based on. I realize the position Sir David Jason holds in England so I understand the changes made to DI Frost to bring him to television as played by that actor, but it was still disconcerting to find the book Frost to be a little unlikable. He was a bit of a pratt to be honest, and much more perverted than the television version of the same character. Nonetheless, the book was an enjoyable mystery and boo [...]

I gave this five stars because I laughed out loud on more than one occasion and I haven't done that reading a book for a long while. If you are a fan of the television series Frost and the very politically incorrect Jack you will love this. It wasn't perfect, Jack made a few too many blunders, the constant reference to his smoking annoyed me (and I'm a smoker) and there were lots of different crimes but I guess that's what happens in any day in a police station. Jack is revoltingly charming and [...]

Pretty good read. A lot of the same old sexist reaction to the female inspector in the book, which is really getting tiresome. So some guys don't like being told what to do by a woman. Does *anybody* like being told what to do by *anybody*? Why do all women in crime fiction remind the men of their evil mother/teacher/wife/ex-wife, while (statistically) none of the men remind anybody -- male or female -- of anyone but their unique,individual selves? We're not all flipping archetypes.Anyway. Aside [...]

Another Bargain Book buy, another good read. My first Frost, and he came across as a believable character. He's portrayed as a bit of a dinosaur, sexist, breaking the rules, and you wonder how big a step it is for the author. If it wasn't for the picture of David Jason I had in my mind, it would have been Harry Enfield's Yorkshireman. It was also quite a gritty story, but at least your face was not shoved in a sewer of gruesome detail, and I made it to the end in the end.

Very good - Frost is a simple character with many appalling qualities, who nevertheless manages to surprise the reader with his occasional sensitivity. His cases seem to get solved by a combination of solid detective work, and blind luck. What keeps me coming back to these relatively simple novels is the humour though. What prevented me from awarding 5 stars is the rather dry prose and that the novel was overlong. Overall a good read though.

Another great "Frost" novel. This time, Detective Inspector Jack Frost is rather forced into investigating several unpleasant crimes, including a kidnap of two young boys and a dead burglar. His assistant is Jim Cassidy, and they do not get on, since Cassidy blames Frost for not investigating his daughter's death enough. I also like the introduction of Liz Maude, who is a excellent character and policewoman.

Funny at not so good times w/c is so good. Frost knows humor. Its thrilling plot would urge you to turn from the first page until you reach the last of it. I'd been immensely absorbed on Frost's mind-bending cases, and there's a lot of it. I couldn't believe that the whole book just happened around two days. It seems like months. Not my typical read and genre, but it certainly plowed me into its world. Now, I want more of the same genre!

Thrilling! I found this quite difficult to read at the beginning, three dead children makes for quite a dark read, but I'm of the opinion that this is the best one so far.I wasn't sure he was going to solve them all this time, as there seemed to be an unsolved murder and missing child right up until the last couple of chapters, but he managed to solve them all. Well done Frost.

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