Less Than One: Selected Essays

Joseph Brodsky

Less Than One: Selected Essays

Less Than One: Selected Essays

  • Title: Less Than One: Selected Essays
  • Author: Joseph Brodsky
  • ISBN: 9780141196510
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback

Essayist and poet Joseph Brodsky was one of the most penetrating voices of the twentieth century This prize winning collection of his diverse essays includes uniquely powerful appreciations of great writers on Dostoevsky and the development of Russian prose, on Auden and Akhmatova, Cavafy, Montale and Mandelstam These are contrasted with his reflections on larger themesEssayist and poet Joseph Brodsky was one of the most penetrating voices of the twentieth century This prize winning collection of his diverse essays includes uniquely powerful appreciations of great writers on Dostoevsky and the development of Russian prose, on Auden and Akhmatova, Cavafy, Montale and Mandelstam These are contrasted with his reflections on larger themes of tyranny and evil, and subtle evocations of his childhood in Leningrad Brodsky s insightful appreciation of the intricacies of language, culture and identity connect these works, revealing his remarkable gifts as a prose writer.

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Man is what he reads, and poets even more so.Joseph Brodsky, born Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky (1940-1996), was, as the name suggests, a Russian of Jewish descent, who emigrated to the USA in 1972. It is never a trivial matter to leave one's own country behind, but for a poet emigration to another language must be particularly wrenching. Nonetheless, Brodsky acclimated himself to the language of his new home well enough that he also became an accomplished poet in English, serving as the Poet Lau [...]

Mandelstam was, one is tempted to say, a modern Orpheus: sent to hell, he never returned, while his widow dodged across one-sixth of the earth's surface, clutching the saucepan with his songs rolled up inside, memorizing them by night in the event they were found by Furies with a search warrant.Brodsky is at his best when speaking about the greats, Tsvetaeva, Mandestam, Auden, Frost. He drifts into crank-ness when speaking philosophically, which he is wont to do in these pages, about Tyranny, Ci [...]

«Sei ancora lì a leggere il tuo Dos Passos?» diceva mia madre mettendo in tavola. «E Turgenev, chi lo legge?». «Che cosa pretendi da quello lì?» le faceva eco mio padre ripiegando il giornale. «È uno scansafatiche; nient'altro».

Real heroism. Brodsky's memoir-essays 'Less Than One' and 'A Room and a Half' are amazing accounts of his youthful struggle for independence and imaginative freedom in 50s and 60s Russia. He dislays Nabokov-level stoicism, humor and confidence amid tragedies that would have silenced or stupefied a being less spiritually committed to writing, less beatified by their art. (And the catalogue of the odd-jobs he took while on the margins of Soviet society is incredibly funny.)

Prima esperienza con Brodskij, questo poeta russo emigrato in America — e anziché dalle poesie, sono partito dai saggi. Si racconta, con un tocco di ironia, che di Brodskij siano esistite contemporaneamente due figure distinte, quella del poeta russo e quella del saggista americano. E in effetti Brodskij scrisse tutte le sue opere in russo, la sua lingua madre, mentre per i saggi preferì la sua lingua d'adozione, quella che lo accolse nella sua seconda parte di vita.Il saggista Brodskij, che [...]

Questo libro sarebbe tutto da sottolineare e annotare. Tutto. Tutto. Tutto.Brodskij è un fine narratore.Sfido chiunque a non leggere almeno tre volte fila il capitolo intitolato "Guida a una città che ha cambiato nome".Ad innamorarsi (di nuovo) della letteratura russa, qui, ci si mette poco.

Sono decisamente di parte. Ma dalla parte della bellezza, decisamente.Con Brodskij so di non riuscire ad essere, nemmeno lontanamente, oggettiva. Leggerlo, per me, è esperienza di stupore infantile dalla prima all'ultima riga. Se immaginate un faccino trasecolato, con la bocca spalancata e gli occhi che guardano in su, sgranati, avrete una, seppur vaga, idea del mio aspetto davanti, in mezzo e alla fine di un libro come questo. E di tutti quelli che finora di Iosif B. ho letto, siano poesie o p [...]

Why did it take me so long to read Brodsky?

Alcuni pezzi sono veramente belli, come i ricordi su Leningrado o dei genitori, altri mi sono rimasti un po' pesanti, tipo "Fuga da Bisanzio". Non so, non sarò stato sulla sintonia giusta, ma sinceramente quest'ultimo mi è sembrato eccessivo, ridondante

Der in der Edition Akzente erschienene Band ERINNERUNGEN AN LENINGRAD enthält zwei der Texte, die im amerikanischen Essayband LESS THAN ONE enthalten sind; es sind dieses beides "Erinnerungstexte", wobei der erste, WENIGER ALS MAN, sich nicht so sehr konkret mit der Kindheit des russischen Nobelpreisträgers als vielmehr mit der Frage beschäftigt, wie Erinnerung an sich überhaupt vermittelt werden kann. In IN EINEINHALB ZIMMERN schildert Brodksky das gemeinsame Leben mit Vater und Mutter nach [...]

Эссе про путешествия не понравились. А вот где рассказывает про свое отношение к литературе и к Советскому Союзу - интересно и местами просто великолепно. Очень много хороших, моих мыслей в предисловии:"У Бродского, как и у Мандельштама, сознание угрозы, таящейся в окружающ [...]

when a writer resorts to a language other than his mother tongue, he does so either out of necessity, like conrad, or because of burning ambition, like nabokov, or for the sake of greater estrangement, like beckett. belonging to a different league, in the summer of 1977, in new york, after living in this country for five years, i purchased in a small typewriter shop on sixth avenue a portable "lettera 22" and set out to write (essays, translations, occasionally a poem) in english for a reason th [...]

Не съм вярвал, че на такава ранна възраст ще стана свидетел на такова чудо, литературно. Наеярно така е било писано; да прочета нещо толкова невероятно, случайно, чисто, истинско. Животът е хубав било то и само заради езика! :-) Бродски това го знае много по-добре, разбира се. Пр [...]

excellent work, only talent can write。

To read Brodsky is to benefit from a mind that survived the yet-Oneginian boredom of static Russian society by transgressing boundaries - from Russia to America, from Russian to English, from hermeneutics to memoir, from poetry to prose and back. In his best essays, he's somewhere between an Empson-esque close reader and a darkly brooding aphorist, unsurprising for someone who made his bones in verse. While some of his statements are perplexing - even as a enormous admirer of Auden, to support B [...]

тот момент, когда каждое слово хочется запомнить навсегда. читать Бродского без рифмы не менее увлекательно, чем с.«Я нисколько не верю, что все ключи к характеру следует искать в детстве. Три поколения русских жили в коммунальных квартирах и тесных комнатах, и когда наши р [...]

Meditazioni sul Bosforo strane pagine di prosa di Brodskij: pensieri che si affollano mentre passa per Istanbul e suda tra le sue mura e la polvere delle sue strade. Le sue riflessioni culturali sono condensate, ma molto originali e l'idea di inframezzarle con le sensazioni e i pensieri che lo prendono mentre - figlio della Terza Roma- respira l'aria della seconda Roma, dalla quale tanto la Russia ha acquisito (almeno dal punto di vista religioso)

"L’arte non è un’esistenza migliore, ma è una esistenza alternativa; non è un tentativo di sfuggire alla realtà, ma il contrario, un tentativo di animarla." (Il figlio della civiltà, p. 72)

Às vezes o Nobel acerta em cheio.

Review is for the "Less than One" essay, which is the only one I've read thus far.

found among Pop's books

A polymath remembers the one and half rooms in the communal apartment, the cruelty of apparatchiks, the poets who were devoured by Furies

This collection of memoir-essays by Joseph Brodsky was an enlightening read, to say the least! Brodsky was a Russian poet of Jewish descent, who had to leave the USSR facing persecution. In this book, he wrote extensively about his hometown, the Russian language, his family and childhood, his views on political systems and made heaps of comments on literature.To me, someone who grew up in Beijing, the timing of me encountering this book was rather interesting. As this year marks the 50 years of [...]

Some of the essays on this book are wonderful. Some I found a little too much for me. I love poetry, and everything about it, but I don't really like it turned inside out, no matter how much passion the essayist will put into it. I think it is the same as a song, it should be read, not so much analyzed, specially if it is a poem I haven't read. But I really liked other parts of the book. A good friend recommended it to me, and she being a writer and essayist I can see why she loved it. I would l [...]

What a challenging read. There is no doubt that he is a good writer, just heavy to read and digest, especially as I picked this up right before I gave birth. Some of the essays were about poets I never heard of, so of course, it was hard to relate, know what he was talking about and it went over my head. I appreciated his interpretation of Novogodnee and 1 September, 1939 (althought didn't completely agree with him). He could be too academic and diffiicult to understand and a tad rascist. And no [...]

It's fair to say this completely blew me away. Every page is full of quotable sentences. And the final essay In a Room and a Half is amazingly beautiful, touching and understated. His description of his lifelong relationship with his parents is worth the book in itself. And his essay on Nadezhda Mandelstam, is just wow. Each generation gives us masters of the essay and some of these amazingly double as poets. In this age of bloggers we may end up with some worthy essayists or a whole lot of what [...]

Kävin kesällä esseenkirjoituskursin, ja kun essee ei oikein lajityyppinä mnulle avautunut, kurssin opettaja Torsti Lehtinen suositteli mm. Brodskya. Ja kyllä olikin hieno kirja! Tarkkanäköisissä kirjoituksissaan Brodsky pureutuu venäläiseen mentaliteettiin, kieleen ja mielenmaisemaan sellaisella intensiteetillä, etten meinannut malttaa kirjaa käsistäni laskea. Lisäksi tunsin sivistyneeni suunnattomasti kirjan luettuani, sillä opin niin paljon. Kunpa itselläkin olisi jostain asias [...]

It took me a full year to finish this book. Not because it was tedious or hard, but because I didn't want to finish it. Probably the newest edition to my all-time top 10 list, this collection of commencement speeches, essays and dairy entries is a treat to savour. I'll be re-reading this when I'm sixty. The essay "Footnote to a poem" is the best writing on writing I've ever read. Beautiful, stunning, must-read.

"Guide to a Renamed City" and "Footnote to a Poem" are two of Brodsky's best essays and more than worth the price of admission.

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