Into the Crossfire

Lisa Marie Rice

Into the Crossfire

Into the Crossfire

  • Title: Into the Crossfire
  • Author: Lisa Marie Rice
  • ISBN: 9780062085795
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback

Edgy, sexy, endlessly exciting, Lisa Marie Rice never disappoints I can t get enough of Lisa Marie Rice s sensual, hard hitting stories New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKennaA rising star in erotica, author Lisa Marie Rice launches her Protectors series with Into the Crossfire introducing the first of three super hot ex Special Forces operatives willing to w Edgy, sexy, endlessly exciting, Lisa Marie Rice never disappoints I can t get enough of Lisa Marie Rice s sensual, hard hitting stories New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKennaA rising star in erotica, author Lisa Marie Rice launches her Protectors series with Into the Crossfire introducing the first of three super hot ex Special Forces operatives willing to walk through fire for the women they love Romantic suspense has never been this thrilling and scintillating

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Intense--that's the first word that comes to mind about LMR's latest. And definitely OMG erotic! Fans of Lisa Marie Rice know what to expect with her books--the alpha hero who becomes obsessed with having the heroine, even if he's only known her for a few minutes. And former Navy SEAL Sam Reston fits the mold--he knew he wanted the heroine, Nicole Pearce, the moment he laid eyes on her. He thought she was the most beautiful, classiest woman he'd ever seen, and he was determined to get her.****** [...]

This book is so boring I have no words. I lasted to about 70% and I applaud my own brain for managing so much. And the sex. Sweet Jesus, I swear I don't want to see the word "juices" ever again in my life!!! She has juices flowing from her, he has juices flowing into her, their combined juices are flowing from her, her juices again all over her, his juices making a lake inside her, she's wondering if she got her period maybe? No, it's their JUICES!!!!!! I swear. Yuck.

3 ½ stars – Romantic Suspense/EroticaThis was a pretty good erotic romantic suspense read, but I didn’t love it and found it overallrgettable.The previous books I’ve read by Lisa Marie Rice didn’t wow me. I read Dangerous Lover and it just didn’t work for me, and I tried to read Dangerous Secrets and ended up putting it on hold. I enjoyed this quite a bit more, but I still didn’t like that the intermittent terrorist POV disrupted the flow of the story, which was one of my main issue [...]

Into the Crossfire was good but not great. It seemed almost like a watered-down, not-quite-as-good-as version of Midnight Man, Midnight Angel and Dangerous Passion. I didn’t connect with the main characters as much as I normally do in her books. I think the main problem was the background suspense story took over too much of the book and put the romance in the background sometimes. I was also uncomfortable with the very sad storyline of the heroine’s father dying slowly from cancer, it was s [...]

I'm a huge fan of LMR's books and I loved everything she's written until this book. Not that it was bad, it was just far below of what I've learned to expect from her and I can't but feel very disappointed.I'm not going to write a plot summary or a full review, as many of my friends have already done a great job with that. I'm just going to keep it simple and short:What I liked: Sam and Nicole individually, the action scenes (OTT sometimes, but this is fiction and I'm OK with that) and the epilo [...]

Reread on: 6/29/17 Solid 4.5 Stars!!!! There are tons of great reviews on this book, so again I'm not going to attempt writing one. But, I have to say I really loved this book and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of this series. Can't wait to read Harry & Mike's books!!!!

Well, humph. I've read this author before with mixed results. I like her Alpha males enough to keep trying, but this oneI had issues.Basics:Sam is former Seal. He runs his own security company now and has a side job of rescuing and relocating abused women.Nicole is beautiful. Apparently, really, really beautiful cause it is repeated oftenke a lot. Anyhow, she is also starting up her own translation company and taking care of her dying father.Like a lot of this author's men, Sam has had lots of w [...]

Lisa Marie Rice has a specific formula to most of her books. Her heroes are very alpha males who have had horrible pasts and are usually retired from the Navy or Army. They end up going undercover to take down very evil bad guys who would torture someone's grandmother to get what they wanted. The hero becomes fixated on the heroine so much so that he can't think of anything else and he's sexually frustrated 24/7. He keeps watch over the heroine, who he feels the need to protect and take care of. [...]

3,5 Stars - a lot of steam, suspence and, as always, a tough, adorable and very hot "L.M. Rice hero" - but I missed something this time.This is a quite okay suspense romance, but not nearly as good as many others by this author. I loved all the three books in the Midnight series and liked the two I read from the Dangerous series. But most of all I love her adorable, always horny and wistful alpha men. Ms. Rice style with the large, hard and tough alpha heroes, including the hot heat, we recogniz [...]

I loved how Sam was dead set on having Nicole and keeping her. The big bad heroes that are so extremely attracted that they can barely contain themselvesjust love it. Pure sexy.l the way . add in major seat gripping suspense and heartbreaking moments and I couldn't put this down. Lisa knows how to write an Alpha. totally safe

Into the Crossfire was an ok read. But I think I’m reaching my saturation point with regard to this author. After her Midnight Trilogy and Woman on the Run, I feel I’m reading the same story again and again and again. I had high hopes for this new series, that maybe she would make an effort to step out of her comfort zone and give us something different this time. But no. She didn’t. Her approach probably is “if the recipe is successful, you just keep repeating it.”So what do we have h [...]

4 1/2 stars. Wow! I read this series out of order and this book was better than the second one. Two strong characters, lots of thrills and some smokin hot sex, especially the very descriptive scene towards the end of the bookI'm still fanning myself. The "brothers" back story was very intriguing and explained the intense camaraderie between the 3 of them. The only thing missing, it needed more verbal interaction with the characters, especially the H and h. Thoughts and description are good, dial [...]

My SamMy Nicole[image error]Source: google via Lila on PinterestI have been wanting to read this story forever. It has sounded good and even been downloaded to my kindle for months now. I was not disappointed. When Sam and Nicole first meet, Sam is working undercover and he has gone total lowlife for his assignment. Hair and beard total grown out, filthy clothes, skipping on the shower, he is living his assignment. So he knows there is no way the gorgeous Nicole will ever pay him any attention. [...]

The first in a new series and I was thrilled to read it. Typical Lisa Marie Rice characters and writing style. Hero locks on to a female with instant physical attraction and commences to "seek and bed." While the heroine has a very good heart, no game playing, very direct and frank and has a life of her own. :-)Why not 5 stars? I didn't like the terrorist theme. I didn't get pulled in with the two main characters as much I have did with the characters in the "Midnight" series. A family member di [...]

3.5 starsI think I probably would have enjoyed Into the Crossfire a whole lot more had I not read the author's Midnight series first. It's for that reason that I've rounded up rather than down.Unfortunately, Into the Crossfire read like a poor man's version of Midnight Man. There's no doubt (at least based upon my limited reading of her) that the author has a formula. And it's a formula that I actually quite like - take one tough, ex-special forces alpha hero who does whatever it takes to protec [...]

This was a good suspense romance and my first from this author. I was looking for steamy but not kinky and that is exactly what I got. The guys in this series and in particular your main hero are all alpha, protective and sexy as hell. I love that in a man.My issue with this book was the weird villain, who was sort of in the background, but never really did anything. Will he be in the next book? It seemed to be building to something and then nothing.The changing pov's sometimes confused me also. [...]

A solid 4 star LMR book and a great start to a new series! It is not my favorite of her books - I liked Dangerous Passion and some of her EC books better, but I am NOT complaining. I enjoyed the H and h, but just wish there had been more time devoted to them rather than the build up of the terrorism plot that will continue in the next two books. LMR has a template that works for her and you will find it in this book. (Again, not a complaint - if you like her previous works, you will find those s [...]

I don’t recommend it unless you’re a rabid Rice fan who wants to devour her every book. This was weakORY BRIEF:Sam is a former Navy SEAL who owns a security firm. His recent job was being undercover as a smelly, street thug. Two weeks ago Nicole moved into the office across the hall from Sam’s office. Each time she saw him he was dressed undercover. She was frightened and avoided him. Nicole forgets her office keys and needs to get inside quickly for an important phone call. Sam offers to [...]

3.5 StarsThis story is about Sam Reston, an ex-Navy SEAL and now a Security Expert and Nicole Pearson who is a language expert who has just set up her new business in an office down the corridor from Sam’s. Unfortunately for her, just before he is murdered, one of Nicole’s foreign contacts sends her an encoded message and the killers track down the email destination and pay a contract killer to retrieve it and kill her.I had to laugh many times at this book. It really should have been a PNR [...]

For the genre, Into the Crossfire fits the bill. It is fast paced and exciting, albeit a little predictable. But what is memorable is the incredibly hot first sexual encounter between the two characters. Yikes! I'm still fanning myself after reading thatI kept asking, "is that really possible?" I'm giving it a four star rating because I found Sam to be a little jarring. I wish he were even more likable. Still, this is a fun, fast read with plenty of hot steam.

Lisa Marie Rice is one of my favorite steamy romantic suspense writers, but you'd never know it by this book. Closer to 2.5 stars than 3, Into the Crossfire is about as cliche ridden a book as I've seen lately. I realized in the first 7 pages, after reading how breathless former SEAL turned security specialist Sam Reston was each time he saw the 'most beautiful woman in the world', Nicole Pearce, I was in for a real disappointment, but I kept hoping. Pages and pages of of hero and heroine with p [...]

3.78 StarsI enjoyed this book. I liked the characters and the plot felt well researched. I thought the Alpha male went a little beta in the middle, but when he was thinking about wanting to get her pregnant, he totally won me back. The sex is sexy but sparse. The POV is written a lot like a BDB novel, even rotating in the bad guy's POV. Good read if you like Suspense with a dash of sex.

Lisa Marie Rice’s books are all about larger than life heroes that literally makes the pages come alive with their sheer masculinity and uber-alpha protectiveness. And her heroines are always ultra-feminine with a mighty fierce protective nature of their own that can surprise the reader a time or two. And her books always deliver the most sensually well done love-scenes that you can’t help but want more of where that came from. Into The Crossfire is done in classic Lisa Marie Rice style and [...]

'Into the Crossfire', the first in the 'Protectors' series, follows Rice's typical formula: A dominant, tough, and intense (former) man-in-uniform sees knock-out dame who makes him a walking hard-on. After little preamble they advance to the horizontal (or vertical) tango without much foreplay because he wants it so bad he can't think straight - no worries though because when it comes to his classy broad he can go all night like a werewolf doing the mating dance during the full moon. Shortly the [...]

LOVE!! review to come :)

Okay, here goes nothing. This one was a tad too similar to Elizabeth Jennings's writing style for comfort. Though they're both the same author, I like LMR stories better. This one was a bit too EJ for me.It was rather slow moving, compared to the Dangerous series, it was too similar to EJ's Shadows at Midnight, and I didn't like the couple Sam and Nicole were. Sure they made fire together, but I didn't "feel" the connection between them. I loved Sam, despite his two almost TSTL moments when Nico [...]

Into the Crossfire3 StarsFormer Navy SEAL, Sam Reston runs his own private security company and is used to consorting with the darkest members of society’s underbelly. For this reason, he is caught completely off guard by his new neighbor, the beautiful and intelligent Nicole Pearce. After doing her a service, Sam manages to wrangle a date from Nicole, but little do they know that a dangerous threat from across the world is about to derail their budding romance. Sam and Nicole are both likable [...]

The storyline is a little predictable, ex-Seal turn security specialist saves girl in trouble. I like the characters. Sam has it all, alpha male with a sweet protective side and Nicole is the beautiful woman with the equally beautiful heart. As the reader, I enjoyed escaping into their world. My only problem, there is little to know dialogue between the characters. You can go several pages and there isn't a single quote. I don't know if anyone else noticed this or not. There are paragraph after [...]

Into The Crossfire es el primer libro de la trilogia The Protectors de la autora Lisa Marie Rice y narra la historia de Nicole y Sam.He leido varios libros de la autora y ademas tambien he leido varios libros con esta tematica en concreto por lo que tenia una idea bastante clara de que esperar con esta lectura : escenas de accion, suspence y algunas escenas romanticas entre los protagonistas. Si hay algo que me gusta de la forma de escribir de la autora es su manera de desarrollar a los personaj [...]

Sometimes you just need to read a book that requires nothing on your partjust some free time to sit and enjoy. Into the Crossfire is that type of book. Macho hero Sam Reston falls for beautiful heroine Nicole Pearce and has to rely on his Navy Seals training to rescue her from some bad people who want to blow up a nuclear bomb in NYC. This book is predictable, but then again, sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered.

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