Indecent Exposure

Tom Sharpe

Indecent Exposure

Indecent Exposure

  • Title: Indecent Exposure
  • Author: Tom Sharpe
  • ISBN: 9780330239226
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback

Indecent Exposure

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This book is the sequel to Riotous Assembly and really keeps up the scathing and farcical attacks on the Apartheid regime. It is Tom Sharpe at what i think his most cutting, as through the jokes and ridiculous situations you can his views on such a deplorable system and the society that acted as if it was totally acceptable. There is really no way to describe the storyline - apart from my golden rule that I dont give away the plot or that there are no doubt far better reviewers than myself out t [...]

Wet your pants funny! Its been to long since we have been able to make fun of apartide.

This hilarious depiction of the stupidity and brutality of the old South African Police is one of the funniest books I have read in quite a while. It will certainly never be picked as the assigned book for Afrikaaner Pride Week (and the Enlish don't come out so great either), but it is one of those laugh-out-loud funny books that you should think twice before reading it in public, lest the folks around you think that you are a bit touched.

This novel is what you get when you combine racism, police and electro-shock therapy in South Africa.

Hilarious. Satire re the South African police that is full of innuendos that had me laughing harder than I have in a long time. This is his followup to Riotous Assembly. I look forward to reading that book in the future.

This is really good satire. And the story construction is excellent.

Le tengo que dar las cinco estrellas porque no me reía tanto con un libro desde "La conjura de los necios". Salvando las distancias con el libro de Toole, cuyo humor negro es mucho más fino e irónico, Sharpe logra meterte en una aventura dignísima de las mejores historias de humor absurdo y alocado que puedas echarte a la cara. Con ese ambiente de comedia negra y un refinado humor inglés, las risas están más que aseguradas con esta obra, que si peca de algo es de políticamente incorrecta [...]

Black Humor. That term is redefined by this Tom Sharpe novel. Set in apartheid SA, the quest for perfect White SA by Lt. Verkamp, the bumbling Kommadent van Hardeen's dream to be treated as true blueblood British & the maniacal Dr. vom Bliemstein's passion for turning any ordinary situation into a psychartist lesson leaves the reader in splits.Tom Sharpe managed to keep in splits while simultaneously shaking my head and asking myself can this really happen? Sometimes a bit over the top, the [...]

Interesting recent discovery. Somewhere between Benny Hill and Evelyn Waugh, Sharpe might not be the greatest novelist but he is an amazing comedian and satirist. Sure, the humor leans towards the coarse and vulgar at times, but this fits the small-minded yet egomaniac characters in the book perfectly. Their sheer backwardness and ignorant nationalist white-supremacist thinking can't work anywhere else than in a society where stupid rules.

Hilarious worthy of film making ingenious !

As a satiric take-down of racist white society in arphatide South Africa this is a top rate book, but time is merciless and the book is greatly eroded by homophobia and rape jokes. At one time is probably was the height of yuks to have white policemen raping black women turned into flaming gays through shock treatment, but it falls with a resounding thud today. A french lesbian is buggered by an almost mythical creature of chaos and if not turned straight, is almost whistful about the experience [...]

I read Wilt a couple of years ago so I already knew that I liked Tom Sharpe's writing.I often find that I notice simplistic writing styles more with books written in the 3rd person, but Indecent exposure never feels simplistic, it is well crafted throughout and is a joy to read from start to finish.It's hilarious too, events escalate to incredible and unbelievable extremes, then seemingly continue to escalate even further, all from a few bad decisions from characters placed in a position of powe [...]

Voor velen zijn de boeken van Tom Sharpe minderwaardig vanwege de soms aangebrande humor. Het is inderdaad niet altijd even hoogstaand, hihi. Het is wel altijd grappig, van smalend tot hilarisch. En Sharpe steekt altijd de draak met schijnheiligheid, racisme, machtsmisbruik, fanatisme etc. In Indecent Exposure loopt alles lekker uit de hand als een Zuid-Afrikaanse politiecommissaris er alles aan doet om bij de Engelse stiff upper lip elite, ook maar een stelletje bekrompen onmensen die Afrikaner [...]

This is an amazingly funny book, satarising the apartheid regime of the old South Africa, ultra-rightist authoritarian politics, faddish scientific reconditioning (a la "Clockwork Orange") and snobbery in general. Very few books have made me laugh out loud when reading it alone, and this one managed it. However, my recommendation comes with a very important caveat. Much of the humour comes from the snobbishly pro-British lead character's attempts to ingratiate himself into a group that are obses [...]

The cops from Riotous Assembly are back, and in fine form. Kommandant Van Eerden thinks he now has a British heart (he doesn't, the transplant surgery re-implanted his own heart) and goes off to spend two weeks in the country with the Dornford Yates Club, a group of British eccentrics given to potent cocktails, cross dressing and reenacting scenes from the works of The Master.This leaves the rabidly racist (better dead than a black in your bed), rabidly anti-communist (better dead than Red) Luit [...]

I first read this some thirty-odd years ago and found it to be one of the funniest books I had ever read. Having learned of the untimely death of Tom Sharpe, I dived into the depths of my pile of paperbacks and retrieved my copy, somewhat worse for age. The paper may have aged but the wit and humour haven't and it is still as funny as I remembered it. Nobody comes out smelling of roses, not even Kommandant van Heerden, who goes ploughing through them on the back of his horrendous, black mount wh [...]

Laugh out loud, witty, sarcastic, hilarious piece of writing! This story set in the little town of Piemburg in South Africa is about two police officers and their divergent quests for power and royalty respectively. Set during apartheid and ripe with wry British humour coupled with lusty yet not raunchy jokes, this book had me laughing out loud in the middle of shared cab rides, train rides, and office lunch hours. You may think some of the jokes are racist or sexist on the face of it but they a [...]

>This was given to me in a mixed box of books.I found this really very funny in some places, Clockwork Orange meets Benny Hill type humour. However, it is undoubtedly dated.I think it probably would be deemed seriously offensive by most modern readers and I think would have been rejected by modern publishers The author got booted out of South Africa for writing this book, so if you are easily offended or the type of person who wants Enid Blyton re-written because of the 'sexism' this is defin [...]

I first read Indecent Exposure at about 14 when I found a copy at my aunt and uncle's house, where we were luckily staying long enough for me to read the whole book. It was my introduction to Tom Sharpe, after which I read everything he'd written at that point and up until the early 90's. The Great Pursuit was one of my favourites, along with the Wilt series. Quite frankly, I found him hilarious.This was another of my Hay-on-Wye bargains and I wasn't sure whether, in these enlightened, post-apar [...]

Need to save up the 5 stars. This is great, but not as "must read" as riotous assembly.There are many laugh out loud moments, but some it's are a bit formulaic, and I didn't think the return of Konstabel Els really worked. He was a brilliant invention previously, but here it feels like putting in Els because he was funny last time, but not really having anything to do.But Verkamp's descent from straight odd into total lunacy is wonderful. As always Tom Sharpe realises that you cannot underestima [...]

I've only read the first chapter so I shouldn't really put the "read" tag, but it was what I had to do for CEL.Aaanyhow, I really liked it but only after a second reading and a detailed analysis. It's so sarcastic and the irony well hidden between the lines that you have to watch out for it and give the reading your full attention. The first time I read it I knew nothing about the cultural background so I had to do quite a bit of exploring. It's quiet a difficult read, so maybe I'll come back to [...]

Very, very funny. One of Sharpe's best efforts. Sharpe has the ability to use English and all of its crudities and shape it into a 'laugh out loud' satirical farce of epic proportions. It is no surprise to learn that he was "asked to leave" South Africa after this and 'Riotous Assembly' were published!If you don't like crude language, don't read Sharpe's works. If you love the satirical use of bad language, then Sharpe is a master - he was a professor of English, and his skill with the language [...]

It's hard to think in this day and age that someone in the 1970's could write a comedy about apartheid in South Africa. This is a masterful piece of satire that neatly skewers the absolute ridiculous and twisted nature that was the South African state.Written while Sharpe was at the peak of his powers this novel is laugh out loud hilarious. Though I suspect it'll have more impact with older readers - those who were able to observe the farce and disgrace that was South Africa's apartheid regime

Laugh out loud on the train funny.Dribble of wee funny.Aching jaw funny.Uncomfortable, disturbed, looking half-away from the page funny.Tom Sharpe is simply one of the funniest writers I have ever read, and I've read a lot of books.A master of the art of schadenfreude - the art of laughing at someone else's misfortune.So what more can I say?Highly recommended.

Livro bem ao estilo do autor, cheio de peripécias. Reencontramos alguns conhecidos de outro livro, que não nos desiludem na sua capacidade de asneirar. Neste livro são alguns diálogos que nos obrigam a rir compulsivamentee rir, e rir, e rir.Porém - daí o três - há uma parte muito enfadonha e pouco engraçada.Aconselho, mesmo assim, a quem queira dar uma ps boas gargalhadas.

Para ser un escritor de izquierdas, vaya humor negro: racista, homófobo ¡Raya la brutalidad! ¡Vaya mundo más extraño, Zululandia, qué mundo más retrógrado! Por otra parte, la novela en sí no me ha disgustado. Pese a indignarme a trozos, me he reído también a tramos. No sé, algo muy raro; la mitad: 3 de 3.

Along with A Riotous Assembly, these form the only satire Sharpe wrote. South African authorities considered Sharpe an "enemy of the State" whose works were "seditious" after his anti-Apartheid play The South African debuted in London. Sadly, Sharpe seldom wrote a funny book afterwards

It would have been funny if it wasn't tragic. Or maybe I should say, it would have been tragic, if it hadn't been so funny!!Nonetheless, i found that I could not enjoy the book. The humour was too black and too blase for my taste. So, I do not think that I am going to pick up another Tom Sharpe soon.

Whoever thought humour could be this dark and twisted!! There were times when I wasn't sure if I should be horrified or laugh out aloud! With enough innuendos for 5 books, this one is a complete laugh riot and extremely wicked!

Oh dear, Sharpe cuts to the bone, yet again. Black humour, innuendo, innuendo, innuendo, blatant imagery, innuendo, more stuffing of inappropriate items by Konstabel Els, more excruciating imagery, innuendo, honey-and-popcorn-coated-french-letters-ingesting-exploding-ostriches.Good in small doses

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